Elvira’s House of Horrors Rulesheet

This is really vague and I’ve only heard the non-specific claim that the flippers change the available mode & each window corresponds to be a mode. More research needs to be done.

I can confirm that claim. I will do some further research tonight and get back to you on what each window does!

Had an issue trying to setup Elvira at OBX at .87 for tournament play. We could not find the setting to prevent people from timing out the house modes. Was this an overlook?

Clarified some things:

  • 4x Scoring activates when you qualify & activate Double Trouble DURING Double Trouble. The timer for 4x Scoring is the same as the normal Double Trouble timer, 30 seconds.
  • Return is lit after successfully defeating a Deadhead.

Also encountered a glitch where I qualified Gappa Angry! after completing a Haunt during Junk in the Trunk Multiball and the game had some weird behavior. The top of the Trunk was permanently raised when it wasn’t supposed to, and a ball search wouldn’t eject the ball locked in the Trunk. I had to tilt out of the round in the end. Shame too, because it was during my best game (225m).

Stuff about Hand of Fate:

  • If the targets are completed while Hand of Fate is already lit, the activations will stack. For instance, if you complete the targets two times (the first completion lighting Hand of Fate), then use the Ball Saver the first time, it will remain lit when the ball is saved.
  • Trunk Multiball Extend / Garage Multiball Extend don’t seem to work how they did in Scared Stiff. They’re basically useless unless you’re currently in either Multiball, which will launch all balls back into play and implement a new ball save timer. Otherwise it’s a waste of an award.
  • 250k + 25k per completion is given for completing the Hand of Fate targets. This rule also applies to the Trunk targets.

Also, try shooting the left ramp right after the end of Junk in the Trunk Multiball sometime. It’ll always lock a ball!

Assumed that the trunk behavior after Junk in the Trunk was fixed in .88. From the release notes:

“ Fixed an issue where the trunk lid would stay open when it should not;
i.e. after a player played trunk multiball and left the multiball with
the trunk lid open, the lid would stay open.”

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They work exactly the same (minus crediting you progress towards the Multiball in question). When you drop down to 1 ball in play, the game will restart the ball save as well as return the proper number of balls into play. Still extremely useful, although you’re mostly looking at them during the multiballs or if you’re going to play a Multiball soon and “Ball Save” is exhausted.

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Do Atomic Rayguns do anything? Watched another player collect several Rayguns during Junk-in-the-Trunk MB. Assuming they will be smart bombs at some point? Or bonus?

Unrelated, the Trailer Trash rule currently seems to be
0) “Win” a haunt and earn a B-Movie Restorator light and qualify Trash

  1. Shoot House to begin Trailer Trash hurry-up
  2. Value begins at 50% previous mode total
  3. Once per hurry-up, a ramp restores hurry-up value to 75% of previous mode total, then other ramp to 100% previous mode total (look for the small yellow “scissors” circles on each ramp)
  4. Collect at house at anytime before timing out.
    I’m not sure about how the current rulesheet says “Completing this automatically qualifies next haunt.” I think you just get the progress towards the next haunt inherent in shooting the house two times.
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Suspecting that the rayguns have something to do with the Deadheads. Specifically, something that isn’t in the current code yet - actually defeating them with a well-timed press of the action button.

Thank you for clarifying the Trailer Trash rules, I was really confused about how this worked!

Random code suggestions:

  • Holding the left flipper button when a saved ball is plunged allows the ball to travel all the way around instead of entering the bumpers on current code. Makes me suspect that a Super Skill Shot or something along those lines is being planned. An option that sticks out to me is one-timing it into the Crypt, without hitting any other switches, to collect some points and instantly qualify a Deadhead. Basically equivalent to the Back Door but for another equally important objective.
  • Trunk Multiball Extend / Garage Multiball Extend should advance your progress towards either Multiball similarly to how the Coffin / Crate Multiball Extends work in Scared Stiff. ie. if the second Trunk lock is lit, and “Trunk Multiball Extend” is chosen when the ball drains, Junk in the Trunk Multiball will start instantly. If it’s chosen during Trunk Multiball it can relaunch all the balls and restart the ball saver like it currently does. If it’s chosen during Garage Multiball or another Multiball mode it can simply award progress towards lighting a Lock (or qualifying a Lock if a ball has already been locked there.)
  • Ball save for Crypt Kicker kick outs that ricochet down the middle off of the Trunk targets. This happens a lot on my local machine.
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Anyone kmow how to light Double Trouble ? Cannot find it in wiki or on Playfield…

Light Double Trouble at either inlane by completing both the Trunk targets and the Hand of Fate targets. Use the flippers to alternate which inlane will start Double Trouble. During Double Trouble, qualify it again and then start it to begin 4x scoring.


Added info for Gappa Angry and it’s related sub-modes.

I recall reading somewhere about crazy run away scores on Elvira. We had a situation in league last night that seemed like a flakey opto, my score blew up to 2.5 Billion in no time. But when we put the game into switch test we couldn’t reproduce the problem. Could this be code related? The game has not been updated to the latest code that just came out.

If it’s anything like a flaky ST Stern warp ramp opto that starts rapid-fire phantom registering, it can happen intermittently. Very frustrating until it gets fixed. At least with ST it was VERY obvious which switch had issues lol. “Warp warp w- war- warp warp fact- warp warp…”


We are having issues with the Right Ramp Exit Opto - would register up rapid fire billions. We blocked the opto effectively disabling the ramp. After code update, I unblocked it and it worked fine…for an hour. Now it doesn’t register at all. Frustrating. Trying to get replacement from Stern is our next step…

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Been there

Thanks for the tip. We found on ours it was indeed the right ramp exit opto. Just loose screws that needed to be tightened down.

Encountered a glitch where I collected the House Party add-a-ball off of a grace period Super Jackpot, and instead of continuing where the Multiball left off, normal play resumed except with two balls in play instead of one.

Also, on at least my local machine (which doesn’t auto-plunge after locks), holding in the left flipper when either the right orbit is shot or a ball is auto-plunged always sends the ball all the away around to the left flipper instead of diverting into the bumpers. I’ve even been able to make the Back Door Skill Shot during modes like House Party through this exploit, and it also functions if you hold in the left flipper during a ball save. Is this intentional?

Does anyone know how to collect a Skeleton Key? Is it just a matter of locking the first ball in the trunk? Somehow, I got to the Santa Clause mode the other day, but have no clue how.