Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet


Skill Shot
You have the option to choose your skill shot. There are two types of skill shots, one on the playfield and one at the top rollovers. Shooting the top rollover skill shot or the playfield skill shot awards 10% of your score + one of several awards. These are:
Left Scoop - Start Left Scoop Scene (if scenes are not lit) or Award Tobin’s Spirit Guide (if scenes are lit) or +3M Super Jackpot value (if a scene is running)
Left Loop (spinner shot) - Advance Spinner Level
Left Ramp - Start Left Ramp Scene (if scenes are not lit) or Award Super Jackpot (if scenes are lit)
Right Loop - Start Right Loop Scene (if scenes are not lit) or Additional +10% Score (if scenes are lit)
Right Ramp - Start PKE Frenzy
Right Scoop - Start Video Mode or Light 2x Playfield (if a scene is running) or +3M Super Jackpot value (if 2x Playfield is lit)
“P” Rollover - +3 Bonus X
"K" Rollover - Light Playfield Multipliers or catch 5 Ghosts (if some multipliers are already lit)
“E” Rollover- +3m Super Jackpot

Warning: There seems to be a bug that occasionally causes a ‘Start Scene’ skillshot to change to its alternate award even if scenes are not lit/running; the DMD text will reflect this so always read before you plunge!

Slot Pops
They act just like in Game of Thrones. Shooting the pop bumpers enough times collects a mystery award. Awards include:

  • Light 2/3 Ghosts
  • Capture 1/2 Ghosts
  • Light Playfield Multipliers
  • Light Extra Ball
  • Award Special
  • Advance Spinner Level
  • Bump Spinner Value
  • Advance Bonus X by 1x/3x
  • Big Points (1 million)
  • Spot G-H-O-S-T Letter

Book Stacks
Shooting the right captive ball lights several features. Shoot the captive ball once to qualify the feature on the next shot for 10 seconds, and then shoot again to start one of the features.

  1. Light Scoleri Brothers. This raises the two drop targets. Shoot both of the targets to light a 3x Super Jackpot. If one is defeated and the other is not collected within 10 seconds, the other Scoleri Brother will re-appear.
  2. Light Terror Dog Hurry-Up. Shoot the terror dog target next to the right ramp or the right ramp itself to collect a hurry-up with a base value of 4 million. Increase the hurry up value at any time by shooting the Terror Dog target or the Gozer target.
  3. Light Terror Dog Hurry-Up (see above)
  4. Light Gozer the Gozerian Hurry-Up. Shoot the Gozer shot behind Slimer to collect a maximum 14m point hurry-up.

Shoot the center target to spell G-H-O-S-T. The next time the center target is hit, Silmer will lower onto the playfield. Shoot him three times to defeat him and light the Scenes at the three major shots. Hitting Slimer will also slime the playfield (shots lit green). Cleaning up all of the Slime (hitting green shots) is one way to light the Super Jackpot shot. On the Premium/LE, the final Slimer shot might be on the right loop with Slimer in the Ecto Goggles. Keep in mind that a strong shot will start the right orbit scene you had just lit.

Hey, remember Congo? Remember how much fun it was to collect diamonds in that game? Well, they’re back. Shooting flashing shots around the playfield will collect Ghosts. Ghosts can also be relit in normal play, typically through the Slot Pops, Tobin’s Spirit Guide, or a shot to the center target or right captive ball. In Storage Facility Multiball, each Jackpot also awards a Ghost. Finally, a lit right ramp shot can collect 1. 2, or 3 Ghosts in normal play, depending on how hard the shot is hit (Pro only). Awards are given at certain numbers of Ghosts:

  • 20: Light Tobin’s Spirit Guide (at left scoop)
  • 40: Light Video Mode (at right scoop)
  • 60: Start Loopin’ Supers
  • 80: Start PKE Frenzy
  • 100: Start Mass Hysteria Multiball

(20) Tobin’s Spirit Guide
This award is lit at the left scoop after collecting 20 Ghosts or as a random Slot Pops award. It can also be started by making the left scoop Skill Shot if it’s already lit to start a Scene. Tobin’s Spirit Guide instantly awards 3 to 5 random awards - sometimes minor, sometimes important. I won’t be listing all the possible awards here because there’s likely far too many, but awards like Light Storage Facility or Light Playfield Multipliers are more likely to be given out in 3-packs than awards like Spot G-H-O-S-T. In other words, you may get 3 relatively impactful awards, or 4-5 less-impactful awards. Competition mode will standardize the awards; one other giveaway is that the animation is much faster.

(40) Video Modes: “Negative Reinforcement on ESP Ability”/"Don’t Cross The Streams"
Video mode is lit at the right scoop after collecting 40 Ghosts or making a right scoop Skill Shot. The 1.10 code offers two video modes to choose from:

Negative Reinforcement on ESP Ability: Similar to the opening of the first movie, you must predict the “next” card out of two choices. Use the flipper buttons to select your card (or to cash out your bank). The bank starts at 250,000, doubles with each successive guess up to 64M, then increases by 25M for each guess after that (89M, 114M, etc). One incorrect guess will forfeit the entire bank. In tournament settings, you are always given one correct “guess” per 10 ghosts collected, and the next “guess” after that will always be incorrect. Prior to the 1.10 code update, this was the only video mode.

Don’t Cross The Streams: There are two proton streams on each side of the display. Each flipper moves its stream toward the opposite side. Catch ghosts by aiming each stream at the ghosts before their timer runs out. The streams will gradually reset back to their original positions if its flipper is not being held. And as the name of the mode implies, don’t cross the streams! Catch 15 ghosts to win. Each ghost is roughly 2-3M, and completing the mode is worth roughly 60M, presumably including an unmentioned completion bonus.

(60) Loopin’ Supers
This mode becomes active after collecting 60 Ghosts. The goal of this mode is to loop the left ramp over and over in a 20 second period and collect Super Jackpots for each shot. If you want to become Super Jackpot Champion, play this round out; otherwise, ignore it unless your Super Jackpot is at a large value or your Playfield Multipliers are lit. If time runs out, the mode can still continue as long as you are continually hitting the ramp.

(80) PKE Frenzy
This mode can be started by either collecting 80 Ghosts, making the right ramp Skill Shot, or from a Tobin’s Spirit Guide award. All switches score a large number of points, and a jackpot is lit at the right ramp. The value of this Jackpot is 1,000 points times your current PKE level, but it gradually decays in value (the multiplier drops by 1x from a maximum of 8x every 5 seconds), so you should keep hitting switches to keep it up. Hitting 5 switches anywhere on the playfield or hitting the standups near the left captive balls will increase the multiplier by 1x. This can be a very lucrative mode with a multiball stacked into it, especially later in the game when you have more PKE.

(100) Mass Hysteria Multiball
This mode becomes active after collecting 100 Ghosts. The flippers have been reversed in this Multiball mode! Shoot all the flashing shots for Jackpots; at the start of the mode, the left loop, left ramp, right loop, right ramp, and right scoop are lit, and as each set is completed, the number of lit shots lowers. After 4 sets, Super Jackpot becomes lit at the left ramp; collecting this will reset the Jackpot cycle. The best way to play this round is to cross your arms so that your left hand hits the right flipper button and vice versa. Hitting the right captive ball will toggle the reversed flippers on/off.

Storage Facility Multiball
Complete the Storage Facility left captive balls award to light three stacked locks, or collect 10/30/50 Ghosts to light one lock at the left ramp. Lock three balls to begin the Multiball. During the Multiball, all Ghost shots are lit to collect Jackpots and spot a Ghost towards one of the awards listed on the center of the playfield. Collect all ghosts to light the 3x Super Jackpot. Note that Loopin’ Supers, PKE Frenzy, and Mass Hysteria Multiball can be stacked into the mode if you have accumulated the proper number of ghosts, along with any Scenes or wizard modes that are running when you start the mode.

  • Add-a-Ball: Shoot the captive balls to light Add-a-Ball, then shoot the left scoop to collect it. Or, shoot the pop bumper shot, and get lucky off of the slot pops. As of 1.10, one Add-a-Ball will already be lit at the scoops (which applies to any multiball).

Scenes (modes)
Shoot flashing shots (left scoop, left ramp, or right loop) to begin Scenes. Successfully completing a scene lights shots to begin next scene. If you finish off a scene by hitting a shot that corresponds to any of the 3 scene ladders, you will immediately start that scene. So if you want to continue playing your current Scene ladder, save the final shot to be one that corresponds to that ladder, or at least one that isn’t on any ladder at all. If you want to switch to a new ladder, be sure to complete “ladder shots” of the undesired ladders as early mode shots. Completing 3 scenes regardless of ladders lights Extra Ball, completing any ladder lights the “We Came, We Saw, We Kicked It’s…” mini-wizard mode, and completing all the scenes lights the “We’re Ready to Believe You!” wizard mode (both of these wizard modes are started via the left ramp once qualified).

As of 1.10, if you drain during a scene, the scene will resume at the start of your next ball (unless you tilt!). Also, if a scene times out, that scene is essentially “done”, and you will advance to the next scene once you re-light them. This will also light “We Came, We Saw” if that scene was the last one in that ladder. Previously, all scenes needed to be re-lit (via Skill Shot or Slimer), and all scenes needed to be played to completion to advance within a ladder (note that the old ‘must complete scenes’ behavior can still be enabled in the settings menu, so pay attention when stepping up to an unfamiliar machine!) Note that if you drain, the timer for each mode resets; you could easily “skillfully drain” to increase the Super Jackpot value during He Slimed Me! or Gozer the Gozerian if you haven’t collected it yet.

Left Scoop Scenes (listed in order of play)

  • Spooked Librarian: Shoot flashing shots to arrange books. Shoot three shots to complete the mode, with flashing (teal) shots giving double or triple the value. After a shot is made, the spinner will light red to raise the super jackpot by 100k per spin.
  • Back Off, Man!: Shoot the lit shots. After first shot, 2 shot choices will be lit, until the final shot at the right orbit. The shots start at the right-most side of the playfield and gradually work their way toward the right orbit.

Left Ramp Scenes

  • We Got One!: Shoot flashing shots. The shots in this mode alternate from left to right (i. e. First round = shoot left ramp or left loop, second round = shoot right loop or right ramp). Make 3 shots to end the mode.
  • He Slimed Me!: Who ya gonna call? Arya Stark! Loop the left ramp to build up the mode jackpot. After 3 ramp shots, the loops will light to start Slimer hurry-up. Hit loop and Slimer will lower to the playfield. Hit Slimer to collect and slime playfield. Your Super Jackpot will also increase by the amount of points of the hurry-up. Hitting the ramp will add points to the hurry-up, which can go beyond the initial value it was built up to.
  • The Ballroom: Shoot each of the major shots once, then Slimer will come out. Hit him 3 times to light spinner and right ramp. Each Slimer hit will light a Super Jackpot, but collecting it is not required for completion. These Super Jackpots do not stack. Finish Slimer off by shooting the left loop and right ramp in either order for another hurry-up, then the left ramp to complete the mode.

Right Loop Scenes

  • Okay, Who Brought the Dog?: Shoot each of the 3 lit shots (left loop, left ramp, right loop) to finish the mode.
  • Spook Central: Starts with hurry-up on left ramp to determine jackpot value. Counts down starting at 15,125,000 down to 1.5M. Once hit or timed out, lights both orbits and both ramps for jackpots (one for each GB climbing out of hole). The initial ramp shot to lock in the hurryup value does not score that value. Very much like ST:TNG’s Asteroid Impact. Bug: Collecting the hurry-up at 1.5 million during the last few seconds of “grace period” can end the mode prematurely, or it can cause it to accidentially stack into your next mode.
  • Gozer the Gozerian: Phase 1: Build value on right loop or Terror Dog target, cash in on right ramp. Phase 2: Raise value on left ramp, cash in on Gozer target. Phase 3: Collect all lit shots (left ramp, left loop, right loop) and finish on Gozer target. Note: each cash-in shot in this mode adds that value to the SJP, increasing your SJP to ridiculous values.
  • Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man: Phase 1: Start by “choosing the form of the destructor”. Four shots are lit with multipliers, which can be raised by hitting the Gozer target. Hitting any shot will lock in that multiplier for the rest of the mode. Phase 2: You have about 20 seconds to hit unlimited shots and damage Stay-Puft - all shots are lit for 50M + 2.5M each shot. After a timeout or a drain, the next phase will start. Phase 3: The right ramp, left ramp, and left orbit are lit for three more shots, building off the current shot value. Phase 4: Finally, right loop is lit, ball will be caught by post and you’re instructed to cross streams to save NY. Post releases the ball, and final shot is back at the right loop, with a big hurry-up and fast value deterioration. This mode is super-lucrative, especially with multipliers (both playfield and mode, which do stack).

(Mini-Wizard Mode) We Came, We Saw, We Kicked It’s…
Multiball, with # of balls based on the # of modes in the mode ladder you completed to start it. All shots are lit persistently for jackpots (they aren’t unlit after you shoot them), with values starting at 7M, and each shot being around 250K or 500K higher than the previous value. Value caps around 12M.

Because this mode lights with the completion of any scene ladder, you will play this mode twice as you go through all 9 modes. Once you complete your ninth mode, instead of this mode, you will light…

(Wizard Mode) We’re Ready To Believe You!
4-ball Multiball mode. Instructs you to “Lock 2 Balls to start loopin’ supers” after making 5 lit shots. If you put a ball in the right saucer or left scoop it will hold it there until you hit the other shot; once you do it releases the ‘locked’ balls and starts what seems to be a standard “Loopin’ Supers” mode within the multiball. Scoring seems to be extremely low for a “wizard mode” (100k per lit shot, 300k per Super Jackpot) and is a prime candidate for some code attention. All scenes will reset after this mode and can be played again.

(Super Wizard Mode) Are You a God?
not yet programmed

PKE builds up through bumper awards, bumper lane rollovers, and hitting the left standup targets. PKE fuels your scoring in PKE Frenzy, and is also a minor part of the end of ball bonus.

Playfield Multipliers
Shoot the left captive balls when lit through the standup targets to light the playfield multipliers, then shoot the targets in front of the ramp to increase the playfield multiplier to 2x, 3x, or 6x if both are flashing. Shoot flashing 2x and 3x targets to extend the timers on each. Completing the ‘proton pack’ standups will light ‘light multiplier’ if it isn’t already lit.

Super Jackpots
Lots of things light the Super Jackpot at the left ramp. Shoot the left scoop or right scoop to increase it by a small smount at any time during play, then shoot the left ramp when lit to collect it. The Super Jackpot value is also increased by spinner shots during the Spooked Librarian mode or when the spinner level is at 4, or by shooting the right or left ramp when lit during the Gozer the Gozerian mode. Things that light the Super Jackpot include:

  • Defeating the Scoleri Brothers (3x)
  • Capturing all ghosts during the Storage Facility Multiball (3x)
  • Starting Loopin’ Supers (unlimited supers for a limited time) (1x)
  • Collecting enough normal Jackpots in Mass Hysteria Multiball
  • Cleaning up all the Slime on the playfield (1x)
  • Left ramp Skill Shot when a scene is already lit (1x)
  • Captive balls award (1x)
  • Tobin’s Spirit Guide award (1x)

Important: the SJP value resets at the end of your ball if you collected a SJP during the current ball in play. So choose wisely on when you decide to collect your SJP’s!

Equipment Hurryup
Hit left ramp to build hurryup jackpot. Hit left standups to collect.

River of Slime
Hit right loop to build hurryup jackpot. Collect in right scoop.

PAPA 20 A Division Superguide - WIP Edition!
PAPA 20 games

Put some time in on this game today. It is a very difficult game and I’m not exactly sure where the bulk of the scoring came from. My game average was around 50-100 million. I had a game over a billion which involved a storage facility multiball with 3x running, then captured 100 ghosts which started mass hysteria and gave me a fresh ball save (but I was forced to play both multiballs with my arms crossed). The highest super JP value I saw that I had collected was over 60 million. Super JPs are collected at the left ramp and are lit from a few various objectives.

The left captive ball is dangerous. I was getting rebounds from it anywhere from the top of the left sling to the center to the right outlane from a controlled right flipper shot. It was also dangerous on the fly. It was backhandable fairly safely from a slow roll up the left fipper.

The modes were giving decent points, but didn’t feel like enough to justify a billion plus game.
If u don’t start a mode from the skill shot but want to light a mode, you need to shoot the deadly ghost standup target to bring down slimer. Slimer shots didn’t seem too punishing.

From a left or right ramp feed to the right flipper, the ball comes to a nice trap and you can make a decision from there. Post passes and live catches seemed easy, loop passes weren’t happening for me.

Left ramp was backhandable on the game I was playing, but didn’t really seem too necessary as a post pass was just as easy.

Aside from the nerdy tournament player perspective I tend to judge a game by, the general atmosphere of the game is great. I’m not a fan of dub-step, but it does make the gameplay more fun with the music going on. The techno during the multiball made me dance a bit. I think the music/lighting/quotes make it a really fun game to play and I look forward to getting my ass kicked by it in a tournament setting.


Multiball add-a-ball: Shoot captive ball 2 (sometimes 3) times to light add-a-ball at the left scoop.


Can someone edit the first post to make it editable by anyone?


I turned it into a Wiki yesterday, you should be able to edit at will.


Stern posted a strategy guide on their facebook page that myself and probably many others have missed.

it’s just a series of 7 photos. I don’t believe a pdf is available yet on the stern website. This definitely helps understand the game a little bit more, much like the GoT strategy guide that came out.

To emphasize a point I have made in an earlier post, this game is extremely difficult. Control is just about as hard as Wrestlemania, and it seems as thought the flipper gap is as wide as CFTBL. Add to that the deceptively punishing double inlane design on BOTH sides of the playfield and the fact the shots are tight, my experiences with the gameplay so far have been rather frustrating.

I don’t intend to dissuade anyone from the idea of purchasing it though, as the entire art/sound/music/light/build package is just incredible and true to the film.


The flipper gap is also as wide as Wrestlemania … And Mustang … And Congo … And Flintstones … And (I could keep going naming Dr Flash games but I’ll stop) :wink:


It definitely feels wider than mustang and wrestlemania…I didn’t measure, I’m just going by my overall feeling of discomfort and helplessness when the ball is travelling in that direction as opposed to mustang or wrestlemania where I feel like I can get a flipper on the ball pretty much every time.


I think it just seems that way because the slings are also closer together


Might’ve even been the playfield art. I’ve become more accustomed to the flipper gap now and it’s not unbearable. The inlane/outlane configuration is still drainy but like any stern there are some reliable feeds if set up right.

Other observations…you can add-a-ball multiple times in the same multiball. 3 captive ball hits lights add-a-ball at the left scoop, and you can do this more than once. There’s also the add-a-ball awarded from the pops (don’t know if there’s going to be a qualifier for this) so I had a multiball with 3 add-a-balls.

Big points can come from building a large super jackpot and starting playfield multipliers during the super JP loops mode. Another option is to collect enough ghosts during storage facility multiball to bring in PKE frenzy mode and eventually mass hysteria.


i guess we should see some update on this with all the machines on locations now? Seems like the stacks of multiball between normal storage one and the ones from collecting ghost is were the points are :slightly_smiling:


I clarified a few things based on the couple hours I spent on it last night. I will try to add more later (now that I think I am starting to understand more).

Certainly saw a bunch of things that I cannot tell if they are bugs or features. Like starting storage facility multiball when no balls are locked by hitting right ramp.


Just updated the rulesheet in preparation for a launch party tonight. I added info on the Ghost rewards.

The three major things I need help with are:

  • is there any award for completing all the Jackpots in Storage Facility Multiball?
  • how does PKE Frenzy work?
  • how do the remainder of the modes and the two wizard modes work?


I am not sure, but I think this is unlimited jackpots on the right ramp for X seconds. I have started it from skill shot and that is what it seemed to do, and I have played it from ghosts but ignored it because I am usually in sfmb. Not confident enough to add it to the wiki yet.


I saw that there’s a bit of fast scoring involved in it at as well.


What to do when in jail after playing your multiball, but only achieving 50 or so ghosts? The lit ghosts shots are going to take forever to get to mass hysteria as it seems to only give 1 or 2 per shot. (In multiball, they are flashing and give a lot more). They also unlight after shooting them. What re-lights them? What relights light lock at the captive ball? I’ve only gotten it randomly, or out of the random award. It’s difficult to switch to mode strategy if you have a lot of g-h-o-s-t targets to hit.

We’ve had this game for maybe a week now, and I’ve never seen anyone play two multiballs. The slimer was very loose, and you could loop through mass hysteria inside mass hysteria (every 100 ghosts would start new ball save and kick out 6 balls)


-If you’re at 50 ghosts, go for modes until you get 60 ghosts and then do your loopin’ supers!
-Ghosts are lit from the center ghost standup target, and the captive ball to the right of it.
-The light lock is relit at the captive ball from completing the yellow proton pack standup targets, or from pop bumper awards, or from tobin’s spirit guide. When the game was first released it was unable to start storage facility multiball more than once. It has most likely been updated since then.
-You’re right about the modes being tough to relight. It’s good that if you complete a mode, the next set of modes will automatically be lit to start so that you don’t have to respell ghost every time.


Can anyone confirm that if you’re in loopin’ supers, the spinner value increases the super JP value? I know there are specific times in the game where the spinner does that, just not sure when.

EDIT: During the spooked librarian mode…after you hit the left ramp, the left orbit spinner shot will increase the super jackpot


So modes allow more ghosts to be collected more quickly? I couldn’t really tell while playing when staying alive is still so difficult. These EM-style inlane guides are a huge oversight, IMO. About 10% of drains seem to be the ball hopping over the guide.


No, I was just suggesting something to do after multiball when you’re in jail. The ghosts will come eventually.