Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity Rulesheet

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Game Information:

  • Creative Director: Stephen Silver
  • Artwork: Matt Andrews
  • Software: Micheal Ocean, Greg Goldey & Gerry Stellenberg
  • Graphics: Roy Cernuda & Stephen Silver
  • Mechanical Engineering: TJ Weaver
  • Sound: Scott Danesi
  • Rules Advisors: Bowen Kerins & Colin MacAlpine
  • Content Advisors: Frank Serpas III & Will Beals
  • Custom Callouts: Weird Al
  • Release Date: April 2022
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Weird Al’s Museum of Natural Hilarity is the first licensed game released by Multimorphic, developers of the P3 pinball platform. The machine takes place in (what did you expect?) a museum full of odd exhibits and items based on Weird Al’s catalogue of parodies and original songs. Weird Al acts as the museum curator, guiding players through the ins and outs of this museum-turned-pinball machine as they try to complete all 10 modes in five exhibit halls.

Rules Overview:

  • Shoot the shots corresponding to each Exhibit Hall, followed by the scoop behind the drop target, to choose one of the two Exhibit Hall Modes associated with the most recent Hall shot. Alternatively, complete the VIP standup targets, then shoot the center pair of pop-up scoops to get your choice of a mode from any Hall. Introductions to each mode are shown on playfield LCD screen and the backglass LCD screen once the mode has been started.
  • Play a mode from each Hall to qualify You Make Me mini-wizard mode. Winning/completing each mode is not required.
  • Multiballs may be stacked onto running modes, or onto each other. Modes may not be stacked onto running multiballs.
  • Shoot the Harvey target, then lock a ball in the moving scoop to light a lock at the spiral ramp. Lock 3 balls this way to start Dare to be Stupid Multiball. Continue shooting the spiral ramp to change the rules of the multiball.
  • Break 27 items at the side targets, then shoot the supply closet to start Hardware Store Multiball.
  • Shoot the Lite UHF Lock target and Lock a ball in the camera lock from the upper playfield three times to start UHF Multiball.
  • Play all 10 Exhibit Hall modes, all 3 main multiballs, My Bologna mini-mode, and You Make Me to qualify Running With Scissors wizard mode. Winning/completing each mode and multiball is not required.


Multimorphic’s most intricate and nuanced layout to date, with a remarkable # of shots available from a total of 5 flippers! (the two main flippers, two upper flippers, and an upper playfield mini-flipper). Besides the two banks of side targets and row of individually controlled wall/scoop segments on every P3 game… there are a myriad of standup targets, 3 ramps – including an industry-first ascending Spiral Ramp, 2 orbits, a U-turn mini-loop, 2 side loops, a drop target-protected scoop, and a through-the-pops scoop shot guarded by a triple pop bumper nest.

Weird Al also features Multimorphic’s first Upper Playfield (called the “Mezzanine”), with a 5th flipper – of the 2" variety – with a total of six shots available to that one little flipper!

IMPORTANT: On default settings, you must use the auxiliary white buttons to control the three upper flippers. While this takes a game or two to get used to this, it eventually becomes second-nature, and allows for more nuanced gameplay of independent lower/upper flipper control, without requiring the expert-level skill of staged flipping that is needed on all other modern pins to semi-independently control your upper flipper(s).

The Right Ramp/Orbit is particularly unique, in that it has five different ball paths that the shot can take, depending on game state. The Right Ramp also features Multimorphic’s ramp magnet assist (first seen on Cosmic Cart Racing), where a magnet 3/4 up the ramp will fling the ball the rest of way, to make the steep ramp more accessible. The ramp-assist magnet is also used, at times, to send a trough-launched ball directly to the Mezzanine via a VUK that feeds the magnet.

Two major interactive mechanical toys are featured: a rotating hamster wheel and a pivoting UHF camera. Both interact directly with the ball for ball locks toward Dare to be Stupid Multiball and UHF Multiball.

Layout Details:

  • Standard P3 “Italian bottom:” One inlane will always be lit with a Meal Ticket during single-ball play, toggled with lane-change. One outlane (toggled on the same side as the inlane lit for Meal Ticket) can be lit with Spatula Saves.

  • Left side bank: standard P3 element. During single-ball play, hitting anywhere on the bank will make progress toward qualifying Hardware Store Multiball.

  • Upper Left Flipper: the more important of the two upper flippers, as this is used to shoot the Spiral Ramp for the Skill Shot, Harvey locks, feeding the mezzanine, Drink from the Firehose, and various important mode and multiball shots. Can also directly shoot the Left Ramp (yes, it’s possible!), the U-turn loop, and even the Left Orbit (when not in its ramp state).

  • Pop-Up Scoop/Wall Segments: Standard to the P3, the row of individually-controlled pop-up scoop/wall segments spanning the width of the playfield. Notably used as part of each Harvey lock sequence, redeeming a VIP Pass, the Mission Statement and Germs modes, as well as starting the You Make Me mini-wizard mode.

  • Left Orbit: flows all the way around to the Right Orbit to feed the Upper Right Flipper, or when lit for Gift Shop, the ball is grabbed by the orbit magnet and dropped into pops. Shots make progress toward qualifying the Gift Shop.

  • Left Ramp: this ramp is accessible from an industry-first ALL FOUR main playfield flippers. Leads to a cross-playfield wireform feeding the Right Inlane. Lights/selects the Anthropology Exhibit Hall Modes.

  • “V” standup target: Spots letter “V” toward qualifying a VIP Pass.

  • Left Side Loop: only directly accessible from an Upper Right Flipper shot. Feeds the Upper Left Flipper. Lights/selects the Sports & Leisure Exhibit Hall Modes. When shot in a Combo, will count toward Squeezebox Combos.

  • “I” standup target: Spots letter “I” toward qualifying a VIP Pass.

  • Ticket Counter drop target and scoop: can be lit to start and exit Exhibit Hall Modes, and to start Wizard Modes.

  • Hidden Kickout: behind the Ticket Counter, feeding the ball to the Upper Left Flipper. The vast majority of ball feeds from the P3 trough will come from this kickout. Cannot be shot directly, though slow moving balls around the orbit/pops can fall into here to be immediately kicked out again.

  • Supplies Closet standups: two rightward-facing pink-lit standups directly below the leftmost pop bumper. Shooting both lights the Supply Closet scoop for a mystery award.

  • Pop Bumpers: traditional nest of three pops with one on the left and two on the right. Accumulate pops hits to collect Shirts. Shooting through the pops leads to the…

  • Supplies Closet Scoop: A cutout in the orbit rail accessed from a shot through the pops. When lit, gives a mystery award and feeds the Right Magnet VUK to fling over to the mezzanine (when lit), or when unlit, feeds the Hidden Kickout.

  • Harvey standup target: shoot when lit to make progress toward the pop-up scoop phase of the Harvey Lock sequence.

  • Harvey’s Hamster Wheel: directly above the Harvey standup. An interactive spinning hamster wheel that temporarily locks balls for Dare to be Stupid Multiball virtual locks via the raised Spiral Ramp or Right Ramp. Any ball locked into the Hamster Wheel will be quickly released out the bottom, rolling down the middle of the playfield, so a short ball-save is given after each Harvey lock.

  • Spiral Ramp / Right Side Loop: Multi-state shot only directly accessible from an Upper Left Flipper shot. When ramp flap is raised, it becomes the ascending Spiral Ramp. When ramp flap is down, it becomes the Right Side Loop. Either state lights/selects the Crime & Punishment Exhibit Hall Modes and when shot in a Combo, will count toward Squeezebox Combos.

    • Spiral Ramp: used for the Skill Shot, Harvey Locks to the Hamster Wheel, or to feed the Mezzanine upper playfield.
    • Right Side Loop: feeds the Upper Right Flipper. Lights/selects the Sports & Leisure Exhibit Hall Modes.
  • Right Magnet VUK: VUK feeding the Right Ramp magnet, subsequently flinging the ball to the Mezzanine upper playfield, or dropping the ball down the raised Right Ramp flap to feed the right inlane wireform (the latter, only at the beginning of the Germs mode).

  • “P” standup target: Spots letter “P” toward qualifying a VIP Pass.

  • U-Turn Mini-Loop: accessible from both lower flippers and the Upper Left Flipper

    • Left Entrance: lights/selects the Business & Industry Exhibit Hall Modes
    • Right Entrance: lights/selects the Health & Medicine Exhibit Hall Modes. Fast shots to this come rocketing back to your flippers with a SDTM risk.
  • UHF standup target: between the two entrances of the U-Turn Mini-Loop. Lites UHF locks.

  • UHF Camera: interactive rotating mechanical toy replica of the UHF camera. Physically locks three balls, when lit, via the Mezzanine upper playfield.

  • Right Ramp / Right Orbit: Multi-state shot. When ramp flap is lowered, it becomes the Right Ramp. When ramp flap is lifted, it becomes the Right Orbit.

    • Right Ramp: ramp flap is lowered temporarily by rolling over either inlane lit with the Meal Ticket, or lowered perpetually when Harvey lock is lit, during My Bologna, and during multiple other mode- and multiball-specific states. Feeds the Mezzanine upper playfield, the Harvey Hamster Wheel, or the Mezzanine Skywalk that directly feeds the Mezzanine exit to the left inlane wireform.
    • Right Orbit: flows all the way around to the Left Orbit to feed the Upper Left Flipper, or when lit for Gift Shop, the ball is grabbed by the orbit magnet and dropped into pops. Shots make progress toward qualifying the Gift Shop.
  • Upper Right Flipper: the slightly less important of the two upper flippers, primarily used to shoot the Left Side Loop. Can also shoot the Ticket Counter, Left Ramp, Left Orbit, and Pop-Up Scoops.

  • Right side bank: standard P3 element. During single-ball play, hitting anywhere on the bank will make progress toward qualifying Hardware Store Multiball.

  • Mezzanine Upper Playfield: an extensive upper playfield with multiple shot path diverters and one 2" flipper. Accessed via the Spiral Ramp, Right Ramp, or the Supply Closet when lit.

    • Little Hungry One Cafe: interactive upper playfield with two standup targets between the two entrances of a wide U-turn Mezzanine loop, along with a multi-state shot that changes between a dead-end standup or a wireform path. A “drain” past the Cafe’s flipper exits safely to the left inlane wireform.
    • Cafe Left Loop: immediately after a successful Skill Shot, scores a Super Skill Shot. During My Bologna, stacks more bologna on the sandwich order. Otherwise, collects one Spatula toward qualifying Spatula Saves. Also used during Sports Song and I’ll Sue Ya modes.
    • Ketchup standup target: During My Bologna, this Cafe Target adds toppings to the sandwich order. Otherwise, collects one Food item toward qualifying My Bologna. Also used during Sports Song mode.
    • Mustard standup target: same as Ketchup standup target.
    • Cafe Right Loop: same as Cafe Left Loop.
    • Dead-End standup target: multi-state shot, in this state when UHF Lock is not lit or when My Bologna mode is running. See rules for Ketchup standup target.
    • UHF Lock: when active, a wireform that feeds the UHF Camera physical ball lock. It’s in this state immediately after a Skill Shot (for a Super Duper Skill Shot) or when lit for a UHF lock.

Skill Shot:

Ball will be “plunged” (kicked out) to the Left Orbit to feed your upper left flipper – note: On default settings, you must use the auxiliary white buttons to control the upper flippers. Immediately shoot the Spiral Ramp to score a skill shot for 250K.

  • Super Skill Shot: Quickly shooting the mezzanine loop will award a Super Skill shot for 50K. These are repeatable (unlimited) on a resetting timer.
  • Super Duper Skill Shot: Shoot the Camera Lock for a 500K Super Duper Skill Shot. This also locks a ball for UHF Multiball.

Exhibit Hall Modes & VIP Pass:

Players start each game in the museum lobby, or Great Hall. You’re always only three shots away from starting an Exhibit Hall mode at any time: one playfield shot to qualify/select your Hall, one shot to knock down the Ticket Counter drop target, and final shot to the now-accessible Ticket Counter scoop.

Five shots on the playfield correspond to different exhibit halls in the museum, each containing 2 modes based on a song from Weird Al’s catalog. Shoot any of the shots listed below just once to light that Hall as the next one to visit. Once a Hall has been selected, shoot the scoop behind the ticket counter drop target to select a mode. The lit Hall will change to the most recently made shot.

The shots and songs corresponding to each hall are:

Alternatively, to start an Exhibit Hall mode, the player can collect a VIP Pass by completing the V, I, and P standup targets, and then shooting into the pair of raised scoops within 10 seconds. The VIP Pass allows players to select any unplayed mode out of the 10, and not restricted to the currently lit Hall. There is no difference in mode scoring or gameplay whether started from the Ticket Counter or from a VIP Pass.

On default settings, starting each mode also provides a short ball-save to begin each mode. These modes are timed, though each has a lengthy duration equal to the length of the song associated with that mode.

Once you have made sufficient shots during any mode, the Ticket Counter scoop will be lit to end the mode prematurely, once you’ve knocked down the drop target that guards it. Normally, the mode will only end once the song does. If the song ends while stacked with a multiball, the mode will continue until the player drains down to one ball.

Each song can only be played once per game, until Running With Scissors has been played.

Amish Paradise

Three chores will be placed on select shots. Hit the corresponding shot to complete chore and add it to the chore board. Once you have completed two of each chore, the spiral ramp will be temporarily lit to Raise The Barn (a mode jackpot of sorts). Whether you Raise the Barn or not, the first phase then repeats, with less easy shots lit for chores.

The mezzanine shots have no impact on this mode.
Threshold to light Exit: ??

White & Nerdy

Lucrative, but dangerous mode involving a pair of two shots that move across the playfield. Each shot collects an artifact, scores 150K, starts a new pair of shots from the opposite side of the direction just collected, and increases the speed on the “Weird-O-Meter” on your segway, thus increasing the speed that the lit shots move at (which is somehow always in sync with the song). Each shot during the mode scores 25K more than the last.

The mezzanine shots have no impact on this mode.
Threshold to light Exit: ??

Sports Song

Main shots (ramps, loops, etc) will be perpetually lit green, and all standup targets will be perpetually lit red.

  • Making a green shot will score a point for your team, “Us,” and award 100k. Making consecutive green shots without hitting a red shot will progressively add 100k to the value awarded.
  • Hitting a red shot will score a point for your opponent, “Them,” award 5k and reset the base value back to 100k.
  • While not indicated on the playfield, the mezzanine (Cafe) loop is also a “green” shot, while the mezzanine targets are “red” shots.

Threshold to light Exit: ??

Weasel Stomping Day

Shoot any standup target to stomp on weasels - it’s a tradition, so it must be okay. Each target shot scores 100K + 25K per shot. Great mode to stack with a multiball.

The mezzanine targets do not impact this mode.
Threshold to light Exit: ??

Word Crimes

The first mode in pinball to test you while you play! Four shots on the playfield are lit, each randomly corresponding to a different letter (A, B, C, or D) to a grammar question shown on the display. Each answered question – whether right or wrong – tallies your progress on a scantron sheet, and then brings up a new question with newly shuffled letter answer positions.

  • Collecting “streaks” of correct answers scores more, while collecting a wrong answer resets the streak.

The mezzanine shots do not impact this mode.
Threshold to light Exit: ??

I'll Sue Ya

In this dynamic multi-phase mode, there are alternating Build and Collect phases:

  • Build your Case phase: each of the song’s verses have 30 seconds to spend trying to make your case by repeatedly shooting any of the lit standup targets to increase your built Damages value by 10K per target.
  • Award Damages phase: Following each Build phase, this phase lasts for 30 seconds (during each chorus), for shooting the lit shot(s) repeatedly to collect the Built value. This alternating phase pattern repeats multiple times within the song.
    • First Damages phase: only the Left Ramp is lit for Single Damages (1x value)
    • Second Damages phase: the U-turn mini-loop is added as a shot to collect Double Damages (2x value)
    • Third Damages phase: the mezzanine loop is added as a shot to collect Treble Damages (3x value). Massive “safe” points are available here.

The mezzanine targets do not award target shots during the Build phase.
Threshold to light Exit: ??

Mission Statement

The phases of this progress with the song. You alternate between a Build Stock Value phase and a Sell Stock phase.

  • Build phase: the left ramp, spiral ramp/right side loop and right orbit/ramp will be lit to build stock value. The stock starts at 10k, and increases by 50k each time you hit one of the shots. If you take too long to make a shot, your stock price will decay 10k. Your built stock value carries throughout the entire mode, enabling some big paydays in the latter Sell phases.
  • Sell phase: one of the scoops will be raised on a short timer, and sometimes will move to a second scoop location after the timer expires, depending on the which Sell phase you’re in. Hit the scoop as many times as you can to sell stock (collect your built value). Your Stock Value will not reset upon each sale.
  • At a later point in the song, a “Stock Split” will be available at a raised scoop, which will kick out a second ball, converting Mission Statement into a multiball, though with your Collect value now halved. Once you are in the MB phase, you can no longer Exit the mode via the Ticket Counter – simply draining down to single-ball play ends the mode.

The mezzanine shots have no impact on this mode.
Threshold to light Exit: ??

Traffic Jam

You begin in a traffic jam with your major shots lit with red Stoplight icons – don’t shoot them! Jackpots are scored on the left ramp or right ramp when they are lit green. To light a ramp green, hit one of the lit targets on that side of the playfield. This activates that direction’s turn signal and lights the corresponding side’s ramp green for a few seconds. Every green shot scores more than the last, but shooting red shots reduces the value.

The mezzanine shots have no impact on this mode.
Threshold to light Exit: ??


This mode has 2 phases. The first phase is a single ball mode in the LCD screen section of the playfield the with the walls up. You need to turn 20 red germs green by hitting them with the ball. The red germs will multiply and also attack your flippers, weakening them. Hitting the walls too many times in the same place will “break” the petri dish and lower that wall segment. If you exit through the scoop the mode ends. If you probe all 20 germs, the walls will lower and you will be in a 3-ball frenzy multiball where everything scores 20k. You can then stack other multiballs onto the Germ MB phase, but not start any new modes.

Threshold to light Exit: Not applicable

Like A Surgeon

Inspired by the game operation, you need to remove the items without touching the sides. Various major shots will be lit with “good” stethoscope shots around the playfield, and the “bad” targets adjacent to the good shots will be indicated in red. Hitting enough stethoscope shots will save a patient. Hitting red shots 3 times will kill a patient.

After a certain # of easy shots (L ramp and U-turn mini-loop), you’ll be required to shoot either of the side loops from the upper flippers to continue progress toward saving a patient.

The mezzanine shots have no impact on this mode.
Threshold to light Exit: ??

Multiball Modes:

Dare to be Stupid Multiball

Lock 3 balls in the hamster wheel and enter a realm where logic ceases to exist.

Lighting the Locks:

Locks for this multiball can be lit by shooting the Harvey standup target. Shooting the target will activate a moving scoop for about 20 seconds (and if no modes are currently ongoing, Harvey the Wonder Hamster will play when the scoop is available to shoot). After shooting the lit scoop, make a shot to either the spiral ramp or the right ramp to lock a ball in the hamster wheel. The second lock requires 2 hits of the Harvey standup target, and the third lock requires 3.

Multiball Rules:

The mini-loop (under the Camera) is lit to spin the Wheel of Stupidity. When you hit it, you will receive one of many possible gameplay modifiers or instant awards. Most often, these will impact where jackpots are scored, the value of your jackpots, or modify your flippers’ behavior.

Jackpot Awards:

  • Slingpots: Slingshots are jackpots for base value of ??
  • Targetpots: Standup targets are jackpots for base value of ??
  • Halfpots: Major shots are jackpots at half value 50k (?)
  • Nothing: Absolutely nothing. Jackpots are worth 0 points.

Flipper “Awards”

  • No hold flippers: 2x jackpots
  • Reversed flippers: 5x jackpots
  • Inverted flippers (just the main lower flippers): 10x jackpots
  • NOTE: if you drain down to single-ball play with your flippers modified, you will receive a short ball-save period at the end of the multiball.

Other awards

  • Secret Shirt: Awards one shirt
  • Free pass
  • Red Snapper (points)

Hardware Store Multiball

Hardware store multiball is lit by collecting 27 “Broken Items” as shown on the main display by hitting the side modules targets (during single-ball play only, and not during Germs). To start the multiball, shoot the Supplies Closet when lit.

Multiball rules

Repair the Halls to score jackpots and qualify the Super Jackpot. Along the way, collect Tools to build your separate Toolbox Jackpot at the Supplies Closet scoop.

There are 4 types of shots available in the mode:

  • Hall Repaired Jackpots: Lit major shots give Hall Repaired jackpots: award ??
  • Super Jackpot: Lit at the Spiral Ramp after all Halls are repaired.
  • Tools: minor shots collect tools which increase the Toolbox Jackpot.
  • Toolbox Jackpot: The Supplies Closet collects and resets the accumulated toolbox jackpot.

UHF Multiball

Lighting the Locks:

Shoot the UHF lock target in front of the camera to light the UHF lock in the mezzanine skywalk. To shoot the lock, get to the mezzanine via a meal ticket and shoot the skywalk. Note that if Harvey locks are lit, you will divert into the Harvey lock instead of getting a shot at the UHF lock. Lock 3 balls to start multiball. Locks and multiball can be awarded as mystery awards from the Supplies Closet.

  • The UHF lock in the mezzanine skywalk will always be “open” to make a lock as a Skill Shot combo (Super Duper Skill Shot), even if you haven’t lit the UHF lock.

Multiball Rules

Phase one is collection enough money to save the station. All the major shots will be lit for jackpots. Once you collect them all, the Supplies Closet will light. Completing the Supplies Closet shot awards a Drink from the Firehose ticket. The final shot to complete this phase is a shot to the spiral ramp.

Phase two has jackpots lit you can collect.

Mission Statement Multiball

Multiball phase of Mission Statement mode, earned by making enough progress during that mode. See mode rules for details. It can have other Multiballs stacked onto it, but no other modes can be stacked onto it.

Germs Multiball

Multiball phase of Germs mode, earned by probing 20 Al-moebas. See mode rules for details. It can have other Multiballs stacked onto it, but no other modes can be stacked onto it.

Other Scoring:

My Bologna

Collect nine food items from lit inlanes or mezzanine targets to light My Bologna mini-mode. One inlane is always lit during single-ball play, and the player toggles which inlane is lit with the Upper Flipper (white) button. Shoot the mezzanine via either the lit Spiral Ramp or Right Ramp to start the mode. The goal is to build as tall a sandwich as possible. The mezzanine loop will add bologna to the sandwich, with each consecutive shot adding an addition slice (i.e. second shot adding 2 slices instead of one). Hitting the condiment targets will add other items to the sandwich. When you exit the mezzanine that order will be finished and you can shot the ramp again to start a new sandwich, until the song expires or you shoot the Ticket Counter.

  • If you defer starting My Bologna when lit, and instead collect enough food from lit inlanes to qualify another My Bologna, your next My Bologna will be worth +1x scoring.
  • Similar to the Exhibit Hall song modes, you can prematurely exit My Bologna mode by shooting the red-lit ticket counter, rather than waiting for the song to end.
  • My Bologna cannot be stacked onto a running Exhibit Hall mode.

Shirts / Gift Shop

There are 17 shirts available in the game. Each shirt permanently increases your playfield multiplier by +0.1x for the remainder of the game. Shirts are earned by hitting the pop bumpers (the Gift Shop). There is one shirt in the main hall (1) , one in each of the songs (10), each of the multiballs (3), my bologna (1), YMM (1) and Secret shirt (1) (I think).

Additionally, awards are given at certain number of shirts

  • 2: Spatula save
  • 4 (?): Free pass

Shooting the orbits 3 times will open the Gift Shop. This will cause the next shot to the orbit to catch the ball on the magnet and drop it into the pops. Note: when the Right Orbit is in its Ramp state, shots to the Right Ramp do not count toward your Orbit total.


Shooting major shots as Combos during single-ball play will award points, and also provide a BonusX for that ball only, based on the maximum Combo streak you achieve during the ball. Ex: a 3-way Combo will provide a 3x BonusX.

Squeezebox Combos

Shooting either the of the upper side loop shots (the lowered Spiral Ramp or the Sport & Leisure left upper side loop) as part of a combo will award a Squeezebox Combo, with the potential to repeat a "figure 8" of alternating each from the upper flippers for increasing points.
  • Shooting one Squeezebox Combo during a ball will provide a 2x multiplier on your EOB Bonus. This is multiplicative with your regular Combo BonusX, and not additive.

Other Features:

Supply Closet

This is the mystery award. You light the Supply Closet scoop by hitting the supplies and closet standups near the pops. Awards include:

Free passes

There are no traditional extra balls in the game, but you can earn Free Passes, which are untimed ball saves (regardless of whether an outlane or a SDTM drain) that will continue your ball without collecting your EOB Bonus and without providing a new Skill Shot chance.

  • Tilting will cancel an earned Free Pass – it will not carry to your next ball.

Spatula Saves

Earn outlane Spatula Saves on one lit outlane, with ability to lane-change between the two outlanes via either upper flipper (white) button. A Spatula Save will be lit on the same side as the lit Meal Ticket inlane, and only available during single-ball play. Earn them by shooting 9 mezzanine loops when not in My Bologna mode or during Super Skill Shots. Spatula Saves can be stacked (shown by a multiplier on the Spatula icon), and carry between balls.

Drink from the Firehose

You can earn a Drink from the Firehose ticket by completing enough shots in UHF Multiball, or as a mystery award from the Supplies Closet. When you drain, you will be put into a mini game with the opportunity to save your ball. The game will launch 10 balls, one at a time, on the left feeding your upper left flipper. You must make 3 spiral ramp shots to win the mode and earn the ability to keep playing that ball. All other flippers are disabled. If you fail, then your ball ends, and EOB Bonus begins.

End-of-Ball Bonus

  • A great line-by-line recap of your accomplishments during that ball, accompanied by an iconic repeating polka riff.
  • Base points awarded for just about everything important that you can collect during that ball only:
    • Exhibit Halls visited: 10K
    • Spiral Ramp shots: 7.5K
    • Shirts: 5K
    • VIP Passes redeemed: 5K
    • Food items: 1K
    • Broken items: 1K
    • Spatula loop shots: 1K
    • Unused VIP Passes: -5K
  • The sum total is then multiplied first by your BonusX based on longest Combo during that ball, and then doubled if you hit even one Squeezebox Combo during that ball.
  • The Bonus will be small for a short ball, so always be tilting early in a ball! Conversely, Bonus can be quite lucrative for a longer ball (remember, Free Pass and Spatula Saves are like Extra Balls to continue playing your current ball and accumulating Bonus items), particularly if you’ve been stringing together some Combos and Squeezebox Combos for large BonusX multipliers.
  • Qualifying VIP and failing to shoot the ball into the raised scoops awards negative points on bonus.
  • Tilting will mock you and hilariously still take you through your line-by-line Bonus recap, so that you can regret what you just lost (not just displaying a total Bonus lost).

Wizard Modes:

You Make Me

Qualify You Make Me mini-wizard mode by visiting each of the 5 exhibit halls (play one of the two songs). This will light the VIP standup targets. Hit the 3 targets to raise the two center scoops to start You Make Me.

This mode rapidly cycles between build phase and collect phase

  • Left side shots to build value
  • Right side shots to build value
  • Targets to collect built up value

There is an add-a-ball available after achieving the countdown of shots required on the screen.

Running With Scissors

Qualifying Running With Scissors

You must play every song in the game. 10 exhibit hall songs, 3 multiball songs (DTBS, UHF, HWS), My Bologna and You Make Me. When ready, shoot the ticket counter to start the mode.


This is a speed-run wizard mode. You will progress through the 15 modes you played to get here. For each mode, you are given 30 seconds to complete the requirement and advance to the next mode. Leftover time will carry forward and be added to the next mode up to a maximum of 1m30s.

Each mode requirement is small, usually hitting 2 mode shots, although some modes like weasel stomping day are a little different. After you meet the requirements, the 2 orbits, the ticket counter and the supplies closet will all be lit to exit the stage and progress.

The order of the stages is the order you played the single ball modes in the game, followed by the multiball modes.

Completing the run will finish the game and roll the credit video.

If you fail, by draining or running out of time, you can re-enter to try again. progress of completed rooms is saved.


  • Start Exhibit Hall modes, then stack on a multiball or two. Though be careful of stacking multiballs onto modes where you break your scoring streak value by hitting a “wrong” shot.
  • Earn Spatula Saves and Free Passes. Get good at looping in the mezzanine.
  • If you’re going for the wizard modes, then end your modes early at the ticket counter, so you can move onto your next mode.

Annnd it’s Wikified. Thanks for starting the rulesheet.

Not going to make a general thread for this game but I figured I’d post my initial impressions from the gameplay reveal. After the success of Heist!, this looks like another winner from Multimorphic.

As someone who got into pinball partly because of the Pinball FX series, it’s awesome to see this game include a spiral ramp - one of my favorite mechanics from those games that we rarely see done in physical games - and dang is it satisfying to make. The theme, albeit niche, lends itself really well to modes and I love the dynamic nature of some of these (and I’m sure others will too). And, of course, the callouts are on point. Some of my favorites in recent memory. Taking the Elvira’s House of Horrors approach with this game was the approach I would’ve gone with, and it works so well.

Overall, can’t wait to play it, and the team is doing an excellent job so far.


I am excited. Once I get my module, I will try to help flesh things out.

I made a pass to add some very basic description to all the modes and info on the new additions in the last 2 code releases like Drink from the firehose and Running with Scissors. This is mostly from my memory and probably has some errors, but it is a good starting point.

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Now that I have my P3 and Weird Al module, I’ve been playing it a TON (and loving it!).
I made quite a few additions and tweaks/clarifications to the Rulesheet.


I spent a lot of time filling in the Layout section with shot-by-shot details. “I hope you ENJOY IT!” :slight_smile: