KISS wiki rulesheet


With that happens do the insert letters light up to show that completion credit was given?


So a few questions about this game.

When playing for GCs, what’s your general strategy? Seems like modes and Love Gun are pretty much it. Go for Demon if it’s really close already. I’ll work towards spaceman early in my game because I find that’s usually my limiting factor in getting Kiss Army or not. The best points I’ve found in the game are getting a nice 2x/3x/5x playfield multiplier, doubling the Gene shot, and starting Kiss Army. Make sure you’ve got an add-a-ball ready to go. Every other shot will be to Gene for a hefty multiplied jackpot and if you manage to get to the Super it can be worth a significant amount. After this I’ll just go back to Love Gun and modes. Still haven’t reached Rock City yet. I’ve gotten Heaven’s on Fire a couple times but it didn’t seem like a crazy amount of points and not something I’d go out of my way to get to. Maybe I just sucked at it? I can’t imagine it would take too much effort to crack a billion on this thing with a decent 10x ball.

Love Gun multiball start. It seems like on some machines you can start it from the starchild saucer almost every time, and on other machines it never will. Is it an operator setting? Pro/Premium thing?

Also, something I’ve noticed is that when starting Love Gun from the right ramp, you can delay they start of the multiball by continuing to combo out. So as long as you hit shots in a timely manner, ball save time won’t start, the animation won’t start, jackpot shots won’t be lit, and no balls will be kicked out. However it WILL give you credit for LG shots! So usually for me this means after the right ramp I go for a center ramp from the right flipper, center ramp again to finish that LG jackpot, then into Gene at which point you can’t combo anymore and the MB will officially start. It would technically probably be better to shoot two right ramps before Gene but I’m pretty terrible at hitting the right ramp on the fly. I shoot gene because I like to finish that jackpot in ball save time because he kicks it down the middle way too often and you won’t get it back in multiball. Obviously this trick doesn’t work on the models with the magnetic diverter for the multiball start. I’ve always sort of assumed it’s a bug, but it’s actually kind of a sweet feature that rewards you for shooting well.


When the game is set so that every song completed awards a playfield multiplier, how do the multipliers advance after 10x? Is there a maximum pf multiplier? I see in the wiki it says there is a maximum of 15x Playfield (to make a 60x shot) but is that from Demon x too? What happens if you set multipliers to advance every 1 song and complete 5 songs. Also what happens if you complete all 8 songs?


Colossal insert = 10X, so you can then add in the 2X and 3X inserts for a max of 15X.

My 60X jackpot in Kiss Army was at the Demon Head. Playfield was at 15X multiplier, Demon shot was doubled via the white arrow being locked in for that ball. I then did the center ramp-combo into the Demon head for the doubler (Bowen talks about this in his Patreon video).

15X . . . X2 . . . X2 = insane laughter from everyone watching when the 800+mil value popped up on the display for one shot.


So does that make 72x the maximum shot multiplier? Figuring you could also add a 3x Demon multiplier to the 15x pf multiplier for 18x *4 = 72x shot value.


How do you add a 3X multiplier to a shot?


According to WIKI during demon mb you can add playfield multiplier, also from backstage pass, so maybe base is 20x?


You can get up 3x PF multiplier from locking balls during Demon multiball. Greg brings up a good point about getting pf multiplier from the scoop too. 80x shot?


Ahhhhh that’s right.

I’m gonna go with a 98% chance your score would include a letter in the total at that point :slight_smile:


Only one way to find out . . . take that glass off and start spamming your backstage awards to see if it gets you anywhere (my guess is that award will be flagged off, but you never know). Or do it like a BOSS with the glass on, while streaming :slight_smile:


Is your 60x Kiss army jackpot on a stream? Link, please.


Sadly no, just one of those soul-crushing memories we’ll carry with us forever.

Of course, realize our game is setup for hold shot mults all game and 1 song/pf mult. That makes the game actually decently fun (and sometimes more maddening).


how do you light and collect the colossal bonus?


Get ready to overhaul the wiki. Big code update today.

KISS it up.


HUUUUGE code update!


Yeah, now I understand why it took a year to push this one out, it’s almost an entirely new game.

  • Fixed a problem where mode select was still active after the player plunged
    the ball and inadvertently switched the selected song upon pressing a flipper
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Pittsburgh is now spelled “Pittsburg”

Literally game breaking bug, do not use this code update.


Played the new code on a Pro. Some fun new stuff, and nice touches.
But… the following did not play out on a Pro (from code update readme):

  • Changed the rules/scoring for Love Gun Multiball. Now Love Gun
    Multiball starts as a 2 ball multiball with 1 ball held captive if started in
    the Starchild area. Shoot the captive Starchild ball to collect a Love Gun
    Hurryup award and add an additional ball into play.

On the Pro, even when LGMB was started via the saucer, the ball was not held – plus, “captive Starchild ball” makes no sense on the Pro.
I’m guessing that this rule is only applicable to a Prem/LE, where the ball is held behind the Starchild drop target – and can be pool-shot into the STAR targets?


Yeah, since the Pro has nothing to be able to hold the ball there. :joy: