Star Wars (Stern) Rulesheet


Not sure what software you are running but the doubler times out now.


Cool. I think I was playing .83. Once the doubler starts is it finite or can the timer be extended by hitting the standups?


Can someone explain how moving the shot multiplier works and the advantage to turning it on/off? I put 10 games on it yesterday and was so busy trying to keep the ball alive that I couldn’t really figure it out.


When it’s red it’s off. Green on. The shot will only be multiplied when it’s green. You can only move it with the flippers when it’s red. Toggle on and off with lockbar button.


You can only move it when it’s off, so depending on how efficient you want to get at shooting for big scores you can either park it on a shot and forget about it, or try to move it around in sync with every shot you shoot while playing (or some level of efficiency in between both extremes).


Are the bonus values out of whack? I feel like in the code I was playing, the scores I was getting from killing tie fighters + getting 10x bonus were way more valuable than working on modes or multiballs. In a 1.2B game I would guess 500-600M was from bonus.


All scoring is whacky right now. Bonus is mega, completing objectives is worth basically nothing and all side-objectives plus multipliers are worth triple mega.

Thx for the info on the multiplier shot. Does leaving it on make the multiplier value time down from 40 (or whatever) back to 1? Is there value in keeping it off to keep the value up?


The bonus bug is known (You are getting credit for completing missions you don’t actually play with your character which is why it was so high for doing seemingly nothing)


About halfway through the DeadFlip stream a four-player game with KME in it starts. His first move is to start boba fett and run through it. (Sorry, I’m too lazy to find a timestamp… :stuck_out_tongue: )

But you’d just do the same thing, except you’d leave the X off until your hyperspace hurry-up. The current code allows people paying attention to get a bunch more points.


Ahh, I wasn’t aware of who sk8ball was. Now I get it. Thanks!


ive been using my chin a lot doing this:)


ok I played for the first time yesterday and it will take quite a bit of getting used to the game and the rules to know when best to change multipliers and how…
I am not sure the idea of spending a lot of time messing with a 3 button on the lock down bar makes for a better pinball game?


I think AC/DC did it right as far as frequency of center button usage


The time is always, as multipliers are not consumed and the value doesn’t reset by using it


wait, I thought the multipliers expired when it is on, with the strange thump thump sound…?


The higher the multiplier the faster time expires. Especially in competition settings where you basically have 5-6 seconds to reset the timer.


So for us poor souls that don’t have any new Star Wars pins to play yet…
for the shot multiplier: if you turn off your multiplier, does it pause the timer, and carry your remaining time to the next instance that you turn your multiplier back on?

Can you add more time to the remaining time on your multiplier timer, and if so, how much time gets added for shooting more 3-bank targets?


Timer always runs I believe. Not sure how much time is added when you hit the 3-bank, but I believe it resets the timer. Timer is determined by how high the multiplier currently is.


So even when you turn off your multiplier, the timer is still running?
If so, I guess the moral of the story is once you’ve turned on your multiplier, don’t turn it off, unless it’s just to momentarily move it to a new shot before turning it back on.


Yes this is how I understand it.