KISS wiki rulesheet


We just had a multiplayer issue in a tournament. Not sure if anyone has seen this bug before. All four players picked Deuce as their first game. 3 house balls, player four finishes deuce with maybe 12 million…drains before changing the song…

on ball 2…
Player 1 has a 30 million deuce mode
Player 2 has a 50 million deuce mode
Player 3 has a 57 million deuce mode.

The mode shot value was carrying over from player to player. We saw the base mode value get to be over 7 million so a combo’d shot was giving them as high as 15 million!


Ouuuuuuuuch. Guess that pretty much invalidates Kiss for multiplayer tournament play for now.


… for a week or two, anyway :wink:


Whoops. This would explain why I had an opponent in league play have a 40M+ Detroit Rock City a couple code revs ago. I thought there was some way to get uber value out of that one if you could combo into the far left lit shot for most shots.


were you also playing detroit rock city?


I don’t recall (it was a couple month’s ago). But I do recall not caring about his 40M Detroit Rock City mode because I had crushed the game prior to that ball. Back then, I was selecting DRC pretty early in my song sequence, so if I had to guess: yes, I had played DRC already.


Did this ever get updated?


top men are working on it




Top. Men. I’ll probe into it and add what I can.


So, any feedback from those that have played the new code that dropped yesterday?


Haven’t played it yet, but some of the features on the readme sound cool, specifically playfield multipliers from completing songs and 2x/3x during Demon MB.

The main thing I’m wondering is if Love Gun MB gets increasingly harder to start each time or is it still going to be a couple shots to LG all game? That’s super boring.


I can’t vouch for Love Gun, but the game is definitely song-heavy now. Every 1/2 songs completed advances your Playfield Multiplier for the rest of the ball, and every completed song allows you to give a shot 2x scoring. Instruments are a bit more viable to play for, since the right ramp can still light instruments while instruments are lit and Heaven’s on Fire seems to be worth a good chunk of points. I’ll work towards that next time I can get on the game.

I’m interested to see what happens with song choices now (do you play Deuce/Lick it Up/etc early to get guaranteed scoring, or do you play filler to get Playfield Multipliers?)


Has anyone gotten together a decent strategy for the new code? I played the new code for a handful of games the other day and I found myself doing the same stuff (love gun and song completion), but just found my average scores being higher due to the multipliers.


I updated some of the information based on my experience. See the new wiki text.


Re: Strategy… Have Stern create/improve new song mode logic? There’s no sense of urgency while you’re in a mode. Although you at least have the loss of your playfield multiplier as a penalty for draining. But it doesn’t alter decision-making all that much.

See prior @ScoutPilgrim comments regarding KISS being song-heavy. There seems to be more value in using MB’s as a safe way to progress/finish songs to get your PFx up rather than shooting for the MB jackpots themselves.

There’s some strategic decision-making on which shot you choose to multiply, based on what song modes have left to play to maximize future mode scoring, or your next-up multiball.


Appreciate the updated info, you might want to change the 1.03 at the top of the first pinned post though :smile:


Good point. But it is a Wiki… so you could have updated the code reference to the most recent, too. :slight_smile:

Did you notice anything of significance that was missed?


There seems to be other ways to light the backstage pass. I find from time to time very early into the first ball it will light up even before I have more than one or two of the KISS or ARMY targets lit. I haven’t figured out the scenario, but I have seen it a few times.


You can get credit for completing KISS or ARMY with one shot (via an inlane), which is how it could have happened more quickly.