Labyrinth Rulesheet

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Game Information:

  • Game Design: David Van Es
  • Mechanics: Travis Moseman
  • Rules Design: Phil Grimaldi and Bowen Kerins
  • Software: Eric Priepke
  • Artwork: Jonathan Bergeron
  • Animation: Trent Armstrong
  • Release Date: October 2023
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev: 12/15/23

Embark on this pinball adventure into a labyrinth where nothing as it seems. Along the way, encounter a cast of characters, including Hoggle, Sir Didymus, and Ludo, who become your loyal companions “Should you need them” and prove invaluable allies as you navigate the labyrinth.

Skill Shots:

  • Worm Skillshot: Short plunge drops into the Ello Worm staging area. Starts at 200k.
  • Wiseman Skillshot: Plunge to end of shooter lane wireform and drop into scoop under right ramp. Also the first of a 2 shot super skillshot combo when combined with the bridge loop.
  • Target Skillshot: Medium plunge to the upper flipper, one shot the ‘change mode’ target.
  • Ramp Skillshot: Medium plunge to the upper flipper, one shot the center ramp from upper flipper. Starts at 500k.
  • Bridge Skillshot: Medium plunge to the upper flipper, one shot the bridge loop shot.
  • Egdirb Skillshot: Plunge with enough force to make the back corner, but soft enough to fall through the upper loop in reverse.
  • Village Skillshot: Plunge past the upper loop, but not quite to a full orbit, so that the ball falls into the back of the village. Starts at 400k.


At the start of Ball 1, the lit mode is roving through all six available modes and the first switch activated will lock in the mode to be started. When a mode is not actively running, hitting the Change Mode target will change the lit mode within the row (top/bottom) that is currently active. Spelling “HELP” when a mode is not running will allow the player to change the active row by shooting the helping hands scoop, which also completes the spelling of LABYRINTH if it is not complete at the time you shoot the scoop.

Spell LABYRINTH by completing shots with white arrows (3 shots to start by default). Then begin the mode by hitting either side of the U-turn or the wiseman scoop if the target is down.

Listed clockwise (starting from the left of the top row), the modes are:

  • The Knockers: Hit yellow shots to progress the mode - either the left ramp or right ramp for single value, or the flashing horseshoe shot for 2x value. After 5 shots, you will hear the callout “Knock, and the door will open”. At this point, you must hit the drop target between the horseshoe shots to pinch the knocker’s nose. You then have a short amount of time to hit the ball into that doorway. If you fail to do so after a few seconds, the drop target pops back up, and you must hit it again. Orb collect is lit once the mode is completed.
  • The Four Guards: “One of us always tells the truth, and one of us always lies.” Ramp and orbit shots will be lit both blue and red and hitting a shot will change the color. The upper loop and center ramp shots are yellow to start and hitting either will make the guards confess to the correct color (the correct color is the opposite one they mention – so if they say “He’ll tell you the colors should be blue,” then you know the correct color is red – just like in the movie). The correct color will also be displayed on the lower LCD. Change the color of all shots to the correct color and then complete the mode (and light orb collect) by hitting the right horseshoe lane, which will be blinking when all the colors are correct.
  • The Fireys: Starts with a 2-ball multiball. Hit the left orbit to trap a ball, then hit that trapped captive ball to “knock the head off” the firey which will give you an add a ball. Hit a red shot to relight the trap and repeat. There is a limit of 5 add-a-balls, beyond that point making the ‘head pop’ shot does not continue to add balls. After the 5th head pop, there is a roving shot lit for a super jackpot, and orb collect will be lit when the super jackpot has been scored and the mode ends.
  • The Bog of Eternal Stench: Shoot orange shots and avoid green shots to cross the bog. If a green shot is hit, the orange shot moves to the next shot in the sequence, your score will remain “stenched” in green for the rest of the game including the high score list if you make it. There is always only one shot lit orange, and the orange shot sequence is always the same: left ramp, right ramp, left orbit, right horseshoe shot, then right orbit to complete. Perfectly navigate your way through the bog to light orb collect.
  • The Oubliette: Shoot any lit shot to activate it, then shoot the same one again to complete it. If you hit a different shot while one is activated, the one you made instead is now the active shot. Each shot can only be completed once. Find your way through all 10 shots to complete the mode and light orb collect.
  • The Cleaners: Shoot the spinner on the left orbit to build up your hurry up value and then shoot the right orbit to collect. The mode can end in 2 ways - complete three ‘collects’ on the right orbit, or it will timeout when the clock (upper right on main display) reaches the 13th hour. Complete the mode with a total of at least 5M to light orb collect.


Brick Keepers Multiball:

Dance Magic Dance while collecting Jackpots!

Complete the green targets to light lock: the first one is lit at the left orbit, the second at the center ramp, and then multiball can be started at the right orbit. On default settings, Brick Keepers multiball is also lit at all lock shots at the start of ball 3 if it hasn’t been started yet.

Shots lit with red arrows are jackpots. Collect jackpots to light the super jackpot on the left orbit - knock the captive ball into the spinner to score the super jackpot and increase its value with each spin. The first super jackpot is lit after 1 jackpot, and you can still collect more regular jackpots to increase the value of the super. Each re-light of the super requires an additional regular jackpot to qualify it.

Friend Multiball:

Upon collecting a jackpot for each of the three friends (Hoggle, Ludo, and Sir Didymus) you will be presented with the option to start Friend Multiball. You can cancel out if you’d like to collect further levels on your friends for higher jackpot values by hitting either flipper before the multiball begins. If you pass on the multiball start, you will get the option to start again any time you collect a friend jackpot.

During the multiball, three random shots are lit blue, yellow, and red corresponding to the three friends. Collect all three shots to light the left scoop for the jackpot. The process then resets until the multiball ends.


The yellow, orange, and blue shots on the playfield will activate and progress your friends. Collecting friends not only provides assistance in the game in the form of rewards but also will work towards Friend Multiball.

Friends have to be ‘found’ - the circle inserts of their color will be flashing when they have not yet been found, and their picture on the display will be in black and white. Beyond level one, you have to complete a combo of 2 shots to ‘find’ the friend. Each level after requires an additional combo.

Once a friend is ‘found’ their insert will be lit solid and hitting those shots will collect items - the positions of these shots can be changed by shooting the target above the right slingshot, which also spots them if lit via the target below the left orbit. Collect 10 friend items to light extra ball at the Helping Hands scoop on the left.

You can also collect large amounts of items for one specific friend during friendzy, which lights all shots to add 1 randomly determined item. Friendzy is started after the first and every other completed wiseman quest.

Once you have enough items, the jackpot for that friend will be available at the Helping Hands scoop. The first level jackpot requires 2 items. Item requirements increase as the friend levels up.

Collecting the friend jackpot increases the friend’s level and resets them to a ‘not found’ state.

  • Hoggle: You are collecting Fairies, the yellow shots.
    • Level 1 Reward: Spell Labyrinth Faster (2 letters for each lit shot made)
    • Level 2 Reward: Light Locks Easier (enables ‘nearest neighbor’ on the targets)
    • Level 3 Reward: 2x Friend Items
    • Level 4 Reward: Orb Earned
  • Ludo: You are collecting Rocks, the orange shots.
    • Level 1 Reward: 50% More Mode Scoring
    • Level 2 Reward: 2x Brick Keepers Jackpots
    • Level 3 Reward: 2x Friend Jackpots
    • Level 4 Reward: Orb Earned
  • Sir Didymus: You are collecting Medals, the blue shots.
    • Level 1 Reward: Spelling HELP in your lower inlanes and outlanes will activate the Didymus defense above the left outlane. Normally it can only be activated once per game.
    • Level 2 Reward: Helping Hands Add-A-Ball - Once per multiball, add a ball by shooting the helping hands scoop.
    • Level 3 Reward: +5 seconds to all ball saves
    • Level 4 Reward: Orb Earned

Additional Features


Completion of Modes, Multiballs, Quests, and Friends will light “Collect Orb” under the upper right flipper for 10M. The next rainbow-colored shot you hit after collecting an orb will have a shot multiplier added to it.

  • The Knockers: Complete the Mode
  • The Four Guards: Choose the correct door on the first try
  • The Fireys: Collect a Super Jackpot
  • The Bog of Eternal Stench: Get across without touching the Bog
  • The Oubliette: Clear all 5 doors
  • The Cleaners: Score at least 5M
  • Hoggle: Collect Level 4 Jackpot
  • Ludo: Collect Level 4 Jackpot
  • Sir Didymus: Collect Level 4 Jackpot
  • Brick Keepers Multiball: Collect 3 Super Jackpots (across multiple attempts, if necessary)
  • Wiseman Quests: Complete 6 Quests
  • Friends Multiball: Play Friends Multiball
  • Goblin City Multiball: Collect 5 Jackpots in Attack Phase

Collect all 13 orbs to battle Jareth in the final showdown!

Wiseman Quests:

Knock down the drop target under the wiseman and then hit the ball into the scoop to start a quest. Each quest will have a different goal, to hit a certain number of a randomly determined shot: this can include ramps, scoops, orbits, etc. Once the required amount of shots has been made, complete the quest at the wiseman scoop to get a reward.

Every wiseman quest completed increases the bonus multiplier. Completing two wiseman quests lights extra ball, and completing six lights an orb for collection. Odd-numbered wiseman quests start friendzy, and starting the fourth wiseman quest adds a ball into play.


Light mystery by hitting the targets on either side of the wiseman scoop. Collect mystery awards by shooting under the upper right flipper when lit.

Possible mystery awards include:

Extra Balls:

Extra Balls are collected at the left scoop when lit, after:

Wizard Modes:

Goblin City Multiball (Mini-Wizard Mode):

After playing all six modes, Goblin City multiball can be started at the left orbit, which will hold the ball at the captive ball post.

  • Phase 1 (Rock Golem Battle): Goblin City is guarded by a giant, robotic rock golem that must be defeated before the heroes can enter the city proper. For this single-ball phase, a new ball is plunged, and the player must alternate shots between the two ramps and the left orbit within 10 seconds to deal damage to the golem (with the left ramp scoring 2x the right ramp value). Once the golem has been defeated, shoot the left ramp to enter Goblin City!
  • Phase 2 (Run & Hide): The goblins quickly take notice of our heroes and they must quickly run away to put their attack plan into action. 3-ball mutiball begins, and to find hiding spots, the player must shoot any flashing blue shot four times (with flashing shots scoring 2x the value). Our heroes must then hide, as the player locks balls in three different areas: first, the side ramp and wiseman scoop, then the helping hands scoop.
  • Phase 3 (Attack Phase / Here Come the Rocks!): Goblin City is overthrown by a cavalcade of rocks released by the heroes. As they escape, 6-ball multiball starts and all shots are lit for jackpots, with the wiseman scoop lighting for super jackpot after one jackpot has been scored (subsequent super jackpots require one more jackpot to light). Collect at least five jackpots to light orb collect. Goblin City multiball ends as soon as the player drains down to a single ball, and all mode progress is reset outside of the ones they completed so the player can try and complete them all.

If the player fails either the first or second phase, a second chance will be given to complete the phase. The second chance is only given once per Goblin City multiball attempt.

Battle Jareth (Wizard Mode):

You must collect all 13 Orbs to Battle Jareth.

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This is a very barebones first attempt at putting together a solid rulesheet for Labyrinth. Welcome any and all edits to help build it out!

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Wikified. Thanks for the contribution!

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Thank you for writing this! I actually had one planned myself, glad to see this was crafted!

The work you’ve done on so many other rulesheets provided a great outline for putting this together. As time allows since I have a game already I’ll go through and try to add some more detail here.

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nothing to contribute yet … just want to say i’m in love with this game! shoots great and very approachable ruleset. Shorter ball times than most modern Sterns is also a plus IMO.

It’s also impressive that a brand new company was able to put out a pin with code that is solid enough at release to be included in leagues and tournaments right out of the gate. Glares in Scooby Doo’s direction IT’S BEEN A YEAR, SCOOB, WHY CANT I TURN OFF EXTRA BALLS?!


Added the rewards for all 4 levels for each friend as well as how to collect each of the 13 orbs available in the game (thanks info screen!). Also added EB info that I could glean from the code update notes.

spooky pinball has like 3-5 differnt hardware systems that is why they don’t have basic stuff like EB settings.

All of the other at least got the basic pinball OS level stuff done.

I know we are off topic, but i think I should point out that not 3 hours after making the complaint above, Spooky released new Scooby-Doo code that DOES disable extra balls in tournament mode now! haha. (it also fixes the combo system exploit i complained about in the scooby thread! hooray!)

tournament mode that forces EB off is still not the best and seems like an quick hack

might not be ideal, but at least it’s USABLE in competition now.

My sincere thanks to @epthegeek for jumping in with a few edits and helping build this out. To have the programmer of the game so active in forums helping people and responding to feedback while still coding like a machine, well it doesn’t go unnoticed and BoF is lucky to have you on this project! Thanks for the contributions and corrections here!