KISS wiki rulesheet


I thought it would just hold it in the saucer until you shoot one of the STAR standups, then kick it out. Seems like a pretty easy way to mimic the Prem/LE without the drop target.


That is exactly what I thought it was going to do, but it does not, by the time the auto plunge hits the pops that ball is already getting kicked out.


Ditto. Unfortunately this is not the case. On Pro, you’re dealing with the additional difficulty of the second ball in play to try to hit the STAR targets to get the hurry up and the third ball added.

I definitely prefer the Prm/LE logic… Similar to ST Vengeance & SM Doc Ock 2, it gives me the strategic choice as a player to more safely cash in my MB JP and added ball, or press my luck by using the single-ball play time to accomplish other goals prior to hitting the captive ball before time runs out.