Elvira’s House of Horrors Rulesheet

Before any one of the Trunk targets is hit, the inserts corresponding to each piece of junk will strobe from bottom to top. The skeleton key is the orange insert at the very bottom, and a hit to any trunk target will qualify that piece of junk for when you lock a ball there.


Ah. So similar to the drops on TWD? Lock in the Skeleton Key with the first shot, complete the rest of the trunk targets, then lock a ball to collect the key? Then I can use that to get over to the Santa Clause mode.



Also worth noting, if a ball randomly falls into the Trunk lock when the inserts are strobing, it’ll simply award you with the junk that was flashing when the ball fell in there.

Remember too that before starting a haunt mode, you can select the mode you want to start. Cradle up, then use the flippers to move the lit window in the house. Santa Claus window is the window on the far right. Can’t rotate to it unless you have the key.

The flip launching the ball up the ramp to start the mode will also move the lit window. Before starting the mode you want, move the lit window 1 back or 1 forward depending on which flipper the ball is cradled one.


since you’re probably using the ball-free flipper to move the window, always flip one past the window you want to play.


So is it true that some of the Haunts become more difficult depending on how many you’ve completed? I played Teenagers from Outer Space after completing two haunts and instead of making two shots to light the spinner, I had to make three. There were also five spaces on the Haunt-O-Meter instead of four.

Also, on at least my machine, the Deadheads do seem to be operating during Gappa Angry, which I think was stated in the read me to not be the case. I was even able to kill a Deadhead when I locked the third ball, it displayed the extra ball is lit animation (because it was the second Deadhead), and then it went to the rest of the displays. Is this intentional?

Several times I’ve managed to get the ball stuck behind the drop target on the garage shot. Always after the first two multiballs when the lock takes 2 hits to qualify. I hit the drop target it goes down and the ball goes past it and then it goes back up. Simple problem but ball search currently doesn’t lower the drop target when looking for the ball.

This happened to me last night on ball one in the current code 0.94. Ball search couldn’t find the trapped ball or drop the target. Finally after 3-4 ball searches the ball just ended with the stuck ball still behind the drop. With ball two started the drop target was knocked down and the ball released. Letting one ball go ended ball two. On ball three the game inexplicably served up two balls in the shooter. WTF. Everything returned to normal on the next game.

This can happen on any game that doesn’t find a lost ball, then the ball frees itself later. I wonder if the drop target in this game even has the extra coil to be able to drop the target during ball search?

Any rules updates? Apparently a lot of things have changed in recent code updates.

I think Director’s Cut may have been roughed in, but dunno the rules about that. Also, Phone a Fiend Multiball and a new Satanic Rites of Dracula haunt is in there.

I added some updates per the most recent code update notes, including Director’s Cut, They Came From Space, Wild Market Value, and what the trunk junk items do.

Was able to get to Wild Market Value without starting Attic Attack or Phone a Fiend, started everything else in the forum description though.

Added some more info on how to access each of the bonus haunts with the most recent code.

Does anybody know about the Eegah mode or the “pew pew” frenzy mode they added to celebrate Blood Red Kiss?