Star Wars (Stern) Rulesheet


Going to try to film a video tutorial Saturday for this. Going to start out by explaining the multiplier strategy I have: Always use it, never don’t use it.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Stern provides an update to the game for use only at Pinburgh (until they are able to provide an official update).


.85 should be out before pinburgh.


I wonder if the multiplier would be better if it was always on, and each lockdown bar button press moved it one to the right (wrapping around of course). Definitely fewer total button presses in most cases. Also it would eliminate a major disadvantage for novice players who don’t know to turn the multiplier on (especially since it’s off at the start of each ball, at least in v0.84). Pros will seldom if ever neglect to reactivate it.




Hallelujah, sweet Jesus.


Interesting competition mode info…

  • Changed the timing of the shot multipliers:
    - Lowered how long the multipliers stay increased
    - Lowered the time that multipliers remain incremented when in
    competition mode.
    - Selecting R2-D2 now awards more time before shot multipliers time out.
    - As your multiplier value increases the available time duration is decreased.
    - In competition mode, if you have the multipliers at maximum, you can not
    increase the time.


Completely agree, why not just have the button move the multipliers? At least make them active by default at the start of a ball!

Maybe the toggling would be useful if the timer was shut off/slowed when they were turned off… But I think there’s enough use of the button as is.


0.85 seems to fix the crazy high bonus bug.


Is Escape From Boba Fett coded? If I choose “Light Escape From Boba Fett” as Han, I don’t see anything different.


Really? If you pick that for Han. It lights all shots white. Shoot two or three of them, boba fett starts. It’s a roving hurry up that is flashing white. Hit 5-6 to complete the mode.


Aaaaaahhhh, ok. Thanks!

  • Improved how the ball is detected in the inner loop.

Yessssss. I had to quit playing in frustration last night when had 3 Death Star shots in a row fail to detect properly (ball would be caught by the posts, hang there for a moment, then release) while trying to start Escape on my final mode.

Does anything special even happen when you finish all the mode multiballs yet?


Seems they missed a few…
Multiplier maxes at 10x
Tie fighter MB at 50
Hyperspace at 3 hurry-ups


whoa… so max multiplier is 10x *2 = 20x in comp mode? Sounds like HARD mode haha :slight_smile:


Any chance the new firmwares add the inner loop posts to the ball search?

I had a Hyperspace Multiball on 0.83 where a death star shot locked one ball, and a shot to Hoth caught a second ball in the loop. After a couple ball searches, the game declared balls missing, ended ball (killing the flippers), dropped the posts and drained out.


Does Jedi Master multiball exist? I had a game where I finished all 16 modes, EFBF, and I was quite certain I reached Jedi Master. I was certain I’ve reached Jedi Master numerous games, but I’ve never seen its multiball.

And for that matter, is there any way out of the “cleared all modes” jail so far? It’s rumored on P*****e that you can pick a different character and reset the mode states, but I dunno what has to be done for that (if anything – it is, after all, a rumor).


We tried to use star wars in pingolf but it kept freezing at the end of ball 4 then resetting


Does anybody know if there is a special in this game. Today is the 1st day I got to play it.


0.85 tutorial. Not in competition mode. 5 Billion achieved