Aerosmith Rulesheet


Will this same effect work on starting any multiball if your opponent left 4 balls locked in the toy box?


For elevator yes.


Looks like 1-2% extra super mode scoring per coin. I am really pleased to see an idea like that get put into a game! :slight_smile:


What are the advantages to pushing Toys MB to 4,5,6 balls? Base jackpot value? I wasn’t able to watch the screen much during multiball in the few games I played.


Jackpot I’m not sure on, but it does give you the ability to lock more balls in the Toybox during multiball to boost the multiplier.

Plus, the previously mentioned 6-ball Elevator is only possible with 4+ Toy locks.


I tried the 6 ball Elevator a couple times but without the playfield multiplier available in Toys, it scored very poorly in comparison. After realizing that, I stuck with Toys over and over. As the shots needed to the toybox increased to light locks, I was just wondering if the benefit of taking extra dangerous shots for additional locks was worth the risk, or if starting it with 3 balls was just as good. If it’s just “more balls in play to hit stuff” right now, then that answers my question.

Is light VIP always available with one completion of the two toybox standups? Seemed to work that way to start a ball, but I didn’t notice if it’s just as easy to relight after using it.

It would be nice to see some kind of skill shot value attached to soft plunging the lock lane. I like the option of plunging locks a la Addams, but it should still be worth something when lock isn’t lit.

Did the game ship with different code versions? I was looking for coins and notes totals, but didn’t see any numbers tied to those graphics in the display border.


Coins don’t display a total it seems, but the game is keeping track of them. When you hit a shot coins fly off the screen and it says “+X Coins” along with your shot value.

Notes? Ask KME. I’m happy he mentioned this stuff or it would have taken a while to figure it out on our own.


Slow plunge through orbit spots left orbit to half qualify elevator lock which is nice, especially if that shot gives you trouble.


It should be there. Border contains spinner spins till next level (cheese icon), Find Jacky extra ball status (clown icon), coins (coin icon)


I found that Aerosmith’s version of the left orbit through the pops much easier to hit than KISS’s same shot. Anyone else?

But the particular Aero I played had a weird feed on the return from the R orbit (from a L orbit shot) that sent it erratically toward the middle instead of the flipper.


I’ve been playing this a bunch at the Family Arcade in downtown LA. They’ve had it for close to a month now. It’s slanted to the right though, and it gets frustrating due to the huge amount of unavoidable right outlane drains.

Sweet Emotion is my preferred mode, but maybe because of that slant, I can shoot the shots it asks for pretty well. After shooting a lit shot 5 times, every shot is then lit, and each shot is worth 1 million to 2 million points, depending on how many of them you’ve hit and how many shots are left.

Something I’ve noticed, by the way, is that at Family Arcade, this is the only pinball machine that has a monitor instead of a DMD, but unlike where I’ve seen Jersey Jack machines or even Batman '66, it doesn’t seem to gain much attention. I wonder if it’s because the theme is unappealing, they don’t like monitors there, or the locals have established preferred tables and ignore new ones. I noticed that when they got Mustang and Ghostbusters too: New tables are largely ignored, and the people there stick mostly to Wheel of Fortune, Lord of the Rings, Monopoly, and Pirates of the Caribbean.


The one I was playing had maximum pitch and i did not experience that right orbit feed after a successful shot through the pops.


For me it was much easier. I can’t hit the shot through the pops on KISS to save my life.


All shots have been improved to be smoother on this game, especially the left orbit. I’ve played a couple different Aero’s where on one I was able to loop pass after making the left orbit and not on the other. Both had different pitches.


Red bouncy rubbers seem to help


Little game play from this weekend. This was launch party qualifying. Single ball. I have more from the tournament (needs pieced together) if you’re interested.


One nitpick with this game: The font size and color scheme for 4P scores are awful. White on cyan… Very difficult to see on a stream (probably in person, too)! I hope these are adjusted to be more readable.


I was thinking that as I was re-watching as well. I had to strain to see the scores to write them for qualifying


Some more comp play. Audio got messed up somehow. But you get to see more things!!!


I’ve only played one machine so far, so I’m not sure if this is the case on every Aerosmith, but if you hit both flippers simultaneously it shows a purple on black actual DMD display, which helps as far as score readability goes.