Star Wars (Stern) Rulesheet


If I had a dollar for every time I butt, or belly started a game on SW I’d have a much larger belly and butt from all the extra food I’d be able to buy with all that money.


just watched that… did you figure what happened and how you ended up in jail? Is that related to @sk8ball mentioning a victory bug in the 0.85 version?

too bad the Jedi Duel from the FORCE drop target didn’t work, I wonder what that will look like :slight_smile:


When playing and the orange button flashes to collect TIE fighters it is very difficult to do this repeatedly without trapping your ball on the flipper. I don’t understand the point of distracting your fingers from the flipper buttons. One more thing I played today and got 5 matches in a row so lucky me.


Makes it harder. Keeps you on your toes.


Pretty sure that’s the point.


You’re right and I love it. You have to think on your toes. Which hand do I use? Where can I flip to park the ball so I can smack the button. Do I have to switch hands mid-smacking because the ball is coming to the other flipper? It’s great!


Yeah. I have LW3 and the Uzi modes are the same way. I’ve had some amazing plays from maximizing the gun trigger at the right time, and also keeping the ball alive. SW is just like that.


Well I finally got a special from a mystery award, it was one of the three awarded.


Apparently the action button add-a-balls stack – during a stacked Tatooine/Endor multiball, I used the action button for an add-a-ball, and it remained orange until I used it again a few minutes later for a second AAB. The resulting Victory MBs then played out sequentially, one just after the T/E MB, then another at the start of the following ball.


Did u have to do the force targets twice or did it just give u two AABs because u had two MBs?


I’m not sure. I don’t remember completing the drops more than once, but it could have happened. I do recall that after using the AAB, subsequent completions of the drops didn’t award an AAB.


I def tried this today, with Death Star/ Endor, two AABs, it’s a bit too good to be true.


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With the fact that modes don’t seem to have a timer and are lit even after drain, is there any disadvantage to running both at once?


Yeah it can lock you away from starting a mode MB.


You’re basically obligated to finish both before you can move on to any others.

Which now brings me to my next observation - I’ve had craploads of points from stacking two mode MBs together, but I’m curious to know what the implications are to attain Victory MB - that is, do you only need to finish the goals of one mode MB, or both? Also keep in mind as far as 0.87 code goes, anything pertaining to Victory MB must be taken with a whole pillar of salt. Though it is kinda fun to see the Death Star blow up about 20 times. :laughing:


I played the other day and never played a mode by itself. It appeared like I got all mode multiballs, including two starting back to back for the third and forth modes. It was chaos.

I was alone so nobody to watch the screen. Don’t know how much blowing up the death star with 20x was, but hyperspace hurryup right after was about 1.2B


Does anyone know how to start Boba Fett if it’s not chosen at the plunge? Does it need to be qualified somehow?


Its a bit complicated. The idea is that All-of-a-sudden Boba Fett is now chasing you. Out of the blue and when you were not expecting it. But pinball, usually, needs to be somewhat deterministic. Which means it needs to have some rules that you can follow ( somewhat : – )

Also its a mode that needs to run when nothing else is running and it needs to prevent other things from running once it starts. This is one of the great things about this mode. Its just you and this gauntlet of shots. There are no other modes or multiballs getting in the way.

You can only start Boba Fett when nothing else is running. To start Boba Fett you need to make at least 4 solid white shots and the last two need to be while nothing else is running.

Boba Fett is a by product of the combo rule:
Most shots advance the combo rule. Each time you shoot one of these, in addition to what else you have going on, you will also start two other combo shots timing out. Today combo shots are pinkish in color. If you shoot one of these pink shots it will leave behind a solid white shot. These shots advance Boba Fett. White is Boba Fetts color.

So shooting combos creates solid white shots. Solid white shots lead to starting this mode.

TL;DR - The short answer is that it should happen for most people “out of the blue” when nothing else is running when you shoot a white arrow. Basically when you see a solid white arrow shoot it and it might start the mode.


FYI, v.89 code released today. I like the way multipliers now go green on playfield validation.