Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


Updated to v1.34

Thanks to captainbzarre for starting this thread!

A image version of the rulesheet can be found at

Choose Your House

At the beginning of a game, you will be able to choose which one out of the six houses to fight for. Targaryen can’t be fought for, they’re essentially the true villain of the game.

After choosing a house, you acquire the house’s power. These powers are:

  • Stark: Adds 10 million to the value of all Winter is Coming Hurry-Ups.
  • Baratheon: Awards 2 advances towards Battle for the Wall Multiball at the start of the game, and increases Jackpot values during Battle for the Wall Multiball.
  • Lannister: Shooting gold targets will award double the gold you’d obtain otherwise. 500 gold is also given at the start of the game.
  • Greyjoy: Gain the powers of other Houses for each House mode you complete. Also adds more shots to all House Battles and prevents them from being stacked.
  • Tyrell: One return lane is always lit to increase the combo multiplier. Tyrell’s power may seem small, but it means a LOT - especially during modes.
  • Martell: During any Multiball, press the action button (once per ball) to obtain an add-a-ball. This also removes the normal “Multiplier Cash-In” functionality that the action button offers.


There are 7 major shots on the game:

Left Drop Target 3-Bank: A bank of drop targets that, when completed, lights Lord of Light once per game (see below) and advances the spinner by one level. Qualifies House Baratheon at the left ramp after three completions.

Left Loop: A loop half with a spinner. Can be backhanded from the left flipper. Qualifies House Greyjoy at the left ramp after three completions. On the Premium / LE models, an issue with the gates near the bumpers will often result in obtaining two shots to the left loop.

[Pro] Dragon: A lane that has a kicker target at the end and a post to trap the ball if needed. Used as the Mystery and Extra Ball shots, and to start Battle at the Wall Multiball. Qualifies House Targaryen at the left ramp after three completions.
[Premium/LE] Castle Black: A lane (longer than the Dragon shot) that has a kicker target at the end. Used to advance towards Battle at the Wall Multiball. Qualifies House Targaryen at the left ramp after three completions.

Left Ramp: A ramp that arcs around the right half of the playfield and feeds the right flipper. Can be shot from both flippers from a cradle, but usually is shot from the right flipper (backhands tend to occur more often on the Premium / LE model, however). Locks balls for Blackwater Multiball, starts Hand of the King & Iron Throne wizard modes, and starts House Battles. Qualifies House Lannister after three completions… meaning that if you’ve selected a house that isn’t Lannister, starting Blackwater Multiball without having made the left ramp prior will always allow you to choose a House Battle to stack up with the Multiball.

Right Ramp: A ramp that arcs around the playfield and feeds the left flipper on the Pro or the upper playfield on the Premium/LE. Can be backhanded from the right flipper. House Stark’s shot.

Right Loop: The second half of the loop, which feeds the Iron Throne toy on the Premium/LE for the Extra Ball, Mystery, and Battle at the Wall Multiball start. Otherwise, this shot doesn’t have anything special attached to it. House Martell’s shot.

Right Target 2-Bank: A bank of touch targets that light locks for Blackwater Multiball and light Wildfire when completed. House Tyrell’s shot.

Miscellaneous Things

All versions allow for a soft plunge and a hard plunge. Playfield validation occurs on a rollover hit.

Skill Shot: Hard plunge into the lit lane to collect the skill shot award of (500k x Ball #) and 1 bonus X.

Plunge options: There is no skill shot, but a hard plunge will feed the upper playfield once per ball.

Bonus X: Complete the two top lanes to increase the bonus multiplier. Bonus X can also be awarded in the pop bumpers or as a Mystery Award. [Pro] Top lane completions also advance to the Wall Multiball. Bonus X caps out at 20x.

Bumper awards: Shooting a ball into the pop bumpers allows several awards to be matched up on the display. These can be collected at any time. Some awards I’ve seen are:

  • Increase Winter is Coming (spots a shot)
  • Increase Bonus Multiplier (1x or 3x)
  • More Time (10 seconds during a mode, or a portion of any hurry-up)
  • Big Points (1 million)
  • Advance Wall (advances towards the multiball)
  • Collect 5 Wildfire
  • Collect 150 Gold
  • Light Wildfire Mini-Mode
  • Light Extra Ball (at the Dragon [Pro]/Right Loop [Premium/LE])
  • Light Sword
  • Collect Special
  • Add-A-Ball (see below)

As a side note, this style of pop bumper usage has been trademarked by Stern under ReelPops, so there could be more of this style of pop bumper in future (or current, such as Wrestlemania) Stern games.

Mystery: Completing all of the gold standup targets lights the Mystery shot at the [Pro] Dragon or [Premium/LE] Right Loop; shoot it to initiate the award select. You will be presented with three options: keep your gold, and two awards that cost gold. One award is a generally random award that costs some of your gold, and the other award is the most expensive you can buy. Mystery awards include:

  • Big Points (1M, multiplied by playfield/combo multipliers)
  • Bigger Points (5M, multiplied by playfield/combo multipliers)
  • Biggest Points (25M, multiplied by playfield/combo multipliers)
  • Video Mode (1x, 2x, 3x scoring)
  • Light House (that has not been qualified)
  • Increase Bonus Multipliers (1x or 3x)
  • Light Lock
  • 5 Wildfire
  • Light Extra Ball
  • Light 1x/2x/3x Super Jackpot
  • Light Playfield Multiplier
  • Collect Golden Hand (750k end-of-ball Bonus)
  • Light Lord of Light (on Outlanes)
  • Hold Bonus
  • Award 1/2 Castle Multiball advance(s) [Premium/LE]

All “Big” point awards are displayed as their multiplied values.

A list with values/bonuses seen on version 1.26 is being worked on. Known values can be seen below:

  • Big (1M) Points - 120 Gold
  • Light a House - 140 Gold
  • +1 Bonus X - 160 Gold
  • Increase Wall Jackpot - 190 Gold
  • Light Lock - 250 Gold
  • +5 Wildfire - 270 Gold
  • Light Swords - 320 Gold
  • 1x Video Mode - 350 Gold
  • Advance Wall Multiball - 830 Gold (Pro) / 1130 Gold (Premium/LE)
  • Castle Multiball +1 - 830 Gold
  • Light 1x Super Jackpot - 1130 Gold
  • +2 Bonus X - 1430 Gold
  • +10 Wildfire - 1880 Gold
  • Start Winter is Coming - 2030 Gold
  • Castle Multiball +2 - 2330 Gold
  • Bigger (5M) Points - 2600 Gold
  • +3 Bonus X - 2970 Gold
  • 3x Video Mode - 3520 Gold
  • Light 2 x Super Jackpot - 3920 Gold
  • Hold Bonus - 4200 Gold
  • Light Extra Ball - 4500 Gold
  • Light 3x Super Jackpot - 4750 Gold
  • Biggest (25M) Points - 6000 Gold

Specials: 25 million
Extra Balls: 15 million; collected at the Dragon [Pro] or Right Loop [Premium/LE].

Winter is Coming: Once a house is lit, the shot you made to advance to it “ices over”. Complete any combination of three “iced over” shots or target banks (does not necessarily have to be the same shot) to start the mode. During the mode, the last “iced over” shot will flash and no other progress (other than locks, lighting outlanes, and multiball starts) can be made. Shoot the flashing white shot to collect the hurry up value. Collect four hurry-up values to begin the Winter Has Come mini-wizard mode. Each of the seven shots can be collected (both target banks, both ramps, both loops, and the dragon). Warning: if your third Blackwater lock is lit and you start Winter is Coming on the center ramp, multiball will start without the option to choose House modes to stack into it! One possible workaround strategy is to just get the center ramp hurryup out of the way before locking balls.

Multipliers: There are two types of multipliers in the game: one for the overall playfield scoring and another for combos collected. Making shots allows the multipliers for other shots to increase up to 5x. Shooting the battering ram 3 times qualifies the playfield multiplier, and shooting it again begins a round where all playfield values are 2x for a period of time. For each subsequent 4 hits to the ram, the playfield multiplier will increase 1x to a maximum of 5x. The higher the multipliers are, the less time you have to use them. These multipliers can be cashed in at any time during the ball by pressing the action button; despite taking away all multipliers, this also can award some decent points. The best way to handle cashing in is by pressing the action button as the ball drains. Exception: If you have wildfire lit at the ram, only 3 hits are required to increase the playfield multiplier. Also, you will notice that after the first hit to the battering ram the blue arrow in front of it will start flashing. While this is flashing, you can advance to the next portion of lighting the playfield multiplier. If this times out, you must hit the ram again, get the arrow flashing, then hit the ram a second time to advance. So, while in theory it only takes 3-4 hits to the ram to increase the playfield multiplier, if you take too much time, it can take you more hits.

Lord of Light targets: Completing the three drop targets to the left activate ball saves at the left + right outlanes. By default, in 1.26, the targets will only award ONE Lord of Light per game, so use it wisely! Further Lord of Lights can only be obtained through the pop bumper or shop mystery features.

Wildfire: To light the Wildfire mini-mode, complete a set of lock targets or earn the mode through Mystery/Pop Bumper awards. Shooting the battering ram allows you to collect Wildfire when lit by shooting it again and again. The first hit gives 10 Wildfire, and each subsequent hit gives 1 more Wildfire than the previous hit. Wildfire increases your Blackwater Multiball jackpots, though it has a diminishing effect the more Wildfire you have. You can also collect 5 Wildfire from a pop bumper award or by locking balls for Blackwater Multiball.

Swords: Completing any house mode (or a pop bumper award) lights the right ramp to collect an sword. These can be multiplied for huge points. They also allow you to advance your playfield multipliers higher – initially, you can only go up to 3x, but each sword increases the cap by 1x up to 5x. Further Swords are just for point awards.


Blackwater Multiball: Shoot the two standup targets to the right to light lock at the left ramp. You must lock a ball prior to lighting your next lock. Lock 3 balls to begin the multiball. During multiball, complete the five major shots to collect Jackpots and light the Super Jackpot at the battering ram. The Super Jackpot is worth ((6 * SJP level * jackpot amount) + SJP BASE AMOUNT) * playfield multiplier. When the Super Jackpot times out with the multiball still running, the Jackpots re-light and need to be collected twice, but the second shot and the Super Jackpot are worth double. Timing out subsequent Super Jackpots will add another shot required for completion at 1x higher multiplier, and make the Super worth 1x more. Locks for the first multiball only require one hit to either green target; 2nd BWMB locks require both individual targets to be hit; 3rd+ BWMB requires completing both targets on a timer after the first target is hit.

Wall Multiball:
[Pro] Completing the top lanes 6 times enables Wall Multiball. Shoot the dragon to begin the multiball.
[Premium/LE] Shooting Castle Black 6 times enables Wall Multiball. Shoot the right loop to begin the multiball.
Once the 3-ball multiball begins, shoot 3 ramp shots to collect Jackpots and light the Super Jackpot on the Dragon. The Jackpots will then be lit on the loops. Shooting 3 loops lights the Dragon again for a Super Jackpot, and Jackpots return to the ramps. Baratheon’s powerup increases the value of the Jackpot and Super Jackpot, and used to be a viable house for high scores via Wall MB, but later code revisions decreased the points from Wall MB significantly. Further Wall multiballs require 11 top lane completions/Castle Black shots.

Add-A-Ball: An Add-A-Ball is available for all multiball modes. Add-A-Ball is added to the pop bumper awards, and can be cycled into randomly (there is no way to favor it as a reward). This can only work once per multiball. This is separate from House Martell’s Add-A-Ball, and whether that has been used or not has no apparent influence on the bumper Add-A-Ball.

You may not stack these two multiballs, nor make progress toward either one during another multiball.

House Modes

At the beginning of a game, the house you have selected will always be the first mode available. However, shooting other shots three times each during the game enough times enables other modes to be activated. The shots from left to right enable the modes in the same way I listed earlier. If you have two modes qualified, you may choose to play two house modes at once (stacked) so long as you are not playing as House Greyjoy. The modes are activated by shooting the left ramp at any time when the mode start light is lit, and a player may strategically choose to pass and choose to battle no houses. If you choose to Pass, then you must qualify a new house mode or light the third Blackwater Multiball lock in order to relight the mode start shot on the left ramp. All modes are timed (except for Targaryen III, which lasts until completed or you drain). Failure to complete timed modes will force the player to restart the mode by shooting the left ramp (re-qualifying a failed mode is not required). Progress through modes is saved only for certain houses. These modes are:

  • Stark: Loop the left or right ramp to advance the kill list and increase the payoff score, then shoot the left or right orbit after 3 (1 if the mode is reset) ramps to collect the payoff score and finish the mode. 40 second timer. Greyjoy players require both loops and ramps to be shot (for jackpot advances) as well before the mode will end. Must be restarted if failed.

  • Baratheon: You build the value of this mode and then collect by shooting the one of the three targets on the three bank on the left side of the play field. The mode starts with the left orbit shield flashing yellow. Hitting the spinner (from either orbit) lights the mystery shot yellow as well. You must hit at least the mystery shot in order to cash in on the value you’ve built, which you will know is qualified when the shield is flashing in front of the three bank. 60 second timer. Greyjoy players must also hit the center ramp. Must be restarted if failed.

  • Lannister: Shoot gold targets to light two shots and increase shot value. Make five lit shots to end the mode. This mode is timed at 40 seconds. Greyjoy players must hit every shot once (for shot value increases) as well. Progress is saved if failed.

  • Greyjoy: All of the main shots are lit. Complete them to finish the mode. 12 second timer, with the timer refreshing on a completed shot. This house is already completed for you if you select Greyjoy to begin with. Progress is saved if failed.

  • Tyrell: Lit shots alternate between ramps/dragon and lock targets. For the first cycle, the Dragon and the Ramps will be lit. Shooting a lit shot lights the lock target bank, and shooting the target bank lights the two ramps (no Dragon). After the second cycle, only the right ramp will be lit. Greyjoy players need to hit each ramp shot and the Dragon once (for mode scores) to complete. Progress is saved if failed.

  • Martell: Shoot the left or right orbit three times within 10 seconds (refreshing after the second orbit shot) for increasing mode hurry-up value, then shoot either ramp to finish off the mode and collect the hurry-up. Mode timer is 30 seconds, refreshing if under 10 seconds when a lit shot is made. Greyjoy players will have ramps lit for jackpot advances, but do not necessarily have to be hit. The final ramp shot does not necessarily need to be made; it is purely for bonus points. Making the three orbit combo is enough to finish the mode. Must be restarted if failed.

  • Targaryen: There are three dragon modes which increase in difficulty. There will be a set number of shots lit. Complete these, then shoot the dragon to complete the first wave. Repeat for waves 2 and 3. The mode will end after defeating each dragon, requiring you to shoot the mode start to begin battle with the next dragon. Defeat all three dragons to finish the mode. All three dragons save progress if failed.

Dragons 1 and 2 will light the ramps, loops, and then dragon for hurry-ups. Level 1 requires one of each ramp/loop to be shot to progress to the next shot, Level 2 requires both. Level 3 lights 3 shots for hurry-ups; collect all 3 to light the Dragon. In addition, any shots on the Dragon will spot a lit hurry-up. The three shots per wave appear to be random each time. Complete this cycle 4 times to complete Targaryen. If you take too long to complete a wave during Level 3, you are “attacked” (“DRAGON FIRE!”) and you must restart that wave with a different set of “penalty” shots – however, you do not time out of the mode entirely. Greyjoy players have a hurry-up at the target banks (only one needs to be hit) before starting a Level.

Completing three House Modes lights Extra Ball. Completing four modes qualifies Hand of the King wizard mode. Completing all modes qualifies Iron Throne wizard mode.

Winter Has Come Mini Wizard Mode:

Completing four Winter Is Coming hurry-ups will immediately begin Winter Has Come. WHC is a four-ball multiball with two alternating phases:

  • Horde: A timer is activated, and all seven major shots are lit. Each shot made awards points and restarts the timer. If the timer runs out at any point, another shot will be added. The timer is not shown on the DMD; you must listen carefully for a clock ticking. Completing all seven lit shots begins the Lieutenant Phase.
  • Lieutenant: Three shots are lit as hurry-ups on their own timers. Once one shot is hit, a new shot will start timing out. If a shot times out, the left flipper will become frozen and be temporarily deactivated until the center ramp is hit with the right flipper. If all three shots time out, you’ll have to shoot a lit shot in a small period to get back to this mode; if that timer runs out, you’ll have to face the Horde again. Collecting five shots during this mode awards the Winter is Coming Super Jackpot, which instantly awards all the hurry-up values you collected from Winter is Coming again. This will also send you back to Horde, for shots at more Super Jackpots.

The values of the four WIC hurryups collected will influence the jackpot scoring in this mode, meaning Stark’s ability can make this mode quite lucrative. Once WHC is complete, no more WIC hurryups can be collected until Iron Throne is completed; all shots corresponding to lit houses will no longer “ice-over”.

It is possible to stack Winter Has Come with Wall or Blackwater multiball. To achieve this, you must start your fourth Winter Is Coming hurryup on a shot that will not start the multiball you need. While the hurryup is counting down, start your desired multiball. The hurryup will continue into your multiball. Collect it before it expires, and Winter Has Come will stack into your existing multiball!

Hand of the King Mini Wizard Mode:

Completing four houses while not currently challenging a house will light HOTK.
The houses that you take into HOTK wizard mode can be important. Each house brings with it an attribute that will make it easier or more difficult to get through the mode. They are as follows:

  • Stark: Bonus round - 20 Seconds of free shooting after a completed set (lights up random shots for points; you may not want to go for these, it’s a waste of time and it could end HOTK prematurely)
  • Baratheon: All 7 shots instead of 4 shots must be completed in order to finish a set.
  • Lannister: +125,000,000 added to hurry-up
  • Greyjoy: One less set needed to start super jackpot hurry up
  • Tyrell: +15,000,000 per super jackpot
  • Martell: All shots must be completed twice
  • Targaryen: +750,000 per shot award

Bear in mind that even though Stark, Baratheon and Martell sound undesriable to bring in, they do offer more opportunities for shots that can mitigate what would be an otherwise poor HOTK.

HOTK is a mini wizard mode that is completed in “sets”.

  • Each set starts with four shots to complete (or 7 if Baratheon is brought in).
  • The shots needed to complete the set are dictated by the houses you have carried into HOTK with you.
  • The value collected from shots also adds to the Super Jackpot value
  • After completing all the shots that are lit, the super jackpot will be lit at the battering ram. The Super is determined through the best four shots made in the set. Collecting the super will complete the set.
  • Completing 3 sets (2 if Greyjoy is brought in) will start a hurry up at the battering ram. Once this is collected or times out, everything starts over.

You’ll also notice that the inlanes will be flashing yellow. A ball that travels through the inlane will increase the combo value of each of the main shots to the by 1x, and set all shots to the maximum current shot multiplier. For instance, if your multipliers are [1x 2x 2x 2x 1x], after a lit inlane, they will be [3x 3x 3x 3x 3x]. This is available at all times, regardless if you have Tyrell’s powerup or not. This can also temporarily increase the combo multiplier to 6x.

Iron Throne Wizard Mode:

Completing all of the house modes lights the mode start shot for IT wizard mode. Like HOTK, this multiball is is based on completing sets of shots.

  • All of the central house lights that normally signify mode completion turn off at the beginning of the mode.
  • The mode starts out as a 2-ball multiball.
  • All house shots are lit to start a siege on their castle and light a set of shots.
  • Each “set” consists of hitting all 7 house shots. Shots turn off as you complete them.
  • The shot that corresponds to the current House’s castle is lit in its House’s color and is worth significantly more points.
  • Once all 7 shots have been completed, the battering ram lights for a Super Jackpot + Add-A-Ball.
  • Collecting a super jackpot will light that house’s playfield shield to signify completion.
  • Start a new set by shooting one of the remaining unlit house’s shots.
  • Iron Throne DOES NOT END when you drain down to a single ball.
  • Iron Throne DOES NOT END when your ball ends; you pick up where you left off on the following ball!
  • Martell’s Add-A-Ball can be used at ANY time, including in single-ball play!
  • After completing the last main castle, you will receive one last added ball. You will then go through various other castles and cities and collect “victory lap” shots until you are down to one ball, at which point Iron Throne ends. (speculation: does this phase have an end?)
  • All modes will reset after Iron Throne, including the mode of your chosen house (barring Greyjoy?).

Casual mode settings

In recent updates, Casual Mode is set to off by default.

  • Players will not be able to choose a house at the start of the game. Players will start with House Stark.
  • STARK starts complete so they are one house closer to EXTRA BALL
  • GREYJOY starts lit.
  • No option to PASS on choose your battle
  • If only one house is lit the house will start without a prompt during CHOOSE YOUR BATTLE
  • Flashing effects will be set to the less intense setting.

Difficulty, HOME, and Directors Cut INSTALLS will change the setting.

Holding the ACTION button for 3 seconds before starting a game will allow the game to start NOT in casual mode if desired. If you are approaching a machine in the wild, it may be wise to quickly flipper through the attract mode. If casual mode is on, one of the screens will be a description of how to enable “advanced play”. If you do not see this screen, casual mode is off.

Upper Playfield

The Premium and the LE both have an upper playfield, which consists of two flippers, a scoop where the ball may enter from, three touch targets surrounding two back lanes (where the ball will fall into the left loop), a left castle “mini-loop,” and two rubber bits going up the upper playfield to serve as slingshots. In addition, since the switch used to validate the right ramp is hanging into the upper playfield, hitting the wire gate hard enough will spot you right ramp shots.

Castle Multiball

During regular play, the upper playfield is used to advance towards Castle Multiball. Completing a set of 3 targets and then shooting the ball out a back lane collects “Archers!”, “Charge”, “Breach” and “Castle Multiball” in that order. After collecting one bit of progress a drop target will rise in front of the Right Ramp. Shooting the drop target or starting a mode/multiball will drop the target.

Castle Multiball is…honestly something that not many players seek, so if anyone has any information on it fill me in here. :sweat_smile:

Upper Playfield During Modes

During modes, the upper playfield is used to collect Castles and advance in the modes. At any point, shooting the Castle loop awards certain things in a mode (see below). In addition, hitting one of the 3 lit targets lights the outer targets and awards 5 seconds on the current mode(s). Hitting one of the outer targets lights the center target and gives another 5 seconds. Hitting the center target awards 5 more seconds and lights the castle loop, and collecting the castle gives 15M up front, 7.5M in bonus (!), and lights extra shots on the upper playfield for the following awards:

  • Stark: 1 Advance value (just like a ramp shot). Collecting the castle also lights the targets.

  • Baratheon: Build Baratheon Jackpot. Collecting the castle also lights the targets.

  • Greyjoy: Does nothing before the castle is collected, but lights the back lanes to spot a currently-lit shot afterwards.

  • Lannister: 1 Advance value (just like a lit gold target shot). Allows value to go beyond the usual maximum. Collecting the castle also lights the targets.

  • Martell: Build Martell Hurry-Up. Collecting the castle also lights the targets. If the hurry-up is running, points are added on.

  • Tyrell: Does nothing before the castle is collected, but lights the back lanes to spot the current lit shot afterwards.

  • Targaryen 1/2: Build Targaryen Hurry-Up. Collecting the castle also lights the targets.

  • Targaryen 3: Build Targaryen Hurry-Up. Collecting the castle also lights the targets, which do damage to the dragon as well (just like 1 hurry-up collect).

  • Interesting fact: The Targaryen buildup values can sometimes result in values that will cause your score to end in a non-zero. Whether this affects your ability to match at the end of the game is unknown.


This post is now a wiki so anyone can edit it.


This game is out already? That was fast. I had just gotten to play WWE Wrestlemania for the first time last week.


Psst: you also missed KISS.


I’m sorry that you spent your time on WWE. So many other recent Sterns that are better.


Without WWE LE I would have never been able to do the Hulk Hogan ear thing in a tournament. Thank you Stern!


Stern has posted a strategy guide to their site.


Added info from the guide in here. Still need help on Wall Multiball scoring, Winter Has Come, other LOL awards, and Baratheon, Greyjoy, Tyrell, and Targaryen modes.


Hah, I just came here to make a joke wondering how long it would take for someone to take the strategy guide and re-type it here, and here you all actually already did! I love this place!


I have added information on the Baratheon mode and the HOTK wizard mode. This game is unreal.


anyone know the value of a Special in tournament mode? I cashed one in in a match against Trent but had no idea what the value was…


They said on the stream it was 50 million multiplied by the playfield multiplier, but not the combo multiplier.


Great stuff Brian. I would love to see them shorten the timer on combos since they’re relatively easy to make and keep going, and also add a grace period to the end of the modes.


If I remember correctly, the timers time out faster the higher the combo multiplier is.



Yes, it was 50M, you had no playfield multiplier going at the time. One of my major peeves [mentioned on air] was that with all the animation on newer games, you can’t tell how much most of your shots are worth. We deduced the amount from your scores before and after the shot, not because any shot value was displayed.


Thanks! Good to know. I know there’s a Mystery award that is 200M so with 3x or more that’s a nice chunk of points :smile:


Has anyone come up with a definitive explanation on what lights the mystery award?


Stern just released 1.10 which included a reference to 1.07 with this gem:

Added a message to the end of inserting credits that prompts the player hold the action button for 3 seconds to start “advanced play”



Sounds like Player Competition mode on SAM (not full blown Competition Mode). Standardizes mystery awards and rules. New name for a new system?


Pretty sure it’s just completing the gold standups, similar to ST or POTC.