Toy Story 4 Rulesheet

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Game Information:

  • Lead Designer: Pat Lawlor
  • Code/Rules:
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer:
  • Artwork: John Youssi
  • Computer Graphics Art Director: Joe Katz
  • Sound Designer: Unlock Audio
  • Release Date: June 2022
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev:

Toy Story 4, designed by Pat Lawlor, takes players on an adventure to the carnival where fun games and new toys of all shapes and sizes await. Designed with players of all skill levels in mind, the goal of the game is to start or complete scenes to access the wizard mode; completing most of them simply awards increased scoring for the wizard mode.

Rules Overview:

  • Play seven scenes to start the Meet Me At The Carousel wizard mode:
    • Lock balls behind the left drop target to start Road Trip Multiball.
    • Shoot the Buzz saucer to start Buzz Quick Multiball.
    • Complete FORKY and shoot the left ramp to start Forky Rescue. This mode must be won to access the wizard mode.
    • Collect tickets at both ramps to light carnival games, then lock balls at the scoop for Carnival Multiball.
    • Shoot both spinners enough times to enable Super Spinners.
    • Shoot the inner loop to enable both left inlanes to lower the jump ramp.
    • Shoot enough upper loops, or shoot a 3-upper loop combo to complete Bo Peep.


Skill Shots:

The game gives you 3 attempts at the Skill Shot per ball (short plunging or draining without validation counts as an attempt). After 3 attempts, the Skill Shot automatically fails and the ball is auto-plunged into play.

  • Skill Shot: Plunge the ball so that it enters the Woody saucer to score a skill shot. Making the skill shot awards 50 tickets, 50,000 points (+10,000 points per subsequent skill shot), and increases the bonus multiplier by +5x (+5x per subsequent skill shot).
  • Super Skill Shot: Hold the left flipper and plunge the ball to the upper right flipper, then shoot the upper loop repeatedly for Super Skill Shot awards.

Make three skill shots to light an extra ball.


Andy, Bonnie, and the rest of the toys hit the road in an attempt to rescue Bonnie’s new homemade toy, Forky, from an antique store. Meeting “lost toys” that their owners have neglected and are free to do as they please, Woody and Buzz’s priorities begin to shift as they make their way through a carnival and make new friends.

The plot of Toy Story 4 is conveyed through seven scenes that the player simply has to start to gain access to the wizard mode, Meet Me At The Carousel, though completing certain tasks during each objective adds score multipliers to the wizard mode. The player must complete the wizard mode twice during a single game, once for both characters, to enable Fireworks for one final payoff.

Road Trip Multiball:

Shoot the drop target to light the 3 physical locks, then lock 3 balls behind the drop target to start Road Trip Multiball. For each subsequent multiball, 1 more drop target hit is required to qualify each lock.

During Road Trip Multiball, lit shots will be worth 1x to 3x Jackpots based on general shot difficulty and will build the Mega Jackpot value. When enough shots are hit, the Road Trip Super Jackpot will be lit at the lock in front of the drop target. After collecting the Super Jackpot, the lock shot will be lit again for a hurry-up Mega Jackpot to complete the scene.

Shooting the Army Men, Bo Peep, and Woody targets lights the Army Men target for an add-a-ball.

Shooting the right ramp during Road Trip Multiball will light the Shot X at the captive ball. The value of the multiplier will change between 2x, 3x, and 4x; these multipliers can be advanced with enough spinner spins. Once the captive ball is hit the next Jackpot, Super Jackpot, or Mega Jackpot within 15 seconds will score the multiplier listed.

Scoring the Mega Jackpot adds a multiplier to Meet Me At The Carousel.

Buzz Quick Multiball:

Collect enough hits to the Inner Voice saucer or make “clean” shots to the Warp target - without hitting the bumpers - to qualify the Inner Voice saucer for Buzz Quick Multiball. Bumpers increase the Inner Voice value, which resets each time the value is collected.

Shoot the ramps during Quick Multiball to score jackpots and hit the bumpers to increase their multiplier by +.1x for a short time. After collecting enough ramp jackpots, score the super jackpot at the Inner Voice saucer. After collecting the Super Jackpot, the Intergalactic Jackpot hurry-up begins and can be collected at the scoop.

Scoring the Intergalactic Jackpot adds a multiplier to Meet Me At The Carousel.

Forky Rescue:

Complete the FORKY standup targets to enable the kickback and light the left ramp for Forky Rescue. Rescue Forky by shooting the Duke Caboom ramp followed by the scoop, all in one combo, for 250,000 points! Unlike all other objectives in the game, Forky Rescue must be won in order to qualify Meet Me At The Carousel. Shooting roving FORKY targets while Forky Rescue is already lit increases the value for the next Forky Rescue by 50,000 points per hit.

Carnival Multiball & Games:

Shoot the ramps to score tickets shown on the numbered inserts below the Duke Caboom jump ramp. After collecting enough tickets, shooting the left ramp when a carnival game is lit spends your tickets and activates one of twelve carnival games at the left ramp (the first game doesn’t require any tickets):

Note: Modes increase in difficulty the later they are played, generally adding more shots or increasing the requirements on spinner turns. Every lit shot during the mode lights the scoop to add 3 seconds of time.

  • Flipball: Shoot the left ramp a certain number of times.
  • Hypnosis: Alternate between FORKY targets and shots.
  • Jet Stream: Cyan/yellow shots. Alternate between the captive ball and a certain number of spinner hits.
  • Ferris Wheel: Shoot red/blue shots (generally ramps).
  • Squirrel Derby: Shoot any blue/purple shots (ramps, bumpers, spinners) to advance your squirrel to victory.
  • Milk Can Bottle Blast
  • Star Adventurer: Purple/green shots. Certain shots are lit at a time (targets, spinners, ramps, etc.). Shoot lit shots to advance mode.
  • Dragon Zone (featuring our old pal Figment!): Start by shooting the flashing FORKY targets. Afterwards, shoot lit targets/shots to advance.
  • Hammer Time: Shots scroll between Road Trip Lock + Right Ramp, Left Ramp + Woody spinner, and Upper Loop + Captive Ball. Shoot lit shots to advance mode.
  • Thrillipede: Shoot right ramp, then right saucer, then upper loop, then left ramp. Make all shots as a combo to score a bonus.
  • Pop Darts: Shoot lit green/yellow shots to advance (generally targets).
  • Zoetrope: Alternate between upper loop shots and other shots on the playfield, generally ramps.

Every successfully won carnival game lights the left ramp to add a perk (and a toy) to Carnival Multiball. They are awarded in the following order, and do not correspond to certain toys:

  • Long ball save
  • Auto restart (instantly resets Carnival Multiball after a drain)
  • Targets increase jackpots
  • Stage completion ball saver
  • Stage completion add-a-ball
  • 3x Jackpots count as 4x Jackpots

There are also “minor prizes” represented by Bonnie’s other toys, which provide Jackpot boosts. For each mode that was not completed a minor prize is awarded.

After playing or winning any carnival game, the scoop can be shot to lock balls. Locking 3 balls begins Carnival Multiball.

Carnival Multiball is a multiball played in (at least) 4 stages:

  • Stage 1: Shoot jackpots until Caboom Jump is lit for Super Jackpot. Once a Super Jackpot is collected, move to Stage 2.
  • Stage 2: Shoot jackpots until Caboom Jump is lit for Super Jackpot. If the Caboom Jump is missed, more Jackpots must be shot to re-light the Caboom Jump. Once a Super Jackpot is collected, the ball will feed the Caboom Jump and move to Stage 3.
  • Stage 3: Shoot the Caboom Jump to start a looping Caboom Jump combo. Jackpot multipliers correspond to the amount of shots made in the Caboom Jump combo, up to 4. Complete all lit shots to move to Phase 4.
  • Stage 4: Shoot the Jump ramp to light jackpots.

Switch hits build towards the Popcorn Jackpot, which is a hurry-up that can be collected at the Captive Ball. Scoring the Popcorn Jackpot during Carnival Multiball adds a multiplier to Meet Me At The Carousel.

Super Spinners:

Complete the Woody spinner and Bo Peep spinner by collecting enough spins at both of them to enable Super Spinners. During Super Spinners, rip the spinners to increase the value of the spinner jackpot that can be collected at the captive ball, which can be collected twice. Collect both spinner jackpots to add a multiplier to Meet Me At The Carousel.

Duke Caboom Jump & Caboom Jackpot:

Shooting the inner loop enables the left inlanes to lower the Duke Caboom jump ramp for a shot into the Star Adventurer stunt deck. The flashing Canadian maple leaf icon indicates whether or not the lanes will raise the jump ramp. The inlanes can also be lit permanently by scoring Caboom off the Take A Chance Wheel.

After jumping, the Right Ramp will be flashing red. Shooting this shot gives you a choice of shooting the Left Ramp to continue building the Caboom Jackpot (with another jump/right ramp combo) or the Road Trip Lockup to collect the Caboom Jackpot. Collecting this Jackpot will complete the scene and add a multiplier to Meet Me At The Carousel. Alternatively the scene can be qualified (but not completed) after 5 successful jumps.

Collect 10 jumps during a game to light the extra ball.

Bo Peep Loops:

Shoot 3 consecutive upper loop shots at any point to complete Bo Peep and add a multiplier to Meet Me At The Carousel. Alternatively, shooting 15 upper loops will qualify (but not complete) Bo Peep.

Meet Me At The Carousel (Wizard Mode):

After all seven scenes have been qualified or completed (and Forky Rescue has been won), shooting X will begin the wizard mode, Meet Me At The Carousel. Scoring is multiplied by +1x, up to 7x, for every scene that was completed before starting the wizard mode.

To fully complete the wizard mode, the player must complete both Woody and Buzz’s paths to the carousel, which means the player will have to qualify or complete all seven scenes twice in order to access both sections of the wizard mode.

  • Woody’s Path:
  • Buzz’s Path:
  • Fireworks:

Other Scoring:


Shoot the left target, then roll through the inlane closest to the left flipper to light a random shot from that flipper for a hurry-up award for a few seconds. These shots can be the scoop, captive ball, Woody spinner/saucer, Warp target, FORKY targets, or right ramp.

To Infinity & Beyond Jets:

Collect enough jet bumper hits and/or Inner Voice awards to advance the SECTOR.JETS and light a jet bumper. After passing SECTOR.JETS level 4, Super Jets is enabled and all bumpers will be flashing for 30 seconds to add 250 points to the value for hitting the Warp target, which starts at 10,000 points. The timer pauses with every bumper hit.


Collect X switch hits to light the Second Chance store’s mystery award at the scoop. Mystery awards include:

  • 50 tickets
  • Hold Individual Bonus Component (Ball Bonus, Jump Ramps, Tickets Spent, etc)
  • Light Wheel
  • Ball Save (usually 15 seconds)
  • Spot Woody/Bo Peep Spins
  • Spot Sheriff/Sheep Target (advances spinner value for Woody/Bo Peep respectively)
  • Spot Carnival Lock
  • Gabby Gabby Mystery Hurry-Up (hit Gabby Gabby for award)
  • Advance Super X (if Super X is lit or qualified)
  • Add Super Spinner Time (if Super Spinner is active)
  • Add Super Jets Time (if Super Jets is active)
  • Add Gabby Gabby Frenzy Time (if Gabby Gabby Frenzy is active)
  • Light Jump Ramp
  • Collect Bonus
  • 2x Tickets (Ramp ticket collections are doubled for a certain amount of time)
  • Light Save Forky
  • My Good Friend Benson
  • Free Tickets X
  • Collect Tickets (awards points per ticket)

If the scoop is shot when nothing is lit there, a receipt will be awarded scoring a random value between 1,000 to 10,000 points.

Gabby Gabby Multiball:

At certain points during the game, the Gabby Gabby target will raise to the left of the jump ramp. Collect X Gabby Gabby target hits (default is 5; requires 8 after the first) and complete her name to start the 2-ball Gabby Gabby Multiball. Shoot the ramps to score 25,000 point Jackpots and pop up Gabby Gabby for an extra hurry-up value. Shooting the upper loop scores a Double Jackpot, and after a certain number of Jackpots will also be lit to collect the Super Jackpot.

Take A Chance Wheel:

Spell ALIEN by shooting the captive ball (4 letters are spotted by default, decreasing by 1 per award collected) to light the Take A Chance Wheel, which has 8 marked inserts corresponding to different awards. Each insert also lists the shot required to score the award, once qualified. Lit awards can be changed by shooting the captive ball (nudges the wheel) or upper loop (spins the wheel).

  • Gabby Gabby Frenzy: Started at the right ramp. Gabby Gabby target raises at random times for 30 seconds, making it easier to start Gabby Gabby Multiball.
  • Caboom: Collect at either left inlane. The Caboom Jump Ramp shot is worth 50,000 + 25,000 per consecutive jump made (max 150,000) and will continually feed the left inlane until a jump is missed.
  • Unlimited Kickback: Collect at the left outlane. Unlimited kickback at the left outlane for the rest of the ball.
  • Super Loops: Started at the Upper Loop shot. Every Super Loops shot during the timer increases the bonus multiplier.
  • Super X: 2x playfield multiplier started at the left target. Make successful shots through the Duke Caboom Jump ramp or collect Mystery awards to increase the multiplier by +1x to a max of 4x.
  • Tiki Party Pinball: Video mode started at the left ramp.
  • Hold Bonus X: Collect at the Woody spinner/saucer. Holds the current Bonus X until your next ball.
  • Extra Ball: Collect at the scoop for an extra ball!

Tiki Party Pinball:

This is a retro-styled pinball game where along with maxing out the bonus, your goal is to hit 30 switches to start Tiki Party Multiball. There is a certain amount of ball save time, after which Sudden Death begins and the next drain ends the mode. Completing the top lanes (with 3 of the 4 being awarded on an adjustable top lane skill shot!) will award 2x Tiki Party Multiball if the switches are completed.

During Tiki Party Multiball, shoot the Volcano to spot lit red/orange shots and collect Jackpots. Jackpots start at 25,000 and increase with red/orange shot hits, Jackpots, and Super Jackpots. Once all red/orange shots are collected, the Super Jackpot is lit for 100,000 and add-a-ball.

Extra Balls:

Extra balls can be lit at the scoop from:

End-of-Ball Bonus:

Bonus is comprised of:

All multiplied by the bonus multiplier, which advances through successful skill shots (multiples of +5x), completing both outer inlanes (which cycle with the flippers; +1x), or from upper loop shots during Super Loops (+1x each).


@CaptainBZarre You don’t waste a second getting these things going! haha

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Made a small edit to the Carnival Multiball section based on something I noticed around 8:26 in Jack Danger’s recent video of the game:

For anyone who’s played this game, have you found a reliable way to shoot the Buzz saucer? Seems like quite the tricky shot especially considering you can’t really shoot it directly.

Nope, just shoot up the middle to the pops and hope for the best. Seems a bit easier during a multi-ball when you can get 2 or 3 balls up there at once.

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Makes sense to me, thanks. I was a little concerned about how they’d handle a seemingly random saucer shot but it really isn’t too different from the kickback relight from Banzai Run, and the bumper layout kinda encourages the ball to bounce in there.

Yeah, after a few hours it’s honestly not that bad of a shot to hit. You can accidentally shoot into it from a half right ramp/upper loop feed and even from the saucer itself (there’s some code to prevent immediate returns from counting, but if you hit into enough pops you can get multiple saucer hits in one trip).

Added pretty much everything I know from hands-on experience from the HUPChallenge streams yesterday. Only things I’m missing are a few modes (because I don’t have the time to scrub through the footage to find them), Stage 4+ in Carnival Multiball, and Meet Me at the Carousel because Forky is a…another word that starts with F. Especially when the game decides to divert you to the wrong inlane and you lose out on Forky.

I added a few mystery awards to the bottom of that list. Feel free to fix the formatting if needed. One of them starts the My Best Friend Benson mode which revolves around the creepy Benson puppets. I don’t see it mentioned anywhere in the wiki yet. I know the Benson posts around the Caboom ramp randomly pop up during the mode, and some jarring sound effects are played during this. Only encountered it a couple times, and not sure how to start, or what to do during the mode.

Banzai Run’s saucer (to relight kickback, Lock a ball, etc) is most certainly a direct shot from the flipper. It can be difficult to hit, but a direct shot is there from the L flipper. You don’t have to rely on love from the pops.

Fair enough - I think this is definitely a rather different kind of “bumper shot” than what we’re used to but I’m fine with it regardless, especially on a game meant for newer players… though the bumpers have the potential to be downright evil if they eject the ball SDTM.

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Agreed. I’m looking forward to playing it.
And it seems like not too bad of a non-direct saucer, if TS4 owners/operators keep their pops firing actively. Definitely doesn’t seem to be as random/lucky as say, Catacomb locks. haha

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The better comparison would be that kickout in Indy 500 that scores whatever’s lit at the center sinkhole and kicks the ball out there, with no real way to shoot it other than a rebound off the left lite-up target. Also the kickout on Stern Pirates that the ball falls into randomly and just kicks the ball back out.

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