Guns 'n Roses (JJP) Rulesheet

GNR Rule sheet


The basic concept of JJP GNR is to collect your seven band members and start a song.

Qualifying Band Members

You collect (qualify) each band member by shooting their corresponding shot on the playfield a certain number of times:

Axl: (Microphone) Spell A-X-L on top lanes. The playfield LCD will assist in indicating which letter is selected.

Slash: (Lead Guitar) Spin record a certain number of times. Spinning the record also eventually qualifies Slash Solo mode.

Duff: (Bass Guitar) Shoot the (left) bass ramp. On the LE/CE this is the VUK that feeds the bass wireform. This is usually hit with the mini upper playfield flipper.

Richard (Rhythm Guitar) Shoot the center spinner just to the left of the center scoop.

Melissa (Keyboard) Shoot the teal keyboard insert below the center scoop.

Dizzy (Keyboard) Shoot the purple keyboard insert below the center scoop.

Frank (Drums) Hit the jets or right ramp.

Each band member is represented in the revolver inserts in the middle of the playfield just above the flippers. When the band member inserts turn from flashing to solid, you have qualified them.

JAM Inlane and JAM Target

Spelling J-A-M on the right inlane lights the JAM target to the left of the scoop for a short time. Hitting the JAM target will spot missing band members.

Locking balls

After you qualify the band member, you are able to lock a ball for each band member (up to 6 locks). When you lock a ball, the band member insert turns from the band member’s color to green. When the 6th ball is locked, the song starts automatically, so be careful. The number of locked balls increases your song’s starting value and increases the song ball save time.


Shoot the GNR Logos around the playfield to spell GUNS N ROSES. Once spelled, Mystery is lit at the center scoop. Mystery awards can be earned during Song Modes as well. The Mystery Awards can be very valuable, including:

  • · +1 or +2 Tilt Warnings
  • · Additional Ball Save
  • · Award Patches
  • · Light Extra Ball
  • · Award (x) Lock(s)
  • · Start Song – This can be dangerous if the song isn’t boosted to your satisfaction.
  • · Spot Band Member(s)
  • · Points

Selecting a Song

When a song is qualified, the corresponding Album insert will be lit white and the name of the song will display on the playfield LCD. The song can be changed by hitting one of the 4 album standup targets next to the ramps. If you want to play a song from Appetite, hit the Appetite target. If you want another song from Appetite, hit the target again. If you want a song from Use Your Illusion I, hit that target, etc. The player also has the ability to change the song by hitting the action button right before the song starts. If the song is manually chosen, the starting value of the song is LOWER. All songs have different rules and levels of difficulty. Once a song is played, it can’t be replayed.

Playing a song

When all seven members are qualified, the “start song” insert will light at the center scoop. Each song has several stages that are completed by hitting lit shots or a certain number of switch hits. Once the stage is complete, the center scoop lights green/white. You must hit the center scoop to progress to the next stage of the song. The song progress and lit shots are indicated on the playfield LCD. As you progress through the stages of the song, the song jackpot increases. This is indicated in the lower left of the backbox LCD screen. In Multiball play, hitting the scoop to start the next stage automatically adds a ball and continues to the next stage. In single ball play, hitting the scoop when the stage is complete presents a choice to the player: Take the Song Jackpot and stop the song (action button), or continue to the next stage of the song and add a ball. When you continue, there is no additional ball save, so be careful. Each stage of the song exponentially increases the value of the song and the song jackpot.

Boosting Band Members and Band Frenzy

As a song is being played, certain band members are lit at different points during the song. This is highlighted in the revolver inserts above the flipper. Hitting the corresponding band member’s shot boosts the band member and increases the “Rock-It Meter”. Doing this a certain number of times will start a “Band Frenzy” and help increase the Song Jackpot.

Applause Jackpot

This is achieved by hitting the scoop at the end of the song. The scoop will flash light blue when this is lit. If hit, you will earn the built up song jackpot. If you don’t get the Applause Jackpot, your song jackpot is lost, even if you don’t drain.

Rock-It Meter / Encore / Booed off stage

As you make the lit shots during a song, the Rock-It Meter (on the right side of the main LCD) increases. If you don’t make shots, the meter will go down. Cradling a ball makes the meter decay much faster. If the meter reaches zero, you will eventually get booed off stage and the song will end early. The flippers die and single ball play will continue without a loss of ball. If you complete a song with the Rock-It Meter full, an Encore is earned, and the next song in the current album will play with the song value carrying over to the next song. You do NOT need to earn an Applause Jackpot to get an Encore. Hitting Applause Jackpot will not necessarily start an Encore as this is determined by the Rock-It Meter.

1.22 update:
• base song level is 10
• if you choose to stick with the default song you get +15 to your song level
• a songs patch appears to add +30 to your song level

Song Level (value)

The starting value of the song (Song Level) is determined based on the number of balls locked and the players performance of the Booster Multiball Modes. Hitting large jackpots in the Booster Modes increase the Song Level dramatically. A very low Song Level would be 20. A great level would be 100 and an epic Song Level would be 150+. The Song Level directly impacts the Song Jackpot.

Power Chord Awards

When in multiball during a song, relocking all balls on the upper playfield guitar lock awards a point bonus. Once one ball is locked, a 15 sec timer starts to lock another ball, and the timer resets. The value of the power chords are as follows:

2 ball - 100k
3 ball - 250k
4 ball - 500k
5 ball - 1M
6 ball - 2.5M

A successful power chord also will add a ball into play, and the locked balls will all fall back into play. If you lock every ball but one in the guitar, but then drain the ball in play, you’ll get a small award for the locked ones (less than 50k) and they will be released. You cannot get the same power chord twice in one song (has to be a different number of balls locked each time.)??? Edit this if this is incorrect.

Booster Modes

Booster modes can be played once each before a song is started and can all be stacked together. The purpose of the Booster Modes is to boost the starting value of the song. The 4 booster inserts in the middle of the playfield (Lights/Pyro/Amps/Crowd) Are flashing when they can be started. They are lit solid when maxed out. If they are not lit, that means they have been started but not maxed. After the Booster Mode is played it is still possible to max it by hitting the corresponding shots that started it. Each Booster shot can be identified by the color.

  • · Make Some Noise Multiball – Blue

    • o Skillshots and Super Skill Shots. Once qualified, the “Noise” insert is lit and a shot under the upper right flipper starts the Multiball. Two shots are randomly selected will light the super jackpot under the upper right flipper. The more lights in the meter, the larger the super.
  • · Throw the Lights Multiball - Purple

    • o Hit the Lights target on the upper playfield (LE/CE) or left ramp (SE). Hit the left or right ramps to light jackpot. Combo ramps for more progress lighting it.
  • · Ignite the Flames Multiball - Red

    • o Hit the Pyro target behind the spinning record under Slash’s hat. Hit a certain number of switches to start a timed jackpot collect on the main LCD. All inserts turn fire color and the shaker goes off to indicate to the player this is available. A fuse is moving across the screen and single, double, or triple jackpot is available based on when the action button is pressed. Relight the jackpots by hitting more switches. The spinners and the spinning record are the best way to accomplish this.
  • · Turn it Up! Multiball - Yellow

    • o Complete A-M-P on the far left inlane. Two hurry-ups are lit at the start of this Multiball. Complete the hurry-ups to light jackpots.

Patches, Patch Sets, and Patch Strategy

Patches are collected by spelling G-N-R on the left inlane. The drain on the upper playfield also spots a G-N-R letter on the LE/CE. Each patch has its own benefit that can make certain modes easier, increase scoring, etc. You use the action button to cycle through the patches. Once you leave it on a patch it will always be going for that patch. You can hold the left flipper and hit the action button to go “back” if you skip a patch. You can do this before you plunge also. The patch benefit is displayed in the playfield LCD. Important: All THREE inlanes can be cycled to move the GNR letters over.

Patch Benefit
Lighter Album Sales Scoring Increased
Melissa’s Candy Spots Melissa’s Tour Item
Semi Truck You Could Be Mine Scoring Increase
Chinese Democracy Album Plus 1 Shot Streak Break Protection in Shall We Play a Game?
Firecracker Easier Action Button Jackpot Hotspot in Ignite the Flames
Rose Axl Spotted Rest of the Game
Axl’s Mic Fuzzy Better Scoring Increase
Slash’s Top Hat Slash Solo Qualifying Scoring Increase
Gun Increases All Patches Scoring
Bra Increase Skill Shot Scoring
Amp Increase Hurry Up Time for Turn it Up
Use your Illusion I Album Increased Scoring for Desert Demolition
IV Bag Time Increase for Coma Mode
Train Nightrain Scoring Increase
Underwear Advance Coma Qualifing
Fender Active Band Member Shots Made Spot Another Member
T-Shirt Additional Bonus Item the Rest of the Game
EKG Ball Saver Time Increase for Coma Multiball
Comdom Rocket Queen Scoring Increase
Gibson Slash Spotted Rest of Game
Poster Time Increase for On the Road Modes
Vater Frank Spot and Increase Scoring in Songs Rest of the Game
Duff Skull Duff Spot and Increase Scoring in Song Rest of the Game
Guitar Pick Slash Solo Qualifying Plus 2 Spins per Spinner Hit
GN’R Lies Album Unlock Patience
Sunglasses Advance Tour Cities
Marshall Closer to Light Stage Completion Shot in Slash Solo
Appetite for Destruction Album Power Hit Meter Starts Half Full in Thirst for Carnage
Lights Increased Combo Time
Use your Illusion II Album Cannon Can Wrap Around in Tear Down the Wall
Bandana Increase JAM Hurry Up Timer
Horn Hand Plus 2 Shots Lit for Make Some Noise
Airplane Live and Let Die Scoring Increase
Frank’s Drumsticks Super Jets

1.22 patch clarifications:
• fender patch: if an active member is lit on the band frenzy revolver and you have not collected that member yet, hitting them will collect that member +1 additional for the patch.
• Vader and Duff patches automatically light Frank and Duff for your entire song on the frenzy revolver. As the patch indicates: spot Frank or spot Duff.
• all other band patches appear to award no benefit toward frenzy.

Melissa awards her tour item. As Troz pointed out, member tour items raise song value. So this patch raises song value.
axl (rose) spots axl for rest of game so no need to requalify on follow up songs
slash (Gibson) same as axl above.

Patch Sets are sets of like patches that can have even greater benefits.


Patch Set Benefit
Horn, Lights, Amp, Firecracker Unlimited Booster Multiball Plays!
Gun, Rose Welcome to the Jungle Scoring Increased
Bra, Underwear Double Bonus Rest of the Game
IV Bag, EKG Plus 1 Coma Multiball and Increased Scoring
Truck, Wings, Train Tour Multiball Increased Scoring
Vater, Marshall, Gibson, Fender Extra Ball is Lit
Poster, T-shirt Rock It Meter Flipper Decay Halved
All 4 Albums 2X Album Levels

GNR Lies Album Patch unlocks the song Patience . Time playing Patience credits 1/4 time to all Albums as credit for Album Modes .

Patch Strategy
Patches can make songs score bigger, Album Modes easier. There are also some “Ball 1” patches that are good for the entire game. Bra / Underwear patch set combined with T-shirt / Poster set on ball 1 provide double bonus and allow you to cradle a bit more during songs because the flipper decay on the Rock-It Meter is halved. Situational patches: In general, when any mode is lit like Slash Solo, Album Modes, or Tour Multiball there will be a patch available that can make the mode easier or score higher. There are 3 patches that impact Slash Solo specifically.

Album Modes

Time playing songs helps qualify the respective Album Mode for each album. 3:00 worth of song being played will qualify a silver record and the Album Mode. This can be any combination of time earned from multiple songs played. Gold and Platinum Albums can be earned by playing more songs from the same albums. All Album Modes have completion bonuses based on how quickly they are completed.

Album Level

Similar to Song Level, Album Level is the value of the Album Mode. Play more song time from that Album to build the value of the Album Mode.

Appetite for Destruction: Thirst for Carnage

Hit the dirty robot by making lit shots. This reduces the Robot’s Power Meter. Hit the green targets to build the Power Hit Meter and use the action button to use the Power Hit when it is available. The Action Button flashes green when the Power Hit is Available. The faster you destroy the robot, the larger the completion bonus.

Use your Illusion I : Desert Demolition

As of 1.08 this mode is not coded

Use your Illusion II: Tear Down the Wall

Build the value of the cannon shots by shooting them multiple times before destroying them. Fire the cannon to destroy the wall as indicated by the LCD. The spinning record rotates the cannon. Don’t shoot a part of the wall that already has a hole in it as that will repair it and you need to shoot it again.

Chinese Democracy: Shall We Play a Game

Shoot the USA (Red/White/Blue) shots to destroy China. Hitting USA shots in streaks increases the value. Avoid the China (Red/Yellow) shots. As more USA shots are hit more China shots light.

Slash Solo

Spin the record a certain number of times, shoot the guitar lock. Shoot spinners. Repeat victory laps.

Cities / On the Road

Shooting the loops (left / right and inner upper flipper) will collect cities. The cities are indicated with the small inserts on the map in the center of the playfield. Hitting a certain number of cities starts On the Road a 20(?) second timed mode where the loops (orbits) are lit. During On the Road, you can discover band member “power ups”. Once all 53 cities are visited, you qualify Tour Multiball.

Tour Multiball

Two ball Multiball. Stand up targets on either side of both ramps will add-a-ball. Hit the loops to light jackpots and super jackpots. As of 1.08, this does not seem to be complete .

Coma Ballsave

Earn Coma ball save by hitting the Coma target multiple times. This lights Coma as the left outlane. When Coma starts, hit 100 switches to empty the IV bag. Once empty, two shots are lit. Hit those two shots to start Coma Multiball.

You have 40 seconds to complete.

Coma Multiball

Hit the lit shots for jackpots

Not in this Lifetime Wizard Mode


The mode is actually called “No Sympathy For The Devil”.

The mode is 120 seconds, fixed. It starts with a ball save that appears to end after 65 seconds?? The objective is to recover GnR’s instruments from the devil by shooting each band member’s shot twice while they are lit. The lit band member cycles every 15 seconds(ish?) or when a shot is made, a brief ball save activates when the band member cycles if the initial save has run out. While each band member’s shot is lit a special rule applies as follows.

Band Member Shot Change
Axl A-X-L lanes Bumpers must be manually activated with action button
Slash Disc Flippers are reversed
Duff Upper left ramp Upper left flipper cannot be held
Richard Lane to left of center scoop Lower buttons can only be flipped with action button, both at once
Dizzy Left hand Keyboard keys Left lower flipper controlled by action button
Melissa Right hand Keyboard keys Right lower flipper controlled by action button
Frank ? “Right ramp diverter activates randomly”

Both Dizzy and Melissa lose successful shots if the center scoop is hit without hitting the keyboard first.

Each successful band member shot is worth 5000 points. There also appears to be very frequent scoring (per switch?) of 10 points.


Haha, I hoped you of all people would appreciate it. :wink: This post is now a wiki for people to start.

Edit: TIL you can’t quote a wiki post.

Edit 2: I guess it deleted it because it was the entire previous post at the time.


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Added a bunch of stuff to the wiki. Debating to put the Patch Sets. Thoughts on spoilers?


Thanks for all the info, Eric!
Maybe put spoilers in, but with a “spoiler alert” in bold above them and some space below the alerts so nobody accidentally glances at some secret they don’t want to?

Added Patches, Patch Sets and Patch Strategy. I’d love to hear some approaches to patches. I’ll generally always be going for a patch unless I am on ball 3 and have something valuable built up to go for.

Also, would like someone to verify how Band Frenzy and Tour Items work. Not 100% sure I captured it correctly. Maybe @keefer can chime in?

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Where’s the patch for “I’d still like to play one” :disappointed:
Hoping that someone local here grabs one soon, so I can play this pin.

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One SE in Austin according to Pinside. Maybe send Dave a message if you know him? :grinning:


Yes - any figured out the best patches yet?

The final Wizard Mode was posted in a Youtube Video a few days ago.


The mode is actually called “No Sympathy For The Devil”.

The mode is 120 seconds, fixed. It starts with a ball save that appears to end after 65 seconds?? The objective is to recover GnR’s instruments from the devil by shooting each band member’s shot twice while they are lit. The lit band member cycles every 15 seconds(ish?) or when a shot is made, a brief ball save activates when the band member cycles if the initial save has run out. While each band member’s shot is lit a special rule applies as follows.

Axl: Shoot A-X-L lanes. The bumpers do not automatically activate, they must be manually fired by pressing the action button.
Slash: Spin disc. Flipper buttons are reversed.
Duff: Upper playfield left ramp. Upper left flipper cannot be held.
Richard: Lane to left of center scoop. Flipper buttons only control the upper flippers; the action button must be used to flip both lower flippers at once.
Dizzy: Two left hand Keyboard keys. Left lower flipper is controlled by action button, not flipper button. Hitting the centre scoop without rolling over a key first loses prior shots!
Melissa: Same as Dizzy but the right hand keyboard keys, and the right lower flipper.

Just wondering why there is a penalty for a player choosing their own song?

@keefer probably believes you should not get a reward without earning it :wink:. I’ve lost a few balls trying to get to November Rain when I have 5 balls locked and am wanting to start it on the sixth. I enjoy the rule personally. Found some new Guns and Roses songs on Chinese Democracy that are pretty good!

It’s not so much a penalty as it is a bonus for not choosing your own. :wink:

Also, you CAN “choose” your song by hitting the ramp targets.


incredible game, have to say. Now to give ACDC/MET/Kiss/As a good run over :wink:

@keefer would I be breaking your balls if I gave a bit of feedback?

A lot of that album was incredible, my god. I had never given it a listen before this game but I apparently missed out…

As long as you can take it in return. :wink:


I’d say that the majority of people are willing to accept feedback - it just depends on the manner it’s given

I’ve been playing pinball since childhood, and my feedback is that Guns ‘n Roses is the best game I have EVER played. It’s an extraordinary experience to play it, every single time, for a lot of reasons.


Yeah sure.

Super game btw, cant stop playing it. Not sure if it has been mentioned elsewhere but I am finding the mini wizard modes, Slash, TDTW, SWPaG etc seems to score too low. I am aware that you can boost prior to increase the scoring but for the most part I am getting like 2-3 mill in Slash and similar in TDTW… Along with the low scores I am also finding that it is not really worth the risk to complete these modes in single ball play. You can get upto 100 mill in a song and more often than not 10 mill + most times risk free, so why risk playing a mini wiz mode in single ball play? Hmmm maybe have mini wiz modes as 2 ball multiball? If not would it be possible to increase the scoring? Like have them score around 50 mill for completion like in Slash rather than 2-3 mill?

FYI the modes are coded well in terms of shots etc but I just dont find them lucrative as much as they should be…