Wrestlemania wiki rulesheet

I thought it would be cool to have a wiki rulesheet for each new game that comes out. As people figure out the rules, they can add/change/remove them as needed until the rulesheet becomes pretty complete. Over time this would be a pretty cool archive of games. So this is the first one! Almost anyone should be able to edit this, and I’ve just barely gotten it started. Lets flesh it out as the game comes along!


Apparently bonus is valuable.

Shoot either unlit ramp to enter the ring. Not sure of mode scoring, apparently it can be lit by completing the WWE spell out.

Complete the 5 rollover lanes to advance the Bonus Multiplier.

Shoot lit purple REF shots to begin Referee Multiball or Referee Scoring (modes alternate like Vengeance modes in ST). During the former, shoot lit shots to score 250k Jackpots. During the latter, shoot the left ramp to collect a Hurry-Up value starting at 1m. Shoot it 5 times to complete the mode (?)

Shoot 10 loops to Light Extra Ball and advance towards Referee modes.

Complete Tag-Team standups, then shoot the left scoop followed by the ramp to begin Tag Team Multiball. Not sure of Jackpot scoring yet.

After pinning opponent, moving showboat targets awards 200K+, after hitting the saucer during showboat, the showboat target seem to award 2M+ each??

Once you complete a match by pinning an opponent you need to hit all three WWE drops to relight match. Shooting the ball up either ramp starts the new match.

I added some stuff. :slight_smile:

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Has anyone figured out how the scoring is determined for a pin? It seems to randomly award 1mil-3mil. I originally thought it was based on how many hits on your opponent before pinning but I can’t get it to consistently score. Perhaps something to do with the signature move?

Also, first belt (4 pins?) is worth ~10 million.

What I’ve been seeing is that during a match, when you are in the ring hitting those back targets you have to listen to the callouts. When the wrestler you pick does their finishing move you get the ~3M pin vs a standard move (DDT, clothesline, suplex) ~1M pin.

The finishing moves for reference:

John Cena = AA (Attitude Adjustment)
Daniel Bryan = Yes Lock
Triple H = Pedigree
The Rock = Rock Bottom (guess, I never play as The Rock)

Do you know if there’s any consistency to what move is used? It looks like after you complete the full bank it starts doing a moving target on that side and I’m curious if that is what does it.

I’ll pay more attention when I play it this week about what causes the move but good to know the signature move is what triples the pin value.

…left scoop?

The left scoop is only on the LE. On the Pro it’s a mini-orbit.

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corrected an instance of spelling of “apparently” (was “apparantly”)

Is this still the latest? There’s a comp coming up this weekend and this may be the only learning can get under my belt (pardon the pun).

In the meantime, while a solid rulesheet isn’t available it may be worth putting in there things like how valuable the bonus is, what the difference in choosing a wrestler might be (if any), that sort of thing.

I’m sure I’ll find it all out quickly enough on the day anyway, but any useful info I can get my hands on would of course be handy.

We played WWE LE at TPF and I knew the purple ref inserts started a MB from watching PAPAtv. If I remember correctly, ref MB did not start unless you were currently in a match. When I got the last ref light I needed, I was surprised MB didn’t start. When I looked at the DMD it said something about scoring instead of starting the MB. I think that maybe the JP value goes up for the next ref MB not sure.

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OHHHH I have been wondering about this too! Interesting. Thanks!

Shoot the ball up top to either complete a match, or if not in a match, get more BonusX. A “pin” in a match seems to be worth more (up to 6M?) if you shoot the saucer right after your wrestler’s signature move.

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Thanks for all the tips, folks! Having played on both Pros and LEs over the weekend (it was a promo thing, so two of each) I can hopefully answer a question or two, or maybe fill in some blanks.

Only thing that comes to mind is that the Royal Rumble multiball mentioned on the How to Play card doesn’t seem to be coded in yet, according to a friend who won four matches (you’re only supposed to need to win three) and it didn’t start. I don’t think I got that far to see it for myself.

Oh, and one of the rubbers on the ring in the LE was almost destroyed by the end of the weekend. Hope they find a way to prevent that from happening in future code, it looked like it was close to completely gone.

Giving this a bump. There’s an update coming soon plus there’s many things that haven’t been clarified yet. I particularly need info on Royal Rumble wizard mode and WrestleMania wizard mode, if its even implemented in the game yet.

Are the rumors true? Is Lyman working on the code now?

In the 1.33 there is:

  • No REF Scoring anymore.
  • If there is no active match, then shooting the ramps makes them work as loops. You can also combo using those.
  • During a match: Shooting the WWE bank will make the mini loop arrow blink purple(i think so) for a few seconds, shooting them gives you about +300k to Bonus (to be confirmed)
  • During a TAG TEAM MULTIBALL: after scoring enough jackpots(or after enough time passed - didn’t have time to confirm) TAG TEAM is lit again for Add-A-Ball. (Super Jackpot=30M lit in the ring in the hole, but somehow i managed to get 100M too)
  • Once you complete a Match or TAG TEAM MULTIBALL the amount of shots needed to start another one increases.

There’s already a good topic with a lot of details: