Lexy Lightspeed - Escape from Earth

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Multiballs (not coupled with story mode)

Secret Agent Multiball (2-8 balls)
Lock balls by completing left and right LITE LOCK targets, lock balls in saucer. Start by shooting saucer when not lit for lock. Locks become progressively more difficult after each multiball started. Score Jackpots by hitting left or right ramp. 25 jackpots awards super jackpot and wizard item. 1 Agent awarded per jackpot per ball in the multiball. Super Duper Jackpot awarded during 8-ball multiball if all 8 balls have been served from the saucer and none have drained when jackpot shot hit (1M points?). Only available when not in a mode or multiball.

Lights Out Multiball (3-ball):
Qualify by hitting all spotlight standups twice, start at scoop. First stage: knock out all spotlights again. Second stage: America Frenzy (red, white and blue frenzy). Only available when no other modes or multiballs are running.

Doubleshot multiball (2 ball)
Complete two secret hole hurryups to start.

White modes award wizard mode items, red modes award a bonus effect for the rest of the game if completed. All mode completions award 500k. A brief ball saver is awarded when a mode starts. Select mode using yellow flipper buttons, right scoop starts when in the base/home scene. Right ramp relights scoop.

White modes:
Warehouse - move through warehouse while breaking crates and collecting hidden gears. You can exit the warehouse without collecting enough gears to complete, be sure to clear each room.
Swamp - Shoot pops to create bubbles, hit bubbles to release gas. Hit gas to accumulate and scoop to collect. Collect enough gas to fuel the ship before time runs out to complete mode.
Cabin - Hit specified shots to collect & assemble spaceship parts before time runs out.
Lab - Disable energy beams by hitting flashing targets and collect weapon when shields are down.

Red modes:
Shooting Range - Four-ball multiball with no-hold flippers. Hit center standups to complete. Completion awards double damage on aliens.
Barroom Brawl - Shoot mugs to fill & chug. Completion awards “seeing double”, doubling secret agent jackpots.

Shoot left ramp to start alien battle hurryup. Indicated target will insta-kill alien and award full value. If hurryup target is missed, shoot standups to damage alien until defeated. Last alien is mini-wizard mode if not killed via hurryup and awards Wizard item.

Wizard mode:
Collect all items from modes, multiballs, and alien-killing to qualify wizard mode.

Secret hole behind the ship- starts hurry up for misc awards
Score multiplier - targets behind shooting range pop bumpers
Search the galaxy - left ramp
Collect specimens - left orbit
LEXY lanes - white buttons rotate left right, completing LEXY awards bonus multiplier and misc awards. Multiple completions required per bonus x (progressive). Progression does not reset between balls, but bonus does.

Bonus awarded for mode completions and for other achievements such as killing bugs, aliens, and secret objectives. Bonus carries over ball to ball but bonus multiplier does not.


Trying to provide a more even footing before the BCO, enjoy!

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