Star Wars (Stern) Rulesheet


Thanks, Dwight! I couldn’t figure that out, and it doesn’t look like I was going to, either.

You’ve done (and continue to do) a great job with the game! Thanks!


Maybe this has been covered, but how do you start Victory Multi-ball?

I started one (possibly on code .88 or earlier) and it never went off, I ended up with 29 billion or so.
I’m assuming that was a bug at that point?


Victory Multiball starts when you complete a Mode Multiball. The ball save kicks back on and 5-ball victory laps start once you make your last mode shot.

Victory MB retriggers are a huge bug right now. To check if it’s .88, shake the machine and see how it gives tilt warnings - traditional Stern noise means pre-.88, siren and red flashing background means .88.


(Sorry for the double post)

Yep! And on top of that, they carry from MB to (any) MB. Want a 4 add a ball Destroy the Death Star? Want 3 AABs to farm parsecs for Hyperspace Champion? Just bank them away!


“Right now” meaning 0.87 I hope?


With how urgent the .88 release was (on a Saturday, no less) I want to say they fixed it, but I have not been able to get on location to confirm that .88 or .89 have removed the exploits.

Edit: hopefully I’ll get some quality time tonight where I can confirm this or answer some rules screwery to help with the guide!


How do you qualify add a ball in Multiballs


Hit the FORCE targets 5 times before they time out. Repeat if more than 1 add a ball is able to be obtained.


5 targets or 5 bank completions? If bank completions can you work towards earning an add a ball outside of multiball?


Just hit any target in the bank at all and that gives you one FORCE letter (the targets act like standups instead of dropping). Just spell FORCE once for the add-a-ball (or twice to qualify the 2nd add-a-ball, but that might not even be necessary), so no need to spell it 5 times (25 hits).

No “add-a-ball” outside of MB to my knowledge. Maybe Jedi Multiball might be an exception if it’s anything like Iron Throne where it’s a multiball that can be played with one ball (I was half of an Escape from Boba Fett away from getting there).


We’re up in pops to get lucky! There’s a random award in the pops that can trigger during Multiballs that add balls, or you can carryover add-a-balls.

And yeah, @cornycrunch hit the normal add a ball method on the head. Pretty much priority #1 in MB, especially with short ball saves.


Thanks Everyone.


The fact that I forgot about that show how often the ball ends up in the pops in the first place. :joy:


Probably a dumb question but just wanted to be sure…Leia’s “power” is better scoring in 4th modes, so that is always the MB for the planets, right?


Yep, the 4th mode is the multiball! No dumb questions here. :slight_smile:



Had the weirdest experience on a Star Wars LE this past weekend.

Queued up at a competition. I take over the game from a two player setting as soon as the game goes into Match. I see the action button is green and think - shouldn’t it be off now - and just press it to feel it out. And to my amazement, the game jumps into (was seems) a completely arbitrary point of a one player game with 7M something on the scoreboard. We did a power cycle and went on with our match.

I do not have any recollection of the scores of the players that had just finished. And no time to investigate the state of the game further. Unfortunetly.


Sorry if this has already been addressed, but I don’t feel like reading the entire thread to check…

On SW Pro I played through all Hoth, Endor, Death Star and Tattooine modes and found myself in some kind of dead end situation where it wasn’t clear what was still available to play. I was still able to play Boba Fett a couple more times, but didn’t know what else to do. The FORCE targets were all down and didn’t raise back up. Occasionally the Jedi Training standups would flash.

Was I missing something obvious to get to Jedi Multiball? I’ve only played about 5-10 total SW games so I don’t have a great understanding of the rules yet, but it just felt like I hit a wall in the game.

Edit: After reading the wiki closer, I see that I probably had to advance more Jedi levels to get to Jedi MB. In that situation, is there anything else worthwhile I could have been doing or was it just a situation where I had to shoot for Jedi standups?


Bug Report to share in case anyone else has seen it? We didn’t reproduce it since we didn’t want to delay things or pay $4 to test it again with no OP on hand :slight_smile:

SW Pro 0.89

  • Started a 4-player game with Competition Mode (held in left flipper before starting game)

  • two players experienced the same issue which we could not reproduce in a single player Competition Mode game or in regular play

ISSUE: player two on ball one had it go to the “pick your mode” screen right off the plunge after he hit some FORCE targets but the ball was just in play (not locked at Death Star/Hoth/Tattooine or Endor shot) and so the flippers die since the game is letting you choose your mode and it went to bonus when he drained.

Player 3 was fine I think. We were talking about the issue though and then with the ball in plunger lane (IIRC) it just goes to the same “choose your mode” screen. I think it may have launched the ball then but we took it out since it happened twice.

As stated, we tested in a single player Competition Mode game and not, and never reproduced it and it wasn’t a switch issue as it never happened again to others casually playing the game…


Jedi Master is definitely priority #1 if you have Boba Fett done. If the main modes are done, essentially my play is:

  • Go for Boba Fett Escape
  • Get to Jedi Master
  • Finish 100 TIE Fighters
  • Get Hyperspace locks when you can for PROFIT!!!

You can also try to scum the Jedi ranks through the pop bumpers, but that takes a ton of right orbit shots/fortunate left orbit shots to complete.


Skill shot will also give you advance rank. Seems to vary how often and between characters, but I will often take that when it’s available. One of my first goals on starting a game is to get all the houses lit before I do anything, assuming it increases my chances of getting advance rank as one of the skill shots on later balls.