Aerosmith Rulesheet


Code rev: 1.03

Modes (songs): Like Kiss or AC/DC, modes are tied to songs. You start a mode by picking it on the plunge and it also starts a timer with it. Most modes end when you run out of time (at least one – Same Old Song – will end after you’ve shot enough targets during the CIU phase), but thankfully the music continues until you start a new song mode. You can earn more time by shooting the left scoop while Crank it Up is lit (although it’s really a shame that Stern used “Crank It Up” on another rock pin to merely add more time – kind of tarnishes the aura, value, importance, and accomplishment that MET’s CIU holds). You cannot start a new mode on subsequent plunges if you drain while there’s still time on your mode (at least prior to completing it).

Completing a mode:

Mode progress is tracked by the flower underneath the mode timer. Completing shots in the mode adds another petal to the flower. Some modes require all petals to complete and others do not. When the flower is completed you may still play the mode. If the timer reaches 0 and the mode is completed you get an untimed “final shot” where all shots on the playfield are lit. This final shot qualifies your Super Mode that is tied to the mode you just completed. In some cases, you MUST shoot this final shot prior to draining or you will have lost your Super Mode. For example: even if you have the most epic Walk This Way mode, ratcheting up your base Super Ramps value to millions of points, you will not be given the opportunity to cash in any Super Ramps without hitting the final shot when the timer runs out.

Rats in the Cellar and Back in the Saddle do not need to be completed to finish the mode. They award higher value Super Spinner and Super Pops respectively for the more shots that are made.

Rats in the Cellar – 8 Shots to complete – optional: Super Spinner
Last Child - 8 Shots to complete: Super Orbits
Walk This Way – 8 Shots to complete – optional: Super Ramps
Dude Look Like a Lady - 10 Shots to complete: Super Lanes
Same Old Song and Dance - 10 Shots to complete: Super Targets
Back in the Saddle – 8 Shots to complete – optional: Super Pops
Sweet Emotion – 12 Shots to complete: Super Scoring (timed scoring round)

Picking your next mode: Shoot the scoop while the record insert is flashing (looks like Stern rolling stones record insert) to choose your next mode. Always available if a song is over unless you start Multiball.

Crank it up: After shooting any single shot in a mode, crank it up is lit on the left scoop. This shot adds 20 seconds to your mode timer, gives you different shots to hit in the mode, and increases your mode scoring. This does not change the number of shots required to complete a mode.

Super modes: Playing a mode through to completion awards a specific super mode tied to that mode. When playing a mode you earn “coins” based on how well you play a mode. More shots made as combos and to flashing arrows earn you more coins, and I believe shots made after you Crank it Up are also worth more coins than shots without using CIU. Your coins are ‘cashed in’ at the completion of a mode toward the base value of your super mode.

Toys Multiball: Shooting the toy box lights your locks. You can light up to 6 locks at a time (they will be green flashing inserts under the box) prior to collecting any of them. On subsequent Toys MB’s, you must hit the Toy Box multiple times to light each Lock.

Toy Box MB ball lock: shoot the right-side LOCK lane to physically lock balls in the toy box via the LOCK lane saucer/kicker – but beware: the kicker frequently misses, and the missed shot to the toy box means the ball is still in play, and there will be no new ball served to the shooter lane. You can also hit the backdoor of the LOCK lane as a skill shot (think of it like the Rudy’s Hideout skill shot) for free locks. You can start multiball with 3 balls… but can choose to abort and lock up to 6 balls in a multiball. This enables higher playfield multiplier during Toys multiball. And 6-ball Toys MB has base jackpot values that are double that of 3-ball Toys MB.

Match play note regarding Toy Box ball locks: Unless the Toy Box mech has been disabled, you can “semi-steal” physically locked balls from other players. If there are 5 balls in the toy box, and P2 chooses to start his/her MB after only 3 locks, the Toy box “plate” will lift all physically locked balls out of the box, giving P2 a brief 6-ball multiball, even though P2 only qualified 3 locks. However, the software compensates by not re-launching the first 2-3 balls that drain during the MB ball-save period, so P2 will quickly be down to their intended 3-ball MB. Further, when P1 locks her 6th ball, even though the Toy Box is physically empty, the game will auto-launch all 5 balls from the trough, adding them to the 1 that was in play for P1’s deserved/earned 6-ball MB.

Toys MB Scoring: AKA Klingon MB. Can bring another song in to this, but Toys in the Attic is another song mode insert that can be started and “completed” like other songs. There’s a Super Jackpot around the 6th Jackpot. To complete the mode, you must hit every green jackpot twice, then hit the roving super jackpot, and finally hit the double super jackpot at the Toys lock lane shot. Hitting the 2x Super JP relights all the jackpot shots, and completes the Toys in the Attic insert.

Toys MB 2x Scoring: Shoot the toy box to light lock and lock balls in the Toy box for timed 2x scoring. More balls locked can give higher playfield multiplier (+1x for every ball locked). Even if the Toy Box kicker misses the Toy Box with timed locked ball, you’ll still have your timed PFx, just not the benefit of one less ball to deal with.

Love in an Elevator Multiball: AKA Megatron MB. Shoot both orbits to light locks, and subsequent Elevator MB’s require multiple shots to both orbits to light each lock. Virtually lock 3 balls on the elevator shot. During MB: all major shots are lit. Shoot one and now only the Elevator scoop will be lit for jackpot (1st floor, 2nd floor, etc.). You must repeat this sequence for all major shots, which will then lite Super Jackpot at the Elevator shot. The EMB SJP base value is the sum total of your Floor jackpots, including any shot and combo multipliers. With the updated code, there is now progress memory saved between EMB’s. The SJP is collected at 100% value if you do all 8 floors in one multiball. Otherwise it’s 75% for 2 attempts, or 50% if it takes you 3 or more attempts to complete EMB.
Note: no timed ball-lock 2x scoring in EMB.

Add-a-Ball: Just like other Ropp MB’s… your first Mystery award in MB will give add-a-ball.

PF Multiplier: seems to be a mystery award on the scoop only on the Pro (“Double Scoring”). On the premium this is the upper playfield: shoot all the UPF standup targets, and then shoot the UPF loop to begin timed 2x scoring.

Shot multiplier: completing all nine of the yellow stand-up targets lights the shot multiplier on the next shot for the rest of the ball.

VIP Pass: No, it’s not a VIP Award like ACDC. It’s a KISS Front Row outlane ball save, but on the right outlane this time.

Extra Balls: By default it lights once you start 3 modes. There’s also an EB lit by hitting approx 5 “secret” Jacky shots. These secret Jacky shots are major shots that are not lit for mode scoring.

Medley Multiball: (Spoiler alert: hidden for those that want to experience it before learning about it.)


mini-wizard mode qualified by playing all modes (flashing insert) . Shoot left saucer to begin. Stage-type add-a-ball MB requiring you to complete some # of shots corresponding to each song modes corresponding Super shot. When you complete a stage, you immediately move onto the next stage (song) and one ball is added to the fun with a short ball saver. For example: it started with Same Old Song and Dance, requiring you to shoot all 9 yellow standups once. Each song will also have two major shots lit to collect an additional jackpot. I’m not sure what happens if you complete all the stages. I don’t recall if traditional add-a-ball Mystery award worked during Medley.

Wizard mode is qualified by completing all songs. Completing a song during Medley multiball does NOT count toward the wizard mode.


Thanks for providing this info, Tim.


  1. Can you describe the mini-wizard mode? (How to start it, how to play it, how relatively valuable it is, etc.)

  2. Do you need to start Toys in the Attic to qualify the mini-wizard mode?

  3. “completing all the yellow stand-up targets lights the shot multipler on the next shot for the rest of the ball.” Does the multiplier go away after you use it once?

  4. Any thoughts on useful starting songs or songs to bring into a multiball?

  1. No, sorry :smiley:

  2. Yes… so I should perhaps add that. All songs in the inserts are part of the “set list” and Toys in the Attic as well as Love in an Elevator are both part of that.

  3. It stays for the whole ball.

  4. I don’t know the full progression of the modes yet… and I am confused as to why you can complete Rats with so many fewer shots than say Sweet Emotion. Sweet Emotion lights the most shots and gives a decent number of points so I’d be inclined to take that one but don’t have enough knowledge to say for sure.

  1. No problem.

2–4. Interesting.

Are there any other skill shots or super skill shots besides the sneaky lock?

Sounds like you have to qualify each toybox lock individually, other than the skill shot ones that you can get for free). True?


It’s just the sneaky lock as far as I can tell… basically the same as the Kiss plunge with that little sneak-in.

I wasn’t able to hit the skill shot often enough on the NIB plunger to tell you that.

Also I don’t know how to make this post edit-able by everyone. @mods !!!1


Should be wiki-fied now.


This makes me think of Detroit Rock City on Kiss, where all the shots are lit but you have to complete each one twice to finish the mode. When I first started playing Kiss I would always choose that song because of all the shot options, but it ends up taking the longest to complete, imo. So maybe this is similar? (Disclaimer: have not seen an Aerosmith on location.) I was hoping someone would make this wiki before Nationals/Womens, so thanks @timballs!


You qualify it by starting all of the inserts on the bottom (this includes the two multiballs). You start it at the scoop on the left. You can also start it while your last mode is running, which is nice. Don’t remember if the value was high, I’ve only seen it twice. Pretty much just felt like another ol’ multiball.


I haven’t played one yet, but I saw this guy playing one in Louisville! :skull:


Played it yesterday. I’ll add a lot more detail and additions to the initial info from @timballs

  • Super Modes
  • Love in an Elevator MB rules
  • Add-a-ball
  • Toys 2x scoring
  • Medley mini-wizard mode (I hid the details so people that don’t want to read this prior to playing it themselves can avoid spoiling it)
  • Commentary


[quote=“stevevt, post:2, topic:2499”]
Can you describe the mini-wizard mode? (How to start it, how to play it, how relatively valuable it is, etc.)[/quote]

Yes. Done. It seemed valuable. I don’t want to describe it more in a general post so it doesn’t spoil it for others.

They all seemed useful, but obviously, if there is a song that has mode shots that overlap with known MB shots, then those would be preferable.


you can lock an additional ball for 3x scoring while toy box mb (not sure for 4x etc.)


I encountered what seemed to be a bug last night. Was playing a 3 ball MB, I got a ball in the left scoop and lock scoop and it allowed me to play a one ball MB. At first I thought it was a feature, but when I drained that ball, the game paused until it did a ball search and kicked those other 2 balls out.


Feature! :wink:

In all seriousness, I did notice that each multiball’s add-a-ball feature animation/delay was MUCH longer than other recent Sterns. It did provide the ability to play a long time with my remaining single ball, but in this add-a-ball case, I knew it wasn’t a bug because the ball save flasher was active.


Extra ball is achieved by starting 3 modes. The other way to get an extra ball is by shooting unlit shots. If you look on the screen there’s a stone looking border. On the left side of the border you will see a Jacky face with a number. That number goes down when you hit different unlit shots. On the right you have coin and notes count.


I noticed the coins showing up on the screen. Do the coins and notes do anything yet in terms of points or achievement?


You earn coins based upon how well you do on a mode. Hitting shots in combo are worth more coins. Crank it up is like away team as the mode gets harder but the shots become worth more and double the coins. The more coins you earn the more valuable the super modes are.


Stern employee posting to a forum . . . [mindblown] :slight_smile:


Sounds like an awesome feature - I wonder how heavily tuned the Coins are to reward good play.

Is this the part where we get the pitchforks out? :slight_smile:


Here are some tips…

Lock 4 balls in the toybox before starting Elevator multiball. This will result in a 6 ball Elevator multiball which is very handy for spelling AEROSMITH to light the shot multipliers.

Try to save Walk This Way for when you have the center or left ramp multiplied. During WTW shoot CIU to start the ramp mode. If you can combo the ramps the shots will be worth 2x for the combo plus 2x the coins (plus any playfield or shot multiplier). All of this will make the super ramps mode very lucrative.