Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet

All 5 enables “?”. If you were in a multiball or mode then you have to wait until it’s over before you can start cyborg multiball. Once cyborg is finished all power features reset with a 50% point boost


When all 5 are “Checked” off but the Question Mark isn’t lit, check the Upper Right box to see if you have an active mode (circled in Red). If you have all of them completed, but not checked, check to see if you have an active power jackpot to collect on the Orb target.


I’ll just leave this little backstage pass for y’all here…


Looks like extra ball is 5 million. Can it be multiplied?

V0.92.0 readme says No.

  • update extra ball consolation score from 5M to 10M and do not apply playfield multiplier
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Look at it this way… it’s a free x2.

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Can you make loop progress during multiball?

Are combos active during multiball?

Yes, Yes. Only exception are the mini wiz modes


Can you stack either of the mode Multiballs with Trooper or Mummy MB’s?

Can building up the power JP value be affected by playfield x? Also, do collecting loops at 2x value with the flipper down build up the orbit power jp value st 2x?

I guess what I’m asking is if there’s a set cap for what the power JP can be built up to, or do all the multipliers in the game factor into that value before it’s collected. like the acdc song JP.

It seems like it’s capped off at 6x (sum of all power modes) since you need to cash them out when completed to re-qualify them.

Not the x, the value

The ones that arent multiballs themselves you can


I have no idea what that number is off the top of my head @PinballNarcissist, but I presented the data in a kinda confusing way.

Essentially if you can complete Power Pops, Ramps, Orbits, Spinners, and Targets you’ll hit a “soft cap” since you’re barred from using Power Modes to advance. You can still chip out with mystery reward scumming but that’s a hard but to try.

Revised from above:

6 * ([sum of power modes] + [as many mysteries you can add])


Additional things that build power jackpot:

Bullseye target when lit
Mystery award
1 mil each completed segment
5 mil for completing all segments


From what I’ve seen, PF multipliers do not factor into the power JP buildup, but DO factor into the cashed value. In otherwords, you can’t double dip, but a PF X does double (or triple) the collect value, if active.


Hey Keith. Have you noticed if you whip the inner loop spinner when locks are lit you can get 2 locks out of it if spinner is still going?

Blackout homage? :smiley:

Never mind. Looks like it might be a spinner switch issue. It was sometimes stopping upside down with the switch closed which software would trigger another ball lock. I bent the spinner slightly so it wouldn’t rest reverse like that and so far so good.

Thanks for putting this out! Love these.