Star Wars (Stern) Rulesheet


Can you give some more information?

What settings were changed and how (did you do install 5 ball or just change number of balls in the adjustment menu, please list anything that was changed from default settings)?

What software version?

Single or multiplayer game?


I got one, I may have been a pops award.



in MB what do you have to do to qualify the Add-a-Ball? I think the button has to turn Orange before you can get the add-a-ball? Is that correct? and is it available in all the MBs?


As far as I know, we were setting up for a Pingolf:
-Changed to 5 balls in the setting
-Tried WITH or WITHOUT competition mode, both froze
-We tested the game in single player game when it froze

I assume the most recent code BUT @JJB would have to confirm.


Tried with and without both froze. Also had high scores and replay disabled. Did not try enabling them but probably should have


With and without competition mode*


Single player, did not try multiplayer.


0.84 or 0.85? There are 2 new code versions :slight_smile:


5 ball bug was in 0.83. Victory bug was in 0.85


Knock down the force targets during a mode MB and action button will blink orange for add-a-ball. Hold it down for a couple of seconds to activate add-a-ball but god forbid you hold it down any longer or you restart everyone’s game.


Lol. Seriously?!?


Do we rule that as a major malfunction or a button tilt and disqualify the player?


If you’re worried about this happening in tournament you can change the settings to disable action button from doubling as a start button.


Ahhhh. Didn’t realize that is why this happened. Also can change the start button restart setting.


Crappy feature to begin with, IMO. My friend disabled it after someone butt-started a game.


Rage-restarting has never been more discreet.


AFAIK The top button can only be used to start a 1 player game. You can’t add players or re-start the game.


Found a weird bug just now. I was playing on a game with 0.85 code. The game was set to 5 ball on a 2 player game. I just finished Escape From Hoth and Endor MBs. I eventually got to Victory MB. At the point it shot another ball into play, the screen froze and the sound stopped. I was still able to flip the 2 balls in play. Then the lights turned off and the screen turned off. I was still able to flip. It was a good 30 seconds of flipping with everything off before the flippers died and the game eventually restarted.

I got a video of the tail end of it:


I think it’s from hitting FORCE targets during victory mb. If you watch the deadflip stream of the comicon tournament finals on Saturday and Sunday, you can see the TD tell the player to plunge his ball once he gets to a certain score.