Dialed In! Rulesheet (Wiki)


From what i’ve heard (small sample size) in order to get this to work, the delay must be adjusted to something like -110 units of time. I pretty much never see this work properly on a factory-set game, because the delay is just too long I’m guessing. Was wondering why they didn’t start putting lower values by default in v1.50 but maybe it’s not as obvious as to what the default value should be. I think this is pretty important. The gaming trying to work this out would be preferable too, since I’d take the ~50% reliability of Thing Flips here over a 100% chance of the ball coming SDTM.


I have mine set to -110 and it reliably tosses the ball backwards. Not 100% but reliable enough to trust it. The machine has 7000+ plays at this point.


The number that you need to use will be different for each machine. I imagine it depends on slope of the machine, dirt, cleanliness of balls, wear on magnet, mylar covering/surrounding magnet, etc.

I’ve had to adjust mine twice, I think primarily due to mylar wear.


Anyone else experience a glitch where you skip over Chaos in Quantum City, if you start your 6th mode during a Bob multiball?


Known issue, already been fixed. New release coming out RSN.


I think I ran into a bug today: Started Meteor Storm, during the mode locked ball two which should have lit MB start at the phone, instead the mode just continued running until it timed out as I was trying to figure out what was happening. After the mode ended Choas in Quantum City was lit at the phone. Lighting multiball during my 6th mode appears to have locked me out of actually being able to start MB. Anyone else seen this happen?