Hot Wheels Rulesheet (WIP)

The third game from American Pinball, Hot Wheels engrosses players in a thrilling journey through the streets of Hot Wheels City. The evil Draven and his army of Creatures are causing havoc, and it’s up to you to restore order with the aid of epic vehicles!

This rulesheet is a wiki; feel free to contribute!


A tour of the playfield, starting from the left flipper and working our way around clockwise:

  • Left flipper: Standard.

  • Left slingshot: Standard.

  • Left inlane: Fed from eiher the right ramp or Build Track scoop. Lights “P” in “EPIC”.

  • Left outlane: Lights “E” in “EPIC”. Can be lit for Pit Stop Ball Save.

  • Pit Stop standup: Located in a similar position above the left outlane to the Last Call standup on Oktoberfest. Lights the Pit Stop ball save.

  • BATTLE standups: Six targets in a slight outward-facing curve. Complete to light a Battle mode.

  • Left orbit: Has a spinner at the entrance. Hard shots feed the ball to the right flipper via a plastic ramp; weak shots go into the pop bumpers or the skill shot lane (which subsequently feeds to the right inlane. Can be lit for 12th place, 6th place or the checkered flag.

  • Car target: The first of 4 standups, located between the left orbit and left inner orbit. Adds cars to your collection in main play (more on that later), and also helps qualify add-a-balls during a multiball.

  • Left inner loop: Hard shots loop around to the right orbit/spinner; weak shots go into the pop bumpers. Can be lit for 11th, 5th or 2nd place.

  • Car target: The second of the 4 stand ups, between the left inner loop and the “Build Track” lane.

  • Build Track lane: A lane with a drop target guarding a VUK, which delivers balls to the left a matter similar to the Doc Ock shot on Spider-Man. Shoot to build tracks, cash in virtual ball locks for Track Multiball, earn Extra Balls, and collect super jackpots.

  • RPM standups: Three standups that spell “RPM” and are stacked, meaning that that the “P” is positioned slightly farther back than the “R”, and the “M” is farther back than the “P”. Hitting and completing the RPM standups increase the Tachometer, which in turn raises all playfield scoring.

  • Loop magnet: Found above the pop bumper area. Holds balls for different features, including Loop Crash Multiball.

  • Pop bumpers: Three in a triangular array. Fed from weak orbit shots. [Need to confirm/more specifics needed]

  • Car target: The third of the four standups, found in the pop bumper area.

  • Advance Bonus X target: Found near the pop bumper exit.

  • Turbo kicker: Similar mechanism to the Raptor Pit from Jurassic Park, kicking the ball back at high speeds. Can be lit for Boost Scoring, super jackpots, or a Special.

  • Right ramp: Hard shots feed left inlane; weak shots drop into the bumpers. Can be lit for 10th, 8th or 3rd place.

  • Right orbit: Has a spinner at the entrance. Hard shots send balls screaming around to the left inner loop, while weak shots park the ball in the bumpers. Can be lit for 8th, 7th or 4th place.

  • Right lock: Guarded by a drop target. Holds balls before feeding them to the right inlane. Can be lit for Battle modes, locks, or Mystery awards.

  • Epic standups: Two targets. The top starts Epic features, while the bottom collects the points earned from them (more on that later).

  • Skill shot lane: Three rollovers at varying lengths apart from each other numbered 1, 2 and 3. Plunging the ball into one of these lanes gives an award, with 3 (the farthest away) being the most valuable to achieve. Balls exit to the right inlane.

  • Right outlane: Lights “P” in “EPIC”.

  • Right inlane: Lights “I” in “EPIC”.

  • Right slingshot: Standard.

  • Right flipper: Standard.

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