Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet


Its a frenzy/hurry up mode hybrid. Switch hits increase the jackpot and jackpot multiplier (which decreases slowly), and the jackpot can be cashed out at the right PKE ramp. Ditto on lack of confidence.


i second that… so many airballs over low profile inlanes…


I had over 2 billion a few nights ago, and at one point was looping 70m jackpots…but not entirely sure how I did it. I ended my game with around 170 ghosts, so I’m wondering if I started Mass Hysteria, and then collected enough ghosts to start Loopin’ Supers inside of Mass Hysteria?

I’ve also been going for the 5x bonus skillshot exclusively. The bonus is cumulative, right? If you have a decent multiball in there somewhere, the 5x bonus skillshot alone can easily be worth 40-50 million on ball 3 (when taking into account the base value, plus 5x the value of your eventual bonus), even if your total final score is less than 200m.


FYI, we just hosted a GB launch party where 38 players all got one attempt each on two different GB’s. The highest single score recorded was only 154M!

We combined the two scores for the actual qualifying score and it only took 54.1M to make the top 16!


For ours, everyone got 2 plays on 1 machine, and the added scores were your qualifying. 47m got you in the top 8. We then played a ladder format where the 4th place would get knocked out. 20m in every round would have seen you to the top 3.


I learned today that if you get the “hold bonus” award on your last ball it is not worthless. When you drain, you will get the bonus countdown, and then get it a second time as well!


Depends on the game. I can’t think of one where it doesn’t happen, but I know there are some.


Who cares about how much modes and other stuff is worth when you can get like 10X a normal score by getting stuck in the crazy feedback loop of PKE Frenzy, Storage, and Mass Hysteria? You can stack each of these things over each other multiple times basically resulting in an infinite ball saver unless you have some freaky double / triple drain action (which is also pretty likely due to the horrendous inlane/outlane design and gaping center drain). Seriously, watch this video and tell me that this game is anything other than absolute coin flip garbage right now. As someone I was talking to put it, “How many software and hardware mods will it take?”. Am I alone in thinking this? I hear so many people talking about how this game is awesome and I just wonder if I’m in some crazy twilight zone where everyone has completely polar-opposite beliefs from me about what makes a game good.

I really hope this is not the direction Stern is going to go down with their games in the future. They tried it once with Iron Man and struck a nice balance between “difficult” and “unfair”. This game just has absolutely nothing redeeming in layout or software and I’m not sure that it can be fixed. I always try to find some interesting quality in any game I play which results in me liking lots of weird stuff like many of the Premier DMDs and the Bally-Midway 6803 games, but I started seeing the red mist descend when I played this game due to how ridiculously brutal and luck-boxy it is.


Something happened there that got him from 20 ghosts to 100 ghosts in maybe 15 seconds without making any significant shots. I think something is flaky and awarding ghosts when it shouldn’t be.


Slimer registering hits when it shouldn’t?


You won’t be able to do this after the next release.

Once you hit MH the ghost counter will no longer restart. You’ll come out of that multiball and then start back at 0.

Also slimer and the drop targets were giving more captures per hit (3 for slimer, 2 for the drop targets). I believe this is getting lowered to 1 for each of them.


Yeah, what I saw was the super quick ghost count from 30ish to 100 in no time flat. But I also saw a solid player make some great saves right before that MB began, so give some credit where credit is due.


Oh yeah, it wasn’t meant as a slam on the player at all. He salvaged some almost-certain drains. I just think there’s still too many that are definitely not possible to save (which include airballs over lane guides).


It’s not hard to see from the video. The Slimer is hyper-registering when it wasn’t hit. This is the same hardware issue a lot of Ghostbusters games have right now. Slimer hyper-registers -> lots of free ghosts -> all sorts of other bonuses -> feedback loop.

So, you asked how many software and hardware mods it will take? The answer is one. Step back and recognize that it is one problem that is causing what you saw in that video.

I don’t think this game is a coin flip luckbox. It’s a game with a consistent hardware problem right now. I’m sorry that you find nothing redeeming about the layout or the modes or the sound or the lights or the Slimer. I’ve enjoyed every game of it so far, recognizing that for competitive play, the game isn’t ready until they fix this hardware problem.


I think the game is awesome and the layout is a freakin’ difficult one


the low profile inlane combine with the speed of the balls and those pop up targets make for a low of air ball straight through them into the outlane unfortunately. I do not understand why they could not use normal height on those?


The game is awesome and has a lot of nice tight shots.


The slimer is basically a mini tilt bob with the metal wire used as part of the switch. Ours was fraying a little bit with “hairs” touching the metal ring. Once we clipped those off and tightened the tilt a little bit, all slimer phantom hits went away.

The layout seems pretty cool, but it’s still extremely one-dimensional in that everyone plays a multiball once and sees how many ghosts they can get and pray for Mass Hysteria. The luck-boxy aspect is in how powerful the pop awards and tobin’s guide can be (light 2x, light 3x, light super, etc.) Doesn’t seem to be deterministic in tournament mode for now. Also, if one player gets a decent score on ball one, they can pile on the other players through skill shots which is a little annoying.

Edit: and the scoleri targets staying up during multiball discourage controlled play as they block the two easier shots in the game.


ETA on this? This was just posted to our selfie league…


Ummmm . . . now :slightly_smiling:


is it written somewhere that people can’t play with the glass off? :slightly_smiling: