Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet

This is a wiki - users can add more new info when they figure it out.

Info based on code v1.06.

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is Keith Elwin’s first ever design for Stern Pinball. Using graphics and cutscenes from the video game of the same name, Iron Maiden puts the player in the role of Eddie, battling against other Eddies, collecting their cards, and finding treasure along the way. This table may have a unique layout, but the rules are accessible for everyone from novices to more advanced pinball players.


  • Gravestone Target: This nondescript target above the left inlane may not seem important, but hitting it with an alley pass can be extremely helpful. Making this combo will spot an “X” target during normal play or help you out if you’re in an Eddie Battle.
  • REVIVE Spinner: A small orbit shot with a spinner in front of it, which feeds the bumpers. Shooting the spinner enough times will collect a REVIVE letter. This shot is difficult to make on the fly and can often lead to pretty bad drains.
  • Orb Target: Target in between the REVIVE Spinner and the entrance to the left ramp. This target is important because it awards a Power Jackpot when lit and collects the Orb mystery award when lit, which can act as an add-a-ball at certain times. On the Premium / LE models, this is instead a captive ball shot.
  • Bumpers: These bumpers block the left ramp, meaning the player has to make a precise shot to the left ramp to send it all the way around. The feed from the bumpers to the flippers can be very dangerous.
  • Left Ramp: Tight left ramp shot that loops around and sends the ball to the left inlane. On the Premium / LE models, this is also where you will lock a ball for Mummy Multiball and collect Tomb Treasure when lit.
  • Big Loop: An orbit shot that can only be made with the help of the upper right flipper. Although the shot is easier by holding up the upper left flipper, the game encourages you to make the shot without doing that with a higher scoring potential.
  • Skill Shot Target: One of the four “X” targets scattered throughout the playfield. This target is special because it’s used for the normal Skill Shot and can award an Extra Ball when lit.
  • Left Orbit: Orbit shot that goes around the back of the game and feeds the upper right flipper. There is a spinner in front of this shot. If Lock is lit, then a post at the back of the shot will raise and trap the ball behind a post.
  • Captive Ball: This target is in between the left orbit and Sarcophagus. The rebounds from this shot can be difficult to predict, but it can be shot from either flipper - even with the upper left flipper if you’re precise enough. On the Premium / LE model, the ball that’s locked for Mummy Multiball is sent behind this captive ball.
  • Sarcophagus: This is a unique jump ramp that leads to a target at the back panel of the game. The back panel target scores either 1x, 2x, or 3x depending on how close the ball hits the center of the target. There are posts that will trap the ball on the Pro model if this shot is lit for something.
  • Underworld Scoop (Premium / LE only): When battles are lit, the center ramp will raise to reveal this scoop, which feeds the ball directly to the lower flippers. This shot is also used in a Premium / LE exclusive mode called “Can I Play With Madness”.
  • Super Jackpot Target: One of the four “X” targets scattered throughout the playfield. This target is in a similar position to Rudy from FunHouse and scores a Super Jackpot when lit. This shot is most often made from the upper left flipper but it can be made off of a random rebound from the lower left flipper.
  • Small Loop: A tricky orbit shot that can only be made with the upper left flipper. Because this shot is much harder to make than the big loop, this shot scores more during certain modes and advances to Loop Jackpots quicker.
  • Drop Targets: A 3-bank of drop targets that can be made off of almost any flipper. When completed, they award the following (in this order): “Bonus X” (up to 50x), “Lite Orb” (plus advancing the Mystery level by 1), and “Lite Lock” (for Trooper Multiball, all 3 Locks the first time and just 1 Lock every time after. Can’t be collected during a Multiball round.)
  • Right Ramp: Fairly steep ramp that curves around and feeds the right inlane. If the shot is too weak, it’s generally pretty easy to recover from the feed.
  • Right Orbit: Opposite of the left orbit. This shot can also lock balls when lit and on the Pro model, it collects the Tomb Treasure award.
  • “X” Targets: 4 targets with an “X” light in front of them, which qualify the Playfield Multiplier at an inlane when completed. There is one target near the pop bumpers, and a target near the Small Loop. The Skill Shot target and Super Jackpot target also count as X targets. Doing an alley pass to the Gravestone target also spots an X target.
  • Outlanes: Traditional setup. Each outlane has a “REVIVE” light that lights solid when the feature is qualified.
  • Inlanes: Traditional setup. There is a playfield multiplier light at both inlanes that can be alternated using the flippers.

Song Choice

At the start of each ball, you can select your soundtrack of choice. This has no effect on gameplay and is purely for the player to up the irons. On subsequent balls, the chosen song will continue from when you drained, unless you cycle through other song selections before you plunge a ball.

Skill Shots

Standard Skill Shot

Soft plunge into the skill shot target to score a normal skill shot. This scores 1,000,000 points, one EDDIE letter, and adds 5 seconds of ball saver time.

Super Skill Shot

Hold the left flipper and plunge to the inner orbit. The ball will roll back down to the upper flipper. Shoot the Super Jackpot shot to score a Super Skill Shot worth 5 million points, a lit Playfield Multiplier, and 10 seconds of ball saver time.

There is an ego award for most Super Skill Shots.

There are also at least three Super Secret Skill Shots, but we’ll let you discover them on your own. :wink:

Power Features

Hit features around the playfield many times to advance toward Power Features. The features are:

  • Power Spinners
  • Power Orbits
  • Power Ramps
  • Power Targets
  • Power Bumpers

The remaining hits to activate a power feature are displayed on the left side of the screen on gray icons. Once a Power Feature is activated, that feature’s screen icon changes to color with a new decreasing counter established, and that feature’s yellow triangle insert on the playfield will begin flashing. Score more hits on each activated feature to build the Power Jackpot base value (by 3M per Feature), and to decrease the activate feature’s counter (to zero) to complete the Power Feature.

Once a Power Feature is complete, the Power Jackpot is available to cash in at the the Orb spot target and that Feature’s yellow triangle insert begins pulsing. You can instead complete another Power Feature (before cashing in the first Power Jackpot qualified) to multiply (+1x) the value of the lit Power Jackpot. The Power Jackpot unlights if you drain before it is cashed in. When you collect the Power Jackpot or drain with a Power Jackpot lit, the associated completed Power Feature yellow triangle inserts will change to solidly lit and their screen icons will be gray with a red checkmark.

The Power Jackpot can be multiplied up to 6x by completing all five Power Features, although there are other ways to advance the multiplier too - and potentially beyond 6x (Mystery, Tomb awards, and Secret Skill Shot to the Orb). And like all other scoring in Iron Maiden, it can be further multiplied by 2x/3x via the Playfield Multiplier.

The Power Jackpot base value can also be increased by:

  • Collecting Tomb Treasure #3 to add 15M (Pro, or if CIPWM is disabled on the Premium/LE).
  • Collecting a Level 1 Eddie Card to add 5M.
  • Collecting a Level 2 Eddie Card to add 15M.

There is an ego award for the largest Power Jackpot value collected.

Cyborg Eddie Multiball ("?" mode)

Complete all Power Features and to qualify Cyborg Eddie Multiball. Shoot the center ramp to start. During Cyborg MB, light all of the Pyramid Segments (spinners, orbits, ramps, targets, and bumpers) by hitting them each at least once to light the Super Jackpot at the Orb. Collecting the SJP also awards an Add-a-Ball for the first two times the shot is made. Every Power shot increases the value of the SJP, and the SJP multiplier increases every time the Super Jackpot is collected. Starting Cyborg MB lights the Cyborg Eddie card, and scoring a 5X SJP nets you a Level 2 Cyborg Eddie card. The Cyborg MB SJP multiplier level does not carry between subsequent Cyborg multiballs.

The Super Jackpot starts at 4,000,000 (sometimes it can start above 4M - I thought it was Soul Shards, but evidently it’s not). Collecting a super jackpot does not reset its base value - both the value and multiplier continue to build during the multiball. After completing Cyborg Multiball, the Power Features reset and increase in value and difficulty.

You may not qualify any PFx during Cyborg, but you may activate a PFx you qualified prior to starting Cyborg.

There is an ego award for highest Cyborg Multiball score.

Eddie Battle Modes

  • Qualify one of the five Eddie Battle mode by shooting white arrows to spell EDDIE. Once EDDIE is completely spelled out, the “Battle” insert lights at the Pharoah center ramp shot – shoot it to start the flashing mode.
  • You are spotted two EDDIE letters toward your first mode. As you complete modes, subsequent modes become harder to qualify by reducing the number of white arrows available to spell EDDIE and not spotting any free letters.
  • Mode selection: If EDDIE is not yet fully spelled, then shooting the left spinner will change the flashing mode. Once EDDIE is completed, the flashing mode is locked in and cannot be changed. You cannot replay a previously played mode until after you play all five modes plus 2 Minutes to Midnight.
  • Mode stacking: You may not make progress toward your next mode while your current mode is being played. Single-ball modes can be stacked with either Trooper or Mummy MB, provided that the mode was started prior to the start of the MB. Multiball modes may not be stacked with any other MB.

Aces High

Soul Shard goal: Collect the Super Jackpot

2 ball multi-ball.
Stage 1: destroy 4 fighters. All eight major shots are lit. Shoot blue arrow shots to defeat a fighter and unlight that shot.
Stage 2: defeat 2 bombers. Both ramps are lit. Shoot a ramp to lock on, then shoot the bulls-eye shot (untimed) to destroy a bomber. Shoot the other ramp and the bulls-eye again to destroy the second bomber.
Stage 3: defeat the ace. Shoot the cycling shot to lock on, then shoot the bulls-eye shot within 5 seconds to destroy the ace and collect the Super Jackpot.
Multiplied scoring from better accuracy on bulls-eye shots.

One add-a-ball is available from your first Mystery award shot at the Orb. There is no grace period to add a ball once the draining ball hits the ball trough switch, but you can add a ball when the draining ball is between the outlane switch and the ball trough.

There are two ego awards for Aces High: (1) for most kills – the # of planes you shot down, and (2) highest mode score.

Fear of the Dark (this is the first mode lit in Competition Settings)

Soul Shard goal: Complete three spinner rips

Woohoo! A rip the lit spinner mode!
Four shots are lit with purple arrows. Completing any one of them lights the Spinners for a ton of points for one spinner rip (the REVIVE spinner scores 2x the value displayed). The more difficult the shot, the higher the base spinner value:

  • Ramps = 250K.
  • Big loop = 350K.
  • Mini loop = 500K (and the weak mini loop initial return out through the L orbit does NOT count as your spinner shot. Bravo!)

When you rip a lit spinner, it will unlight after it stops spinning and is no longer available for the lit spinner points (similar to many Classic Stern lit spinner rules). You may get BOTH spinners going during one “rip” – but it’s very difficult to execute! Once your spinner(s) stops spinning, the purple shots relight and the sequence starts over. The mode is completed after your 3rd spinner rip.

After each purple starter shot, you may also choose to shoot the R ramp once to double your next spinner value. This does not automatically double if the right ramp was your first shot; you must shoot it twice to get the doubler.

There are two ego awards for FOTD: (1) for the highest amount of spins in this mode, and (2) highest mode score.

Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Soul Shard goal: Collect both the Port and Starboard (Super) Jackpots

  • Center shot is lit to shoot down the albatross and collect a hurry-up counting down (quickly!) from 1M. Shoot center shot to lock in this value as your MB Shot Value and start a 2-ball multiball.
  • During multiball, one side’s shots (left or right) will be lit at a time. Shoot the lit shots to score your Shot Value (+500K increments) and move the lit shots toward the center, until the center ramp is lit for a bulls-eye shot. Progress is on a timer, so if you go too long without making another shot, your ship (and your shots) will be blown off course away from center.
  • Shooting the lit bulls-eye shot will score a jackpot based on the sum of your shot scoring, and multiplied by your accuracy on the bulls-eye. If there are still non-center ramp shots lit, you can continue shooting those to increase the value of your jackpot (the center ramp arrow won’t “move past” it by over-steering).
  • One add-a-ball is available from your first Mystery award shot at the Orb. There is no grace period to add a ball once the draining ball hits the ball trough switch, but you can add a ball when the draining ball is between the outlane switch and the ball trough.

There is an ego award for highest Rime MB score.

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Soul Shard goal: Complete the entire sequence of shots to break free

Complete objectives in order as quickly as possible. Four orange arrow shots are lit at the start - both ramps and both orbits. Shooting any orange arrow unlights it for the remainder of the mode.

  • Shoot any one orange arrow (3M)
  • Shoot the captive ball (5M)
  • Shoot another remaining orange arrow (3M)
  • Complete all of the drop targets (the bank resets at the start of this phase) (10M)
  • Shoot another remaining orange arrow (3M)
  • Shoot the center ramp (10M + Completion Score)

Completion score based on how much time is remaining in the mode when you finish – I believe it’s 1M per second remaining.

There are two ego awards for Hallowed mode: (1) the quickest time the mode is completed, and (2) highest mode score.

Flight of Icarus

Soul Shard goal: Score at least 20 million in mode points and survive to the end (a 4-way combo will guarantee >20m)

Shoot alternating lit ramps, scoring 2M (+150K increment for each ramp shot, lit or unlit). Combo ramps on a 5 second timer for incremental multiplied scoring (ex: 1st combo at 2x, 2nd at 3x, etc). The multiplied value is factored in after the 150K increment is added (e.g. 2M -> (2.150M x 2) = 4.3M -> (2.3M x 3) = 6.9M…). Shooting the same ramp within the 5-second combo timer will reset that timer.

There are two ego awards for for Icarus mode: (1) highest Icarus mode score, and (2) highest # of Icarus ramp combos.

Soul Shards

These are REALLY important for advanced gameplay on Iron Maiden. Completing an Eddie battle mode will start a Soul Shard hurry-up at the center Pharaoh shot. Shoot the bulls-eye target within 10 seconds (regardless of starting hurry-up value) to collect the Soul Shard. If you drain or if the Hurry-Up expires, then you do not get credit for the Soul Shard.

The hurry-up value starts at 20% of the points you earned in the mode. The collect value can be multiplied by 2X/3X based on where it hits the bulls-eye target, the 2X/3X playfield multiplier applies as well. Based on other multiplier stacking in the game, I believe that it is possible to get a 4X, 6X, or 9X Soul Shard collect by combining these 2 multipliers.

In addition to the hurry-up points, Soul Shards:

  • Increase EOB bonus.
  • Light Tomb Treasures.
  • Count toward your “mode scores” for purposes of 2 Minutes to Midnight.
  • Increase the bonus awarded for completing Number of the Beast wizard mode.

You can have one Soul Shard spotted per game from a Mystery Level 3 award, after you’ve already played 2 Minutes to Midnight.

Note: If you collect the final shot of a mode during the mode’s grace period (whether an expiring timer or draining out of multiball), even if you collect the points award for the final shot, you will not start the Soul Shard hurry-up sequence.

2 Minutes to Midnight (2MTM)

The 6th Battle Mode is 2 Minutes to Midnight mini-wizard mode. It is a single-ball, timed mode with a generous initial ball-save time. There is a timer counting up to midnight. The timer starts at “2 minutes to midnight” but counts up at double speed, making the mode timer effectively 60 seconds. If the timer reaches midnight, the mode ends. You may get yourself more time by shooting the “X” standup targets, but I believe only once each.

At the start of the mode, 5 shots will be lit (corresponding to each of the modes). These shots are worth 1M points + 15% of the total points earned from the respective mode (ie. yellow arrow collects a 1M points + 15% of Icarus mode total, purple arrow collects 1M points + 15% of FOTD mode total, etc). Collect all lit shots once to light super jackpot at the Super Jackpot dead-end shot (from upper mini flipper, the same as Trooper MB SJP shot). Each lit shot extinguishes after you collect it, but once you collect them all, they all relight.

Each shot scored awards its value and adds that value to the base of your Super Jackpot. Collecting all lit shots adds +1x to the Super Jackpot multiplier (which effectively starts at 0x). Collecting the Super Jackpot resets the multiplier to 0x, but the base value does not reset and can keep accumulating during the mode.

Starting 2MTM immediately awards its Eddie card. Scoring a Double Super Jackpot awards a Level 2 Eddie card. In order to score a double super and earn the Level 2 card you will need to complete all the lit shots twice before collecting the super. If you instead complete shots once, score the super, then complete shots again, and score the super again, the level 2 card will not be awarded.

After 2 Minutes to Midnight, the Eddie Battle modes reset and can be played again, but the difficulty of spotting EDDIE letters the 2nd+ time around does not reset (only ramps spot EDDIE letters).

You may not qualify any PFx during 2MTM, but you may activate a PFx you qualified prior to starting 2MTM.

There is no Soul Shard available from 2MTM.

There is an ego award for highest 2MTM mode score.

Can I Play With Madness

This is a mode on Premium/LE games awarded as the third Tomb Treasure (unless disabled in settings).

  • Starts as a 2-ball multi-ball.
  • There is one lit red shot that the player can move with the flippers.
  • When you hit the lit shot, the mode goes into a 3-ball multi-ball with 2 moving red shots.
  • Hitting a red shot turns it green and locks it in.
  • Hitting a green shot turns it red and makes it roving again.
  • Hitting the orb locks in lit shots for 10 seconds.
  • Turning all shots green launches to n+1 balls and n shots lit red.
  • The Underworld holds the ball when it is lit green.

There is an ego award for highest Madness mode score.

Drop Target Awards

Complete the drop targets to collect the flashing award. Sweep all three drop targets to collect two times the drop target value (increased by hitting the Orb) and two awards at once. The awards in order are Advance Bonus X (maxes out at 50x), Light Orb, and Light Trooper Locks. The game starts with Light Orb lit as the first award, but competition settings will start with Advance BonusX as the first award.

Trooper Multi-Ball

Earn the “Light Lock” drop target award once to light all 3 locks. Hit the green arrow orbit shot(s) to virtually lock a ball. For the first multiball, both the inner orbit and the right loop are lit to lock a ball. For subsequent multiballs, each Lite Lock award only lights one ball lock, and only one shot is lit for a lock. Lock 3 balls to start Trooper Multi-Ball.

Trooper is a 3-ball multiball. At the start, all shots will be lit for a 1x jackpot and will unlight when collected. Collecting 3 Jackpots lights the first Super Jackpot. Shoot the super jackpot dead-end shot to collect the SJP and relight collected jackpots with +1x scoring, while uncollected shots remain lit at their previous scoring level. Jackpot shot color progression denoting which shots are multiplied at different levels is reverse rainbow: BGYOR (blue, green, etc). Collecting all the lit jackpots will also reset all jackpots to the next multiplier level, but will not automatically score the SJP.

Completing the drop targets will light the center ramp for a cannon shot (indicated by rainbow flashing arrow). You can collect multiple cannon shots in a single multiball, but once you’ve collected one you’ll need to collect a SJP before you will be allowed to light another cannon shot. A cannon shot grants these awards:

  • Collects 1-3 lit jackpots (based on your accuracy on the bulls-eye shot)
  • Adds a ball (only on the first cannon shot of the multiball)

Trooper 4-ball multiball: Have both Trooper Lock 3 lit and Mummy MB one shot from starting. Shoot the L orbit, but graze the captive ball on the way in. Mummy will not start. Trooper will start as a 4-ball MB. Mummy MB will still be ready to start upon exiting Trooper MB.

Collecting a SJP will award an Eddie card. A Level 2 Eddie card can be collected by either advancing all Jackpots to 3x (Yellow) or scoring a single 5x (Red) Jackpot. All shots’ Jackpot levels carry over to subsequent Trooper multiballs.

There is an ego award for the highest Trooper MB score.

Mummy Multiball

Shoot the Sarcophagus captive ball to spell MUMMY and light Mummy Lock. On the Pro this will be a virtual lock up the center ramp (and denoted by the green lock insert). On the Premium/LE, the lock is on the left ramp (and denoted by the arrow insert turning red). Spell MUMMY again at captive ball to light the captive ball flashing to start Mummy Multiball on the next captive ball hit. The first two Mummy Multiballs only require one captive ball hit per MUMMY letter; third and subsequent Mummy Multiballs require two hits per letter.

During Mummy MB, qualify jackpots at the captive ball via switch hits. Jackpot qualifications cannot be stacked, and the switch hit threshold increases for each jackpot. Each jackpot will spot a MUMMY letter. Spell MUMMY to light SJP at the Pharaoh Target (bulls-eye above the center ramp). SJP value is multiplied for a more accurate bulls-eye shot. For subsequent jackpot rounds, values are doubled, but MUMMY letters will be cycling, and hits to the captive ball will only score a JP when on an available letter. When jackpot is qualified, and you hit the captive ball when the cycle is on a previously claimed MUMMY letter, the jackpot remains lit – you don’t have to requalify it.

Thankfully, MUMMY progress toward Mummy SJP is recalled between subsequent Mummy multiballs.

Scoring the SJP awards the Mummy Eddie card. Scoring the second SJP awards a Level 2 Mummy Eddie card.

Add-a-Balls are available by completing all yellow shots at a given level:

  1. Both ramps. (2)
  2. Both ramps and both orbits. (4)
  3. Both ramps, both orbits, both loops, center ramp, and Super Jackpot target. (8)

Add-a-Ball overall level progress does carry over across Mummy Multiballs, but not “progress within a level”. The third level repeats indefinitely. Also, you are only limited to three add-a-balls per Mummy Multiball.

On the Premium/LE, after scoring a jackpot, you may re-lock a ball by shooting the left ramp (denoted by the red arrow insert). While the ball is locked, you will earn double switch hit credit. Hitting the captive ball will release the locked ball and score a 2x jackpot if you reached the switch hit threshold or a 1x jackpot if not.

Loop Feature/Loop Jackpot

Loop Feature

  • Use upper flippers to shoot loops to build up and light LOOP JACKPOT. Loop awards are displayed in the big loop inserts, and are additive when more than one insert is flashing. Each loop scores the lit Loop Value plus adds that value to the LOOP JACKPOT, and increases the Loop Value by 250K, up to a max base value of 2.5M. The lit Loop Value will decrease over time (short timer) back to 250K. One shot to the mini loop scores and adds 3x the current Loop Value, and lights the 2x Loop insert for around 6 seconds; once the timer expires or the Loop Value decays back to 250K, the 2x Loop goes away.
  • After shooting 5 (+2) loops, LOOP JACKPOT is qualified, the red LOOP JACKPOT lamps will light solid, and if the qualifying shot was via the big loop, the up-post will divert the ball to the mini flipper. Your current Loop Value and progress toward your next LOOP JACKPOT is displayed on screen.
  • Loop Value advancements are doubled if you shoot the main loop without the aid of raising up your mini flipper (holding the L flipper button), or tripled if you shoot the mini-loop.
  • The Loop Value resets after each Loop Jackpot phase.
  • Collecting 50 Loops also lights an Extra Ball.

Loop Jackpot

  • Once qualified, the red LOOP JACKPOT lamp remains lit solid until the first Loop Jackpot is collected, at which point the lamp will start flashing and a short 12-second timer begins. Note: The timer does not pause during mode-start and multiball-start video sequences, and you cannot blow off these sequences by double-flipping.
  • During each Loop Jackpot period, each loop shot collects the Loop Jackpot, and each consecutive loop shot will score 2x, 3x, 4x, etc. the value of the Loop Jackpot. After your 4th+ Loop Jackpot scored via the Big Loop during each Loop Jackpot phase, the up-post will divert the ball to the mini-flipper instead of allowing the ball to continue to the upper R flipper. For your 3rd+ round of Loop Jackpots, you must not raise the mini-flipper to be eligible for the Loop Jackpot multipliers on Big Loop shots.
  • If you drain with LOOP JACKPOT qualified (lit solid), it will not remain lit for your next ball – you have to start over qualifying it.

There are two ego awards associated with Loops: (1) most loops, and (2) highest single Loop Jackpot phase total score.

Playfield Multipliers (PFx)

Shoot the flashing X targets around the playfield to qualify 2x Playfield scoring (“2X” orange insert lit solid). If 2x Playfield is qualified, complete the X targets a second time to qualify 3x Playfield scoring. Subsequent completions of the X targets with 3x qualified will increase the PFx timer. Qualified and not yet-activated PFx will carry between balls.

Once qualified, activate the PFx by rolling over a lit Activate X inlane. Use the flipper buttons to toggle the lit inlane to control if/when you activate your PFx. Once activated, the associated 2X/3X insert begins flashing. The base timer for the playfield multiplier is 20 seconds. Hitting a flashing X target while the multiplier is active will add 5 seconds to the timer. While there’s no PFx timer displayed on-screen, the 2X/3X insert will flash faster as you get close to the timer expiring.

If you aren’t in a mode, alley passing from the right flipper through the left inlane into the Gravestone target will spot a flashing X target.

Completing a Super Skill Shot will immediately qualify your next PFx level. Completing a Super Duper Skill Shot (mini loop followed by dead-end SJP target) will immediately qualify 3x PFx.

PFx is always available to qualify except during Cyborg MB and 2MTM (and Run to the Hills?).

There is an ego award for highest total score during one PFx period.


Shoot the left spinner to spell REVIVE. The REVIVE icon in bottom-left corner of the screen shows your progress, as well as the # of spins needed to collect your next letter. Spelling REVIVE lights outlanes for a REVIVE outlane ball-save. The first time you spell REVIVE, both outlanes will light for Revive. On factory settings, each outlane’s Revive is used individually – so when both outlanes are lit, you effectively have earned two Revives. On harder Revive settings, using one outlane Revive will unlight both outlanes, and subsequent spellings of REVIVE may only light a single outlane, which cannot be toggled with flipper lane-change. You cannot stack Revives. New REVIVE Letters cannot be spotted while both outlane Revives are lit, but the letters can be spotted if only one outlane is lit. Lit Revives carry over between balls.

There is an ego award for the most Revives used in one game.

Orb Award

Complete the drop targets to earn the Light Orb award. This lights the Orb target for a mystery award. Collect Light Orb again before shooting the Orb to increase the mystery level for better rewards.

There are three levels of mystery awards. If level 3 mystery is already lit, drop target awards will skip the Light Orb award.

There is an instant info page showing the current mystery level and also all its available awards.

Gravestone Target

Shatzing (alley passing) the left inlane to send the ball into the nondescript gravestone standup target will help you out with a running mode or multiball. If no mode or multiball is running, it will spot you one “X” toward your next PFx qualification.

There is an ego award for most “?” shots in one game, which is the # of times successfully shatzing the Gravestone Target.


A “combo” is performed by hitting distinct shots on the playfield in succession. Each different shot you hit will advance the active combo by 1. Unlike most games, an active combo does not “time out” if you take too long between shots. A combo ends when one of the following occurs:

  • Collecting a “Deathblow” (see Deathblow section below)
  • Hitting a shot that was already used as part of the active combo
  • Hitting any standup, any drop target, or 2 pop bumpers

Shots that count towards a combo:

  • Left Ramp
  • Big Loop
  • Left Orbit
  • Mini Loop
  • Right Ramp
  • Right Orbit

Combo scoring starts at 500,000 for a 2-way combo and increases exponentially. Since there are 6 different shots that can be used as part of a combo, the longest possible combo is 6-way. When a combo is currently in progress, the lamp to the right of the upper right flipper will strobe.

There is an ego award for most Combos.


Ending a combo by hitting certain shots/targets awards a Deathblow, which scores points based on the length of the active combo. Deathblows also count towards your bonus. Some shots will award a Super Deathblow, which is worth 3x the value of a standard deathblow. Known deathblows:

  • EB Target
  • Mummy Captive Ball
  • Bulls-eye (SUPER)
  • SJP Target (SUPER)
  • Revive Spinner (SUPER)

There is an ego award for highest Deathblow score. The maximum possible is a 900M Deathblow! (20m for a 6-way combo, x3 for ending with a Super Deathblow, x3 with playfield multipliers, x5 with Super Combos)

Extra Balls

On factory settings there are three ways to light extra balls:

  1. Complete third power feature
  2. Collect 5th Tomb Treasure award
  3. Make 50 loops. Note: Loop Jackpots do not count toward your # of Loops.

On the Premium/LE there is an adjustment (Feature Adjustment #59 “Madness Extra Ball Stage”) for collecting extra ball also during Can I Play With Madness mode. This adjustment is set to 0 (disabled) on factory settings.

End of Ball Bonus

Bonus is scored as follows, and multiplied by Bonus X:

Switches × 3,500
Mummy Letters Collected × 25,000
Deathblows × 45,000
Loops × 50,000
Power Features Completed × 75,000
Soul Shards Collected × 250,000
Eddies Collected × 250,000 (level 2 Eddie cards count as two “Eddies” for bonus purposes)

There is an ego award for highest EOB Bonus collected.

Tomb Treasures

Collecting Soul Shards and other tasks lights the Tomb (Pro: right loop, LE: left ramp) to collect a Tomb Treasure. There are 10 different awards to collect in a set order:

  1. 15 Million
  2. Super Slings (slingshots worth 250k + 1K increment for rest of ball)
  3. Depends on which model you’re playing on:
    a) Pro: Boost Power Jackpot 15M (adds additional 15M to current Power Jackpot)
    b) Premium/LE: Can I Play With Madness (multiball; specifically makes use of the Underworld scoop; it is also possible in settings to disable this mode and award the +15M Power Jackpot award instead)
  4. Super Combos (5x combos and deathblows for rest of ball)
  5. Light Extra Ball
  6. Light Revive. Note: you will waste this award if you already have both outlanes lit.
  7. Collect 2X Bonus - This 2X is multiplied by the current PF multiplier AND your current bonus multiplier so very large collects are possible here!
  8. +5x Power Jackpot multiplier
  9. 50 Million + Random Level 2 Eddie card spotted
  10. Start Run to the Hills (super-wizard mode)

There are exactly 11 different objectives that will light a tomb treasure and repeating the same objective twice will not light another treasure (so you’ll need to complete 10 goals to start Run to the Hills). Also note that if you’ve collected only three Level 2 Eddie cards prior to Tomb Treasure #9, that collecting #9 will then immediately qualify #10. One Soul Shard can be collected also as level 3 mystery awards after playing 2MTM.

  1. Fear of the Dark Soul Shard
  2. Flight of Icarus Soul Shard
  3. Aces High Soul Shard
  4. Rime of the Ancient Mariner Soul Shard
  5. Hallowed Be Thy Name Soul Shard
  6. Collect a loop jackpot
  7. Collect a 6-Way Combo
  8. Mummy Super Jackpot
  9. Trooper Super Jackpot
  10. Complete Number of the Beast
  11. Collect the “Level 2” versions of all 4 Eddie cards

Eddie Cards

There are 4 Eddie Card inserts to collect, which are required to qualify Number of the Beast (NOTB) wizard mode, and also each Card adds +5M to your current Power Jackpot.
The four Level 1 Eddie Cards (lit solid) require:

  • Super Jackpot on Trooper Mutliball
  • Super Jackpot on Mummy Multiball
  • Qualifying Cyborg Multiball (Completing the Power Pyramid)
  • Reaching 2 Minutes to Midnight

If you perform even better during those four tasks for Eddie Cards, you can collect a Level 2 Eddie Card. Once you’ve collected a Level 2 card, its insert will be pulsing instead of lit solidly, and +15M will be added to your current Power Jackpot value. Level 2 Eddie Cards remain lit even after a failed NOTB wizard mode, and collecting them all lights one Tomb Treasure. Level 2 Eddie Card requirements are:

  • Advance all Trooper MB JP shots to at least 3x value (yellow) or collect one 5x Trooper JP (red).
  • A second SJP on Mummy MB (overall; does not have to be within a single Mummy MB).
  • Collect a 5x Cyborg MB SJP.
  • Collect a 2MTM double SJP.

Number of the Beast

Collect all 4 Eddie Card inserts (Level 1 or 2) to qualify Number of the Beast wizard mode.

NOTB Rules:

  • Untimed single-ball mode with a generous 30-second initial ball save
  • Phase 1: three shots lit with Red Arrows. Shoot any one of them to light timed Bulls-eye shot.
  • Phase 2: Shoot Bulls-eye within 5 seconds to start Counter-Attack phase, otherwise it reverts to Phase 1.
  • Phase 3: Counter-Attack – all shots lit Yellow for 10 seconds, but you cannot shoot the same shot consecutively.
  • Defeat the Beast with 12 Counter-Attack shots. You can requalify and repeat the Counter-Attack phase as needed.
  • If you lose your ball, you lose your battle against the Beast and have to requalify all 4 Eddie cards to challenge the Beast again (except for those Eddie cards that you collected a Level 2 Eddie card). If you have all four Level 2 Eddie cards, you will immediately get to rematch the Beast if you have another ball.
  • Defeating the Beast disables the flippers, drains your ball, then awards 100 Million plus re-awards the value of any Soul Shards collected earlier. Normal gameplay resumes on your current ball in play, also with a fresh ball saver. Once the Beast has been defeated, it cannot be challenged again.

There is an ego award for highest NOTB mode score.

Run to the Hills (RTTH)

Mega-wizard mode awarded as the 10th Tomb Award. Observations based on Escher’s stream:

  • 6-ball multiball with generous initial ball-save.
  • Seems to be a hybrid of Cyborg and Trooper multiball rules.
  • All shots are persistently lit for a jackpot.
  • Collecting one of each Power feature lights the Super Jackpot at the center ramp, but the Power features must be collected in order: Spinner -> Target -> Pop -> Orbit -> Ramp.
  • Collecting the Super Jackpot adds +1x to all Jackpots.
  • Add a ball by spelling MUMMY at captive ball.
  • Awesome Super Jackpot animation.
  • Tomb Treasures do not seem to reset after this mode. Thus, you cannot play RTTH twice in one game.

There is an ego award for highest RTTH wizard mode score.


  • The single-ball Eddie battles (Fear of the Dark, Hallowed Be Thy Name, and Flight of Icarus) can be stacked up with either Trooper or Mummy Multiball if the shot that starts it is made during the mode. This potentially makes it a lot easier to qualify the Soul Shards for the modes. Flight of Icarus also works well as a stack with Mummy Multiball - the shots you have to make for your first add-a-ball just happen to be the ones you have to make during the mode. Hallowed and Trooper MB is also a very strong stack.
  • Soul Shards can be collected also as level 3 mystery awards after playing 2 Minutes to Midnight. This can be really helpful when trying to reach Run to the Hills.
  • Work on qualifying the REVIVE at the outlanes during a Multiball or if you have a long enough ball saver. The left spinner is a notoriously risky shot that can end balls very quickly if you aren’t paying attention.
  • All of the Tomb Treasure awards are multiplied by Playfield Multipliers. Why take 15 million when you could take 45 million?

Game came out a full 11 hours ago and still nothing here? Man… Tiltforums has really gone downhill!



Is there a replay of the stream at all available?

We are hoping that you have already done this and can do a quick copy and paste here!

Where’s the fun in that?

Dude . . . just say “This is pending licensor approval” . . . that works for EVERYTHING :wink:


I filled in a bunch of stuff from my rough notes and from memory, most of it is probably not accurate! KME gave a very nice and thorough explanation of the rules during the stream. Wish I would have taken better notes! :slight_smile:

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I was too busy drooling all over my notepad so i got nothing.

But i think it’s pretty much start a mode and chase the moving arrow around the board for 2 minutes. Do that 18 times and get to the wizard mode…oh wait, wrong game :wink:

LOOP FEATURE- Use upper flippers to shoot loops to build up and light LOOP JACKPOT. Loop awards are displayed in the big loop. Values range from 250k to 2.5mil. Shooting consecutive loops will build up the loop value. Each loop scores the lit value plus adds that value to the LOOP JACKPOT value. Shots to the mini loop lights the 2x loop insert. When the required number of loops is reached the LOOP JACKPOT lamps will come on solid.
LOOP JACKPOT- LOOP JACKPOT lamp lights up solid until the first LOOP JACKPOT is collected. Once collected a 12 second timer will begin. Each consecutive loop shot during this period will score 1x, 2x, 3x etc. the value of the LOOP JACKPOT.


Already more info than Pirates! IMG_1905


There is a classic bit of Maiden history, the reverse message before Still Life on their album Piece of MInd. It would be cool if that message played just prior to the flippers reversing. Complete ‘goal x’, the message plays forward, flippers go back to normal.

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Thanks! Are you going to publish something like Dwight did for GOT and GB?

Theres a new short facebook video from the PRO gameplay in Copenhagen. The player starts Aces HIgh and its a 2 ball multiball. I didn’t see that mentioned in the Aces High rules.

Shouldn’t have to if the playfield and rulecard have most of it covered :slight_smile:

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An in depth rule doc is forthcoming…




Based on limited play at Cactus Jacks tonight, not sure whether REVIVE letter progress can be done within multiball - anyone know?

Are these power features always limited to one ball? I got all five checked off and couldn’t figure out how to relight them…but it was ball three so I don’t know if they would’ve refreshed on the next ball.

Yes you can