Legends of Valhalla Rulesheet

Are your skills sharpened for battle?

Legends of Valhalla, designed by Riot Pinball, is the 4th American Pinball title. Legends of Valhalla is an immersive pinball machine which brings the player into the world of the Norse gods and other Viking mythology. The game is a standard body design, utilizing three flippers offering a variety of fast and unique shots, including 3 metal ramps. The game rules have a variety of objectives that the player must either start or complete as they work their way through the game attempting to not only reach the wizard mode Valhalla, the majestic hall of dead Vikings, but also advance to the final epic battle known as Ragnarok, the super wizard mode.

Legends of Valhalla has 16 intricate modes programmed in the form of Viking legends for players to explore along with many multiballs and several mini features that are unlocked during specific actions while playing the game.

The game also exhibits a couple of fun playfield features such as the Kraken, which grabs the ball via a hidden magnet mounted underneath the playfield and flings it around in chaos. Also featured is a Viking ship where the player builds their army by locking balls inside to begin multiball play. Additionally, Thor’s hammer, which is mounted on the back panel and activated by a 3rd flipper button, comes crashing down onto the ball which is held by a magnet just over the top lanes, simulating a dramatic lightning strike, adding to the gameplay experience.

Lead Game Designer and Developer: Scott Gullicks
Software: Frank Gigliotti
Mechanical Engineer: Scott Gullicks and Zofia Ryan
Electronics: Mitesh Pithva
Artwork: Scott Gullicks
Callouts: Jeff Teolis and others
Sound: Frank Gigliotti, Matt Kern, and Chuck Michael
Animations: Frank Gigliotti
Creative Designer: Fay Kiaurakis

  • Release Date: October 2021

The Classic Edition includes black powder-coated rails, legs, hinges, lockdown bar, over 100 RGB lights, interactive Thor’s Hammer, hundreds of callouts, 22 total game modes including various Multiball modes.

The Deluxe Edition is limited to 500 units and includes enhanced features such as a mirrored backglass, topper, upgraded powder coated side rails, backbox hinges, lockdown bar and legs, shaker motor, sculpted and hand-painted figures, and anti-glare “Magic” Playfield Glass.


Non-Legend battles:


‘JOTNAR’: Shoot the RAMPS
‘TROLLS’: Shoot the LOOPS

Hit Berzerker to add 10 seconds to the timer.
War on Land can be played unlimited times during the game. After all 3 characters are battled, the 4th and subsequent character is random and adds increasing value to each war on land. Each completed shot increases the base value. Higher scoring in version 22.07.27 and later.

WAR AT SEA - SEA MB (6 shots and a super) - GREEN ship lighting

To qualify locks - hit 3 purple lit side targets or qualify by mystery award
To begin - Lock 3 balls in the ship (or 3 virtual balls if physical locks disabled)
Can stack with any battle. stacked battle resumes when war at sea ends.
Complete 6 shots, then right ramp is super jackpot.
completing the super jackpot extends war at sea for another 6 jackpots/super.


VIKING MB - 2nd sea MB (10 shots and a super) - can be battled multiple times. BLUE ship lighting.

Viking MB is the second and subsequent times you lock balls in the ship.
It differs from WAR AT SEA with more shots and no ability to continue after the superjackpot.
Viking MB jackpots are progressive with the 22.07.22 and later code.

VIKING RAID - 3rd sea MB (qualified by # of RAIDERS collected) RED ship lighting.

R-A-I-D rollovers when completed adds 1 raider to the ship
Qualify VIKING RAID by collecting enough raiders for your ship (default = 20 selectable)
When VIKING RAID is qualified, you’ll get a message on screen to shoot the ship.
Entering the ship starts VIKING RAID. Start RAIDING one of 10 random actual Viking cities:
Complete all shots for another city. Complete all cities or drain to end the mode.

To qualify: 2 completions of blood/rage targets lights shields of the gods kickbacks,
save a ball and get 1 step to rage qualify and add blood to the axe onscreen.
(progress carry over ball to ball)
enable shield of the gods again and save a ball and get another step to rage qualify and more blood to the axe. Do this a total of 4 times to qualify rage and fill your axe with blood.
Rage starts with a 6 ball multiball frenzy
there are 4 villages to destroy. 6 shots per village
complete all 6 shots and get add-a-ball and another village.
complete all villages to end RAGE or drain.
teal/green/yellow/purple arrows for villages 1-4

Hit the blood/rage target 4 times to start this hurryup.
Random award is generated at start: Points, Weapons or Warriors
Shoot the random green shots to score the award. you have 10 seconds to hit as many shots as you can
Hit the berzerker during the hurryup to get different shots (3-4 shots each set)

Spell Rampage by hitting the center ramp (R-A-M-P-A-G-E) outside of any other running mode.
Timer starts, all shots are lit.
Hitting a shot awards 1X for the shot and restarts the timer. Hitting another shot awards 1X for that shot and restarts the timer. If you hit the same shot twice, award 2X the value and restart the timer. If you hit the same shot three times, award 3X the value, restart the timer and extinguish the shot.
After a number of shots are completed the Berzerker target will pop up. Hit the Berzerker to rest all shots to 1x. Each completed shot increases the base value.
RAMPAGE can be called an unlimited time during the game and you continue shooting until you miss a shot and the timer runs out.
Rampage base value grows with the 22.07.22 and later code.

Qualify: 10 loops under the ship (progress carry over ball to ball)
Mode start at 25 million and counts down with 12 second timer.
Add time by hitting the right side of the mini loop
Increase the dropping points by hitting the left side of the mini loop
Score the value by hitting the under ship target to escape the kraken

COMBOS (11) - add points, add to combo jackpot, add to COMBOS TASK qualifier
Left loop>Center ramp
Left Ramp>Center ramp
Right Ramp>Center ramp
Left Ramp>RightRamp>CenterRamp
Left loop>Left ramp
Right ramp>Left ramp
Center ramp>Left ramp
Right ramp>Left orbit
Left Ramp>Right orbit
Left Ramp>RightRamp
Left loop>Right ramp

UNIQUE COMBOS (9) - add big points
Left Ramp>Center ramp>Spinner
Left Loop>Spinner
Left Loop>Spinner>upper right orbit
Left Loop>Spinner>right ramp
Right loop>upper right orbit
Right Loop>Right ramp
Right Loop>rt shooter lane
Left Ramp>Center ramp>Spinner>upper right orbit - combo worth 2X
Left Ramp>Center ramp>Spinner>right ramp - Asgard Combo worth 3X

Hit the Berzerker drop target enough times to light the scoop and right shooter lane for Mystery Awards.
Awards such as 10 million points, light ship locks, Add Raiders, Add Weapons, Spot a Task, Special, etc.
(Mystery Awards can be set to fixed in service menu for tournaments)

Get Thors Hammer by hitting the spinner 100 times. When obtained, press the action button
to defeat a legend* during battle or score points outside of a battle.
(*except THOR who can’t be defeated with the hammer)

Summon a Valkyrie by: performing 5 combos or getting it as a mystery award
Use a Valkyrie during a battle to score the next shot** to get one shot closer to defeating
(**except Dearg Due who is defeated with a valkyrie)

TASKS: Complete 8 tasks to qualify Valhalla wizard mode
WEAPONS - collect 10 weapons
ARMY - collect 10 raiders
COMBOS - perform 10 combos
WAR ON LAND - start 1 war on land
WAR AT SEA - start 1 sea battle
GOD OF THUNDER - complete 2 sets of god of thunder rollovers
LEGEND DESTROYER - play 4 battles (lights extra ball)
CONQUEST - collect 8 qualities of a viking (awards 25 million)

  • COURAGE - 10 LOOPS (right loop to left loop or vice versa 10 times)

(1 weapon needed to play):
Banshee - shoot (5) pale yellow arrows to chase away the banshee
- left orbit, left ramp, center ramp, right orbit, rt shooter lane
Draugar - 2 ball battle. shoot orange arrows. (8) shots
- upper mini loop left and right, right ramp, right loop
- Center ramp, left ramp, left orbit, scoop
Dearg Due - (8) shots or defeat immediately with a valkyrie
- red shots 1x value, roving orange shot 3x value
- scoop, left orbit, left ramp, center ramp, right orbit,
rt shooter lane, right ramp, upper mini loop left
Fossegrimen - (6) shots - blue arrows
- left orbit/left ramp (either)
- left ramp/upper orbit mini left (either)
- left/rt upper orbit mini (either)
- rt upper orbit mini/right ramp (either)
- rt ramp/right orbit (either)
- middle ramp

(2 weapons needed to play):
LeananSidhe - pink arrows (4) shots
- center ramp, left ramp,right orbit,left orbit
Jormungandr - orange arrows. 20 spinner shots, then right shooter lane, Center top rollover
Dullahan - magenta arrows,several levels.
- left ramp, left loop
- right loop,spinner
- center ramp several times
- spinner
Kraken - light blue arrows (5) shots
- left orbit
- right orbit, upper mini loop left and right, right ramp

(5 weapons needed to play):
Grendel - 4 ball battle. 20 sec ballsave. shoot yellow arrows
- (3) side targets (locks)
- 20 spins
- (3) war on land standups
- 10 spins
- right shooter lane
- top center rollover
Hel - red arrows (6) shots
- right shooter lane
- left ramp
- center ramp
- left ramp
- center ramp
- right shooter lane
Fenrir - shoot standups to light up to 9 red-ish orange shots. 6 shots completes battle.
- scoop,left orbit,left ramp,center ramp, upper mini loop, right ramp,right orbit,rt shooter lane
Gwyllgi - 2 ball battle - orchid arrows
- scoop
- spinner,left ramp, center ramp
- spinner, left loop, right loop
- spinner, left ramp, left loop
- spinner, center ramp, right,right loop
- spinner,left ramp, center ramp

(9 weapons needed to play):
Thor - light blue arrows - completion depends on health/hammer power. you steal the hammer.
make the available shots to increase health and hammer power
complete the battle by getting 90% health or 90% hammer power
incorrect shots decrease health or hammer power
- left orbit, left ramp, spinner
- right orbit, upper mini loop left, center ramp
- rt shooter lane
- top center rollover
Tyr - 2 ball battle - pale yellow arrows - two levels - center ramp is always jackpot
- level 1 - scoop, left orbit, left ramp, upper mini loop, right ramp
right orbit, rt shooter, spinner
- level 2 - war on land standups
Loki - green arrows. (5 shots) guess the shot or shoot remaining shots.
- center and left ramps
- center ramp, left ramp, spinner
- center ramp,left ramp,spinner,upper mini loop
- center ramp,left ramp,spinner,upper mini loop, rt shooter lane
- right ramp,right orbit, rt shooter lane
Balder - (5) gold arrows
- left orbit, spinner, upper mini loop, rt shooter lane
- roving shot

Wizard Modes:
VALHALLA: Single ball play, 60 second ball save
qualify by completing all 8 tasks. shoot scoop or shooter lane to begin.
you must collect all 9 weapons to and deliver a final blow at the center ramp in order to defeat ODIN
Shoot left ramp to light a weapon, shoot the weapon shot to collect it. A second visit to Valhalla (with increased task difficulty) is possible if you do not defeat ODIN the first time.

RAGNAROK - 6 ball play. 60 second ball save
Play all 16 legend battles to qualify Ragnarok wizard mode
3 levels for this wizard mode. 19 shots/level
every shot in the game is lit a level color (purple/aqua/red)
shoot all 19 shots for the next level
complete all levels to complete Ragnarok or drain to end it.