Star Wars (Stern) Rulesheet


Unless that mode is called “Galactic Empire Detention Block” and you have to defeat it by breaking out of TIE Fighter and Jedi jail. :wink:


Removed. As far as I can tell, you get nothing for beating all the modes. You then also need to do the other stuff that gets you to Jedi MB…which no matter what you’re missing feels like very painful wood chopping.

I’ve been to Jedi MB once, but it was pretty unmemorable, and hardly worth any points.


I recently learned (from the help of other players) that you can bank your add-a-balls during multi-ball.
If you earn an add-a-ball during Endor or Tie fighter, you don’t necessarily have to use it for that multi-ball- you can bank it for your next ball and they save from ball to ball it seems.


Somehow, updating that slipped past. Fixed it - thanks @earthvsmatt!

Any add a ball can be used for any later Multiball, not just mode multiballs. Unsure of Jedi MB.


Wow! * runs to turn on game an try it *


Protip: Endor is only useful for the medals and add a ball so if you’re R2D2 (or anyone else, that’s the common case) and have both Death Star and Endor MB lit, go Endor first and bank the add a ball for Death Star!


This has been my go to strategy and it works quite well.
Ideally you want to start Endor and bring in Tie Fighter, those are two add-a-balls you can earn right there. You want to get the super in Endor to start Victory Multiball (I’m not sure you can earn an add-a-ball from this).

From there you want to start Death Star and bring in Hyperspace. You can earn another add-a-ball from Death Star. Not sure you can do more than 3 add-a-balls. I don’t own the game and have only been playing on location so I apologize if that’s incorrect.


Interesting. I always thought that Tie Fighter multiball (and Hyperspace Multiball) didn’t have the add-a-ball feature, and that AAB was only applicable to the mode multiballs. Please confirm.
And also, if AAB is available on Tie Fighter, is there also AAB available on Hyperspace MB?


I don’t believe you can earn another AAB during a Victory MB, but you may use an AAB during it. And I suppose you could probably also earn an AAB during Victory MB if you hadn’t already earned one from the Mode MB in which you were victorious (but in practical terms, I find it hard to believe you could play and complete an entire Mode MB without unintentionally bouncing into the FORCE targets enough times to earn your AAB).


I believe this is correct.


AAB is earned only on mode multiballs but can be applied to TIE and Hyperspace independent of the game state.


I think @earthvsmatt meant that bringing in Tie Fighter acts like an add-a-ball?

Though I’ve been getting some weird stuff with this. I started a three ball Hoth MB, and then without draining any balls, once the ball save ran out, I brought in Tie Fighter. Ball save started again, but no more balls were plunged? I would have thought I’d get two more, but definitely at least one?


Thank you…I thought I was going crazy. But, here is a question. I thought the AAB was timed. As in, when the red light is on the button, if you don’t use it within a certain period of time it goes away. Was this in an earlier version of the code, or am I imagining this altogether?


Red light is the TIE fighter button mash; orange is add a ball. There’s no time limit on good or wise play. :wink:


The only “timed” element of an add-a-ball is each individual hit of the FORCE bank to earn it. Once you have it banked (flashing orange), it’s there until it’s used.


Are there bugs where draining causes modes to get into a state where progress is impossible (no shot lit). I felt this happened to me last night,
but maybe I just didn’t understand the mode. I will try to reproduce next time I have access to a SW Pro.


Here’s when I’ve seen it:

player played Hoth 3 and Death Star one together and after the modes were over the player was not able to start any other modes. It seemed like tie fighters and hyper space hurry ups were in play, but not modes.


I came across this the other week - If memory serves; Playing as R2D2, started hoth-2, tilted during the mode, next ball, no mode running and no missions lit.


I was R2, playing Hoth 2 and escape mos Eisley.

Sad to hear this exists, but happy to have others confirm.


Isn’t escape mos eisley a planet MB? How did you play that with another mode?