Deadpool Rulesheet


Based on code 0.95.

Skill Shot:

Lane Skill Shot

Plunge into the flashing BAM! lane to score this Skill Shot, worth 2.5 million + 250k for each successful attempt. You can change the flashing lane before the ball is launched, but the lane is locked in upon reaching the first sensor in the shooter lane, so your choice is locked in before your ball reaches the BAM! lanes.

Super Skill Shot

Hold the left flipper and then shoot up the right ramp to collect the Super Skill Shot value, worth 5 million + 500k for each successful attempt. This will also collect anything lit at the right ramp. If the ball falls into the shooter lane from a weak right orbit shot and the ball save isn’t active, holding the left flipper will also give you a chance at a Super Skill Shot.

Super Secret Skill Shot

Hold in left flipper then shoot the Snikkt Shot up the Katana mini ramp. Worth 15 million plus 2X playfield starts.

Battle Modes:

Battle modes can be started at the scoop after completed the D-E-A-D standup target bank. Battle modes are played out like a side scrolling fighter, with the objective to deplete enemy strength and then (optional) finish off the enemy at the scoop. Deadpool can lose the battle if a sufficient number of lit shots are not completed before Deadpool loses the battle (timer?)

Juggernaut - Hit 4 D-E-A-D or P-O-O-L standup targets to taunt Juggernaut and light all of the main shots for damage. Juggernaut will not harm you when successfully taunted. The main shots will not remain lit if you go too long without hitting one, meaning you’re back to stage 1 of hitting DEAD POOL targets. You don’t need to aim for specific targets; you can just hit any one on the bank whether or not it’s “lit”. The drop targets on the Premium/LE will restore themselves during this phase.
Mystique - Center Wolverine spinner, which then lights ramps. Shooting the respective Team-Up shot (lit or not) when Mystique transforms into a partner may also deal damage.
Sabretooth - Shoot either orbit or the center spinner to cause damage. Both top lanes and pop bumpers will also deal damage to Sabretooth.

Defeating the opponent will qualify the scoop for a timed Final Shot. Note that you don’t need to make this shot to finish the mode, but it can score a ton of points if you make it. Points are based on either a base value plus or a multiplier based on Deadpool’s remaining health pool. The base/multiplier value grows with more completed battles.
If this is your first time attempting the battle, 10M extra points will be awarded for a “Perfect Battle”.
If this is your second time attempting the battle, you will earn 5M for a “Great Battle” instead.


During normal play, shooting any shot with a “Team-Up!” icon in front of it will increase that character’s health meter (see the bottom left and bottom right of the screen). After two shots, you will qualify that character’s Team-Up ability:

  • Dazzler - Shoot the left orbit to qualify. Doubles Deadpool’s health pool.
  • Colossus - Shoot the u-turn loop to qualify. Doubles all points during the Battle.
  • Wolverine - Shoot the center spinner to qualify. Doubles all damage given to the opponent during the Battle.
  • Domino - Shoot the right orbit to qualify. Awards a Super Mode that is different for each opponent. Juggernaut = Super Targets?, Mystique = Super Ramps?, Sabertooth = Super Pop Bumpers?

Collecting all four Team-Ups qualifies the Colossal Jackpot at the U-Turn target. In order to collect this award, the ball has to hit the bottom bumper out of the return from the shot. This can be doubled if the shot is made as a combo.

Sauron Battle (Mini Wizard Mode):

Defeating Juggernaut, Mystique and Sabretooth will light Sauron at the scoop.

Sauron is currently a 3-ball Multiball but it may change in a later code update. Shoot the left ramp, right ramp, and lit Team-Up shots to collect Jackpots, then shoot the strobing scoop for a Super Jackpot.

Battle modes will reset after Sauron multiball, but with increased difficulty.

Quest Modes

Precursor: Chimichangas!

Chimichangas are qualified by shooting the right orbit, which lights all major shots in orange to collect them. Collecting a certain amount of chimichangas (maximum of 8) completes your punch card and allows you to start a Quest (T-Rex or Megalodon) at the scoop.

Completing the chimichanga punch card will light the scoop to select a Quest. Note that if you have Quest and Battle lit at the scoop, you don’t have to select a Quest - you can select a Battle instead, if you want to. Quests are complex modes similar to Metallica’s Crank It Up which ignore the Team-Ups you’ve collected but can score tons of points if you know what to do.


Hit lit green shots to escape the T-Rex and drop the Lil’ Deadpool drop targets. Shoot the hurry up at the Lil’ Deadpool stand-up target (either by dropping targets yourself or shooting a shot) to throw bombs at the T-Rex. After enough shots to collect the tooth (4), shoot the scoop to collect the T-Rex Mode Jackpot and finish the mode. You can continue to collect up to four more shot -> Lil’ Deadpool combos for more points and a higher Mode Jackpot, but if you fail to end the mode properly, you will not be given completion credit. Collecting eight combos immediately ends the quest (successfully) and awards the Mode Jackpot.


Almost every shot is lit in light blue for a small amount of points/Ocean Jackpot. However, there is one strobing insert that moves around the playfield and flashes red. This shot represents the Megalodon you have to defeat during the mode. The Megalodon will only move between lit Ocean shots (in blue); collecting an Ocean Jackpot un-lights the shot while a Megalodon hit will re-light all shots. Shoot the red shot 5 times to defeat the Megalodon and qualify the Mode Jackpot, then shoot the scoop to finish the mode.

Mode Jackpots are worth a percentage of the points scored in the Adventure (perhaps 25/50%?). Completing both quests lights Extra Ball at the scoop.

Lil’ Deadpool modes

At the start of the game, the first Lil’ Deadpool mode is available. Remove one or more drop targets from center bank to expose stand-up. The target area colors will progress from blue -> blue-green -> green. Hitting the standup when the large insert is green will physically lock the ball behind the drop target bank.

After a Lil’ Deadpool mode is played, complete a Battle or Quest to qualify the lock procedure for the next Lil’ Deadpool mode. The Lil’ Deadpool modes are always awarded in this order:

Lil’ Deadpool Multiball:

Starts out almost exactly like GotG Orb Multiball - a new ball is released into the shooter lane and a hurry-up starts. Hit the drop target bank to release the captured ball and lock in the hurry-up value as your jackpot. If the hurry-up expires, the ball is released for the minimum jackpot value. Lil’ Deadpool multiball consists of 3 stages:

  • Stage 1 - collect 6 jackpots at the Lil’ Deadpool target.
  • Stage 2 - collect 6 double jackpots at red shots; Lil’ Deadpool target increases jackpot value.
  • Stage 3 - Lock ball in Lil’ Deadpool to start timed Super Jackpot spinner session (500k/spin).

This Multiball can be started during normal play or during Battles but not during either Quest or during other Multiball modes. This Multiball can be stacked during Battles to progress through the current Battle. Once the Battle is completed (victory/defeat), additional Battles cannot be started until the current Multiball ends. This Multiball can be used to progress toward DEAD/POOL/DEADPOOL awards, Chimichangas, and BOOM button hits.

Lil’ Deadpool Frenzy

30-second timed mode where all switches score 100k. The Lil’ Deadpool target boosts the switch value.

Lil’ Deadpool Bounce

The D-E-A-D-O-O-F-P-O-O-L targets will cycle back and forth in order. Hit three lit targets for 2.5m, 5m, and 7.5m each, then hit the Lil’ Deadpool target to end the mode for 10m. This will also award a permanent 2x playfield for the rest of your ball (it will be lit solidly; Snikt multiplier advances will then just be 3x -> 4x -> 5x).

After Lil’ Deadpool Bounce, the sequence resets.

Ninja Multiball:

Complete P-O-O-L standups (or Mystery award) to light locks via inner-right lane-to-ramp shot. Make right ramp to lock ball. Lock 3 balls to start Ninja MB. Locks can be stacked for the first Ninja Multiball only. During Ninja Multiball, shoot all of the major shots for Jackpots. This will qualify a Super Jackpot at the right ramp, which is the sum of every Jackpot you’ve collected up to that point (can be valuable with a large multiplier.)

Prior to the start of this Multiball, the player can increase their Jackpots by shooting the pop bumpers to spawn Ninjas (shown on the playfield as flashing blue shots). Shooting these shots will increase the Jackpot value that will be awarded in Ninja Multiball.

Disco Modes

Spin the left spinner 100 times on the left orbit (Dazzler) to light a Disco mode on your next left orbit shot.

Disco Loops

First Disco feature awarded on the Premium/LE.

Disco Multiball

First Disco feature awarded on the Pro. Similar to Ninja Multiball, shoot the lit shots for Disco Jackpots. Scoring for this mode is a little confusing currently, where is the Super Jackpot?


Ninjas are spawned by hitting a sufficient number of pop bumpers (Firepower sound effects!), and ghosted (killed) by hitting a spotted blue-purple insert on the playfield. These contribute to your bonus at the end of the ball and also increase the initial Jackpot values for Ninja Multiball.

To collect 20 (?) Ninjas automatically, shoot the right orbit and immediately combo into the right ramp for a Ninjapocalypse bonus. Unsure if a Ninja needs to be qualified on the right ramp first.

Katanarama Time:

Collect diamonds via left ramp and inner-right lane (i.e. Yakuza Strike from Johnny Mnemonic). Complete 3 diamonds at both shots to begin Katanarama Time. This is a 30 second timed mode where the left orbit, left ramp, right ramp, and right orbit score a value that starts at 1 million and increases by 250,000 for each successful shot. If you manage to collect the third diamond at the right ramp while the third lock for Ninja Multiball is lit, both modes will start at the same time for huge scoring. Really good music and animations in this mode (check out the things that Deadpool slices using his katanas).


Making combos will award weapons at the scoop.
Hitting the scoop as the completion to a combo may award multiple weapons?
Weapon purpose other than bonus?

Playfield X:

There is a “SNIKT!” standup target to the right of the center spinner shot. When hit during normal play, it typically doesn’t do anything. However, if the target is hit and the ball rebounds off of the target and onto the right ramp, you will increase your Playfield X by 1x (up to 5x). The higher the multiplier, the quicker it times out, so make the most of it. Playfield X can be increased at any time during play. Advancing the multiplier will also reset the timer, and it can be extended further with every “SNIKT!” shot.


Completing D-E-A-D-P-O-O-L will light various awards on completion. The cycle of awards is:

1 - unknown (not sure if there’s 1 or two awards before Mystery)
2 - Mystery
3 - Regeneration (left outlane ball save)

Mystery is lit at the scoop. Mystery will typically award an Add-A-Ball if available during any multiball. Other awards include:

  • Light Ninja Lock
  • Ghost X Ninjas
  • Collect X Weapons
  • 500,000 Points
  • Infinite Balls (?)
  • There are also some “joke” awards that are never selected - e.g. “Deadpool Wuz Here”.

BOOM Button

Use flippers to cycle lower inlane inserts to spell B-O-O-M. Completing B-O-O-M will light the lock bar button yellow. Hitting the button when flashing will spot the highest value shot on the playfield (other than the scoop). Completing B-O-O-M 4 times without using the button will light the button red for Big Boom, which collects all of the lit shots on the playfield. This can be helpful during Megalodon (if there are many “ocean” shots lit) or during Ninja Multiball (during the initial Jackpot phase). Pay attention to colors of the boom button as the game does not call-out when you have earned a Big Boom. Current available Booms are displayed on the right side of the display.

Note that if no shots are lit or all shots are the same value, the game gives priority to shots on the left of the playfield.


Ghosted Ninjas worth 100K each
Chimichangas are worth 250K each, which can lead to a sizeable bonus if multiplied.
Weapons are worth 10K each.
Base bonus is 10. Not “10K”. Ten points. You only score this “base bonus” if you have absolutely none of the above.

Bonus can be multiplied by completing the 4 top inlanes.

Mr. Sinister Battle (mini-wizard mode)

Complete the three Villians a second time to light Mr. Sinister Battle. More info needed.

Mr. Sinister Multiball (wizard mode)

Complete Mr. Sinister Battle and both Quests to light Mr. Sinister Multiball. More info needed.


Could someone make this accessible to everyone?


Whoops. Forgot to make it a Wiki. Done!


It’s no fun if I fill it in!



So, Helicon Brewing took delivery of 4 Deadpool Pros (and set them all up next to each other temporarily!). We played the heck out of them tonight. Pretty awesome game. We ended up turning off two of the games for the same issue and we’re not sure if it’s a software bug or hardware.

At some point, the scoop failed to start battle modes, award mysteries, or perform any of the lit tasks despite it being lit for one or more of them. MOST of the time, the ball would just immediately eject out (as if the scoop weren’t lit for anything). This leads me to believe there’s a coding bug as the immediate ejection of the ball obviously means the switch detected the balls presence. However, we counted a few times where the ball sat in the scoop until a ball search kicked it out.

Has anyone seen anything like this?

Otherwise, the game is a lot of fun. Still trying to figure out rules/strategy, but I see so are others! We definitely found some stacking that worked well (like Little Deadpool MB and Juggernaut), but so much more that we had no idea what we did (like a 5 ball MB or earning an EB). Excited to see this Wiki come to life.


With the next software release, the software issues on the scoop (lit but not awarding) should be fixed. There are bugs with both weapon and mystery awards in v0.81, that can cause it to be lit but unable to award.


Seriously a great way to get some quality time on them (especially with 2 hours of Free Play)!

Im going to be completely honest, I’m slightly awestruck that Stern made a simple game. There’s still nuances and things but for the most part this is a true shotmaker’s paradise. Want to fight something? DEAD! Want locks? POOL! Want to bust out your swimmies and go Jason Statham on a shark? Right loop, chimichangas!

Solid entry to the lineup through and through from a play end.

It was hectic there yesterday so there was no ability to hear callouts, but I heard some people may have the killer audio tonight (that I can’t join, parents coming out to visit and i don’t think PAPA TV LIVE LIVE is a thing)…


Over/Unders are more difficult with the sling configuration on this game. Was this deliberate ?


Noted a potential bug/exploit when the ball goes into the shooter lane during gameplay, if you hold the left flipper up before the autolauncher fires, you can get another chance at a super skill shot on the sword ramp - which can be repeated multiple times. We had the ball fall into the shooter lane during failed right orbit shots, and the super skill shot exploit worked every time.


If the ball falls in the shooter lane during single ball play, when ball saver isn’t active, you should always get a chance at a super skill shot


Got it. Thanks! The game is a blast to play!


Any chance we could get the new code before our Official Launch Party on 9-16? (Buffalo Billiards, Austin,TX)
I’m sure @snailman and the rest of the Bat City crew would love to help Beta test it…


Updated with some juicy bits. I’d like to poke (insert Stern employee here)'s brain for a bit:

Dazzler Team Up - Is this a doubling of the raw health pool or halving of the damage taken?

Finisher Jackpots - I assume it’s base value + health pool. Is the health bonus % based or value based (or doesn’t it matter due to the same health pool at all times)?

Is there a % of points number we can lock down for Adventure Jackpot completion scoring?

Edit for funsies: you mentioned the battle animations were done using a fighting game engine. Which one did you use?


It’s giving Deadpool 33% more health now.

You get 2 awards here. Final shot bonus and completion “medal” bonus is what I called them in code. Completion is just a flat value based on how many tries it took you to win. Final shot has no base value, it’s based on how many hitpoints Deadpool has left. If you’ve paid close attention you may notice that this is pretty much all connected to how much time you spend in the mode.

Not sure what this is? Are you talking about quest bonuses?

We built our own.


Thanks @timballs!

I’m mostly wondering if the Dazzler bonus means the Finisher bonus is increased or not due to extra health.

Yeah, those. Forgot the terminology for a minute!

Stern fighting game when? :smile:


Spoiler for upcoming Mortal Kombat pinball machine. One can hope. :smiley:


It does increase the potential of that finisher bonus, yes.

This award is a portion of the total points awarded in this mode up to this point. You can build this value by continuing to play the quest when the final shot is lit. If you play the quest for too long though, it will eventually return you to mainplay and you will miss out on the quest bonus.


I want to say nice things about @timballs for taking the time here and in other spots to answer questions. It’s great player service and excellent customer service.


Thanks! No problem. Nice to see people enjoying the game so far.