Star Wars (Stern) Rulesheet


Only ever seen it for Luke - possibly Leia too. I primary play Han and R2-D2 myself though.

And there’s a good number of points for just getting “houses” lit - I like to start games off by working Endor and Hoth with the left flipper and the multipliers set on them. By the time they’re both flashing, I’ve gotten myself a fairly easy 100-150M.


Luke is a guarantee (#1 award priority - everyone has a unique award that has ability synergy). Leia, if she has it on her priority list, may be tournament-only (removal of 5%, which is a high award priority), impossible due to award priority, or extremely hard to obtain (light all modes, satisfy other triggers that bypass award priorities).

The other 2 don’t even have it on the priority list.


Leia usually gets it as a choice when you drain and you are still in a mode (from what I have noticed anyway, I play as Leia as a Home owner)


Hey folks! Sorry if this has been asked and answered, but what do the cyan inserts mean in the new code?

I am trying to understand the inserts that aren’t planet-based or multiplier red/green. Here’s what I have so far:

White are the boba fett inserts
Yellow are for the hurry ups
Cyan are for?

  • Changed the color of combo shots from Mauve to Cyan.

It seems like the combos have changed (other than color) in the latest update, but I haven’t paid too much attention to them. More combo shots available maybe? Cyan is slightly less confusing than mauve to me.

Was playing SW today today at the sportsplex when a 4.1 earthquake went off nearby. Didn’t drain and didn’t tilt. Guy playing GB next to me didn’t stop either.


Thank you - phishrace! That makes sense!


There is a timer going after the first loop shot. If you don’t keep hitting the loops you’ll lose your progress.

Purple shots like the tie fighter target purple for a limited time. Shoot four purple tie fighters to finish mode.

Do we have any idea how many times? Does the death star or ramp shots time out?

Ramps must be completed 3 times. Each ‘pair’ of ramps must be completed in a very short time period (basically combo’d) or else both ramps will turn off and you will have to hit the flashing force targets to relight them

I think you need to shoot Hoth after the ramps to complete the mode.

There seems to be a timer running during this mode (I keep hearing the beeping like it’s running out) but I don’t see any timer on screen and when it runs out nothing seems to happen

After completing the force targets, you need to shoot a hurry-up on Hoth to finish the mode

This seems to need to be done more than once. Is it always 3 inlane completions to light the shots, or does it increase?

The ramps are lit red during the button bashing countdown. It’s very hard to get control and hit one before the timer runs out (I’ve only done it twice) and I haven’t been able to figure out what it does. It’d be cool if it awarded tie fighters for people who don’t want to bash the button


Is the ideal strategy right now to choose R2-D2 and light Death Star to complete both purple (Death-Star) and green (Endor) modes to get to the two multiballs (now unstackable after code update)?

That seems to me to be the best strategy. Try and play Tie-fighter and Endor multiball at the same time. Once that ends try and play the Death-Star mode multiball and bring in hyperspace hurry up as both supers are the same shot. I haven’t really watched any footage on this but it seems to be the best way to try and score big.


My go-to in head to head, and to “blow it up” is Han. Reason being is that you’re only 1 mode away from each Mini Wizard mode, except Death Star.

Skill shots:

  • pick light Tatooine on first skill shot
  • Light Escape (or tie fighters) on 2nd skill shot
  • Progress dependent on 3rd if Light Escape is not available.

During the game: Try to light Hoth, Endor, Death Star (DS not a priority). Do Hoth I (video mode, can’t fail), Hoth MB, Escape from Mos Eisley (2 shots), Tatooine MB, Endor III, Endor MB. There is a “riskier” strategy of doing Tatooine stack first, come of it with 20x running and do 2 video modes (Tatooine MB used to progress F-O-R-C-E targets to Video Mode + Hoth I), which can net you an “easy” 800mil.

Edit: I had wrong qualifying reason for Video Mode in Tatooine MB


As I see it, the Star Wars metagame is between 3 strategies:

R2D2, Rescue the Princess opener
R2D2, Rescue the Princess/Bunker (Death Star and Endor) opener
Han, triple multiball opener

In terms of perks that each character gets:

R2D2, Death Star Only

  • 4 shots to Multiball - relatively easy path on any game
  • Death Star is generally the most lucrative Multiball (jackpots awarded/advanced on drop target hits, easy to set up multipliers)
  • Multiplier augments reduce the # of risky shots required to maintain 10/20x cap
  • Hoth/Tattooine modes have good stack synergy, but their multiballs are harder to reach
  • Endor Multiball has mediocre scoring, but requires an extra 8 shots to reach (vs. the 9 overall to reach Death Star and Endor together)

R2D2, Death Star/Endor

  • 9 shots to Multiball, which could be troublesome on some setups/for some players
  • Death Star is generally the most lucrative Multiball (jackpots awarded/advanced on drop target hits, easy to set up multipliers)
  • Endor Multiball has mediocre scoring, but generally separates the stack players from the non-stacked R2s by aiding the multiplier progression for a follow up Death Star
  • Multiplier augments reduce the # of risky shots required to maintain 10/20x cap
  • Hoth/Tattooine modes have good stack synergy, but their multiballs are harder to reach


  • One “free” Multiball (shoot Hoth 5 times) with fairly good scoring, 2nd only to Death Star
  • Two easier Multiballs (Endor, Tatooine) that are one mode away, creating a great midgame
  • Ability to plunge for a lit outlane ball save
  • Not being R2 means more multiplier management and therefore more risk
  • 3 modes away from Death Star Multiball

In my opinion, a well played R2 and a well played Han goes in favor of the R2 player by a slim margin. The added utility of the additional multiplier timers means a lower chance to be caught without a controlled shot at the multiplier targets and increases relative safety. There are multiple breakpoints and crucial moments in between that cause each of the previous strategies to be the best, so stick with what works and what you need to do to come out on top!


Excellent analysis and review of the trade-offs


I’ve been working the R2 Death Start/Endor setup for a while. For multiballs, I’m considering doing Endor first before Death Star. I can reach Victory MB with Endor almost every time, since it’s just 4 shots to blow up the Death Star (virtually the same as the 4 shots needed for Endor III). Let the chaos build my multipliers to 20/40 and get them primed for good scoring for Death Star. Usually puts me in the 3-4 billion range without too much pain.


This is where I’ve landed. I was heavy into Han/Tat/Hoth when it was possible to stack a mode and a mb, but R2 seems better for both scoring and progress now.

That said… Now that I’ve made it to Jedi MB a couple times, I’m wondering if there is (or if there are plans for) a wizard mode once you’ve completed all characters.

Also, going off on a tangent, I’ve started to despise the Danger sound. Way too often I find myself asking “Did the wookie moan twice or thrice?” (I’m well aware it’s supposed to be an alarm sound, but it’s way more amusing to think of it as a wookie moaning.)


Dear anyone who is listening at Stern…

Keep the danger sound, but for double danger, substitute the higher pitched alarm heard in this scene (when the shot switches to inside the hangar):


I’ve never typed ‘THIS’ quicker on a thread. Even a ‘Warning Warning’ on the screen would be good.


Agree. This is a fantastic idea for ANY pinball manufacturer: differentiate both the audio and visual cues for first danger vs second danger. I know JJP already does so with “Danger” vs “Warning” visually on WOZ, but I don’t recall if audio is different, nor if the same nomenclature was used on Hobbit, DI, and now JJPOTC.


The sound probably isn’t different, but the wording is. Plus POTC has the warnings on the pf now anyway, so…


Forgot about that. That’s a great idea.


Do the instructions during Hyperspace MB seem wrong to anyone? They seem to say to complete the bottom lanes, but during the MB you can’t light the bottom lanes…


I think I’m too new to edit the first post myself, but would recommend deleting this line (which seems to be from early days and doesn’t really reflect where the code is or appears to be headed anymore):

Wizard Mode (for completing Modes?): ??? (Not sure if this is even in the software)