The Godfather Rulesheet

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Game Information:

  • Lead Designer: Eric Meunier
  • Code/Rules:
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer:
  • Artwork: Christopher Franchi
  • Computer Graphics Art Director: Joe Katz
  • Sound Designer:
  • Release Date: March 2023
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev: 1.04

The Godfather engrosses players in the high-risk, high-reward world of the mafia. Meet with the Don to start jobs and cash out as many points as you can, defeat bad guys, and acquire as much influence as possible to ascend the ranks of the family.

Rules Overview:

  • Select a super skill shot by pressing the action button at the start of the ball. Some of these make it easier to start Multiballs.
  • Five Families Multiball - defeat four bad guys by shooting the center shot enough times (or orbits for the final bad guy of a set). Use the flippers for extra damage.
  • Compound Multiball - lock a ball at the Compound then lock another one there, or keep shooting the locked ball at the Compound target to increase the jackpots.
  • Turf War Multiball - collect the lit venture shots then shoot either lit orbit to lock balls.
  • Sicily Multiball - complete the 1-2-3 targets near the bumper or make skill shots there to light this at the left ramp. Shoot the Hideout from upper flipper for super jackpots.
  • Jobs - lit at Don’s office after collecting enough soldiers via switch hits. Follow the instructions on the display to light the cash out at the office. Either flip both flippers to keep going for increased values, or press the action button to cash out. These can be played and started at any point in the game.
  • Weapons playfield X - shoot the spinners to build up the weapon (above the left flipper, white inserts) and mash the action button to use it. Maximum weapon value is indicated by the furthest lit insert and increases the more times you use playfield X.


Family Select:

At the start of the game, the player can choose which family of crime they want to join using the flipper buttons and action button to select a family. Each family positively and negatively impacts the game in different ways.

Skill Shots:

There are 2 “standard” skill shots and 22 super skill shots. Press the action button to enable the super skill shot selection.

Standard skill shots:

Super skill shots:

  1. FOUNTAIN: Plunge to fountain lane
  2. COMPOUND: Plunge to Compound Lock
  3. SUPER UPPER LOOPS: Shoot Upper Loop from Upper Flipper
    • Unlimited Skill Loops
    • 300,000 x 1+++
  4. HIDEOUT: Shoot Hideout from Upper Flipper
  5. MOE GREEN: Plunge to “I” lane from Upper Loop
  6. “SPOT” SLINGSHOT: Plunge to Upper Left Slingshot from Upper Loop
  7. LEFT 3-BANK: Plunge to Left 3-Bank from Upper Loop
  8. SCOOP (JOB START): Shoot Scoop from Left Flipper
    • Start Job with +25 Soldiers
    • 300,000 x 1
  9. BEHIND SCOOP: Shoot Behind Scoop from Left Flipper
  10. CAPOREGIME: Shoot Caporegime from Left Flipper
  11. RIGHT ORBIT: Shoot Right Orbit from Left Flipper
    • Fill all Weapons
    • 200,000 x 1
  12. SUPER RIGHT LOOPS: Shoot Right Ramp from Left Flipper
    • Unlimited Skill Loops
    • 250,000 x 1+++
  13. FLIPPER COMPOUND: Shoot Compound from Left Flipper
  14. BUMPER TARGET: Shoot Bumper Target from Left Flipper
    • Fountain Scoring Increases
    • 300,000 x 1
  15. SICILY: Shoot Sicily Targets from Left Flipper
  16. LEFT ORBIT: Shoot Left Orbit from Right Flipper
    • Fill all Weapons
    • 500,000 x 1
  17. SCOOP (JOB START): Shoot Scoop from Right Flipper
    • Start Job with +50 Soldiers
    • 600,000 x 1
  18. BEHIND SCOOP: Shoot Behind Scoop from Right Flipper
  19. SUPER LEFT LOOPS: Shoot Left Ramp from Right Flipper
    • Unlimited Skill Loops
    • 300,000 x 1+++
  20. CAPOREGIME: Shoot Caporegime from Right Flipper
  21. MEGA HIDEOUT: Shoot Hideout from Ramp Target from Right Flipper
  22. MEGA LOOPS: Shoot Upper Loop from Ramp Target from Right Flipper
    • Unlimited Skill Loops
    • 750,000 x 1+++

Each super skill shot can only be collected once. Collecting all 22 super skill shots or collecting 12 Rings allows them all to be collected again, and each super skill shot adds +1x to the value for the next.


The main modes of The Godfather are jobs assigned to you by the Don. To start a new job, collect soldiers by making shots or hitting targets around the playfield - targets are worth 3 soldiers, shots are worth 2 soldiers, and slingshots are worth 1 soldier. The soldiers act as your “timer” during modes - up to 100 can be collected at once. Once enough soldiers have been collected, Don’s Office will light to start the next job. Certain levels of influence also light Don’s Office to start jobs.

After shooting the required shots in each job, Don’s Office will light for the cash out. Use the flipper buttons to continue the mode and keep increasing the value for cashing out, or press the action button to cash out and receive all of the mode completion benefits. The cash out value is impacted by the playfield and shot multipliers, though the multiplied value isn’t displayed until it has been cashed out.

The Job Modes, listed clockwise from their appearance above the flippers, are:

  • Dinner Specials: Shoot the loop ramp, then send the ball to the left inlane and shoot the bad guy to light the scoop. (Cashing out during this mode makes jackpots easier to score during Compound Multiball).
  • Take the Cannoli: Shoot any two of the lit shots, then shoot the right inlane target followed by the bad guy to light the scoop. (Cashing out during this mode adds a ball to Compound Multiball).
  • Pursuit: Shoot 2 lit shots while avoiding the flashing red / blue shots (the police), then shoot the hideout or compound target to light the office for the cash out. (Cashing out during this mode makes it easier to qualify the super jackpot during Sicily Multiball).
  • Delivery: Loop the left ramp twice to load the delivery, then shoot under it to make the delivery and light the office for the cash out. (Cashing out during this mode adds a ball to Sicily Multiball).
  • Shakedown: “Shoot everything” and score 20 switch hits, then shoot the compound target to light the office for the cash out. 20 more switch hits are required each time you continue. (Cashing out during this mode adds a ball to Turf War Multiball).
  • Market Day: Shoot two of the roving shots, then shoot the bad guy. (Cashing out during this mode makes it easier to relight jackpots during Turf War Multiball).
  • Hung Jury: Shoot either orbit or the hideout to track down the juror (+1 each time you continue), then shoot the office for the cash out. (Cashing out during this mode makes all jackpots lit right away during 5 Families Multiball).
  • Wedding Favor: Roll through any of the VITO lanes twice or shoot behind the upper flipper to earn favors, then shoot Don’s office to request the favor and enable the cash out on the next scoop shot. (Cashing out during this mode adds a ball to 5 Families Multiball).

Playing all eight Job Modes is required to qualify Honor.

Job Award Modes:

Playing through two jobs adjacent to the blue inserts on the stained glass window qualifies Job Award modes at Don’s Office. These modes play similarly to normal jobs, but allow you to score Rings as you make shots. The final wizard mode, Kiss the Ring, can only be lit after you’ve collected enough Rings from award modes.

The number of collects in each mode are determined by the number of jobs you successfully cashed out prior to starting the award mode (minimum of 1, max of 3). Collecting enough rings awards perks for the next job:

  • 1 Ring - The next job has an infinite amount of soliders, therefore no timer restrictions.
  • 3 Rings - The cash out for the next job is doubled.
  • 6 Rings - Unlimited influence timer for rest of ball, therefore combos have no time limit.
  • 12 Rings - Reset all Super Skill Shots.

The Job Award modes, listed clockwise from their appearance above the flippers, are:

  • Tribute: (Qualify by playing Wedding Favor and Dinner Specials) Shoot 5 of the lit ventures to build a value that can be cashed out by shooting behind the upper flipper - flashing ventures add 3x the value.
  • Turnpike: (Qualify by playing Take the Cannoli and Pursuit) Shoot the loop ramp to build a value that can be cashed out by shooting the hideout.
  • Raid: (Qualify by playing Delivery and Shakedown) Shoot the spinners, slingshots and bumper to build a value that can be cashed out by shooting the compound target.
  • Boxing: (Qualify by playing Market Day and Hung Jury) Shoot the left and right ramps to build a value that can be cashed out by shooting the bad guy.

Playing all four Job Award modes is required to qualify Honor.

Multiball Modes:

The four multiball modes on The Godfather all tie into jobs and can be improved by successfully cashing them out before starting the multiball. The four multiball modes can be stacked with each other for huge points, and progress can be made towards all of them even while other multiballs are running.

Playing all four multiball modes is required to qualify Honor.

Compound Multiball:

Lock a ball in the Compound, by either sending a ball into the lock directly or by making the lock off of a skill shot. The player must then lock another ball in the compound to start Compound Multiball, or increase the jackpot value for the multiball by shooting the compound target followed by the drop target near the compound.

During Compound Multiball, the lit blue shots score jackpots. Collect enough jackpots (3 + 1 per super) to light the Compound lock for super jackpot worth the jackpot total.

Sicily Multiball:

Hit the targets around the bumper, and the bumper itself, to qualify the region target in front of it to collect a region. Once all three regions have been collected, shoot the target under the left ramp to start Sicily Multiball.

During Sicily Multiball, shoot the targets to build the value of the super jackpot that can be collected at the hideout - the shot above the upper loop.

Turf War Multiball:

Shoot the lit “venture” shots around the playfield to light the lock. Lit ventures are determined by the family chosen at the start of the game and can be spotted with hits to either the “SPOT” slingshot or the bumper. Once all qualified ventures have been collected, shoot either the left or right orbit to lock balls for Turf War Multiball. The number of locks required is progressive, and determined by the ventures from each territory the player has collected - restricted to 2 balls at the start of the game, collecting different types of ventures allows the player to lock up to 6 balls prior to starting the multiball. More ventures can be lit by gaining enough influence.

During Turf War Multiball, shoot the lower or upper 3-bank standup targets to score jackpots and gather more territories (1 territory for the lower 3-bank standup targets, 2 territories + super jackpot for the upper 3-bank standup targets, and 3 territories for a combination upper loop ramp/upper 3-bank stand targets shot). The jackpots can be relit by shooting the left and right orbits.

Gathering all 17 territories by collecting enough ventures, thus playing this multiball multiple times, is required to qualify the final wizard mode.

5 Families Multiball:

Shoot the center drop target to start fights against bad guys - they can be seen at the top left of the display, and pressing the flippers will change which bad guy is qualified. To defeat each bad guy, send the ball behind the drop target and into the spinning disc, and use the flippers to spin the disc and deal damage to the bad guy. The final blow is a hurry-up starting at 1M and decreasing to 100,000, increasing for each bad guy defeated. Other bad guys will require the player to shoot either orbit, then use the flippers to spin the disc and deal damage. Defeat one bad guy from each crime family (excluding your own, so four total), then make the shot behind the drop target again, to start 5 Families Multiball.

During 5 Families Multiball, the jackpot value is a hurry-up counting down from 500k and locked in with a shot to the drop target. The jackpots can then be scored five times each by shooting either ramp or orbit. Once five jackpots have been scored, shoot the bad guy 3 times to score the super jackpot worth the jackpot total. The sequence then repeats at a higher jackpot value.

Defeating all eight bad guys - two from each crime family excluding your own - will qualify the Baptism mini-wizard mode in place of the multiball.

Other Scoring:

Weapons & Playfield X:

Shoot the spinners to upgrade the currently lit weapon, which can be used by pressing the action button and increased further by quickly pressing it again. Each weapon corresponds to a playfield multiplier, up to 10x playfield. The playfield X timer can be extended by pressing the action button while a weapon is already being used. The max playfield X value can be increased via influence or by actively using the weapons, and starts at 4x.

Shot X:

The right inlane target enables shot X. Different methods of shooting the shot X target result in different multipliers:

  • By default, shooting the right ramp enables 2x shot X for the next shot.
  • Shooting any drop target qualifies this method to enable 5x shot X for the next shot instead of 2x.
  • Shooting the right inlane target as an alley pass from the left flipper instantly enables 10x shot X for the next shot.


Complete the VITO return lanes and collect combos to increase the influence level. Each level of influence gained awards different perks:

  • By default, ventures are lit at the start of the game.
  • Beat Cops - Soldiers remain active for longer.
  • Detectives - More ventures are lit. The next job is qualified.
  • 4 - Max weapon level increased.
  • 5 - Offer advanced.
  • 6 - More ventures are lit. Soldiers remain active for longer.
  • Senator - The next job is qualified. Extra ball is lit.
  • Presidential - Max weapon level increased. Offer advanced.

Reaching the Presidential level of influence is required to qualify the final wizard mode.

Favor Awards:

Shooting Don’s Office qualifies the right inlane target for a Favor award. Favor awards either “small points” (100k) or adds soldiers during a job.

Mystery Awards:

There are three different levels of mystery awards, each of which is qualified by spelling VITO, but collected at a different shot on the playfield:

  • Offer: 1 VITO completion needed. Collect at Don’s Office.
  • Interrogation: 2 VITO completions needed. Collect at right orbit.
  • Hot Tip: 3 VITO completions needed. Collect at left orbit.

Extra Balls:

To score the extra ball, shoot the “2” target behind the bumper, without scoring a hit on the bumper. Extra balls can be lit by:

End-of-Ball Bonus:

Bonus is comprised of:

All multiplied by the bonus multiplier, which is increased by shooting either ramp followed by the hideout, or by shooting the side ramp followed by a shot behind the upper flipper. Both bonus multipliers max at 5x, so the overall maximum is 25x bonus.

Baptism (Mini-Wizard Mode):

After defeating all four level 2 bad guys, the next shot behind the center drop target will start the Baptism mode.

Starting Baptism is required to qualify the final wizard mode.

Honor (Mini-Wizard Mode):

Honor is qualified at Don’s Office by completing all of the inserts seen above the flippers in the stained glass window. This means:

Starting Honor is required to qualify the final wizard mode.

Kiss the Ring (Wizard Mode):

To qualify the final wizard mode at Don’s Office, the following tasks must be completed:


Added some clarifications about Award modes. The perks come from collecting rings and not just playing the modes; you can get to the second perk in the first Award mode you play, and there’s a pretty nice award if you collect all 12 (unlocking all your super skill shots).

Updated Skill Shots information. Now includes all 22 super skill shots.


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