KISS wiki rulesheet


Code: 1.28

Choosing Songs & Locations: At the start of a ball, you are be able to choose a song and location. You will always be able to choose at the start of the game, and you can change as long as you have made progress on the mode. Songs award different modes and locations do pretty much nothing, besides changing certain callouts. You can also select a new song at the scoop after completing the objectives given to you during the song.

Skill Shot: There isn’t a skill shot in the current code, but if you can trigger the right loop switch and then fall back into it, you can trigger any right loop rewards. The same is true for the left loop if you can plunge soft enough to delay the left loop switch hit long enough.

Bonus Grid: One of the major elements of Stern’s Kiss is the Bonus Grid, which pays homage to the original. Collecting sets of KISS targets, sets of ARMY targets, sets of band members, and sets of instruments adds bonus to your end-of-ball bonus. Completing the grid twice lights Heaven’s on Fire Wizard Mode. Normal adjustments have the grid carry over between balls in order to help progress towards Heaven’s on Fire.

"Front Row" Virtual Kickback: Spell out KISS on left target bank (# of times icnreases for each time you use it) to light Front Row insert in left outlane, which protects against your next left outlane drain.

Target Combos: At any time during normal play, the inside left inlane will light the Army Combo and the right inlane will light the KISS Combo. Shoot the flashing target lit for some points and instant completion of the targets. If you complete ARMY or KISS, a hurry-up will start at the center ramp and left orbit, respectively. The hurry-up value counter is displayed on the DMD, starts at a base value of 1M for the first hurry-up, and increases for each subsequent hurry-up started.

Bumper Awards: Once the leftmost left inlane is rolled over, one of the four lights will light on the right orbit. Once the right orbit is shot, the pop bumpers that match up with each light will advance and the lights on the right orbit will turn off. The first level is red (13k per hit versus the standard 10k), second is green (16k per hit), and third is purple (20k per hit). It’s a good idea to go for these, as lighting all of the pop bumpers once will award the Catman insert flashing for the KISS Army Wizard Mode and lighting all the pops in purple awards Catman insert solidly lit for the Rock City Wizard Mode. The center ramp allows you to increase bumper values easily, as it feeds the inlane you need to roll over.

Backstage Pass (Mystery award): Completing both the KISS and Army targets will light the scoop for Backstage Pass. I don’t believe you can stack/store multiple completions of one target bank to match up with multiple completions of the other bank. And once you get past the first completion of each, your PF insert grid will remain solid for both KISS and ARMY, so it’s difficult to know which one is needed to light your next Backstage Pass.

List of Backstage Pass Awards (incomplete):

  • Add-A-Ball (first award during any multiball)
  • Super Modes: Super Ramps/Spinner/Targets/Pops will typically be your first four non-AAB awards, but in random order. It increases scoring for each and stacks with multiballs (similar to Star Trek). Note: you get double Super Ramp value if you combo from one Super Ramp to another Super Ramp.
  • Deuce Scoring: shoot lit arrows for hurry-up ?? awards
  • Fast Scoring
    (both of the prior two awards interrupt your current song, rendering them undesirable. I’m hoping they fix this in future code)
  • Bonus X
  • Double Scoring: Timed. Stacks on whatever you have running. I don’t think time can be extended.
  • Hold Bonus (?)

Multipliers: There are multiple shot and playfield multipliers in KISS. There are two shot multipliers in the current version:

Combo Multiplier: Shooting any shot will cause certain other shots to flash rapidly. Successfully shooting one of these shots will award twice the score of that shot for hitting it in combo.
Song Multiplier: Completing any song (see below) will make the next shot made worth 2x the scoring for the rest of the ball.

There are also 3 playfield multipliers in the current version as well:

Song Playfield Multiplier: Completing two songs (see below) will start an untimed 2x/3x/5x/10x playfield scoring that lasts until the end of the ball. For each set of two songs completed, the playfield multiplier rewarded increments one step.
Demon Playfield Multiplier: Locking 1/2 balls back in the Demon during Demon Multiball (see below) awards 2x/3x playfield for 20 seconds.
Double Scoring: Backstage Pass award. Gives a 2x Playfield Multiplier for 30 (?) seconds.

The Playfield Multipliers stack additively with each other: having 5x Song and 2x Demon awards 7x Playfield, and visually, having both 2x and 3x inserts lit means you’re currently at 5x Song Multiplier. Shot and Playfield Multipliers stack multiplicatively with each other: having 3x Playfield and 4x Shot multipliers awards 12x the scoring on that shot. A maximum of 60x scoring can be achieved on a single shot (15x Playfield, 2x Song Shot, 2x Combo Shot)!

Collecting Instruments: Shooting the right ramp lights an instrument at either the STAR targets (Starchild’s Guitar), center ramp (Spaceman’s Guitar), Demon (Bass), or left orbit (Drums) to collect an instrument. These are not on a timer and, on default settings, more than one can be lit at a time by continuously shooting the right ramp until all 4 are lit. Collecting X instruments (adjustable) will light the extra ball at the scoop. Collecting six instruments will light the Spaceman insert flashing for KISS Army Wizard Mode, and collecting twelve (?) instruments will light the Spaceman for Rock City Wizard Mode.

Songs: Like AC/DC, a new song plays for the duration of each new song mode you select. I hope you liked modes in Transformers, because KISS song modes are very similar logic. But unlike Transformers, they are untimed, so there’s very little sense of urgency toward shot-making. To complete each song you must shoot approximately 8-10 lit/flashing color arrows, or in one instance, the flashing KISS targets. Song mode details are below. Once you complete a song, you must shoot the scoop “New Track” to choose another one that you haven’t already played. You may not select a completed song again. If you drain without completing a song, you sometimes have the option of changing to a different song mode on your next plunge (not sure what determines this). Further, if you re-select a partially completed song, your number of shots made is saved and carries over to the next time you choose that song. Songs may be stacked with Multiballs and Wizard Modes, but the Song must be started prior to the start of the Multiball/Wizard Mode.

To repeat from above, in Version 1.28 song completion allows for further scoring opportunities. First, completing a song will light any currently unmultiplied shots on the playfield white. The next lit shot made will be at 2x scoring for the rest of the ball, similar to other Sterns like Avatar, Batman TDK, and Transformers. In addition, completing a certain amount of modes lights an untimed playfield multiplier for the duration of that ball. Completing 2 modes awards a 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x Playfield Multiplier, increasing with the number of times the Playfield Multiplier has been awarded.

As a note, scoring on each song resets between balls - hence “shots made” is actually “shots made on the current ball.”

  • Deuce: Starting at the left two shots (Left Loop and STAR targets), shooting a lit shot will move the two lit shots to the right by one shot (Center Ramp, Demon, Right Ramp, and then Right Orbit). Interestingly, an unlit shot just to the left of the lit shots also counts as a mode shot. After crossing the playfield once, two shots will strobe back and forth across the playfield. Shooting a lit shot causes the lights to strobe faster, and shooting another lit shot causes the lights to strobe even faster. After shooting this final strobe shot, the mode is completed. Shots are worth (300k x shots made), up to 2.4m.

  • Hotter Than Hell: Alternate between shooting the flashing KISS targets and the subsequently lit random major shot on the playfield. Shooting the lit major shot relights the KISS targets. After completing 8 shots, the mode is completed. KISS targets are worth (250k x shots made) and the shots are worth double, up to 1.75m and 4m for the last set of drop targets and a shot.

  • Lick It Up: Mode begins with two neighboring shots lit, either the left orbit and the STAR targets, the STAR targets and the center ramp, the center ramp and the Demon shot, or the Demon shot and the right ramp. Shooting a lit shot moves the lit shots to another pair of neighboring shots. Shoot 8 shots to complete. Scoring is worth (250k x shots made), up to 2m on the final shot.

  • Shout It Out Loud: Shoot center ramp, then orbits, then STAR targets, right ramp and demon.

  • Detroit Rock City: Essentially, it’s the Ratchet mode from Transformers (or more recently, Cruisin’ from Mustang, but without using standup targets as part of the mode). All shots lit at start of ball and will go out after completing a sho, but the left-most lit arrow will flash, denoting that the shot is worth double. After hitting the first 6 shots, they will all re-light and you need to hit three more shots to finish the mode. Each shot is worth (200k x shots made), with the final shot worth 1.8m if solid and 3.6m if flashing.

  • Rock & Roll All Night: Shoot the center ramp to light the Right Loop. Shooting the Right Loop lights the two left-most shots on the game (Left Loop and STAR targets), and shooting one of those lights the two right-most shots on the game (Right Loop and Right Ramp). Shooting one of those shots lights the three left-most shots on the game (two from before plus Center Ramp). From here, 3 more shots are made using alternating sides of the playfield (three right shots are the same two from before plus the Demon). Each shot is worth (500k x shots made), up to 4m on the final shot.

  • Love It Loud: Two phases. Phase 1: Left & right orbits lit at start of ball. Hitting both orbits lights the four other shots. Phase 2: Hitting one of the four unlights it, leaving three. Hit one of the three to unlight it, and the prior shot relights, always leaving you with three. Shoot 8 shots in Phase 2 to complete.

  • Black Diamond: We wouldn’t want Ratchet to feel lonely, so let’s throw in TF’s Devastator mode, too! Shoot the right orbit to collect a value and enter the pop bumpers, where the pops hits determine which shot is lit next. Shoot the lit shot to score and relight the right orbit, or shoot the bumpers to potentially change the lit shot. Completing 4 rotations of this (8 shots) completes the mode. Each shot is worth (300k x shots made), up to 2.4m on the final shot.

Demon Multiball: Complete the lock targets or spell DEMON (which also advances the jackpot by 500k) to light Lock at the Demon shot. These locks can be physical or virtual, with the latter ejecting the ball out of a VUK from Gene’s mouth. For the first multiball, lit locks can be stacked. Completing 3 locks will begin Demon Multiball. Starting this mode will also light the Demon insert flashing for KISS Army. This Multiball is similar to Klingon Multiball in Star Trek and the Snake mechanism in Metallica. All major shots are lit to score the Jackpot value, but each shot can only be used twice prior to the Double Jackpot. Collecting five Jackpots makes the next lit shot award a Super Jackpot. Collecting two Super Jackpots lights a strobing shot for the Double Jackpot, and completing this shot lights the Double Super Jackpot at the Demon shot. In addition, completing the lock targets again will light the Demon for a 20-second ball hold and playfield multiplier. Holding one ball awards 2x Playfield, and completing the targets again and locking a second ball awards 3x Playfield. The balls are spit out of the VUK after the Playfield X goes away, so be ready! Collecting the Double Super Jackpot lights the Demon insert solid for Rock City wizard mode progress.

Beware of Gene spitting the ball SDTM, although a short ball save is provided in single ball play to compensate. WARNING: During any multiball, when Gene spits a ball back at you, the ball save insert will flash, but it lies!! You will not get a ball back during the multiball.

Qualifying the second Demon Multiball does not allow for lock stacking, and the third Demon Multiball requires two completions of the lock targets to light a lock.

Love Gun Multiball: aka Optimus Prime MB (as an Autobot) aka Mustang MB. Complete the STAR targets a certain amount of times to light Love Gun Multiball at the STAR saucer and the right ramp. Starting this mode will also collect the flashing Starchild insert for KISS Army. All major shots are lit for Jackpot, and once one shot is made, all shots will unlight and only the same shot you just hit will be lit for a Double Jackpot. Once the Double Jackpot is collected, the rest of the shots will light again. Repeat for all of the major shots to light the Super Jackpot at the STAR saucer. Collecting the Super Jackpot will also light the Starchild insert solid for Rock City.

Heaven’s on Fire Wizard Mode: Completing all 16 lights (KISS, ARMY, Pop Bumpers, and Instruments) in the bonus grid twice lights Heaven’s on Fire at the scoop. During this mode, the objective is to complete the grid again by completing the KISS and ARMY banks, shooting the 4 lit instrument shots (right ramp spots one as well), and shooting the right orbit into the pop bumpers. Once the grid is complete, shoot the scoop to score a Super Jackpot. The Add-A-Ball works differently on this wizard mode compared to other multiballs and can be collected once per Super Jackpot by completing the STAR targets.

Other Wizard Modes: The other Wizard modes are lit at the scoop after collecting all the band member inserts flashing (KISS Army) or solid (Rock City). Collect the inserts by:

-Starchild:: Collect six instruments and the insert will begin flashing. Collect 12 instruments to light solidly.
-Spaceman: Start Love Gun Multiball and the insert will begin flashing. Collect the Super Jackpot to light it solidly.
-Demon: Start Demon Multiball and the insert will begin flashing. Collect the Double Super Jackpot to light the insert solidly.
-Catman: Light four bumpers to make the insert begin flashing. Light all four bumpers purple to light solidly.

KISS Army Wizard Mode: Apparently, copying one version of Optimus Prime MB wasn’t enough. So here’s the Decepticon version of it, just worth a bunch more points. After collecting all four inserts flashing, KISS Army is lit at the scoop. Shoot it to begin KISS Army Multiball. Lit shots score very lucrative values. All shots besides the Demon are initially lit. After hitting a shot, the Demon shot will be lit. Hitting the Demon shot will then relight the other shots that have not been hit. Completing all the shots lights the Demon shot again for a nice super jackpot. Add-a-ball also works during this multiball.

Rock City Wizard Mode: Lighting all four inserts solid will light Rock City mode at the scoop. All shots are initially lit for jackpots that increase in value as more jackpots are made. Hitting a shot enough will eventually unlight the jackpot at the shot. Completing all the other shots will light a Super Jackpot at the Demon shot.


You collect an instrument by first shooting the right ramp…then an instrument will light at either at the star child, center ramp, demon lock, or left orbit for an instrument collect.

Factory setting is 4 instruments to light extra ball and 6 instruments to light spaceman.

Hotter than hell: Shots alternate between the kiss standups on the left, and then a random shot on the playfield

Black Diamond: shots alternate between the right orbit, and then whatever the pop bumpers tell you to hit next.

Aside from add-a-ball, Backstage pass awards super ramps, super spinner, super pops, etc…The super pops are worth 200k each which felt like high value compared to the other awards.


Wait, can the rulesheet be editable by everyone? If not, I’m going to edit it now myself


For the mustang wiki I asked Greg to make it editable and he oblidged


I just converted the top post to a Wiki.


Added a bunch of additional detail and filled in some gaps.


Can someone clarify the steps to reaching Kiss Army multiball?

It sounds like three of the four inserts are lit by collecting 6 instruments, starting love gun multiball, and starting demon multiball. How do you light the 4th insert??


Lighting the four pop bumpers. Qualify a pop by the far left in lane, collect by hitting right orbit.

You can collect multiple bumpers at once only for each level. So for example if you have 1 lit, you can only collect a max of 3 and complete the level. Then you can qualify the next 4 for that level.

Collecting them just increases the value of the pops.


Demon multiball= Klingon Multiball
Love Gun Multiball = Mustang Multiball


Kiss Army multiball = one of the Optimus Prime multiballs, just worth a crap-ton more points

Who wants to put money on the other wizard mode = Kobayashi or Sentinel Prime? lol


Thanks @rawfulevil.

Anyone have an established strategy for reaching Kiss Army MB? What do you go for first, etc…?


I focus on instruments first because it will get you an extra ball and likely progress towards the starchild? multiball. I short plunge and bash on the demon locks during ball saver. Then during multiballs you can go for catman safely.


Can you make progress on Love Gun MB during Demon MB? Or vice versa?


I’m nearly 100% certain the “vice versa” isn’t possible. I don’t think either is possible.


I’ve been working on a KISS rulesheet and just found this forum recently. I’ve incorporated what you have above along with everything I had and published to the pinside forums at as a PDF.

Would love your feedback here or there.



Made a couple of edits to the rulesheets today. Added more song info, described Multiball scoring, and added Backstage Pass awards


I was playing a Kiss on location today which was still running the original code. I manged to finish all the songs but then… nothing. I would shoot the scoop to start a new song but it would just shoot the ball back out. Does anyone know if this has changed in later code revisions?

I only needed spaceman for Rock City mode but I needed to spell STAR so many times in order to start it (as it was original code) I ended up missing out on it.

Thought there might have been some kind of reward for completing all the songs. Game got pretty boring when there were no shots lit to hit.


@CaptainBZarre I think in the Target Combos section that if you hit the lit one it will count the same as completing the bank (hence lighting the hurry up immediately). So if you hit the KISS lit shot and then the ARMY lit shot once each it would then also light Backstage Pass like completing each bank would. Is this what others have noticed too?


I don’t think anything has been added in yet for completing all of the songs. I did it a couple of weeks ago on a friend’s machine (always keeps his code up to date), but nothing happened.


Made a couple minor changes.