Elvira’s House of Horrors Rulesheet (WIP)

Current Code: 0.88

The famous mistress of the dark returns in her third pinball machine, released by Stern Pinball and designed by Dennis Nordman. Characters from 26 of the most infamous horror B-movies of all time have invaded a haunted house, and are wreaking havoc that can only be stopped by putting the characters back in the movies where they came from. You’ll also have to put up with Deadheads, Gar-Goils, and other creatures on your quest to clear the house.


  • Left outlane - Standard. It can be lit for Spin by completing the Hand of Fate standup targets.
  • Left inlane - Standard. Can be fed to by the left ramp. Starts “Double Trouble” when it’s insert is flashing.
  • 36-24-36 targets - A bank of 3 standup targets spelling out a lock combination. Completing all three targets will open up the Trunk to lock a ball and collect a game enhancer.
  • The Trunk - Labeled “Junk in the Trunk”, this acts as one of the ball locks. When Lock is lit at the left ramp, the top of the Trunk will raise and allow a ball to enter it. You also collect one of four game enhancers here, displayed to the left of the Trunk. Balls that exit the Trunk are kicked out into the pop bumpers. A ball can randomly fall into this shot through a lucky bounce; if this happens, you will instantly lock a ball.
  • Left orbit - A standard orbit that loops around the back of the game and feeds either the pop bumpers or the right flipper. A weak shot to this orbit might fall into the Back Door. Counts down towards Drive Me Crazy and is used in that mode. Lights in front of the shot: “Jumpin’ Time”, “Drive Me Crazy”, “Jackpot”, RGB
  • Left ramp - A rather steep ramp that makes a U-turn at the top and feeds the left inlane, or can feed the Trunk if it’s raised. The shot is designed to be made from the right flipper but it can be backhanded. Counts down towards Un-Happy Hour and is used in that mode. Lights in front of the shot: “Trailer Bits”, “Un-Happy Hour”, “Junk in the Trunk”, “Jackpot”, RGB
  • The Garage - To the very left of the house is a virtual ball lock shot with a drop target in front of it. Hit the drop target to qualify the locks, then make the shot to lock balls. The Garage is used to start one of three Multiball modes, in this order: Wild Women, Add-A-Zombie, Attic Attack. An RGB light indicates whether or not the shot is required for a mode.
  • Back Door - This hole located directly behind the Garage feeds the Cellar. At the beginning of a ball, plunging directly into this hole will instantly start a Haunt. Check out the amusing sign directly above it.
  • House Entrance - This is a unique ramp / orbit shot that makes the ball go in two different directions through a diverter; either out the left orbit entrance, or into the pop bumpers. After enough shots to the entrance have been made, it will raise to reveal the Cellar shot. Lights in front of the shot: “Trailer Trash”, “House Party”, “Extra Ball”, “Jackpot”, RGB
  • The Cellar - A scoop located directly under the house entrance, which can only be shot when the entrance is raised. This shot starts Haunts when flashing. Sends the ball into the pop bumpers.
  • “Wild Market Value” target - A single standup target located directly to the right of the house entrance that can generally only be hit through a lucky bounce. Has an insert that flashes when a hurry-up is available.
  • “Deep End” lanes - Two rollover lanes located directly above the pop bumpers. A diverter near these lanes can divert balls exiting either orbit into the bumpers. Completing these lanes will increase the bonus multipliers.
  • Pop bumpers - A set of three pop bumpers with colorful inner tubes as covers. Balls locked in the Trunk are sent into this area.
  • Right ramp - This ramp goes behind the Crypt and feeds the right flipper. It might not look like you can backhand it but it is possible and it’s much easier to do than it looks! Lights in front of this shot: “Trailer Bits”, “Un-Happy Hour”, “Jackpot”, RGB
  • Deadhead Family Crypt - A unique, moving target that has three possible “faces”; a set of doors, an entrance that leads to the Crypt Kicker, and a skull head target that you can bash with the ball. Making the entrance will summon one of the Deadheads. Lights in front of this shot: “Super Head Shot”, “Jackpot”, RGB
  • Right orbit - The opposite of the left orbit. All features that apply to that shot also apply here, but there’s a spinner labeled “Beast Booster” in front of the orbit. Lights: “Jumpin’ Time”, “Drive Me Car-Zy” (nice typo!), “Jackpot”, RGB
  • Hand of Fate targets - A bank of three standup targets to the right of the playfield. Hitting them all will qualify “Spin” at the left outlane.
  • Crypt Kicker - A seemingly unaccessible kicker located above the Hand of Fate targets kicks the ball directly towards the 36-24-36 targets. This is where balls that enter the Crypt are ejected from. Look out!
  • Right inlane - Standard. Can be fed to by the right ramp. Starts “Double Trouble” when it’s insert is flashing.
  • Right outlane - Standard. It can be lit for Return after any Deadhead has been defeated.

Skill Shots

There are two Skill Shots on this game; both of them are fairly difficult but can be very rewarding.

  • Plunging the ball so it lands in either Dead End lane will award 250k increasing by 25k each time a successful Skill Shot is made.
  • Plunging the ball so it lands into the Back Door will award 1 million (increasing by 250k each time a successful Skill Shot is made) and instantly qualify a Haunt at the house entrance. If a Haunt has already been qualified, making this Skill Shot will immediately start it. If the Back Door Skill Shot is made during a Haunt, it will qualify the next Haunt for you instantly after the current Haunt has ended.


Lyman has truly outdone himself this time, with a ton of unique modes all based on some of the corniest, silliest, and all around worst horror movies ever made. The characters from these movies are causing havoc in Elvira’s house and it’s up to you to get them back to their respective movie. Each mode has a unique introduction from the Mistress of the Dark herself and some really good atmosphere, too.

Start a Haunt by shooting the House Entrance enough times; when it’s RGB light is flashing purple, the next shot to the House will begin the Haunt. The windows of the House correspond to the Haunts and you can use either flipper to change which room you want to enter (see below). Once you’ve obtained a Skeleton Key from the Trunk, you will be able to access “locked” Haunts which were not previously available.

The base value of Haunts increases each time one is successfully completed; during the first Haunt of a game, the lit shots will be worth 500k. This value increments by 100k for each completed Haunt. Each Haunt also has a completion value, which starts at 2 million and increments by 250k for each completed Haunt.

All Haunts are 45 seconds (the timer pauses if the ball enters the bumpers). If you drain during a Haunt, you won’t be able to access it again until you’ve completed all of them.

Completing any Haunt will qualify the Trailer Trash bonus round at the House and advance your rank towards Director’s Cut. Completing your first two Haunts lights Extra Ball.

There are six main Haunts in the game. These can be accessed even without the Skeleton Key.

  • Night of the Living Dead: (Right side of house, basement window) First, escape to the House by shooting the Entrance for the base value; you can increment this two times by shooting both ramps before you enter the House. Then, destroy 7 Ghouls by making any lit shot for the base value again; after making a shot, it will turn off so it can’t be made again. Afterwards, enter the Cellar (or destroy additional Ghouls to increment the base value), and then shoot the House Entrance to finish the mode.
  • Teenagers from Outer Space: (Left side of house, attic window) All shots except for the House Entrance are lit. Shoot any of them for the base value increasing by 50k per shot; after making a shot, it will turn off so it can’t be made again. After making four shots, the right orbit will light: make this shot for the base value and you’ll light the House Entrance to finish the mode. You can increase the value scored by making the Entrance through spinner hits.
  • The Brain That Wouldn’t Die: (Left side of house, garage window #1) Shoot the House Entrance for the base value, then shoot any of the other five shots for the same value. If a shot is made, it will turn off until a different shot is made. During the last 15 seconds of the mode, shoot the left and right ramp to collect the completion value for each shot, then make the House Entrance to finish the mode.
  • The Manster: (Left side of house, garage window #2) Shoot the left ramp, Garage, House Entrance, right ramp, and Crypt in any order for the base value + 50k per increment. Afterwards, make 7 of any shot (except for the Garage) to collect the base value for each shot. Finally, make a shot into the Cellar to finish the mode.
  • Manos: The Hands of Fate: (Right side of house, middle floor window) All shots except for the House Entrance are lit. Shoot any of them for the base value + 50k per increment (and a good sound effect). After 7 shots, shoot into the Cellar to collect the base value again, and shoot the House Entrance to finish the mode.
  • The Werewolf of Washington: (Right side of house, attic window) Shoot left or right orbit (flashing blue), then shoot followup blue shots to “Transform”. Making the blue shots as combos scores more points than they would otherwise. (how many?) After three transformations you can shoot the House to finish the mode.

Along with the six main Haunts, there are several bonus Haunts that can be selected if you’ve obtained the Skeleton Key. Most of these are not in the code yet - stay tuned!

  • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: (Right-most window) First, both orbits are lit, shoot either to advance. Then the left ramp and the crypt are both lit, shoot either to advance. Next, the garage and right ramp are both lit, shoot either to advance. Now, all shots light green and re-light, collect bonus green shots or complete at the house.

Trailer Trash

This bonus round is awarded after completing any Haunt. The House Entrance will light on a hurry-up timer to award you 50% of the total amount of points you scored during the Haunt again. The value can be increased to 75% through shooting either the left or right ramp, or 100% by shooting both ramps before collecting the value at the House. If Multiball is active when a Haunt has been completed, you will still be able to play Trailer Trash during the Multiball. Progress towards Haunts and other objectives can still be made during Trailer Trash.

Haunt Wizard Modes

On the current code, there are (supposedly?) two Wizard Modes that can be activated by completing certain amounts of Haunts. One is given after making it through three Haunts, and the other is given after completing them all.

  • House Party: (Large window in the center of house) You’ve survived and made it halfway through the House, it’s time to party like monsters! This is a four-ball Multiball similar to Total Annihilation from AFM where all of the major shots (except for the House Entrance and Garage) are lit to score Jackpots starting at 1,125,000 incrementing by 75k per Jackpot. After scoring a Jackpot, the shot won’t be lit again until a different shot is made. Shooting the House Entrance will score a Super Party Jackpot, which awards all of the Jackpots you’ve collected up to that point again. The Multiball ends once you return to single ball play.
  • The second Wizard Mode, which isn’t in the code yet, is a “final attic mode”. Coming soon.

Director’s Cut:

Completing Haunts advances your rank on the B-Restorator, shown above the flippers (and scores 1 million + 500k per additional rank). After advancing to rank 4, the House Entrance will light to start Director’s Cut, which takes precedence over any other behavior in the game. This mode is not in the code yet and it’s unfortunately a dead end at the moment (nothing can be activated…)

Deadhead Family Crypt & Super Head Shot:

Hitting the Crypt entrance enough times (how many?) will allow the entrance to lower, revealing a scoop that you can shoot the ball into. A skull head will then lower, which you can shoot several times to hit the Deadhead shown on the display. After enough shots, you will be able to shoot into the Crypt one more time to finish the Deadhead off. There are 15 different Deadheads, but only 4 are in the current code. (Need lots of info on values, difficulty, etc.)

Defeating any Deadhead will light Return at the right outlane, which is a virtual ball saver.

Defeating two Deadheads will light Extra Ball.

Defeating three Deadheads will light Super Head Shot at the Crypt, which isn’t in the code yet.

Defeated Deadheads score 250k in end of ball bonus.

Freak Fryer & Gappa Angry!

Switch hits throughout the game (how many?) will increase the power of the Freak Fryer, shown both above the flippers and to the left of the display. Each level of the Freak Fryer awards 1 million + 500k per additional level. After advancing the Freak Fryer to its maximum level, the House Entrance will light to start Gappa Angry!.

Gappa Angry! is currently a mode where you have to make the flashing shots in this order. The shots in each stage start at a million, increasing by 1 million per stage, and increase by 125k for each shot made during the stage.

  • House Entrance
  • Left and right ramps
  • Left and right orbits + House Entrance
  • Left and right ramps + House Entrance + Crypt
  • Left and right orbits + left and right ramps + House Entrance

After completing all five stages, shoot the Cellar one more time and you will begin a six-ball Multiball round. Scoring for this Multiball is not implemented in the current code.

Other Side Modes

These three modes can be advanced towards and started at any time during play, after making the required amount of shots to start them.

  • Un-Happy Hour: Make 5 (+2 for each time the mode is started) shots to either ramp to start this timed mode. Shots to either ramp are worth 350k + 25k increments for 30 seconds.
  • Drive Me Crazy: Make 5 (+2 for each time the mode is started) shots to either orbit to start this timed mode. Shots to either orbit are worth 300k + 25k increments for 30 seconds.
  • Gar-Goils Gone Wild: Complete the Gar-Goil targets two times (increasing up to four times) to advance the Gar-Goil Gauge to its maximum, then complete the targets one more time to start the mode. Each hit to a Gar-Goil target during this mode scores 50k + 10k increment, with a bonus of 150k + 25k increment for hitting all four targets. Hitting either orbit will score 150k + 150k per shot.

Garage Multiballs

There are three different Multiball modes that can be started with shots to the Garage. Three balls have to be locked in order to start each Multiball. To light Locks, hit the drop target blocking the Garage a certain number of times: once for the first Multiball (which will light all of the locks), once per lock for the second Multiball, and twice per lock for the third Multiball. These Multiballs can be started during any ongoing Haunt, and are played in the following order:

  • Wild Women Multiball: All major shots (except for the Garage) light for Jackpots worth 350k, increasing by 25k per Jackpot. After making all six Jackpots, a roving shot (starting at the House Entrance) will light to score a Super Jackpot worth 1 million. Afterwards, both orbits will light for Super Jackpots for the rest of the Multiball (these SJs are different than the one collected at the House - how are they determined?)
  • Add-a-Zombie Multiball: Seems incomplete on the current code. The left orbit, House Entrance, Crypt, and right orbit are lit for Jackpots worth 500k, increasing by 25k per Jackpot.
  • Attic Attack Multiball: Scoring isn’t implemented on the current code, but at least the custom intro is there?

Junk In The Trunk

Collect “Junk” for rewards and multiballs. Complete Trunk Targets (36-24-36) to light the Trunk, then shoot the left Ramp when lit to collect a “Junk” item and lock a ball. Worth noting - if a ball happens to fall into the lock under the Trunk, it will be locked even though you didn’t shoot the ramp. This will also award a piece of Junk and progress you towards Junk in the Trunk Multiball. Junk Items are…

  • Skeleton Key - “Opens Any Door” - needed to access bonus Haunts
  • Lab Test - “Build Monster Jackpots” (how, exactly?)
  • Elvira’s Dagger - “Slice and Dice” - relates to Director’s Cut?
  • Atomic Raygun - “Disintegrates Anything” - does it relate to the Deadheads?

Lock 2 balls to start “Junk in the Trunk” Multiball.

Collect all the junk to start Phone-a-Fiend Phone-a-Thon.

Junk In The Trunk Multiball

This is a 2-ball Multiball. Two Jackpots are lit at random shots, and a hit to any of the Trunk Targets will change the location of the lit Jackpots. Making this shot will also light the left ramp to collect a Super Jackpot and 1 - 3 (a random amount in this range) of a random piece of Junk. This Multiball can be brought into any other mode.

Phone-A-Fiend Phone-A-Thon Multiball

Phone-A-Fiend Phone-A-Thon Multiball is started by collecting all the Junk in the Trunk. This isn’t in the code yet.

Hand of Fate

The Hand of Fate feature is lit at the left outlane, and is a shout out to the Spider Wheel in Scared Stiff.

The Hand of Fate is lit by completing the right target bank. When triggered by losing the ball down the left outlane, the player is presented with a spinning wheel on the display which they must stop by hitting the lock down bar action button.

The wheel has 6 segments, each containing a different reward. The player is awarded the item the wheel is stopped on and the reward is replaced with a portion of the image behind the rewards. When all rewards are collected (and the image is complete) the player gets the Hand of Fate Bonus Round.

No award is collected if the player does not stop the wheel (after 6 seconds) or if the wheel is stopped on an already collected reward. Note that the Hand of Fate may be triggered during a multiball, making it tricky to hit the action button to collect the desired award while playing multiball.

The awards include…

  • Ball Save
  • Extend Garage Multiball
  • Extend Trunk Multiball
  • 5 Million
  • 2 Million
  • 2X Bonus (doubles entire bonus, on top of any multipliers!)

Extra Balls

Two Extra Balls are available on the current code. These will light at the House Entrance when qualified.

  • Two completed Haunts
  • Two Deadheads killed

End of Ball Bonus

Bonus is determined by:

  • Deadheads (250k per killed Deadhead, held from ball to ball)
  • Haunt Shots (5k (?) per Haunt Shot)
  • Base value (how is this determined?)

x Bonus Multiplier (x Double Bone-Us if applicable)


Wikified for everyone’s editing enjoyment. Thanks for starting this rule sheet.


Bumping this because more people are about to discover the game!

Galloping Ghost Pinball just got an LE, so I’ll be able to help with this.


I believe PF multiplier is achieved by completing left 3 and right 3 targets? (24-36-24/trunk targets and Hand of Fate)?

Other awards for Hand of Fate I’ve seen:
2x Bonus

Completing a target bank seems to light an IMDN-style inlane playfield X. Not sure what the exact rules were to get the 4x - perhaps the other target bank?

Was wondering that too, haven’t had time to test though…

Is there a Stern-typical add-a-ball feature on any of the multiballs?
I realize there’s a Garage MB extender, and the left lane outlane ball-save… I’m not referring to either of those.

I don’t believe there is.

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Hi all,

This game has been something I’ve been playing a lot at shorty’s in seattle - the most up to date code as of today.

There is no add a ball for @Snailman - it just isn’t implemented yet. The closest to one is starting a junk in the trunk mb on top of whatever you have.

I believe @Binkley is correct on PF multiplier, but it may also be related to the amount of times that the inlanes are rolled over or where the center freak fryer lights have gotten to. I didn’t look closely at the PF multiplier lighting to know there was a 4x but the 2x has a yellow light and stern likes to correlate their lights - just my logic.

At this stage of the code, the best value is in the 4th house mode (at least for our location) because you start a 4 ball mb.

One last thing that I hope they implement with Junk in the Trunk is super orbits/ramps/slings/pops with correlating junk pieces. It would be nice to see that mb work as an exponential builder. Otherwise, hope the scoring scaling doesn’t get rediculous in the soon to be implemented modes.


Haven’t played this yet. Any good competitive videos or suggestions for a head to head strat?

Make sure you have a chair to sit in between balls — it plays LONG.

Traditional modern pinball strategy: start a mode before Multiball.
And what others have said: priority is getting to the 4th house mode (incredibly lucrative Multiball)

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Lock drop target. Drain. Lock drop target. Drain. Repeat until Multiball is lit.

No memeing here, just another game with lock validation issues right now.

I thought that locks were awarded from the saucer BEHIND the drop target. Does the saucer not validate PF either??

The saucer I haven’t confirmed, but if there’s physical locks you get a new ball autoplunged (which resets validation).


Outside of what has already been posted about locks - be aware that all the versions I’ve played needed a bump on the right of the cab to get a slow moving ball to not hit the sling.

My match play strategy would be to be 100% sure that I stack a mode with my MB’s. You can bring a MB into a mode but not the opposite so get the mode started first. MB jackpots aren’t real valuable yet but it helps you get through the mode which is the main goal as…

GET TO MODE 4! The person that does this wins if the other person doesn’t. Points are super lopsided currently towards that mode. It’s easy to get to if you play somewhat safe on balls 1 and 2.

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Post-OBX Postmortem:


I have been feeling good with a slow burn towards House Party, leveraging some good scoring modes with multiballs and multipliers.

I’ll start off with some “shootaround” mode like The Brain That Wouldn’t Die or The Manster. During that mode, I work on Garage locks and locking a ball in the Trunk. Once those are ready, finish out the rest of the current mode and cash out the Trailer Trash if it’s on the table.

Next, I take Manos with Garage Multiball and work on the Hand of Fate targets. Since I have the Trunk targets done, 2x Playfield is easier to light and I can use the time to burn out Manos/collect Jackpots/work on 4x Playfield. Finish up Manos, cash Trailer Trash again (hopefully in playfield X!), and light Junk in the Trunk Multiball. At the end of Garage, you likely have “partial credit” on the 3 bank which makes the lock easier.

Assuming I have Skeleton Key, I go Santa Claus Conquers the Martians next. Otherwise, Night of the Living Dead. Start Junk and use the ball save time to clear your mode of choice/Hand of Fate for multipliers. If you’re on the right, potshot the left target bank to light Supers. After mode/Trailer Trash again, cash in as many Supers as possible. 2 balls on the left makes this easy; you can backhand the targets.

Go for House Party next, either jamming shots or getting greedy and going for playfield multipliers. Occasionally shoot the house for cumulative Supers!

After that, work on more modes and more multiballs. Throw in a Deadhead or 2 for the EB.

And at any point in a Multiball. Gargoyles Gone Wild is a great objective to go for during ball saves - you can reset the timer for infinite jumping/jiving/wailing.

Great rundown. Also wanted to follow up as a result of the .86 update, you can no longer use junk in the trunk as your add a ball (it is a separate multiball) :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I had a creative blur - order of operations do apply. the targets carry over after Multiball, so you can leave yourself 1 away (which is almost as good as stacking, right?)

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I didn’t realize mode selection could be controlled. Is it pops that change them and how do you tell what mode you will get?