Star Wars (Stern) Rulesheet

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Game Information:

  • Lead Designer: Steve Ritchie
  • Code/Rules: Dwight Sullivan
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer:
  • Artwork:
  • Computer Graphics Art Director:
  • Lead Sound Designer: Jerry Thompson
  • Release Date: August 2017
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev: 1.22
    • Edit the Code revision, if applicable, when you make changes

Star Wars is the most recent pinball adaptation of the Original Trilogy, released in summer 2017 and designed by Steve Ritchie. Players take their pick between four key characters from the original films, and have to survive challenges across four different planets.

Rules Overview:

  • Keep shooting the center standup target bank to maintain your shot multipliers. Use the action button to toggle between on (green) and off (red); when they’re turned off, use the flippers to change their location.
  • Shoot the shots corresponding to each planet to light planet modes. Select modes using the flippers and action button. Modes from different planets can be stacked.
  • Complete the FORCE targets for awards and to eventually start Lightsaber Duel.
  • Shoot the red targets to light the TIE Fighter target for TIE Fighter Hurry-Up. After collecting the hurry-up, mash the action button as many times as possible to destroy additional TIE Fighters, and eventually start TIE Fighter Multiball.
  • Shoot yellow shots to light the Death Star for Hyperspace Hurry-Up. Collect enough hurry-ups to start Hyperspace Multiball.


  • Choose your character based on your understanding of the game mechanics. Luke & R2-D2 tend to be the most newcomer friendly characters.
  • Always keep track of your shot multipliers and which shots are currently lit for them. If they’re about to time out, backhanding the center target bank is a reliable way to reset the timer. These are where the big points come from!
  • During the final planet multiball (after each set of missions), instead of going for the flashing shots, try aiming for the red targets or the yellow shots. TIE Fighter & Hyperspace Multiball can both be started during these final multiball modes and reset the ball saver time.
  • Lightsaber Duel generally isn’t worth pursuing as it can only be started while nothing else is running. However, the fourth FORCE target award, Double Multipliers, is very worthwhile. Try scoring Double Multipliers during a mode to prevent being stuck in “Lightsaber Duel jail”.
  • Never risk control of the ball to fire off a few errant shots at TIE Fighters. Determine where the ball is going to rebound and whether or not you can reliably save it before committing to mashing the action button.


Character Select & Paths:

At the start of the first ball, Star Wars allows you to choose a character. Each character has special benefits that help you out through gameplay. Also, depending on the character you choose to play as, certain planet modes may not be accessible. The selectable characters are:

At the start of each ball, each character also has a “path” of four awards that can be selected using the flippers and is locked in when the ball enters play. The complete list can be viewed at Star Wars (Stern) Rulesheet - #215 by vikingerik. These awards are generally beneficial to the current character and are subject to change if certain modes are running.

Skill Shots:

  • Shoot the flashing 3-bank target for Bonus X. Each time the skill shot is made, the target gets faster and the Bonus X at stake increases. The middle target scores the most.
  • Shoot the roving FORCE target to spot the next FORCE target award. This skill shot can be collected at any time but is disabled once the wrong drop target is shot.

Planet Modes:

Four shots on the playfield correspond to different planets; shoot any of the four shots three times each to qualify the modes for the shot’s corresponding planet. Each planet has up to three modes (which vary depending on the selected character), and completing all of them will qualify the planet’s final multiball mode. Each planet qualifying shot scores points that seem to be based on the number of modes available.

If a mode isn’t already active, shooting any qualified planet’s shot will allow you to choose a mode, or pass if you desire. Two modes from different planets can be played at once, but each planet’s final multiball mode must be played on its own. Modes do not time out, although many of them are based around short hurry-ups. For each of the final multiball modes, the number of balls is equal to the number of modes for that planet you had to play +1. Complete the FORCE targets, then hold the action button, to add a ball once per final multiball; this can be carried over into other multiballs if not used.

Winning two missions lights the left ramp for extra ball. Attempting all four final multiball modes is required to qualify the final wizard mode, Jedi Multiball. After a mode is completed, it can only be played again after the wizard mode has ended.

  • Death Star: Shoot the left mini-loop to light these modes.

    • I: Rescue the Princess (Luke | R2 | Han) - Complete 4 hurry-up shots at the left orbit, both sides of the mini-loop, and the right ramp. Base value of the first hurry-up is 2M and reach subsequent hurry-up is worth the (multiplied) value of the previous plus 2M. Caps at 25M. :arrow_forward:
    • II: Escape the Death Star (Luke | Leia) - Shoot 3 mini-loops, then shoot an orbit before the timer runs out to escape. If the timer runs out on the orbit shot, you will have to shoot the three inner loops again.
      • II: Escape the Death Star (Han) - Pilot the Millennium Falcon by shooting both mini-loops or both orbits once, then shoot the left ramp to escape.
    • III: Fight TIE Fighters (Luke) - Shoot any of the flashing purple shots (all major shots) to light the TIE Fighter target for about 10 seconds. Shoot the lit TIE Fighter target four times to win.
    • Final: Destroy the Death Star - Shoot the ramps to light a 10-second hurry-up at the left mini-loop to deal damage to the Death Star. Collect three hurry-ups, increasing in value for each successful collect, to destroy the technological terror that the Empire has constructed and start Victory Multiball.
  • Endor: Shoot the left ramp to qualify and start these modes.

    • I: Speeder Bike Chase (Luke) - Shoot the flashing green shots to progress the chase. Each shot is on a 15-second timer; if this timer runs out, you will fall back a shot and have to make it again.
    • II: Throne Room Duel (Luke) - Make combo shots to both the left and right ramp three times, and shoot the right mini-loop to increase their value. After the first ramp shot, the other will be on a short timer; if the timer runs out, the FORCE targets will flash to relight the ramps for another try.
    • III: Knockout Shield Generator (Leia | R2 | Han) - Complete 4 flashing green shots (mini-loops, ramps) to unlock the door to the shield generator, then complete the same 4 green shots that were made earlier to finish the mode. Target shots during this mode score small points and increase the shot values.
    • Final: Escape from Endor: To destroy the Death Star, you need to first light the left mini-loop by completing three other shots before the timer runs out. Each shot will start a timer for the next shot, which can be increased by shooting the 3-bank of standup targets. If the timer runs out, the Death Star will destroy a Capital ship and an additional 3 shots must be made. Once the inner left loop is lit, shoot it to destroy the Death Star and start Victory Multiball.
  • Hoth: Shoot the right mini-loop to qualify and start these modes.

    • I: Navigate the Asteroid Field (Leia | Han) - Another way to start the Video Mode. If Video Mode was lit via the FORCE targets and this mode was selected, the video mode will be advanced a level as compensation.
    • II: Cloud City Escape (Leia | Han) - Shoot both ramps, then both orbits. The right mini-loop will light to complete the mode on a 10-second timer for the total value, but draining or waiting until the timer runs out will also finish the mode.
      • II: Duel on Cloud City (Luke) - Make five shots to the FORCE targets, and shoot the ramps to increase the values for each target. Complete the mode at the right mini-loop.
    • III: Repair the Hyperdrive (R2 | Han) - Shoot any blue shot to light the left mini-loop for a hurry-up; collect the hurry-up to win the mode.
      • III: TIE Fighter Escape (Leia) - Complete all 3-bank standup targets to light the left orbit to complete the mode for 10 seconds. Waiting for the timer to run out or draining will also complete the mode.
    • Final: Escape from Hoth - Shoot the left orbit 3 times to prepare the ion cannon, then make any shot to the 3-bank to fire it; shoot either mini-loop 4 times to take down the AT-AT Walker with a tow cable. After completing both tasks, which run concurrently, shoot the last two ramp shots to escape from Darth Vader, then the right loop to start Victory Multiball.
  • Tatooine: Shoot the right scoop to qualify and start these modes.

    • I: Get to the Escape Pod (Leia | R2) - Complete 5 orange shots (orbits, mini-loops, left ramp) to complete the mode.
    • II: Escape from Mos Eisley (Luke | R2 | Han) - Shoot either ramp once to light the left mini-loop to complete the mode. The value can be built with further shots to the ramps.
    • III: The Rancor (Luke) - Shoot ramps to light the 3-Bank of standup targets to damage the Rancor. The value can be built up with further ramp shots; and the second 3-Bank hit requires both ramps to be made to qualify it.
    • Final: Escape from Tatooine: Alternate shots between the left ramp and right mini-loop to progress the story of Luke getting to Jabba’s yacht, retrieving Leia, and escaping the yacht. There are 9 parts to the story. Along the way, shots to the 3-Bank, right ramp, and right scoop will increase your award value. Victory Multiball begins on the final shot of the multiball.

Victory Multiball:

After completing the final multiball mode for any planet, Victory Multiball begins, sending 3 additional balls into play. The goal of Victory Multiball is to complete 6 major shots for big points, and to collect medals (bronze - silver - gold). Medals determine the points scored at the start of Jedi Multiball, which can potentially be a very high-scoring collect. Once Victory Multiball ends, the corresponding planet is disqualified; it can be relit after playing the wizard mode.

FORCE Targets:

Complete the FORCE targets to qualify awards. The FORCE targets can be completed at any time during play, and can even be completed off of a skill shot to the drop target bank. Planet mode behavior takes priority over the target awards, and after they have been completed five times, no further awards can be collected until Lightsaber Duel ends.

Lightsaber Duel:

After completing the FORCE targets five times, and if no other modes are currently active, the left ramp lights to start Lightsaber Duel. This is a timed mini-wizard mode that takes priority over all other modes in the game once started, and carries over between balls until completed.

The object of Lightsaber Duel is to delay Vader while your other allies escape. Shoot the blue shots (both mini-loops and right ramp) to help them escape, and shoot the red shots (left ramp and 3-Bank) to increase your time. The FORCE targets will increase the award values, which will also be increased if Luke was selected at the start of the game. After helping all three allies escape, shoot the left ramp to win the mode.Completing this mode is one of the requirements for Jedi Multiball.

Multiball Modes:

TIE Fighters & TIE Fighter Multiball:

The red arrows in front of certain targets on the playfield, as well as the LCD screen at the back-center of the game, represent TIE Fighters. These targets move around the playfield once collected, and after enough have been collected (5 the first time, 10 for 2nd time, 15, etc.), the TIE Fighter target will light for TIE Fighter Hurry-Up. Shoot the TIE Fighter target to cash out the value, and the game’s lighting will go dark red as a loud alarm starts blaring. Your goal at this time is to keep mashing the action button! Every second action button press during the 7-second timer destroys another TIE Fighter for a percentage of the hurry-up value (odd-numbered presses fire a laser that might destroy one), and defeating 35 TIE Fighters (110 subsequently) starts TIE Fighter Multiball.

TIE Fighter Multiball is a 3-ball Multiball where all major shots are lit for Jackpots worth 750k. Once all Jackpots are collected, shoot the left ramp for a Super Jackpot that can be built up by shooting the flashing red 3-bank Targets. The Super Jackpot is worth 4M + 100k for every advance. Scoring from this multiball is relatively low, and it should primarily be used as backup during any final planet multiball.

TIE Fighters also count up to other awards throughout the game. Defeating 80 TIE Fighters lights the extra ball, which can also be lit after defeating enough advanced TIE fighters on the center LCD screen. 100 TIE Fighters have to be defeated to qualify Jedi Multiball.

Hyperspace Hurry-Up & Hyperspace Multiball:

Complete the inlane rollovers, which cycle with the flippers, to light the right ramp and left loop for Hyperspace Hurry-Up. When the mode is started, shoot the left mini-loop for a hurry-up value. You can increase the value of the hurry-up before the mode by completing the inlane lights or by shooting an unlit right ramp. Collecting two Hyperspace Hurry-Ups (+1 per subsequent multiball) will begin Hyperspace Multiball.

Hyperspace Multiball starts by locking the ball, either at the left mini-loop (Pro), or by sending it looping around the hyperspace wireform (Prem / LE). The ball must be knocked out of the left mini-loop to set the jackpot value on the Pro, and you can complete the sequence a second time if successful for even bigger jackpots; or on the Prem / LE, additional balls can be sent into the wireform to increase the jackpots and number of balls for the multiball. If time runs out, or the two hurry-ups are completed (Pro), multiball begins.

Shoot the yellow shots to score jackpots based on the initial value that was collected; and shoot enough of them to light the left mini-loop for another jackpot hurry-up. Scoring from this multiball is relatively low, and it should primarily be used as backup during any final planet multiball.

Other Scoring:

Jedi Training:

Complete every blue standup target on the playfield once in about 30 seconds to advance your Jedi level. The higher your level, the more points that the targets score, and the higher your end-of-ball bonus will be. The levels are as follows:

  • Youngling - 250k for completion, 25k per target
  • Padawan - 1M for completion, 100k per target
  • Jedi - 10M for completion, 1M per target
  • Master - 25M per completion, 2.5M per target

Each Jedi Training level advanced also completes a set of FORCE targets.

Becoming a Jedi Master is required to qualify Jedi Multiball.

Video Mode:

Complete the FORCE targets three times to light Video Mode at the right mini-loop. Alternatively, Video Mode can be played as Hoth I as Leia or Han Solo.

Use the flippers to steer the Millennium Falcon through an asteroid field, and use the center button for a speed boost. Points are awarded based on the number of asteroids dodged, and a large bonus can be scored if you avoid getting hit at all. Shot multipliers do apply to Video Mode scoring too, so be sure to have the right loop multiplied before shooting it.

Shot Multipliers:

Strategic use of the shot multipliers is key to high-scoring games on Star Wars. The shot multipliers start at 2x and can be toggled on (green) and off (red) with the action button; when turned off, you can move the shot multipliers either left or right by using the flippers.

At lower multipliers, a spread of three shots has the green “X” lit. Hitting any 3-bank target increases the shot multiplier by +1x, up to a maximum of 20x, and the overall multiplier can be doubled from the fourth FORCE target award to a maximum of 40x. As the multiplier increases, the “spread” of shots will decrease to 2 at 5x (7x with R2-D2), and then finally only 1 shot at 10x (14x with R2-D2). The multiplier resets to 2x if a 3-bank target has not been hit in a while - and the higher your multiplier is, the faster it times out.

Escape from Boba Fett:

Shooting combo shots will light the shots that ended the combo with a white arrow. Complete four white arrow shots, with the last two in non-mode play, to begin this timed hurry-up mode.

Escape from Boba Fett is a sequence of five hurry-ups: left ramp, right mini-loop, right ramp, left orbit, and left ramp again. Shooting the 3-bank will add more time to the mode. Make good use of your shot multipliers during this mode - the final score can be huge, especially with the initial score boost from playing as Han Solo. Completing this mode is one of the qualifications for Jedi Multiball.


Shooting the bumpers at any time during normal play can award one of many features. There are specific symbols for each award; look in the Instant Info to see what each symbol represents (need complete list).


The first FORCE target award lights Mystery at the right scoop for 3 different awards at once. These awards include instantly lighting planets and others. Bonus Hold is also accessible from Mystery, which can lead to ridiculously large end-of-ball bonuses.

Placing a shot multiplier on the lit Mystery award multiplies all point values awarded from it.

Escape (Ball Save):

The second FORCE target award lights Escape at the right outlane. This is a virtual ball save on the Pro, and a gate that opens to send the ball back to the plunger on Prem / LE. It can also be awarded from Mystery.

Extra Balls:

Extra balls can be lit at the left ramp by:

End-of-Ball Bonus:

Bonus is largely switch-based but also takes into account the player’s current Jedi Training level and how many planet modes were played this ball, all multiplied by the bonus multiplier that can be increased via skill shots or by completing the top lanes. Bonus hold can be awarded via mystery; this holds over both the bonus and the bonus X, and if collected on the last ball, rewards the end-of-ball bonus twice.

Jedi Multiball (Wizard Mode):

The final wizard mode of the game. Light Jedi Multiball at the left ramp by completing the following tasks:

Before Jedi Multiball begins, you will receive bonus points based on how many medals (if any) you acquired during Victory Multiball. This can often be higher scoring than the multiball itself!

Jedi Multiball is a battle against the Emperor: Darth Sidious. The mode starts with two balls. Complete all blue shots to add-a-ball. There is a timer for this - if it expires, the blue shots will unlight and one or two shots will light red, with a new timer; you must shoot one red shot within this timer or else the Emperor wins and the mode ends. Completing either all blue shots or one red shot moves on to the next phase of blue shots. To win, you must complete a total of four phases. The mode continues if you go down to a single ball, but if you drain that, you lose the mode. Defeating the Emperor will show a cool ending sequence; losing by draining your ball will generate a cool quote (but not end your ball).

Win or lose, you will return to the character selection screen, where you must pick a different character to start another loop of the game. There is no “super wizard mode” for completing Jedi Multiball with all four characters; if you manage to reach this point, the four characters will simply be unlocked again. For high score purposes, your character’s high score champion will be your entire score for the leaderboard of the last character you’ve chosen.


There is a Skill shot is on the 3 bank as well. If you time it right you can get the skill shot on the center bank and ricochet into the roving light on the FORCE targets for a double skill shot. (Center bank skill advances multipliers, Drop target skill advances FORCE letters.)


On the video it looked like there is a magnet in front of the FORCE targets. Yay or nay?

Nay (Thank god)


Oh holy moly, this forum is too much.


Action button controls the shot multiplier. Hit it once at any time to turn it on at the current shit highlighted. Hit it again to turn it off and move it to a new spot.

When you put the multiplier on a specific shot you get everrhing associated with that shot multiplied up to 40x.

I could have this a bit wrong so I’ll leave it in the comments for now.

Questions will probably be answered when the inevitable actual gameplay footage surfaces, but I’m curious to know exactly how moving the selected shot works - random each time you toggle? Sequential? And is the potential 40x a combination of playfield and shot X (very much ala GoT)?

I assumed that when it’s set to OFF, flippers scroll it across the game. Press the button to turn it ON and stay on the current shot. No idea how to set up the multiplied amount. I assume very similar to GOT but not sure.

Use flippers to move a span of 3 shot multipliers, button to lock it in. As the shot multiplier increases fewer shots light. <5x = 3 shots lit. <10x= 2 shots lit. >10x only one shot lit. Playing as r2d2 the threshold is higher (7x,14x)


Whaaaaaaaat? :slight_smile:

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This page should be wikified now.

Let’s hope the multiplier stuff works out more like GoT (difficult and risky to max out) than Ghostbusters (one skill shot).


Just updated the rulesheet with more info. If any of you are able to play the game over the coming days, help me out :slight_smile:


changing and locking multiplier in the fly sure is an interesting concept O_O

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It’s crazy. I was using my chin a lot. Haha

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So far this game seems really well done. I haven’t reach the far reaches of the game but the only thing weird I’ve seen is that it gives out crazy end of ball bonus sometimes. Not sure if that’s intended or what, but I’m not the biggest fan of that. Maybe if I understood how it accumulates it would be better.

Collecting massive hyper space hurry ups though? That’s amazing.

Also. I don’t like that the shot multiplier keeps increasing even if you have it locked on a shot. It should only advance if it’s red. Once it turns green that should be you deciding that you are satisfied with the X you’ve accumulated.

Also, once collecting a green multiplied shot, everything should reset. Right now the timer just keeps running and you can keep 40x rolling forever if you keep hitting the spot targets

I added some information on modes in the game – if you have any questions about the game itself or how the gameplay works, I stream it daily at – I can do what I can to show you what you might want to know, or you can check out my vods that are already there.

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This combination would take a main feature of the game and make it basically worthless and/or even more swingy than it currently is. Instead of interacting with it constantly, you could ignore it until you’re about to shoot something great, lock it in, and shoot your one shot. Way less interesting than the current software. Watching @sk8ball Escape from Boba Fett while moving his X into the right place was sweet.

@DHS Is there video of this? I’d love to see it

I’m confused. You’re reason to not change the current multipliers rule is exactly one of the reasons why I don’t like the current rules. Perfect example.

Move the X to the Death Star. Play modes and tie fighter multiball and get the X up to 40. Start hyperspace hurry up collect for 1-2 billion.

I just feel like every time I’ve gotten the X up to 40 it just happens. I haven’t made a point to get there at all. Also it seems the game awards the doubler randomly a lot though the pops and mystery. I don’t think I’ve ever earned it from the drops.

Maybe just do the first part of my suggestion. Makes it harder to increase it and you always have to be aware of whether it’s green or red.