PAPA 20 A Division Superguide - WIP Edition!

Hello again!

I am back with more explanations of how things work and how to watch and rock the A bank this year at the PAPA 20 World Championships and PAPA 2016-2017 Circuit Finals!

Coming out and need to catch up on a few pointers? Read on!

Watching from home and wondering what is going on? Read on as well!

I hope to get some time in the lead-up to PAPA to discuss actual game strategies in detail and some points that the notes don’t exactly cover over as well, so stay tuned!

Here is the link, and I will be updating it as I go along.

Here’s what I have done so far:

  • Barracora (and Strategy Corner)
  • Starship Troopers (and Strategy Corner)
  • Fathom (and Strategy Corner)
  • Little Chief (and Strategy Corner)
  • Iron Man (and Strategy Corner)
  • High Roller Casino (and Strategy Corner)
  • Skateball (and Strategy Corner)
  • Stern Kiss (and Strategy Corner)
  • Funhouse (and Strategy Corner)
  • Batman TDK (and Strategy Corner)
  • Future Spa (and Strategy Corner)

Here’s the order that I will be completing:

  • Ghostbusters Pro (if a miracle happens and I get time. Check out our forum findings here if not!)

(I also plan on using one thread in the future for Superguide-related posts; I hope to churn out a bunch for various major events!)


Looking forward to the Pinburgh guide :stuck_out_tongue:


Good progress so far.

On TPA, you can get Klendathu as a recon award (level 6, i think). Is your list complete, or just things you remember?

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It’s a mostly-complete list; the issue is that rewards can shift around due to Recon Boosts. I haven’t seen Klendathu from a Level 6; although the guaranteed multiball from Level 5 is so good that Level 6 doesn’t happen often.

This is correct, Klendathu is one of the Level 6 awards. I am not sure whether the awards are locked as standard in competition play.

Yeah, I think they throw it in there to tease you, kind of like the Extra Ball and Special that never tend to show up as well.

For the most part, Level 6 can be considered 25M.

I thought I’d heard of people getting it from the random award, but I’ve never seen it myself. Maybe someone else knows. Thanks!

I am 2/2 on getting Klendathu on max recon in TPA. I had recently been wondering if it is guarenteed or random, but I assure you that you can get the Klendathu award.

It would be awesome if you added a small section to each game about predicted tournament strategies! Your summaries are awesome but for games I am unfamiliar with I get lost a bit. I’m thinking about Gorgar at Pinmasters where the tournament strategy ended up totally different from how a random person would play Gorgar.

Take Barracorra for example, I watched video of Jason Werdrick destroying it at Free Play Florida but didn’t have a good idea where the points were coming from. Reading your guide gave some sense of what to do, but now I need to go back and watch that video again to connect the two.

Something as simple as: “In past tournaments, most players have chosen xyz as their main strategies.”

Regardless of whether you do this or not, thanks for the hard work you’ve put in so far. Your guide for Pinmasters helped me know what was going on so much more than I otherwise would have.


I am surprised by how many people say that the Gorgar strategy surprised them.

Thanks for the feedback! I can definitely work on that with these guides - actually, I’ll finish patching up Iron Man (dear jeez, I look back and I messed up that formatting) and get to work on that! Plus, High Roller Casino is ready to go!

Set to IFPA tournament on SST sets recon awards to “Recon Bounty” which is 1m recon 1, 2m recon 2, I think further levels of recon may boost the millions a little. Something like recon 4 is actually 8 million.

I would assume setting it to PAPA/EXPO tournament would have similar results.


Yeah, the one weird thing about that is there is seemingly no Recon Bounty at Level 5. Which means one of two things:

  1. It will always be a Multiball
  2. There’s some unknown Recon Value that it will award instead

I have been scrumming around YouTube, rulesheets, and some of my own/others’ experiences to figure this one out, and I can’t be sure what the answer is. I’ll update the strategy section to reflect that there may be some uncertainty with this one.

Interesting. If I get time to glass off test I’ll post the results of my findings.

Tournament settings also effect Orbit MB in that there is no add a ball from Orbit jackpots it just starts from the beginning as a 4 ball MB.

Superguide Version 3-27 uploaded.

  • High Roller Casino has been added!
  • Strategy Corners for Barracora, Starship Troopers, and Fathom have been added! @Frisbez
  • Iron Man notes have been somewhat format-fixed in the style of HRC; I don’t know how I let that thing get published, it must have been a long day.
  • Iron Man notes now include the War Machine Add-A-Balls, additional SHIELD mystery facts, and Super Pops feature.
  • Added “Based on Tentative Game List; Subject to Changes” to front page so I don’t get smoked by another Eight Ball Champ situation. Even if I don’t use these I have them archived to add for later Superguides!
  • Docdroid machine broke, they didn’t fix it. Switched over to Scribd for uploading.

You’re not imagining things, I distinctly remember this also.

OK I looked it up in the middle of typing this. Per @Krellan, 19(!) years ago (feel old yet?):

However, I will say I’ve played SST a lot at PAPA and only ever gotten 25M from level 6.


In PAPA mode it awards only points for Recons. Sounds like it may do the same in IFPA mode.

@PAPA, It would be nice to have posted on the game which of the tournament modes (if any) the machine is set to.

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Doc as listed is marked private, cannot read.

Dammit! Ill fix that up for tonight’s submission.

I have a few things to say about HRC. :wink:

Hopefully somewhere I still have the list of outcomes for the casino games. They are the same for every player, every game. Basically HRC is the least random game in the world on tournament mode.

The game tries to give you hints as to what to do to win when you’re supposed to. The gist in tournament mode is that you’ll lose the first game of every game you play and win the second. This doesn’t apply to roulette, since it’s up to you whether you have a better chance of winning or not. Also obviously cheat game can help.

For hi-lo, always make the obvious guess (if it’s 2, say higher). If you’re supposed to lose, you’ll lose. If you get an 8, always stop, because

The super jackpot multipliers for slot machine mb are 5x, 15x (i.e. 10x more), 30x (15x more), 50x (20x more), which is 100M+ minimum.

Casino Frenzy jackpot value is 100K * chips, caps at 10M (100 chips).