Dialed In! Rulesheet (Wiki)

Is there a way to earn back your consumed tilt warnings?

There’s a mystery award that will, yes. Operators can turn off this ability, however, not that any of them actually would/do.

It follows the same logic as the other 2 games which is basically more likely the further you are from max warnings and less likely every time you use one. It is theoretically possible to get to a point where mystery won’t give you anymore, but getting to that point would be extraordinary.


I think we’ve got the Big Bang scoring understated in this wiki (when in a mode).

Watching a bit of PPO8 stream, I noticed multiple times where someone used Big Bang while in a mode, and the points attributed solely to the Big Bang were 110K (this does not include the points for mode completion, timer bonus, and shots made prior to the completion). These were not during multiball. Here’s an example: https://youtu.be/3pLeXT28dro?t=4001
And another where the BB points were 97K: https://youtu.be/pk1qSaFn26o?t=10181

Big Bang definitely seemed to score only the 50K when someone shot it outside of mode or multiball for their first big bang. So how are the Big Bang points getting more than doubled? Are there that many other “hidden” points on the table at the time of the Big Bang to add up to another 50-60K?

Big Bang finishes the current mode (and scores all the points for those shots). The “shots” points were 4,000 which is the start for every mode, so no legit shots had been made yet.

Checking code, fire ramps score 10K and fire bobs score 15K. That’s a total of 60K (3 ramps and 2 bobs).

Big Bang base is 50K+10K each one. I’m guessing based on what I see, it was the first big bang used (50K) + all fire shots (60K) = 110K. All looks kosher to me.

Now, I don’t remember when this change was made, but big bang USED to award sim card-multiplied values. That changed, but I don’t remember if it is in 1.13 or if it’s just started in the version that PAPA has (and will be released soon). So, the risk/reward of using big bang to finish modes is not as cut-and-dried as it originally was because you will lose out on a LOT of potential points (when you have lots of sim cards) for using big bang. (Any shots made BEFORE using big bang will count multiplied, however.)

EDIT TO ADD: Oh yeah, big bang scores all the jackpots (and active supers) during multiball, too, so there’s that to keep in mind, too. And, jackpots and supers score a little better in that PAPA version than 1.13 as well.


Thanks. That explains it. And also clarifies that it’s not just the current lit mode shots that you get from Big Bang, but all the potential sequence of mode shots. (If it were the former logic, then you’d only get 10K/15K added to your BB value for the currently lit fire ramp or fire bob.)

EDIT: I revised the wiki to reflect this.

Good to hear! The value seem quite low in the current version of the code (to the point where I’m now intentionally draining out of multiball if I don’t have any SIMs lit + my kickback is already lit :stuck_out_tongue:)

Also some slick new on screen graphics. The player pictures on the leaderboard are a nice touch!


Can someone verify/clarify this? Very useful information that I had not heard about until PPO.

Most definitely true. And incredibly helpful. When you lock your last ball needed before starting UAMB (MB start would then be lit at the Phone, flashing RED), you can cancel your UAMB being lit at the phone by hitting both flippers twice during the Ball Lock animation. As soon as you start your next Disaster Mode, UAMB is immediately lit again at the phone for an easy stack on top of your mode.


Yeah there’s no “adding more balls” to multiball though. You get a chance to defer at last lock in order to start a mode first, and if you blow it by draining, there’s no more deferring for that multiball.


So… this game is AWESOME.

I would like some clarification on the mode scoring… this is what I believe is true:

  1. Individual, immediate shot points for modes do not get multiplied (so a 10k alien shot is 10k regardless of SIM cards)
  2. When the mode ends, you get some sort of bonus based on how many shots you got, how fast, and wether you completed the mode. This is multiplied by the SIM card.
  3. The mode is considered “ending” by timing out, completing, or draining

So this implies that mode shots are actually worth more than they say the are, because if you drain, you have points just waiting for you. I’m not sure how many points, as that seems a bit fuzzy… do you get awarded the same points you got during the mode, but then multiplied? Or, like I said above, is it a fixed number of points per shot made, with timer bonus factored in? If that’s SIM card multiplied, then in reality, mode shots are worth ~2x of what they say the are even WITHOUT a sim card. With a sim card you then would get immediate mode points + 2x of the points awarded when the mode is over, correct?

Finally, this implies that you should NEVER tilt during a mode, because you’re losing massive points right? Or are the Dialed In pinball gods kind enough to still give you your mode ended points if you tilt?

Another thing… BIG BANG appears to give you ALL immediate points, (so like 10k + 10k + 10k + 10k if you had 4 shots lit for 10k each), but when the mode “ends”, the bonus it gives you is not multiplied, right? Or is it pro-rated? So if I hit 2 shots before the big bang, then big bang to finish, those 2 shots in the “shot bonus” will be multiplied, but not the remainder, correct?


Really key question. I think a few things could be more clear here. 1. At the mode end the points that jump out of your score often crash into each other, making it very difficult to see what the shot value was. 2. When you trap at the end of a mode to look up at the screen for the mode totals I sometimes get stuck in status report too quickly and can’t see the mode summary.

I am not sure, because I think some of these changed in the 1.45 code update.

Mode points are not worth 2x of what they say without any SIM card, but you do get a hefty bonus (30,000 I think) for completing a mode. It’s not unusual to have ~100k after the first mode completion.

I believe in 1.45 your description of Big Bang is correct. Shots you made before Big Bang are multiplied, shots you clear using Big Bang are not … I think the mode completion bonus is also not multiplied if you Big Bang out of it. It was simpler in earlier software versions; all mode points were multiplied by SIM card.

Go get your billion! Come on, you can do it! :slight_smile:

Correct. See the wiki section above that I helped edit:
"SIM Card Mode Scoring Multiplier
Collecting SIM Cards multiplies the scoring of all future modes in your game. It does NOT multiply your instantaneous mode shot scores (Example: a Singularity mode shot value of 12K still only scores you 12K when you hit it). Instead: SIM Cards double/triple/etc. your total points from the mode (including the 30K mode completion bonus), collected as soon as the mode is over, either from completing it or time expiring (or from draining while the mode is running… needs verification).

SIM Card Multiplier Collect = [(4K base) + (Sum of Mode Shot values) + (If applicable, 30K Mode Completion Bonus)] x (SIM Cards collected)

If you use Big Bang to insta-complete a mode, then it’s [(4K base) + (Sum of Mode Shot values prior to Big Bang)] x (SIM Cards collected)

So when you complete a mode, you get:
Mode Completion Bonus of 30K PLUS the SIM Card Multiplier value PLUS a Timer Bonus, in some cases."


You get “re-awarded” your aggregate mode shot score the # of times = to # of SIM cards you’ve collected, in one big lump sum, at the END of your current mode, regardless of whether you complete it or not. In the Wiki, I called it the “SIM Card Multiplier Collect.” See the formula above.

Incorrect. With ONE SIM Card collected, you score your immediate mode points, and then at the end of the mode, get awarded again your mode points, for a total of 2x your mode scoring. See formula in Wiki.

Bingo. Especially important to remember if your Dialed In is on factory settings with only two tilt warnings per game.

Your first and third questions are correct. Your second is not.
I believe I was the last one to edit/correct the wiki info I’ve pasted again below, and it still applies (unless there’s been a new code update?)

"The award you get from Big Bang depends upon your game status:

  • 50K for starters (and increments by 10k thereafter)
  • When in a disaster mode it will instantly score all your remaining mode shots required to complete the mode, complete the mode, and thus, also light a SIM card to collect.
    o Note: If you insta-complete a mode using Big Bang, your SIM Card Multiplier Bonus does not apply to the 50K or the Mode Completion bonus of 30K, but rather only the mode shots made prior to hitting Big Bang.
  • When in a multiball it will also score all lit jackpots."
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WHY does the left ramp divert to the bumpers after you light lock? It makes no sense and totally ruins the flow.

Also it makes it so I have no clue how you beat the default combo champ…


I think the intent is that you could hop the ball into the kicker exit, all the way on the left of that area. The reality is a little different.

This decision is especially annoying during modes where a right ramp is needed, because the left ramp is the shot you would normally use to set up the right ramp.

Beat the combo champ by including some phone or theater shots, or by making the combo during Under Attack.

I assume to make getting to upper flipper and starting MB harder? you must use the theatre shot to feed your upper flipper in that case.

Huh? Left ramp never feeds the upper flipper.


D’oh! that’s what happen when you read pinball forum in a middle of a finance budget meeting! I thought he said left orbit haha

Beat the combo champ when you have multiball lit. It won’t divert at that time.