Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity Rulesheet

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Game Information:

  • Creative Director: Stephen Silver
  • Artwork: Matt Andrews
  • Software: Micheal Ocean, Greg Goldey & Gerry Stellenberg
  • Graphics: Roy Cernuda & Stephen Silver
  • Mechanical Engineering: TJ Weaver
  • Sound: Scott Danesi
  • Rules Advisors: Bowen Kerins & Colin MacAlpine
  • Content Advisors: Frank Serpas III & Will Beals
  • Release Date: April 2022
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev: TBA
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Weird Al’s Museum of Natural Hilarity is the first licensed game released by Multimorphic, developers of the P3 pinball platform. The machine takes place in (what did you expect?) a museum full of odd exhibits and items based on Weird Al’s catalogue of parodies and original songs. Weird Al acts as the museum curator, guiding players through the ins and outs of this museum-turned-pinball machine as they try to complete all 10 modes in five exhibit halls.

Rules Overview:

  • Shoot the shots corresponding to each exhibit hall, followed by the scoop behind the drop target, to start one of the two modes associated with the hall. Alternatively, complete the VIP standup targets, then shoot the scoops that raise to get your choice of mode. Introductions to each mode are shown on the display once they have been started.
  • Win a mode from each hall to start You Make Me, and win all 10 modes to start Running With Scissors.
  • Shoot the Harvey target, then lock a ball in the moving scoop to light a lock at the spiral ramp. Lock 3 balls this way to start Dare to be Stupid Multiball. Continue shooting the spiral ramp to change the rules of the multiball.
  • Destroy 27 items, then shoot the supply closet to start Hardware Store Multiball.
  • Lock 3 balls in the camera lock from the upper playfield to start UHF Multiball.


Skill Shot:

Shoot the spiral ramp after plunging the ball to score a skill shot for 250K. Then, shoot the camera lock quickly for a 500K Super Duper Skill Shot. This also locks a ball for UHF Multiball.

Exhibit Halls & VIP Pass:

Players start each game in the museum lobby. Five shots on the playfield correspond to different exhibit halls in the museum, each containing 2 modes based on a song from Weird Al’s catalog. Once a hall has been selected, shoot the scoop behind the ticket counter drop target to select a mode. The shots and songs corresponding to each hall are:

Alternatively, the player can collect a VIP Pass by completing the V, I, and P standup targets, then shooting into the pair of raised scoops within 10 seconds. The VIP Pass allows players to select any mode they want out of the 10.

During any mode, the player can shoot the scoop behind the ticket counter to end the mode prematurely. Normally, the mode will only end once the song does. Each song can only be played once per game, until Running With Scissors has been played.

Amish Paradise

White & Nerdy

Lucrative, but dangerous mode involving a pair of two shots that move around the playfield. Each shot collects an artifact, scores 150K, and increases the speed on the “Weird-O-Meter” on your segway, thus increasing the speed that the lit shots move at (which is somehow always in sync with the song). Each shot during the mode scores 25K more than the last.

Sports Song

Weasel Stomping Day

Shoot any standup target to stomp on weasels - it’s a tradition, so it must be okay. Each target shot scores 100K + 25K per shot.

Word Crimes

The first mode in pinball to test you while you play! Four shots on the playfield are lit, each corresponding to a different letter (A, B, C, or D) to a grammar question shown on the display. Collecting “streaks” of correct answers scores more, while collecting a wrong answer resets the streak.

I'll Sue Ya

In this dynamic mode, the first 30 seconds are spent on trying to make a case by shooting the lit standup targets. Afterwards, for 30 seconds (during the chorus), shooting the left ramp repeatedly collects the value that was built up by the targets.

Mission Statement

(Another dynamic mode - need more info)

Traffic Jam

Various shots on the playfield are lit in green and red, including major ramps / orbits and targets. Shooting targets lights the shot between them for a few seconds in green. Every green shot scores more than the last, but shooting red shots reduces the value.


(Seems to involve the playfield sensors? Need more info)

Like A Surgeon

Multiball Modes:

Dare to be Stupid Multiball

Lock 3 balls in the hamster wheel and enter a realm where logic ceases to exist.

Lighting the Locks:

Locks for this multiball can be lit by shooting the Harvey standup target. Shooting the target will activate a moving scoop for about 20 seconds (and if no modes are currently ongoing, Harvey the Wonder Hamster will play when the scoop is available to shoot). After shooting the lit scoop, make a shot to either the spiral ramp or the right ramp to lock a ball in the hamster wheel.

Multiball Rules:

Hardware Store Multiball

UHF Multiball

Other Scoring:

My Bologna

Squeezebox Combos

Gift Shop

Supply Closet


Extra Balls

End-of-Ball Bonus

Wizard Modes:

You Make Me

Running With Scissors


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Annnd it’s Wikified. Thanks for starting the rulesheet.

Not going to make a general thread for this game but I figured I’d post my initial impressions from the gameplay reveal. After the success of Heist!, this looks like another winner from Multimorphic.

As someone who got into pinball partly because of the Pinball FX series, it’s awesome to see this game include a spiral ramp - one of my favorite mechanics from those games that we rarely see done in physical games - and dang is it satisfying to make. The theme, albeit niche, lends itself really well to modes and I love the dynamic nature of some of these (and I’m sure others will too). And, of course, the callouts are on point. Some of my favorites in recent memory. Taking the Elvira’s House of Horrors approach with this game was the approach I would’ve gone with, and it works so well.

Overall, can’t wait to play it, and the team is doing an excellent job so far.


I am excited. Once I get my module, I will try to help flesh things out.