World Poker Tour Rulesheet


Below is a list of all the features of World Poker Tour. Values for some features are a work in progress, as are the features that may change in competition/tournament mode. The order of features listed is somewhat organized by the frequency that they will be seen.

First, the physical features of the game:

Playfield Shots - Left to right, along with the associated feature names. (see feature description for more info).
There are 6 major shots each marked with a Red Arrow and the features listed:

  • Left Orbit - Chip Trick, Main Pot Spinner
  • Left Ramp - Flop, Turn, River, Chip Trick
  • VUK - Cut the Cards, Extra Ball, Lock
  • Scoop - Chip Trick, Spin a Card, Poker Corner, Lock
  • Right Ramp - Flop, Turn, River, Chip Trick
  • Right Orbit - Chip Trick, Main Pot Spinner

Mini-playfield - from left to right

  • Re-light Mystery
  • White Stand up
  • White Stand up
  • Ace in the Hole
  • White Stand up
  • Exit to the pops

Below the mini-playfield are thre e pop bumpers, and four red stand-up targets. Then there are 16 drop targets in three banks (8 on the left, 4 in the center, 4 on the right).

Skill Shots - The skill shot light cycles before plunging the ball, new balls are plunged for each ball of play and after physically locking a ball in the Ace in the Hole jail mechanism. Advance Hold 'Em is locked on for your first plunge of the game (to give you your initial hole cards).

  • Advance Hold Em - progresses your hold 'em hand.
  • Mystery - Awards a mystery award (see Cut the Cards)
  • Skill Flip - Shoot the left-most shot on the Mini-PF quickly and without hitting any other switch for 1M (+1M per up to 5M)

Bonus is comprised of Hold 'em hands (10K per, cumulative from all balls), trophies collected from modes (50K per, cumulative), cities won (25K per, cumulative), sharpshooter (based on each ball, somehow related to drop targets) and an end of ball bonus (may be based on switch hits?). Instant Info says “Pop Targets add Bonus X” but I’m not sure what this means.

Hold 'Em Hands
Shown in the large DMD in the center of the playfield. Progress through hold 'em hands (Flop>Turn>River) by hitting ramp shots, the Advance Hold 'Em skill shot or by getting All-in Multiball (see description below). Completing hands lights Poker Corner (see below) and progresses tournaments (see below). The award for completing a hold 'em hand is the value of the main pot (see description for All In MB) multiplied by the strength of the hand (high card: x .5; pair: x 1; two pair: x 2; three of a kind: x 3; straight: x 4; flush: x 5; full house: x 6). In tournament mode the hands are dealt to the player in ascending strength, first hand will be pair, with improving hands from there on out.

Shown by the red inserts between the sling shots. Winning your first tournament requires completing one hold 'em hand, and awards 1M points. Winning your second tournament requires two hands, awards 1.5M. Third tournament three hands, 2M points (Subsequent tournaments award +500k each and require 4 completed hands). Extra ball is lit after winning your 2nd and 6th tournament. After completing a tournament, red arrow inserts are lit to award 100k each. They unlight after awarding. I believe the award increases for every tournament completed on the same ball. (This may be per completed hand).

Poker Corner Modes (Points details to come)
Poker Corner is lit after completing a hold 'em hand. If you play a poker corner mode, you will need to complete another hand to relight (they do not stack from multiple hand completions) A trophy is awarded for hitting a specific goal in each mode, awarding 1M points. Modes last 30 seconds, first award from Cut the Cards will be More Time which adds 15 seconds. You cannot start a mode during multi-ball but you can start AITH, AI, or NL MBs during a mode. Drop Target Poker is still available during all modes, except Know Your Outs and Chip and a Chair.

In terms of tournament strategy, ignore the drop target modes. You don’t need to time them out, you can just ignore the drops. Don’t start Change Gears until you have a quickly accessible multiball.

Steal the Blind - Two shots for the trophy. Big Blind shot award starts at 500k, unlit shot awards Small Blind, starting at 100K. Pop bumpers change lit shot and increase award. Hitting Big or Small shots will increase both, +100k for Big Blind,+25K for Small Blind. The Pop Bumpers will increase value and move the Big Blind shot. Shots are not lit during this mode except when you are in the Pops.

Play the Button - Three shots for trophy. Two shots will be lit at a time, hitting a lit shot will unlight it, and light a different shot. Lit shots start at 500K, unlit shots start at 50K. Hitting lit or unlit shot will increase awards for both, +100K for lit, +10K for unlit.

Know your outs - Hit 16 drop targets for the trophy, targets do not reset until you’ve hit all 16. Drops award 250k for the first, increasing +25k per subsequent drop. This is a challenging and dangerous mode to complete if you don’t have a multiball running. If you do complete it, you will have earned 8M plus.

A Chip and a Chair - Hit 20 drop targets for the trophy, targets reset pretty frequently. First target awards 100K, increases 10K per. Dangerous mode to complete without multiball, completion will net you 5M+.

Spot the Tell - Hit two tells for the trophy. DMD shows six faces corresponding to the six major shots, a face will occasionally show a tell. Hitting the corresponding Tell shot awards 1M + 250k per and creates a new Tell shot (which could be on the same shot), No tell awards 100k + 25k per. I’ve gotten around 4M out of this mode.

Change Gears - Eight to win trophy. Hit shots on the lower (any of the 6 main shots) and upper playfield (white stand ups). Shots on the lower playfield start at 500K, shots on the upper playfield start at 300K, each will increase both, +50K for Low gear and +25K for high gear. Low Gear shots max out at 1.5M, High Gear shots max at 750K. This is probably the most lucrative mode, especially if you can bring a multi-ball in. I’ve gotten 30M out of it with a multi-ball.

Multiballs - Side pots are collected by hitting the orbits during a multiball. Extra ball is lit after 10 side pots. Side pot starts at 100K, increased by hitting the bumpers. Side Pot value resets each ball, unless hold Side Pot is awarded (through mystery, or through WPT hurry-ups) All MBs can be stacked and except for Poker Hands, can be started during any mode.

Ace in the Hole - Hit the jail on the mini-playfield to open the bars, then lock a ball, then hit the jail 3 times to start Ace in the Hole, which releases the captive ball for a two ball multi-ball. (If you quickly lock the ball in the jail again for 1M points “Instant re-lock”, and another ball will be added.) If either ball leaves the mini-playfield the jail bars will lower. Get jackpots by hitting the ramps or the jail. Hitting 3 jackpots will re-open the jail, the first time, so you can lock another ball and have it replaced from the trough. You can then release the ball with 4 hits and re-open the jail with another 4. Jackpots start at 200k, and are awarded from ramp shots and hitting the jail. If the jail is open, try to lock a ball in it as it will briefly light ball save and replace the locked ball with a fresh ball. As you progress they increase to 400k and then 500k. A super jackpot becomes available after like 10 jackpots and is worth 1.5M. If you have a ball in the jail when you drain to one ball, the jail will open and release the ball to allow you to continue multiball. AITH can be started while in a Poker Corner mode, and during other multiballs. Good strategy with AITH is to get it to “1 hit to start multiball”, start a mode, then get it to the upper PF and start the MB. If the jail is open during any multiball, try to lock a ball in it as it will briefly light ball save and replace the locked ball with a fresh ball.

All In - The spinners at the left and right orbit raise the value of the main pot, spinners start at 5k increasing by 500 per completed hold ‘em hand, main pot starts at 250k (each completed hand increases starting value by 25k). When the main pot reaches the All In value (shown on the DMD, starts at 750k by default, increasing by 250k after each AI MB) your multiball will begin, you are awarded with a completed hold’ em hand, and the current base value of the main pot. Jackpots are on the main shots excluding orbits and have a starting award of 150K, all switch hits increase jackpot value. All In multiball can be reached with pretty consistently with 2-3 good full orbit shots, or 1 strong orbit with Triple Scoring active.

No Limits - Hit the stand up Lock target three times, then lock three balls at either the VUK or the scoop. You can stack lit locks for your first No Limits, the second No Limits requires lighting then locking, and repeating. Left ramp lights for 1M jackpot, and then you can relight the jackpot by completing a drop target bank, with the left bank lighting 3X jackpot, the center for 1X or the right for 2X. Lock insert will be flashing when you have the third lock lit. If you have two balls locked, and third lock and poker corner are both lit, you can start No limits and a mode by hitting the scoop.

Poker Hands - A mini (micro?) wizard mode. Light all the poker hands shown on the playfield (see Drop Target Poker) to start a four ball multi ball. This can be started during other multiballs. Jackpots start at 1M, spinners raise jackpot, after 9 jackpots Super Jackpot is lit for 5M.

Drop Target Poker - Poker Hands are shown on the inserts in the playfield below the center drop target bank. Light an insert by hitting the drop targets to make that hand (hit two Qs to light One Pair, etc). Each drop is worth 10k to begin, gaining an additional 1K . You are awarded 100k multiplied by the position of the insert (100k for one pair, 200k for two pair, etc except Royal Flush which scores 1M base) plus 100k per unlit insert below it. So, completing Straight first will award 400k+300k. You can also complete higher hands that may include a lower hand by hitting the drop targets before the award is shown, i.e. you can complete Three of a Kind before completing One Pair if you hit the second and third targets in quick succession. Completing all hand types will start poker hands multiball which is a mini-wizard mode. Spotted cards are indicated by lit inserts, and persist from ball to ball (though the target will reset to the up position). Flashing card inserts indicate cards that will complete an available hand. These poker hands cannot be progressed during Know Your Outs or Cut the Cards (because those modes use the drops).

Triple Scoring -
After completing a drop target poker hand, triple scoring will be lit on an inlane. You can switch which inlane is lit with the flipper button. This is essentially triple playfield scoring for 3 seconds --if the action awards points, they will be tripled-- and counts as triple progress towards super jackpots (in applicable multiballs).

Chip Trick
These are the shot combos in the game. Chip tricks are available on all the major shots except the VUK. Left side chip tricks will flash when you do left orbit or right inlane, right side CTs flash on right orbit and left inlane. Hitting a flashing shot will spot that insert and award points around 15-50k’. Subsequent chip tricks award higher points for the rest of ball and comboing them will award 2X, 3X etc the value. Upon spotting your fifth Chip trick you start Super Trick: you have 10 seconds to hit a flashing Chip Trick. Hitting that shot unlights it, awards around 200k and the timer resets to 10 seconds to hit another flashing Chip Trick for 300k, then 400k etc. This is actually calculated as 2/3/4/5/6 times a base value of 100k, which can be increased somehow, but I’m not sure how. Extra Ball is lit for hitting all flashing Chip Trick shots during Super Trick, but must be collected before draining as it does not carry to the next ball. After completing super trick, chip tricks have a higher starting value.

Cut the Cards - This is the mystery award. (Longest shot in pinball?) VUK hanging off the back of the playfield, sends the ball up to the mini-playfield. Mystery awards include: advance hold’em, small points (around 15k-120k), medium points (around 350k-600k), large points (around 900k-1.2M), double hurry up (starts at 2M), increase bumper value, add 2x/3x/4x/5x bonus, add bonus points, increase drop target value, increase side pot, light triple scoring, raise bars (opens AITH jail), increase chip trick value, hold chip trick value, hold bumper value, hold drop value, hold side pot, light extra ball (rare). The possible awards are the same on the skill shot mystery and cut the cards. During multi-ball this will award an add-a-ball (unless all 4 balls are in use), while during a mode it will award more time (15 seconds). Cut the Cards is re-lit by hitting the left-most shot on the mini playfield. Mystery Award can also award All In Multiball or No Limits Multiball as a pity award on your third ball. For NL, I believe you need to have Lock and Cut the Cards lit at the VUK, All In MB can be awarded from the skill shot.

Spin a Card - The scoop will spot a random drop target to add to your drop target poker hand. Relight by going through the left inlane.

Hurry Up - Hitting any of the white stand up targets on the mini-playfield three times will begin a hurry up, starting at 1M and decreasing. Hitting the white targets while the hurrry-up is running will increase the value. Complete the hurry up by hitting the right slot that exits to the pops. There are random “hold” awards every two hurry ups. These are things like “hold trick value”, “hold side pot value”, “hold main pot value”, “hold bonus x”. 10 Hurry ups lights extra ball.

Red stand up targets - These are there in place of the usual rollover lanes, above the pops, light all four targets by hitting them (cycle them with the flipper buttons) to increase bumper value and add bonus X multiplier.

Pop Bumpers - Base value of 1K points, can be increased with the stand up targets, or through mystery awards. Hitting the pops also increases Side Pot Value. 3x and 5x bumpers occur sometimes but not sure why.

Wizard Modes

Poker Wizard - Play all 6 modes, then hit the poker corner shot. Shot awards are increased based on how many trophies you’ve earned. With two trophies, jackpots are worth 1.6M With three trophies, jackpots are worth 2.3M

WPT World Championship - Begins after completing your 6th tournament, to complete you need to collect 10M points by hitting ramps repeatedly, Flops, turns and rivers all award points. Hand awards are increased by hitting drops. 10M points awarded upon completing.

Keefer Invitational - This has a lot of requirements that are mostly listed in the status report. Requires 25M from Ace in the Hole MB, 25M from No Limits MB, 25M from Pot (completed hold 'em hands), 25M from Targets (drop targets and hands), 25M from hurry-ups, 25M from modes, and one WPT championship.

Please feel free to contribute any additional info.


I’ve seen the mystery award provide multiball (off the skill shot, no less) on our local game, is that a typical mystery award or is there some kind of ball 3 pity multiball rule at work there?


Thanks for the note, surprised I forgot this. Added language to Cut the Cards. I’ll try to figure out the exact requirements in future bad games…


It’s a pity rule.


Special is in the outlanes.
How do you light it?
How do you make it drain in the outlanes?

  1. lit from starting poker hands MB (hands from drop targets).

  2. ensure special ISN’T lit.


Are you telling me that when special is lit, i should use the flipper buttons to make sure that it is lit at the opposite outlane from where the ball is draining?


It was an attempt at a joke, the ball seems much more likely to go down an outlane if nothing is lit on it.

pretty sure that slingshots change which outlane is lit, it’s not player controlled.


Thats cool. Now that I knew what to check for, I did. It seems starting poker hands MB isn’t enough. Maybe by completing it?


Pretty sure special was lit for me last night as soon as I started Poker Hands mb. I’m running factory settings on everything, non-competition.