Dialed In! Rulesheet (Wiki)


Ray Ray was combo champ at VFO. How did you do that?


By going BOOM BOOM, clearly.

Hmm, interesting Karl. I guess I know what to do now if I accidentally light multiball without a mode! Combo out!

But seriously… WHY does it divert when lock is lit… I don’t get it…


Would those of you with access to a Dialed In be willing to update the Wiki based on 1.40 and 1.50 changes and details?
Items I’m aware of: Chaos multiball, overcharging the phone…


Curious to see what trigger Chaos multiball so I could get my sunglasses ready :smiley:


I’ll try and pay attention tonight. All I’m aware of at the moment is: overcharging (in which I believe each extra hit to QED adds 2% 1,000 points to the value of each mode shot), and Chaos MB (which happens after the 6th mode, but didn’t appear to be interesting in terms of rules ie: all shots are lit for jackpots…though I’m sure there is more to it than that).


From what I gathered (played it 2-3 times over the course of a few games): Lots of balls: 5? 6? Seizure-inducing lights. All 3 ramps lit for JP. But your flippers are getting attacked constantly (similar to UAMB, but a lot more frequently).


Choas In Quantum City is qualified by playing 6 modes and is started by shooting the phone. It has a very long ball save and is all 5 balls in play? All 3 ramps are jackpots. Side ramp a double jackpot? Stopping attacks builds jackpots? I’ve only played it a couple times so far. The first time I scored 100k during it but the following time I played it after figuring out the jackpot shots I scored +500k.


Updated Wiki with everything I knew.

  • 30k for points super skill.
  • Overcharging. (I only tested it explicitly on Meteor Shower, and in that case, each overcharge shot before starting the mode added 1,000 points to the base value of the shot).
  • Created a section for CIQCMB. Spoiler alert: the mode goes on forever with no changes to the rules (except you can increase the jackpot values…infinitely).
  • Correctly implemented the Hide Details feature for Wizard Mode explanations to avoid displaying unwanted spoilers.


Are Meteor Shower base value shots still only 6K? Or did they get tweaked to an increased base value of 10K? I’m guessing it’s the latter if each Overcharge shot to QED (which gives 10% more value) added 1,000 points to the Meteor shot base value.


To clarify

Big points skill shot details:

10K for standard big points skill shot base

Base * 1 for super skill shot (side ramp)
Base * 3 for super duper skill shot (sim card)

And each time the skill shot is made it increases the standard skill shot by 1K up to 25K


Hitting QED one extra time before starting Meteor Shower put the base value of each shot at 7,000.

The fact that the phone shows 110%, 120% etc does not exactly correlate to the values. Each 10% represents one overcharge shot, but the value doesn’t go up 10% (case in point, 110% phone charge takes Meteor Shower shots from 6k -> 7k).

You’re fairly sure about this? I would have insisted that it’s 3x regardless of side ramp or sim card scoop.


I think he’s played it a few times :laughing:


I guess I should look at users before replying.

I still don’t believe that’s how mine is working! :stuck_out_tongue: Source: the only way I ever hit the sim card shot is via unintentional ricochets.


Who the hell is hitting 24 skill shots in a game? How are the extra balls set up? :open_mouth:


Each time you lock a ball you can get a skill shot I believe, but not sure


He played it and I wrote it, so between the two of us… yeah. :wink:

A finer point (deep cut?): The 5000+500 and 10000+1000 are directly related. However you want to look at it, skill shots score 5000+500 and go up with every successful one no matter what you collect. The score super skill shot is simply 2x the current skill shot value. And since it doesn’t have anything to raise the value of (like the other super (duper) ones do), it does the +1x side ramp +3x sim scoop thing.

Oh and bonus x super does 1 advance side ramp, 2 advances sim scoop. In practice, this is +1x and +3x, but it could also be +2x and +4x if you had a previous bonus x hold.


I’ve nearly given up on even messing with the super skill shot. It seems like it the ball frequently gets caught against the first switch, and I lose at least a danger, or more often tilt trying to get it unstuck.


This was apparently posted by Ted on the JJP forum regarding the Theater magnet behavior (copied from Pinside). Thought it might be interesting to some folks here:

In an effort to clarify how the theater magnet in Dialed In works, here are some notes.
The magnet will catch and release the ball for these conditions:
first shot in Volcano mode
all shots in EMP mode
Kilowatt "drop target"
Transit "train bash"
Drone "captive ball"
The magnet will catch the ball and attempt to toss it up through the theater when a Drone Mystery package is collected.
The magnet will catch and hold the ball for the start of Showdown.
There have been no changes in the code for the magnet behavior between Release 1.13 and 1.50. (That code hasn’t been touched since April.)
Regarding the “catch and toss” behavior:
I put the functionality in as an experiment. I couldn’t get it to work consistently on my development game, and expected that I would likely disable the function before production. However, it worked well enough on a handful of prototype games that I decided to leave it in.
The tossing works by releasing the ball, then pulsing the magnet after delay while the ball rolls away from the magnet. That delay is adjustable in Magnet Test.
For the tossing to be reliable, the ball motion as it rolls off the magnet has to be fairly consistent. I haven’t figured out what conditions contribute to inconsistency. Some games work better than others, but I’m sure that the behavior for any particular game is subject to change over time because of dirt, wear, etc.


Interestingly, that seems to be the best use for drones right now. If you’re theater is set to toss the ball backwards, simply light a drone mystery package and now your once-dangerous volcano shot will be a nice reliable Sanctum hit!


Catch and Toss is supposed to be for all other conditions too where it’s not catch and release?