Dialed In! Rulesheet (Wiki)

Note: Likely filled with errors and needing improvements/corrections. A cleaner format with images and tables is available at https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/dialed-in-rulesheet#post-3851000

Skill Shots
Initial skill shot is achieved by dropping ball just behind theater. You’ll get whatever the lit insert is when your ball goes over the shooter lane switch. 1st successful skill shots scores 5000 points, subsequent skill shots increase points by 500.

After collecting a skill shot the ball will shoot around to upper flipper. If you hit the side ramp you are given a Super Skill Shot; if you hit the Scoop/SIM Card you’ll be awarded a Super Duper Skill Shot! Super Skill Shots award the values below, mostly based on the current Skill Shot Value (SSV, to make the table cleaner). Collecting holds through the normal Skill Shots is important on the newest revision of the Dialed In code, as they will increase the value of the Super Jackpot during Quantum Theater Multiball.

Skill Shot           Award                      Super Skill Shot Award               Super Duper Skill Shot Award

Big Points	         2x SSV                     Big Points (2x SSV)                  Bigger Points (6x SSV)
Hold Drones	         Drone Value Held           Drone value increases +1500 (?)      Drone value increases +(SSV)
Hold Kilowatts       Kilowatt Value Held	    Kilowatt value increases +1500 (?)   Kilowatt value increases +(SSV)
Hold Transit	     Transit Value Held	        Transit value increases +1500 (?)    Transit value increases +(SSV)
Hold Bonus           Bonus X Held	            Increase Bonus +1x                   Increase Bonus +3x
Hold Spider          Spider Values Held	        Spider value increases +1500 (?)     Spider value increases +(SSV)

B-O-B Targets
Each completion of the B-O-B targets lights the kickback. Stacking of kickbacks is not available by default.

Every completion of the B-O-B targets will light Crazy Bob’s. You can stack up the 3 of these and they are remembered from ball to ball.

Crazy Bob’s
When lit Crazy Bob will award, in this order:

  • Crazy Mode (Blue BOB arrow/lamp)
  • +1x Bonus Multiplier (Yellow BOB arrow/lamp)
  • Quick Multiball (Red BOB arrow/lamp)
  • +1x Bonus Multiplier (Yellow BOB arrow/lamp)
    …and repeat.

In other words, Bonus Multiplier is every even BOB and the odd BOBs cycle between Modes and Multiballs. An Extra Ball (Orange BOB arrow/lamp) will light every 3 BOB collects if the setting is on.

Crazy Modes

  • Crazy Emoji Overload
    o Shoot Left Ramp, Right Ramp, & Phone Scoop to Clear Emoji (shots colored blue)
  • Crazy Selfie Mode
    o Frenzy: All switch hits score!
  • Crazy Lottery Frenzy
    o Shoot ticket in theater! Wave at the camera to scratch off! Scratch cards are generally worth 5-10k points.

Quick Multiballs

  • Drones Gone Wild Multiball
    o Hit drone standup to drop items. 3 super jackpots to light SIM card.
    o Jackpots for each Drone hit. Super Jackpot is in the theatre (dropped by drone after collecting a jackpot).
  • High Voltage Multiball
    o Hit the moving QED target for jackpots. 15 jackpots to light SIM Card.
  • Quick Monkey Wrench Multiball
    o Sneak past mechanic on the left ramp for jackpot. 3 Jackpots lights SIM Card. During this multiball Betty will be raising and lowering her wrench.
    o During this multiball you must hit the left ramp and get your ball past Betty. She will be raising and lowering her wrench throughout the multiball in attempts to block your shot.
  • NOTE: Any of the three Quick Multiball modes can stack up with Under Attack Multiball, and vice versa. As a result, shots that advance towards Under Attack Multiball can be made during Quick Multiball. More importantly, modes can be stacked, re-qualified, and started during any Quick Multiball, unlike Under Attack Multiball. This rule also applies for the three Crazy Modes.

Combos are available by linking together any of the major shots - orbits, ramps, and the phone. The scoring builds as you keep a combo going and then resets if there is a break. 1st combo value is 500, 2nd is 600, …

Cumulative values from combos are applied during the bonus and that value can be held from one ball to the next by a skill shot.

The arrow inserts blink yellow to indicate possible shots for continuing the combo.

Extra Ball will light at the trap door after 35 and 100 combos.

Inlane Hurry-Ups

These are lit at the start of the game and can be relit at any time by completing the two TICKET standup targets in front of the Theatre. Press the flipper button to change the inlane that the hurry-up is lit at.

Theater Hurry Up

  • Tickets will qualify and increase the hurry up value
  • When going through a lit left inlane, you have X seconds to collect at the theater

10k+ Hurry Up (Left Ramp… adds 1k each subsequent shot (per ball?))

  • Left Ramp… adds 1k each subsequent shot (per ball?)
  • Qualify?
  • When right inlane is lit you have X seconds to collect at the left ramp
  • Successful collections increment the value (per ball?)
  • (can collect repeatedly for ??? time?)


Drone Deliveries
Throughout the game you will collect 2 drone deliveries for every Drone Standup hit and 1 drone delivery for every Drone Rubber Switch hit. After collecting all 7 (or is it 8, i.e. one more past 7 fully lit lights) drone delivery lights you will receive a Drone Mystery award which can be collected at the Theatre and carries over from one ball to the next. Note: Settings can be changed to require Drone Standup target hit to collect but that is not the default.

Drone Mystery Awards

  • 1,000/5,000/20,000 points
  • Bumpers at Max
  • Drone Combo Lit
  • Extra Ball is Lit
  • X Value Increased +1170 (X = any collectible item)
  • Hold X Value
  • Increase Bonus Multiplier (+1x)
  • Add Danger
  • Hold Holds (the best award in the entire game :P)
  • More tbd

Drone Combo
When going through a lit inner left inlane for “Light Drone” you can collect a Drone Combo if you immediately hit the Drone Target. This insert is always lit unless the Drone Mystery award is lit. Completing the Drone Combo instantly lights the Drone Mystery award at the Theater, without having to complete all the lights.

Big Bang
Big Bang is lit by hitting the Light Big Bang targets enough times. The first time you light the Big Bang target it will require 3 Light Big Bang target hits. After that it will increment by 1 until you always require 6 Light Big Bang targets hits. If the player has the JJP App, the Big Bang can be activated by pressing the button that says “Big Bang!” on the interface - meaning the player doesn’t have to make the difficult target shot.

The award you get from Big Bang depends upon your game status:

  • 50K for starters (and increments by 10k thereafter)
  • When in a disaster mode it will instantly score all your remaining mode shots required to complete the mode, complete the mode, and thus, also light a SIM card to collect.
    o Note: If you insta-complete a mode using Big Bang, your SIM Card Multiplier Bonus does not apply to the 50K or the Mode Completion bonus of 30K, but rather only the mode shots made prior to hitting Big Bang.
  • When in a multiball it will also score all lit jackpots.

Pro Tip: The above can be combined. For example when you are in both a mode and multiball you complete the mode and get all lit jackpots. When you are not in a mode but in multiball you get 50K and all lit jackpots.

Disaster Modes

There are 11 Disaster Modes in this game. The modes and their status (unplayed (green), played but not completed (beige), and completed (maroon)) are shown on the screen as city blocks at many points during the game and in the status report. Additionally, there is a 12th “block” which represents the Armageddon Wizard Mode.

Each mode is started at the green-lit phone scoop once it has been qualified. Qualification requires charging the phone by hitting the QED. Note: Qualification requirements progressively increase as you play modes. For instance, the first mode is lit after one QED shot, but as more modes are played, you will have to make a maximum of 4 QED shots to light them. The next mode that starts cycles among the available mode icons displayed on the phone by hitting either flipper button (similar to LOTR modes), so you can control which mode you start next through skillful play.

Mode scoring on any mode is based on the charge level (percentage) of the phone when the mode is started. When the phone powers up for a mode, it will be at 100% charge. Shooting QED when the phone is lit will Overcharge the phone past 100% charge at an additional 10% per hit. “Overcharge X%” will show as a push notification-style notice on the phone when overcharging, and the current charge percent can be seen in the upper-right corner of the phone display (in red, you have to squint a bit!).

During a mode, the first shot to the Phone Scoop made after making a lit shot will add time to the mode timer.

Collecting a Big Bang during a mode will automatically complete the mode; however, any mode multipliers you have (from prior SIM cards collected) won’t be applied to unmade shots.

If you complete a mode you will score a 30K completion bouns, plus light a SIM card for collection at the SIM Card Scoop. Collecting SIM Cards is very beneficial (see SIM Card section) to mode scoring, wizard mode progress, and wizard mode scoring.

Extra ball is lit after 3 disaster modes are played.

1. Alien Invasion
Shoot single roving arrow, starts at L orbit, shot value 10k
All major (arrow) shots are then lit for up to 20k each (value based on how quickly you shoot the roving arrow in the first phase of this mode). Each arrow show unlights when you shoot it.
Shoot all 5 arrows to complete.

2. Eruption
Shoot theatre, shot value = 6,000 (hurry-up that counts down)
Shoot right ramp, shot value = 6K + value of initial hurry-up collected.
Shoot theatre for same value
Shoot right ramp for same value
Shoot theatre for same value + end of mode.

3. Tidal Wave
Shoot side ramp once, shot value = 20,000
Side Ramp is the only required shot to complete the mode
All other lit shots increase the side ramp shot’s value by 8K, except the Theatre shot, which only increase the Side Ramp by 6K.

4. Whirl Wind
30 second mode with 4 shots needed for completion, in order.
• Shoot left ramp, shot value = 14,000
• Shoot right ramp, shot value = 15,000
• Shoot left orbit, shot value = 16,000
• Shoot side ramp, shot value = 17,000
If you do all 4 in a combo sequence you’ll be awarded a Whirlwind Combo and an additional 50k points.

5. EMP Strike
Shoot theatre, shot value = 10,000
Risk/reward: Magnets are going crazy; but only three shots complete the mode.

6. Flash Fires
5 Shots are required to complete this mode
• Shoot left ramp, shot value = 10,000
• Shoot BOB standups, shot value = 15,000
• Shoot left ramp, shot value = 10,000
• Shoot BOB standups, shot value = 15,000
• Shoot left ramp, shot value = 10,000

7. Sinkholes
Shoot either loop 3 times, shot value = 10K/shot. (R “loop” is same thing as R ramp)
Shoot L loop for 10K.
Shoot Theater for 10K + complete mode.

8. Meteor Storm
Shoot lit standups, Shot value = 6,000 (Spider, TIC, KET, Wrench)
5 hits to complete mode.

9. Earth Shaker
Two leftmost adjacent shots will be lit. Shooting either of them moves the pair of lit shots one position to the right. Shoot four shots to complete.
Shoot either lit shot, shot value = 17,000 (+1,000)

10. Acid Rain
Shoot jets, build value = 3,000
Note that the left ramp is also lit; this can be used to access the pops via the ramp diverter/pop bumper hole. Three shots will progress to the next part of the mode.
After 6 jet hits, the Collect phase of the mode begins…
Shoot left ramp (diverter removed), shot value = 3,000 + 3,000 per pop hit (pops still build value!)
Shoot left ramp twice more for built value and mode completion.

11. Singularity
Five shots will be lit individually, one at a time:
Shoot left orbit, shot value = 12,000
Shoot left ramp, shot value = 13,000
Shoot theatre, shot value = 14,000
Shoot right ramp, shot value = 15,000
Random shot picked from the above 4 shots = 16,000 (competition mode will always pick left orbit)

Under Attack Multiball (UAMB)
At any time during play, shoot both ramps to light lock and then lock a ball via the side ramp (or Crazy Bob’s for the first lock of the first multiball only).

UAMB is started by shooting the phone scoop. If UAMB is lit, a Disaster Mode may not be started.

The difficulty of lighting UAMB increases each time you play the Multiball. The number of balls in play is one more than the # of locks required to light it:

  • UAMB #1: Lock is lit as soon as first Disaster ends (completion not required). Lock one ball in either the left loop or side ramp to light UAMB.
  • 2: Shoot both ramps to light the lock at the side ramp. Lock 2 balls to light UAMB.
  • 3: Shoot both ramps to light each lock at the side ramp. Note that each lock has to be lit separately. Lock 2 balls to light UAMB.
  • 4: Shoot both ramps as a combo to light each lock at the side ramp. Note that each lock has to be collected separately. Lock 3 balls to light UAMB.
  • 5+: Shoot both ramps as a combo to light the lock at the side ramp. Note that each lock has to be collected separately and only one ramp will be lit to start the combo. Lock 3 balls to light UAMB.
    After lighting UAMB, if no Disaster Mode already running, you can defer the lit multiball by quickly hitting both flipper buttons twice as soon as the “Multiball is Lit” animation displays on the Phone. Once a Disaster is started or you drain your ball, UAMB will light again. This can be particularly helpful if you want to start a Disaster before activating UAMB.

UAMB Jackpots lit in red – Left Orbit, Left Ramp, Theatre, Right Ramp. Side Ramp =2x Jackpot. After some number of jackpots are collected, Super Jackpot is available at QED (Yellow), Theatre (Blue), or Pop Bumper Target(Red). When a SJP is qualified, Dialed In Electronics will start attacking you from QED, the Theatre, or the Pop Bumper Target. The attacks are indicated by the lines of light that approach your flippers from those areas. Repel an attack by hitting the origin of the attack line; this will also score a Super Jackpot. The closer the attack is to the flipper the more its worth. If the attack makes it to your flipper, it will stutter that flipper for 1-2 seconds, and be unable to flip during that period of time; you also lose the chance to collect that SJP.

Add-a-Ball: Once during any multiball – Phone scoop 3x = add-a-ball.

Note: If you use your real cell phone to connect to the game you can change the weather which makes the multiball easier somehow?

Quantum Theatre Multiball
Kilowatts, Spiders, Drones, and Transit points can be collected at the theatre whenever their associated image is displayed. Lighting the associated image and increasing values of the award occurs by hitting specific shots.

  • Kilowatts are increased by hitting QED. The associated image is a tank with a lightning bolt on it and the Theater arrow will light up in yellow.
  • Spiders are increased by hitting the Spider target. The associated image is a Spider and the Theater arrow will light up in pink.
  • Drones are increased by hitting the Drone target. The associated image is a Drone and the Theater arrow will light up in purple.
  • Transits are increased by hitting any ramp. The associated image is an animation as if you driving a train down the train tracks and the Theater arrow will light up in blue.

For all of the above repeated hits prior to collection will increase their respective value and hold it until collected or increased yet again. After collection does the value reset or is maintained? At end of ball the built up value will be lost (unless Hold XXX was obtained).

If multiple collects are lit, they will stack together (indicated by the flashing arrow in front of the Theater).

Note: Cumulative values of collected kilowatts, spiders, drones, and transits are applied during the bonus. Additionally if you get Hold Kilowatts, Hold Spiders, Hold Drones, or Hold Transits then this bonus value will be held over to the next ball (does the build up value of each also hold?).

After collecting 2 Kilowatts you will start the Kilowatt Drops feature.
After collecting 2 Spiders you will start the Spider Spinner feature.
After collecting 2 Drones you will start Drone Captive Ball feature.
After collecting 2 Transits you will start the Train Bash feature.
Starting all of these features will qualify the Theater to start Quantum Theater Multiball.
During all of these features (besides Spider Spinner, where the Quantum Theater acts as a full orbit), QED will move when the ball exits the Theater in order to prevent SDTM feeds.

Kilowatt Drops
This is a 30 second mode where a set of linear drop targets is shown in the Theatre and hitting them will collect the Kilowatt Bonus.

Spider Spinner
This is a 30 second mode where a Spinner is shown in the theatre and hitting it will collect the Spider Bonus. The spider standup also increases spinner value during this mode.

Drone Captive Ball
This is a 30 second mode where a Captive Ball is shown in the theatre and hitting it will collect the Drone Bonus.

Train Bash
This is a 30 second mode where a Door is shown in the theatre and hitting it will collect the Transit Bonus.

Quantum Theater Multiball
After starting all four features, the next Theater shot will begin Quantum Theater Multiball. This can be activated at any time, even during other Multiball modes. At the start of this Multiball, Jackpots will be lit at the ramps (Transit), Spider target, Drone target, and QED (Kilowatt). Collecting all four types of Jackpot will qualify the Theater for a Super Jackpot, which is determined by how many shots have been made during the other features and the “holds” collected off of Skill Shots or Drone Mystery awards. The process will then reset, allowing the player to collect more Super Jackpots.

SIM Cards
SIM Cards are lit for collection after:

  • Completing disaster modes
  • Completing requirements of quick multiballs
  • Other?

Collect a SIM Card at the lit side scoop (below the Side Ramp and above the Lite Big Bang target). If a lit SIM Card is not collected before end of ball, the ability to collect the card is also lost (on default settings).

SIM Card Mode Scoring Multiplier
Collecting SIM Cards multiplies the scoring of all future modes in your game. It does NOT multiply your instantaneous mode shot scores (Example: a Singularity mode shot value of 12K still only scores you 12K when you hit it). Instead: SIM Cards double/triple/etc. your total points from the mode (including the 30K mode completion bonus), collected as soon as the mode is over, either from completion, time expiration, or drain.

  • SIM Card Multiplier Collect = [(4K base) + (Sum of Mode Shot values) + (If applicable, 30K Mode Completion Bonus)] x (SIM Cards collected)

  • If you use Big Bang to insta-complete a mode, then it’s [(4K base) + (Sum of Mode Shot values prior to Big Bang)] x (SIM Cards collected)

So when you complete a mode, you get:
Mode Completion Bonus of 30K PLUS the SIM Card Multiplier value PLUS a Timer Bonus, in some cases.

Eight SIM Cards are required to spell D-I-A-L-E-D-I-N and qualify the Showdown Wizard mode. During a ball, SIM Cards can be stacked for collection. It’s a bit confusing because only one blinking D-I-A-L-E-D-I-N light will blink; however, after collection the next light will begin blinking immediately. I’m not sure if anything happens should you collect >8 SIM cards.

Wizard Modes
(I tried to use the “Hide Details” function to hide the info on the wizard modes. While it shows up correctly in the “Preview” edit window, it doesn’t seem to be working below, because it’s still displayed. Anyone: feel free to fix this if you know how.)

Qualified by playing all 11 disaster modes.
Started by shooting the phone scoop.
Instructions are:
• Lit Arrows Award Jackpot
• Super Jackpot via Phone or SIM Card
• 8 Modes completed = 9x Jackpot Value


  • Qualified by collecting 8 SIM Cards (i.e. spelling D-I-A-L-E-D-I-N)
  • Started by shooting the Theatre.
  • The display changes to show two health meters. One is “You” the other is “D.I.E.”
  • Then a multiball with unlimited ball saves until one of you is defeated.
  • During this showdown the Left Orbit, Left Ramp. Theatre, Right Ramp, and Side Ramp are all lit with red colored arrows for jackpot. Hitting these will cause DIE to lose health.
  • YOU lose heath whenever you lose a ball.
  • Additionally the theater and pop bumper attacks are fast and frequent to help DIE force you to lose balls.
  • Should you defeat DIE the multiball will stop having a ball save (it will still linger for about 20 seconds) and any jackpot shots scored will count as victory laps until you are down to 1 ball.

NOTE: You can see the “Showdown” wizard mode from about around 9 hours and 52 minutes at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/156334683 or https://www.twitch.tv/videos/156417080[/details]

If collected nothing worth bonus points you’ll receive a Participation Award for 500 points. Otherwise bonus is calculated as the sum of:

  • City Damage
  • Crazy Modes
  • Spider
  • Kilowatts
  • Transit
  • Drones
  • Combos
  • Bonus Multiplier

Status Report
Status Report – Page 1
Disaster Mode Map is displayed on the left showing progression.
Disaster Modes

  • Played: ##
  • Completed: ##
  • Modes To Go: ##
  • Jackpot: ##x

Status Report – Page 2

  • Kilowatts: Hold Value & Current Bonus
  • Transit: Hold Value & Current Bonus
  • Spider: Hold Value & Current Bonus
  • Drones: Hold Value & Current Bonus
  • Note: Hold Value = what you’ve built the value up to but haven’t yet collected. Current Bonus is the cumulative sum of all collected values.

Status Report – Page 3

  • Multipliers: Bonus: ##x, SIM Card: ##x
  • Big Bang: Hits Needed: ##, Next Value: ##,000
  • SIM Card: Lit: ##, Collected: ##
  • Combos: Count: ##, Extra Ball at 25

Light Color Coding
Blue Lighting = Crazy Bob Mode Shots (when in an Crazy Mode)
Green = Multiball Locks
Red = Jackpot Shots (during multiball)

Other Misc
Voice of “Mandy” (in the phone) is the same as the lady who voiced Candy 2000 in Safecracker.
Joe from JJP is the voice of Crazy Bob


And instantly wiki’d! Timing is everything.


Updated a bit. Still needs improvements…

Glad to be able to read this as we are picking ours up tomorrow and putting in the tournament bank for Friday at Pintastic. Hopefully we will see some good players work through this on the stream.

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Here’s the wizard mode … if thats not the type of stuff you want posted on this thread, sorry!


Disaster Modes…
@keefer or @tiesmasc: Is there a way to select / set up which mode you’ll be starting the next time you shoot the scoop to start a mode?

I’m pretty sure it’s either flipper selects, so you need to go one past, LOTR-style. It’s only of the ones currently available to you, obviously.


Where are the modes indicated on the playfield? Or is it just on the phone or main screen?

PF is just shot arrows when you’re in a mode, there’s no list of modes on the PF. The only place where all modes are listed at once including the next one to start is the phone.


@tiesmasc Making some updates based on what I saw from watching the replay of @pinwizj’s Dialed In game during the Pinburgh finals.


  • SIM Card mode scoring multiplier – doesn’t multiply your future modes’ immediate shot values, but instead pays you out at the end of future modes.
  • Using a Big Bang doesn’t provide the SIM Card multiplier on the Mode Completion 30K Bonus
  • Under Attack MB: can also get SJP’s from shooting the “origin” of an active Attack line
  • Eruption mode: Shot values are 6K + your initial Hurry-up value collected
  • Sinkholes mode: shot detail added.
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Updated a few modes that were missing some information. Clarified that super jackpot value is determined by how close the attack is to the flipper.


Thanks for doing this and contributing to the Wiki! Really enjoying this game!

If/when you have time:
(1) Are you willing to consider adding a redundant disaster mode timer on the main screen in addition to the Phone screen? While the Phone screen is good for the player, it’s difficult for spectators (both in-person, or from a video stream) to see it. And it’s exciting to see/know how much time someone has left to complete a mode.

(2) Is there a pre-determined logic of which set of disaster modes are available for a player’s Nth mode lit?

(3) Are the Drone Mystery awards deterministic in Competition play settings?

Glad you are enjoying the game! Congrats on the pinburgh victory that was impressive.

(1) @keefer mentioned that request so I implemented an adjustment that will allow the timer to be shown always or as it is now when under attack is running (covering the phone) on the main display. it will still default to during MB only.

(2) they are pre determined which ones become available after one is played. In competition mode every player will get the same bucket. Which ones end up being played though is randomized by the jets and slings along with the players ability to select them with the flippers.

(3) they are deterministic although currently the only two awards given in competition mode are 1K and 5K. At some point it should be more fleshed out.

Not sure where to ask this. Does the “Dialed In” app work yet? I can get it running but I can’t connect to the machine. The machine advertises the app in attract mode; is there something I’m missing?


It can, but there’s definitely flakiness.

We have it working really well internally now, and will hopefully roll it out soon.

From Jersey Jack on the JJP Owners forum:

There’s a Jersey Jack App for Android and IOS/ Apple - links are below

Once you download the App, Start a game and before you launch the first ball, press and hold the left flipper button on the game cabinet and on the App screen.

It takes about ten to twelve seconds of holding both buttons.

Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device.

If you are the second, third, fourth player you will have to repeat the steps above - hold both flippers, before launching your ball, etc. I’ve seen player 1 connect to player 2 and vice-versa to mess with each other…

At the factory I linked up to two games and flipped both from my iPhone. I had a range of about 15 feet from the game and it still flipped. The Green “Atom” button launches the ball. More to come.

Someone later in the thread offered this: “Pro tip for operators/owners. It’s rare, but if you can’t connect, and it’s not your phone, try pulling the USB with the lil’ flashing light by the coin box, replacing it, then resetting the machine.”



It worked for me last night on an iPhone. Hold left flipper button on the machine and in the app at the same time until it connects.

It works decently, but I’d say maybe one out of 20 flips just don’t happen. I’m not sure if this is me missing the button on the phone, or what.

I’ve had trouble in multiplayer games where my phone goes into lock mode between balls and I’m not able to get it to connect again.

Definitely buggy.

I could see just setting it up on the apron, making sure your phone won’t go into lock mode, and then just using it to spot yourself a lit Big Bang shot, without having to actually make the shot. That certainly seems useful.


i was trying to understand how the mode available on the phone, which you can select with your flipper before shooting the phone are chosen? The first time you have 4 or 5 modes on the phone out of all 11, how is it decided which are those?
and if it is random, is it the same for all players in a multiplayers game?

Also to our surprise we couldn’t change the total number of ball per game to 4 during an ongoing game without the game resetting to compensate a malfunction. did we miss something?

There are pools from which modes are chosen. They are staged to try and push some of the ones that happen in the back to later in the game to ensure you see the destruction a little bit better. The selections are random, though.

In competition mode it is.

No, our system doesn’t do that yet. Sorry.


Make sense, we weren’t 100% sure.

Whoa we were 100% sure with your involvement that would be built into the JJ software. oh well, hopefully soon as we are bound to see Dialed In! in more tourney.