Avengers: Infinity Quest Rulesheet

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Game Information:

  • Lead Designer: Keith Elwin
  • Code/Rules: Rick Naegele, Raymond Davidson, Brett Z Rubin, Mike Kyzivat, Keith Elwin
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer: Harrison Drake
  • Artwork: Zombie Yeti
  • Display and Animations: Chuck Ernst, Paul Chamnankit, Joshua Clay
  • Music and Sound: Jerry Thompson, Ken Hale
  • Release Date: September 2020
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev: 1.01
    • Edit the Code revision, if applicable, when you make changes

Stern released their most comprehensive rulesheet I’ve seen in a long time (ever?) at this link: https://sternpinball.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/AIQ-Rule-Sheet.pdf

Note: The Stern Rulesheet linked here is based on an older version of the code and is now out of date. It is missing big things like Thanos Attacks and Battle Thanos as well as a lot of other details, modes, and changes.


  • Left slingshot: Standard.
  • Left inlane: Can be lit for “R” in IRON. Lane inserts changed by Spinning Disc and not from flipper button lane-change.
  • Left outlane: Can be lit for “I” in IRON.
  • Computer drop target bank: These targets might be the most important drop targets in a recent machine. Shots to specific drop targets collect their corresponding, cycling awards (ie. Stern Cheetah target rules). Get 3 awards in-a-row to earn a Super feature/mode. An Infinity Gem can be placed on this shot.
  • Left orbit/spinner: Hulk Power Up shot. Spinner used in other modes such as Gamma Ray. You can place an Infinity Gem on this shot.
  • Reverse Ramp: reverse-facing ramp that is fed by a full plunge, as well as shots to the Upper Loop and Right Orbit. Crosses the playfield and feeds the right inlane.
  • Upper flipper: Standard size
  • Upper flipper up-post: allows the ball to be held above the upper flipper after a shot to the center Gauntlet Ramp.
  • Avengers Tower vertical magnetic vari-target & lock: optos register how far up the ball travels vertically, reaching the upper dead-end of the tower that features a magnet to grab/hold the ball, before releasing it to feed the Upper Flipper. Starts Iron Man multiball and Hawkeye Challenge, among other awards.
  • Sling Ring Spinning Disc (Prem: with pop-up disc scoop): a TOTAN-style spinning disc with only one post instead of two, spelling out STRANGE to qualify Quests and rotating lit lower lane IRON inserts, among other things. On the Prem/LE only, the disc raises (similar to CV’s RingMaster) to physically lock a ball in the subway for Portal Locks.
  • Portal Subway (Prem. only): see-through subway that can stage up to two balls (similar to Flight 2K). Fed by the raised Sling Ring disc scoop, and feeds the Antman VUK.
  • Sanctum standup target: gives various awards lit on the sign above it, such as Extra Ball, Add-a-Ball, and Spot IRON.
  • Pop bumpers (3): provide progress toward Captain America Avenger levels, among other things.
  • Pops lane: Captain America Power-Up shot and Shield Bonus collect. Shot through the pops that returns down the Left Orbit rail. You can place an Infinity Gem on this shot.
  • Left Ramp: Black Widow Power-Up shot. Steep ramp that feeds the left inlane. You can place an Infinity Gem on this shot.
  • Bullseye purple standup target: 1st of 3.
  • Center Gauntlet Ramp: unique convex-shaped entrance to the ramp allows it to be hit from all three flippers. Collect Gem when lit, and also begins Hawkeye Combo. Feeds the upper flipper.
  • Upper loop: shot from Upper Flipper. Feeds the Reverse Ramp.
  • Bullseye purple standup target: 2nd of 3.
  • Captain Marvel shot: Counts up toward various awards such as light Mystery and extra ball. You can place an Infinity Gem on this shot.
    • Prem: Vertical 180-degree ramp that feeds the right inlane (below the inlane switch)
    • Pro: Spinner lane that feeds the return down the Right Orbit.
  • Captive Ball: Thor Power-Up shot. Spells THOR for Thor Multiball.
  • Right Orbit: Black Panther Power-Up shot. Feeds the Reverse Ramp. You can place an Infinity Gem on this shot.
  • Bullseye standup target: 3rd of 3.
  • Antman VUK (Prem / LE) / target (Pro): lit for Mystery and Change Gems. VUK feeds the Captain Marvel ramp return.
  • Right Outlane: Can be lit for “N” in IRON.
  • Right Inlane: Can be lit for “O” in IRON. Rolling through this inlane during normal play (outside of when auto plunge is enabled) will temporarily make all spins worth 2x the progress towards lighting a mode.
  • Right slingshot: Standard.

Premium/LE vs. Pro Differences (Physical and Rules):

Physical differences:

  • Premium/LE:
    • Ant-man shot is a scoop with a VUK that feeds the ball to the right flipper via a wireform.
    • Spinning Disc that lifts out of the playfield, revealing an under-spinner shot that feeds through a subway into the Ant-Man VUK.
    • Captain Marvel shot is a ramp shot that feeds to the right flipper.
    • THOR Captive Ball is a longer lane, meaning the ball needs to travel further to register for shot credit.
  • Pro:
    • Ant-man shot is a dead-end lane with a stand-up target.
    • Spinning Disc does not lift out of the playfield. Therefore, there is no under-spinner shot or subway.
    • Captain Marvel shot is a spinner lane that feeds back to the right flipper via the right orbit.
    • THOR Captive Ball is a shorter lane, meaning the ball needs to travel a shorter distance to register for shot credit.

Rules differences:

Portal Locks:

  • Premium/LE:
    • Qualifying a Portal Lock will lift and light the under-Disc shot to physically lock a ball in the subway.
  • Pro:
    • Qualifying a Portal Lock will light the Disc, 1 full spin of the Disc will award a virtual Portal Lock.

Gem Quest Start, Assemble Avengers Modes, Thanos Attacks, Battle Thanos:

  • Premium/LE:
    • When qualified, the Spinning Disc will lift and light the under-Disc shot to start the mode.
  • Pro:
    • When qualified, the Gauntlet Ramp will light to start the mode.

Change Gems:

  • Premium/LE:
    • When qualified, it will light the Ant-man scoop to start Change Gems.
  • Pro:
    • When qualified, it will light the Ant-man stand-up target which will light the Gauntlet Ramp to start Change Gems.

Captain Marvel Shot:

  • Premium/LE:
    • Captain Marvel Ramp awards are given at X shot completions. 1 shot on the Premium/LE is equal to 30 spins on the Pro.
    • Successful ramp shot required for shot credit.
    • Go Binary mode: 2 shot hurry-up for points and completing the hurry-up will increase shot multiplier by 1X, up to 5X max.
  • Pro:
    • Captain Marvel Ramp awards are given at X spinner completions. 30 spins on the Pro is equal to 1 shot on the Premium/LE.
    • Single spin of spinner required for shot credit.
    • Go Binary mode: 2 shot hurry-up for points with NO increasing shot multiplier.

Modes of Play:

These modes are accessible by holding both flipper buttons during attract mode until a menu appears. The following options are available:

  • Standard:
    See below for full rulesheet.

  • Competition:
    Same as Standard but with elements of randomness removed.

  • Challenge:
    In this challenge mode you play a modified version of the Battle Royale Wizard Mode.

  • DJ Mixer
    NOT a gameplay mode. This mode operates like a Jukebox, allowing you to play the music featured in the machine, including a number of specific playlists (All songs, The infinity gauntlet, Wizard favorites).

Skill Shots:

They award points, feature benefits, and additional initial ball-save time.

  • Regular Skill Shot:
    Plunge the ball softly into the top rollover near the pop bumpers to score the skill shot, worth 250K + 100k per successful skill shot + 3 seconds of ball save.

  • Super Skill Shot:
    Full plunge. From the R flipper, shoot the Avengers Tower for 500k + 150k per successful skill shot + 5 seconds of ball save + light mystery (first time only).

  • Secret Skill Shot 1:
    Medium plunge so ball goes around the orbit curve, but does not make it to the Regular Skill Shot, and rolls backward down the upper loop. Awards 1 mil + 200k per successful skill shot + 10 seconds of ball save + instantly lites Portal Lock.

    • Note: you can also score the Secret Skill Shot from missing/rattling your Super Skill Shot, and immediately shooting the upper loop from your upper flipper.
  • Secret Skill Shot 2:
    Full plunge and shoot the lit Drop Target to collect 3M points, the lit grid square and 10 seconds of ball saver.

Iron Man Multiball:

Spell I-R-O-N on the inlanes / outlanes to light the 3 locks at the Tower shot. Lock 3 balls to start multiball. On subsequent attempts, lighting the locks becomes harder; only one lock will be lit for each completion the second time, and every time thereafter, lock stacking will be disabled. The lit IRON letters DO NOT lane-change using the flipper buttons, instead the disc will cycle them. You can also spot an IRON lane from the Sanctum target when “Spot IRON” is lit (lit by shooting Antman).

Iron Man Multiball works in different phases. Between each phase, STRANGE must be spelled to start the next phase. Each phase awards higher jackpot values than the last. In each phase, two shots must be made to qualify the disc for progress. In order, these are:

  • Left ramp and gauntlet ramp
  • Left orbit and right orbit
  • Pops lane and Captain Marvel
  • Tower and upper orbit (complete to start Super Jackpot phase)

Tower Super Jackpot: For 15 seconds starting any time after you complete the two jackpots, the Tower will be lit to score a Tower Super Jackpot. Quickly shooting another ball into the tower after collecting this will score a 2X Tower Super Jackpot and award the Iron Man Multiball trophy.

Super Jackpot: Completing the fourth phase of Iron Man Multiball will light the disc for a super jackpot, worth 250k per disc spin for 22 seconds (adjustable from 16 to 30 seconds) and awarding or upgrading your Iron Man Multiball trophy. The process will then reset.

Add-A-Ball: Outside of the Mystery award, balls can be added during Iron Man Multiball once per activation by completing IRON, and then shooting the Sanctum target.

Thor Multiball:

An easy objective for newcomers on this game to start is Thor Multiball, started by simply spelling T-H-O-R at the Thor Captive Ball to light it. Shoot the captive ball when lit to start Multiball. By default, T-H is spotted for you at the start of the game. The second Thor multiball requires spelling T-H-O-R twice to light; the third and thereafter require spelling T-H-O-R three times.

Shoot lit arrow for jackpot, then the captive ball (for jackpot x number of THOR letters collected so far), 2 jackpots then captive ball, 3 jackpots then captive ball, etc. until you spell THOR and super jackpot is lit at Tower for 20X the jackpot value and a trophy. The progress then resets, with additional jackpot shots being required to qualify the captive ball. The jackpot value can be raised at any time by shooting the disc.

Shots to the pops lane and upper orbit will score double jackpots and also increase the jackpot 2x as much.

Add-A-Ball: Spell STRANGE at the disc to summon the Eye of Agamotto, then shoot the Sanctum target for an additional ball!

Gem Quests:

Spin the disc to spell S-T-R-A-N-G-E and qualify 5 of the 6 Gem Quests (not the Soul
Gem Quest). Hitting the disc after rolling through the right inlane will spot two STRANGE letters per spin. Prem: Shoot the Portal to start. Pro: Shoot the Right Ramp to start. Subsequent Quests will require more “spins” to light STRANGE letters.

If you complete a Gem Quest, you collect the Gem and can use it to your advantage (see below on Placing Gems); you also get an “health bonus” based on your Avengers’ remaining health:

  • In the green: 10 mil
  • In the yellow: 5 mil
  • in the solid red: 2.5 mil
  • in the blinking red: YOU GET NOTHING, GOOD DAY SIR

Note: The Avengers health bar will never actually run out. The only way to lose a quest is to drain.

If you fail the Quest, Thanos gets the Gem. This will be indicated on the display; however, you can replay Quests you’ve failed if you acquire the Soul Gem. If you fail them again, though, you will lose your Soul Gem. You are unable to replay Gem Quests for the Gems you have collected.

Portal Locks & Victory Laps:

Prior to starting a Gem Quest, you can earn a “Portal Lock” through game features, such as combos, a Secret Skill Shot, Hawkeye Challenge, and the Computer Grid. Lock 1 or 2 balls (Prem: in the Portal, Pro: spin the disc for a “virtual” lock) to make the next Gem Quest a 2 or 3 ball multiball with double or triple scoring so long as you keep 2 or 3 balls in play. If you drain down to single-ball play during a Quest, the Quest continues at 1x scoring. If you complete a Quest with Portal locked balls in play, you go into Victory Laps for the remainder of multiball play. You can make progress toward both Iron Man and Thor multiballs, and can stack either (but not both) of those into a Gem Quest multiball; this will block progress toward the multiball that wasn’t started until single-ball play.

You cannot claim portal locks during a Gem Quest, but you can qualify them during one, and they will be available after your Quest and applicable for your next Quest. If you manage to light three or more Portal locks during a quest (for example, crossing two combo thresholds and completing a Hawkeye Challenge), you’ll have two available for your next Quest, and the remaining one for the Quest after that. Portal locks cannot be used on the Soul Gem quest (though it would probably not be a good idea anyway).

During Victory Laps, shooting the disc will start a hurry-up at all major shots (each one can only be made once). Making the shots will collect the value, which can be increased throughout the mode with additional disc shots. When all shots are made once, the victory laps will relight. Shots also relight when spinning the disc again. Pops orbit and Hawkeye loop score double.

Gem Quest Details:

Mind Gem (Blue):

[Captain Marvel, Hulk, Black Widow and Black Panther VS. Supergiant]

Hulk, Marvel, Panther, and Black Widow are lit. Shooting any of them “frees” that avenger from the mind control enough to light the Disc to “break free”. The more avengers you free before shooting the disc adds a multiplier to the break free value. 1 avenger = 1x, 2 avengers = 2x, 3 avengers = 3x, 4 avengers = 5x. Repeat this sequence two more times to light Sanctum target for finishing blow.

Power Gem (Red):

[Hulk VS. Black Dwarf]

Shots light in spans of 3 flashing red shots, with the center of the three shots being the “critical hit” for 30% damage and the other two being “glancing blows” for 15% damage. Critical hits also score more points, and will multiply the final blow value. The shot values can always be raised at the disc, and once per attack at the spinner (lit solid red), allowing one spinner rip in between attacks to pump up the value. Do enough damage to light left orbit flashing red for Final Blow, which is equal to your current critical hit value multiplied by the number of critical hits you got (plus 1). Put the Reality Gem on this bad boy for some fireworks! Critical hit shots are lit in this order: Captain Marvel, pops lane, upper loop, Tower. This order will loop if not enough damage has been done.

Space Gem (Purple):

[Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Black Panther VS. Corvus Glaive]

Attack with combos, using shots that feed the right inlane switch (either R orbit or upper loop) to “parry,” lighting the left orbit (“attack”). Complete three Attacks to win. There will be a Final Blow shot on the Black Widow / Black Panther shots.

If you combo prior to your Parry shot, you’ll get either 2x or 4x depending on the combo:

  • Left ramp -> Right Orbit will light 2x attack.
  • Right ramp -> Inner loop will also light 2x attack.
  • Left ramp->Right ramp->Inner loop will light 4x attack.

After each attack, the pop bumpers will also score some bonus points (50k per bumper, multiplied by the attack combo multiplier, for 5 seconds).

Time Gem (Orange):

[Captain America, Iron Man and Thor VS. Proxima Midnight]

Shoot left and right ramps once each, then cycling lit drop target on the grid. The lit target starts at 3x value, but with each miss to an unlit drop target, the multiplier goes down by one to 2x, 1x, and then will freeze on the middle drop target for 1/2x value. Note that the lit target will still cycle to lowered drops that were from a missed shot when it was previously unlit. Repeat the sequence 3 times to win, with the speed at which the lit drop target cycles getting faster and faster with each sequence.

  • If the Power Gem is placed on the Computer Grid drops, then hitting any unlit drop target will count as a successful 1x shot.
  • The Reality Gem placed on the drops makes the targets reset when you hit an incorrect one (helps give you more options).

Reality Gem (Yellow):

[Dr. Strange VS. Ebony Maw]

Shoot the disc to add letters to STRANGE and light all RGB arrows in yellow. Every revolution of the disc adds a letter, and each letter acts as a multiplier on your yellow arrow awards. The letters slowly extinguish, with later letters counting down faster, but they can be added back by spinning the disc at any time. Shoot 8 yellow arrows to win (note: you can’t repeat shots during this mode). Pops orbit and Hawkeye loop score double.

Placing and Changing Gems:

Completing a Gem Quest will light the Right Ramp to collect the Gem. Then you shoot an eligible, vacant shot to place that Gem onto the shot (their gem inserts will be pulsing in the color of the Gem you just collected). Placing Gems on a shot will provide a perk based on the Gem and the shot itself. Gems can be placed on 4 of the Main Avengers: Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and Black Panther as well as the Drop Targets, and Captain Marvel. Once you complete a Gem Quest, you must collect and place the gem before you can start qualifying the next Gem Quest.

It’s possible to move Gems around to different shots by using the Space Gem perk, or by lighting “Change Gems” (lit every time you assemble all Avengers, or from a computer grid award) and initiating it at the Antman shot (right ramp on the Pro after qualifying it at the target). This will give you 13 seconds (20 seconds if the Space Gem has been acquired) to use the flippers and action button to change which gem is on each shot. Any gems that haven’t been placed before the timer ends will be placed on a random unoccupied shot. This process is required to recharge certain gem perks.

Gem Perks:

Mind Gem (Blue):

Overview: Action button collects shot or chooses grid award.

  • Action Button will spot shots similar to Deadpool’s Boom button. After all uses are depleted, the gem must be re-placed or the Avenger leveled up in order to use it again.
  • If placed on a Main Avenger that is:
    • Uncollected: 1 use on THAT shot.
    • Collected: 2 uses on THAT shot.
    • Level 1: 3 uses on the best shot anywhere on the playfield.
    • Level 2: 1 use on all shots in all running modes, from left to right.
  • If placed on:
    • Drop targets: 3 uses that lock the lit grid square.
      • If the computer cannot be advanced because you are in a wizard mode, it will act as hitting all the drops down.
    • Captain Marvel: 3 uses that spots the shot.
      • Counts 1 ramp or 10 spins to the count-up award.

Power Gem (Red):

Overview: Easier power-up and power-up memory.

  • If placed on a Main Avenger:
    • 2X Assemble Avenger shot progress on THAT Avenger.
    • Carry-over Assemble Avenger progress between balls and after Assemble Avengers Modes.
    • If you reach level 2, that shot multiplier will remain intact for the rest of the ball.
      • What does this mean?
  • If placed on:
    • Drop Targets: 3 uses, award 2 grid squares for each drop target completion.
    • Captain Marvel: 2X shot progress toward Captain Marvel Count-Up awards.

Space Gem (Purple):

Overview: Shoot shot, move Gems.

  • Shooting the Space Gem shot enables the action button for 3 seconds to move all placed Gems from left to right (as a group) and wrap around from the rightmost shot to the leftmost shot. After all uses are depleted, the gem must be recharged.
  • If placed on a Main Avenger:
    • Uncollected: 1 use.
    • Collected: 1 use.
    • Level 1: 2 uses.
    • Level 2: 3 uses.
    • Recharge at next Avenger level.
  • If placed on:
    • Drop targets: 1 use. Recharge after collecting the next computer grid award.
    • Captain Marvel: 1 use. Recharge at the next Captain Marvel Count-Up award.
  • Note: Each hit on the action button counts as a use and won’t recharge until after being depleted.
  • Example: if you have 2 uses, shoot the Space Gem shot and only hit the action button once, now you will have 1 use at its new location. If you have 2 uses and hit the action button twice, you now have zero usages on the new location and must recharge the Gem to use it again.

Time Gem (Orange):

Overview: Add Time to Master Timer. Increased ball save timers.

  • Shooting the Time Gem shot will add time to the Master Timer, or Time Bank (if no timed mode is currently running), based on the times below.
  • Multiball ball savers increased, based on the times below.
  • If placed on a Main Avenger that is:
    • Uncollected: 5 seconds.
    • Collected: 5 seconds.
    • Level 1: 8 seconds.
    • Level 2: 15 seconds.
  • If placed on:
    • Drop targets: 10 seconds.
    • Captain Marvel: 10 seconds.

Reality Gem (Yellow):

Overview: Shot multiplier.

  • If placed on a Main Avenger that is:
    • Uncollected: 2X multiplier.
    • Collected: 2X multiplier.
    • Level 1: 3X multiplier.
    • Level 2: 4X multiplier.
      • Replaces the normal 2X multiplier for any Level 2 Avenger.
  • If placed on:
    • Drop targets:
      • 2X multiplier
      • 3 uses. Award computer grid awards for hitting 2 of 3 targets.
    • Captain Marvel: 2X multiplier.

Soul Gem (Green):

Overview: Soul Gem Jackpot. Replay Gem Quests. Black Order MB extender. And more.

  • After completing a Gem Quest and collecting the Gem, Soul Gem Jackpot is available at the Soul Gem Shot for a percentage of the previous Gem Quest value.
  • If placed on a Main Avenger that is:
    • Uncollected: 25%
    • Collected: 50%
    • Level 1: 75%
    • Level 2: 150%
    • Level 1’s 75% value with 2X multiplier from Level 2 Avenger
  • If placed on:
    • Drop targets: 50%
    • Captain Marvel: 50%
  • Replay any Gem Quest. But if you fail the quest, you’ll lose the soul gem.
  • Multiball Extender in Black Order Multiballwhich replenishes your balls and the ball saver the first time you drain down to one.
  • Longer ball save in Battle Thanos

Assemble Avengers:

  • Shooting the shots or completing features that correspond to the 6 Main Avengers: Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, and Black Panther, will allow you to collect that Avenger. After you’ve collected an Avenger, continue shooting that Avenger’s shot/feature to upgrade them to a level 1 and level 2, each with its own unique perks.
  • When you lose your ball, each Avenger’s level/perks are reset, but their collected status is retained. When you finish an Assemble Avengers Mode, each Avenger’s level/perks AND collected status are reset.
    • The Power Gem will retain the status of the Avenger it is placed on, in both of the above situations.
  • The requirements to collect each Avenger increase in difficulty after each of the Assemble Avengers Modes is played. After Battle Royale, the Assemble Avengers Modes cycle again, but the award remains at 20M - and yes, you can still play the Soul Gem quest again even if you still have the Soul Gem.


  • To Collect: Shoot the left orbit spinner enough times (80 spins on first Assemble Avengers).
  • Perks:
    • Level 1 (80 spins to power-up) = 2x Hulk Rampage + qualifies Gamma Ray (only once).
    • Level 2 = All left orbit and spinner shots score 2x.

Iron Man:

  • To Collect: Spell I-R-O-N at the inlanes/outlanes enough times (1 completion on first Assemble Avengers). These lane inserts can’t be lane-changed with the flippers - you have to shoot the spinning disc to cycle the lit inserts. However, you can hit the Sanctum target when it’s lit for “Spot IRON” to lite one letter (this is lit by hitting the Antman shot). Spelling IRON also qualifies the locks at the tower for Iron Man Multiball and increases your Arc Reactor value.
  • Perks:
    • Level 1 (1 completion to power-up) = All arc reactor shots score 2x.
    • Level 2 (2 completions to power-up) = All Iron Man Multiball scores 2x.
  • Note: Iron Man is one of two Avengers whose level cannot be protected by the Power Gem.

Captain America:

  • To Collect: Make enough pop bumper hits (50 hits on first Assemble Avengers). Shooting the Captain America shot counts as 10 pop bumper hits. Each bumper hit also adds to the SHIELD Bonus.
  • Perks:
    • Level 1 (50 hits to power-up) = All pop bumper hits score 2x.
    • Level 2 (50 hits to power-up) = Pop bumper lane scores 2x.

Black Widow:

  • To Collect: Shoot the left ramp enough times (3 shots on first Assemble Avengers). Consecutive shots to the left ramp will not advance Black Widow, another switch needs to be registered to between shots.
  • Perks:
    • Level 1 (5 shots to power-up) = Thor Inlane Helper (left inlane briefly lights THOR captive ball for 2x letters)
    • Level 2 (5 shots to power-up) = Center ramp scores 2x.


  • To Collect: Spell T-H-O-R enough times at the captive ball (1 completion on first Assemble Avengers).
  • Perks:
    • Level 1 (1 completion to power-up) = Super Slings enabled where slings are worth 100K per hit.
    • Level 2 = Captive ball scores 2x.
  • Note: Thor is one of two Avengers whose level cannot be protected by the Power Gem.

Black Panther:

  • To Collect: Shoot the right orbit enough times (3 shots on first Assemble Avengers). Shots only need to make it to the star rollover in order to count towards progress.
  • Perks:
    • Level 1 (3 shots to power-up) = 3 seconds added to combo timer.
    • Level 2 (3 shots to power-up) = Right orbit scores 2x.

Assemble Avengers Modes:

Assemble the Avengers to qualify mini-wizard modes and light Change Gems:

  • 1st time: 5M + Soul Gem Quest
  • 2nd time: 10M + Black Order Multiball
  • 3rd time: 20M + Battle Royale

Soul Gem Quest:

Qualified by assembling the Avengers the 1st time.

Before the quest begins, you’ll be awarded a bonus for each of the 6 Avengers you collected to qualify this mode based on their level:

  • Collected: 250K
  • Level 1: 1.25M
  • Level 2: 3.25M

This mode has unlimited ball save, but you have a limited number of flips you can use. Shooting a green shot will add flips and draining the ball will subtract flips. The objective of the mode is to shoot 8 lit shots without running out of flips, the shots always progress in the same order:

  • Right orbit
  • Left ramp
  • Gauntlet ramp
  • Left orbit
  • Captive ball
  • Drop targets
  • Captain Marvel (ramp shot on Prem/LE, 30 spins on Pro)
  • Tower

Upon completion, you acquire the Soul Gem, receive points, and a bonus for each remaining flip (the final shot does not add flips).

If you run out of flips, you will lose the Quest, and return to normal single ball play, with no ball saver. If you drain with 1 to 5 flips left, you will lose the Quest, but your ball will be saved and plunged into normal single ball play. During the mode, TILTing works normally.

Mystery and Flank Attack will both spot the current lit shot (up to once each), but not the final shot at the Tower. Mind gem is also available, subject to the rules of whatever level the Mind gem is at, but will not spot the final shot at the Tower either.

As the mode begins, you have the option of playing Normal Mode or Hard Mode (enabled by holding Action Button during mode start animation). There is an adjustment to set the default difficulty, the options are: Normal, Hard, and Karl (Hard with Mind Gem perk disabled).

Normal Mode:

  • Start with 30 flips.
  • Shooting lit shot adds 8 flips.
  • Draining the ball will subtract 5 flips.
  • Completion awards 500K for each remaining flip.
  • Shot values: 2.5K > 5K > 7.5K > 1M > 1.25M > 1.5M > 1.75M > 3M

Hard Mode: 10X mode scoring.

  • Start with 20 flips.
  • Shooting lit shot adds 2 flips.
  • Draining the ball will subtract 5 flips.
  • Completion awards 5M for each remaining flip.
  • Shot values: 2.5M > 5M > 7.5M > 10M > 12.5M > 15M > 17.5M > 30M

Re-collect Soul Gem if lost:

If you have lost the Soul Gem (by failing the Soul Gem Quest, by risking it to replay another Gem Quest that you lost, used Multiball Extender in Black Order Multiball without collecting a Super Jackpot, or losing it in Thanos Attacks), you can collect/re-collect it by collecting a Super Jackpot in Black Order Multiball; defeating the Black Order in Battle Royale; or by completing the Hawkeye Challenge at Marksman difficulty.

Black Order Multiball:

Qualified by Assembling the Avengers the 2nd time.

Before the multiball begins, you’ll be awarded a bonus for each of the 6 Avengers you collected to qualify this mode based on their level:

  • Collected: 750K
  • Level 1: 3.75M
  • Level 2: 6.5M

This Multiball functions similarly to Monsters of Rock from Monster Bash, but with the additional twist of having multiplied Jackpots encouraging players to actually aim for all of the shots. All six main Avengers are lit. After certain thresholds of shots are made to them (listed below), a Jackpot will be lit at the upper loop. The more Avengers you collect, the higher the jackpot value and the higher the jackpot multiplier. Each time you light a jackpot, Captain Marvel will also light for an additional jackpot multiplier, meaning if you focus equally on lighting the jackpots and making the Captain Marvel shot enough times, you can get some HUGE jackpot multipliers!

After collecting the jackpot, spin the disc to spell STRANGE and light super jackpot at the Pops Lane (Captain America). Super Jackpot will award a base value of 5 million + the points for all jackpots you’ve collected since your last super jackpot, unlight the jackpot if it’s lit, add a ball, give you back your Soul Gem if you lost it during a replayed quest, and reset the Avengers qualification process to start over again. Drop targets during this mode will boost the Jackpot and boost the “Avenger Value”, which is a small amount of points you get for working towards lighting a jackpot (and also how much goes in to the jackpot).

The thresholds required for each Avenger are:

  • Hulk: 50 spinner hits
  • Iron Man: Complete inlanes once
  • Captain America: 20 bumper hits
  • Black Widow: 3 left ramps
  • Thor: 4 captive balls
  • Black Panther: 3 right orbits


  • If you’ve collected the Soul Gem prior to starting the multiball, you can hold the action button at any time to risk your Soul Gem and enable a “Multiball Extender” which will restart your multiball when you drain down to one ball. If you risk the Soul Gem and fail to get a Super Jackpot, you will lose it.

  • If you’ve failed to collect the Soul Gem prior to starting the multiball, collecting a Super Jackpot will light “Collect Gem” in order to collect the Soul Gem after multiball is done.

  • If you haven’t collected a super jackpot, there is a fairly generous timer after draining down to one ball to allow you to collect one last jackpot or super jackpot.

  • Collect a 10x Jackpot (the one at Hawkeye) for an INSTANT GOLD TROPHY

Battle Royale:

Qualified by Assembling the Avengers a 3rd time.

Before the mode begins, you’ll be awarded a bonus for each of the 6 Avengers you collected to qualify this mode based on their level:

  • Collected: 1M
  • Level 1: 5M
  • Level 2: ???

It’s time to bring the fight to the Black Order for real. You have 6 lives, represented by the 6 Avenger inserts in the middle of the playfield, and each insert corresponds to their respective shot. Each Avenger has a health bar; if the health bar reaches 0%, the Avenger will tap out and be replaced by a new one. The health bar decreases through various factors:

  • Depleting the number of given flips on the display
  • Timer reaching 0
  • Draining a ball (deals a ton of damage)

The members of the Black Order are represented by all of the shots being lit, and clearing waves of shots will defeat members. The longer you keep an Avenger alive, the more points you get for successful attacks and the more bonus points you’ll score.

The supporting characters also have roles in the mode; making their shots will give you some helpful perks.

  • Drop targets - Summons Vision to give you more flips, reducing the chance of damage being taken from running out of flips.
  • Strange disc - Spelling STRANGE lights a rotating POWER-UP insert for 3x damage. 4x damage if there’s also an arrow shot on there. Times out after 10 seconds but can be reactivated with another spin. More spins move the power up around.
  • Captain Marvel - Freezes the timer for a short time, reducing the chance of damage being taken from time running out.
  • Hawkeye - Shooting Hawkeye loop will light the three shots on the left for an attack. If you shoot an already lit arrow this way it’ll count as 2 attacks
  • Antman - Deals damage the first time (ie. a normal shot during the mode). The second time, summons Wasp to add another ball into play, multiplying all scores and damage by 2x.

If you defeat the Black Order, you are awarded a bonus based on remaining Avengers, remaining flips, and remaining time (how is this determined?). In addition, you will light “Collect Gem” to re-collect the Soul Gem, if you have previously lost it.

Thanos Attacks:

To qualify: spell S-T-R-A-N-G-E after collecting the Soul Gem and playing at least 2 Gem Quests (software adjustable).

In this mode, you need to defend any Gems you have collected. First, shoot a Gem shot to select it, then shoot the left orbit, Black Widow ramp, and the right orbit; then shoot the Gauntlet Ramp to defend that Gem.

If you successfully defend all of the Gems you have collected, you will win back a previously lost Gem (if you’ve failed a previous Gem Quest) or start the 3-ball Super Victory Laps multiball.

Note: Flank Attack will not collect the shot at the Gauntlet Ramp.

Battle Thanos Wizard Mode:

To qualify: spell S-T-R-A-N-G-E after playing Battle Royale and all of the Gem Quests.


If you start this mode after collecting all 6 Gems, you automatically complete the mode and awarded 1 billion points.

Completing Battle Thanos starts a 6-ball Super Victory Laps multiball.

Super Victory Laps:

A 3 ball multiball version can be started by successfully defending all Gems in Thanos Attacks, without having failed a Gem Quest.
A 6 ball multiball version can be started by completing Battle Thanos.


Computer Grid Awards:

The grid consists of 9 main awards arranged in a 3 X 3 grid. The currently lit award will cycle until any drop target is hit, complete the remaining drop targets to collect the award. If the Power Gem is on the drop targets, then an additional award will be spotted for each hit. This makes it much easier to advance through the grid. Remember to recharge your Power Gem, though.

Awards are:

Bonus X Light Lock 2X Shield
750K Points Spot Avenger Bonus X
2X Arc Reactor Bonus X Spot Bullseyes

Collecting 3 awards in a row will award features or start a Super Mode. These are randomly arranged each game (they will remain the same for all the players in a multiplayer game), so the same row won’t always award the same feature or start the same Super Mode every game.

  • In competition mode, the bingo awards will be fixed instead of random.
  • All of the Computer Grid Award modes share one timer, like modes in TSPP. Starting an additional mode while others are running will reset the timer for all active modes.

These features and Super Modes are:

  • Change Gems
  • Portal Lock (just one, awarded instantly)
  • +5X Bonus
  • Light Extra Ball
  • Collect Bonus (doubled by Reality Gem on Vision)
  • Trophy (three instances of this award for Bronze/Silver/Gold)
  • Ball Saver
  • 10M/50M (!) Points

Super Modes:

  • Hulk Rampage
    • All shots lit green for big points boosted by the spinner, try and complete them all to relight them. Mind gem on a level 2 Avenger can be ridiculous in this mode.
    • Level 1 Hulk boosts scoring in this mode by 2x.
  • Super Reactor
    • Arc reactor bonus lit for the entirety of the mode. Each hit awards the arc reactor bonus with a multiplier up to 4X depending on the strength of the shot, and boosts the base value of the shot by higher amounts depending on the strength.
  • Super Gauntlet
    • Gauntlet ramp lit, loop the ramp as many times as possible for increasing scores.
  • Super Targets
    • Shoot targets for millions. Completing all three Hawkeye targets boosts the value of all of the targets.
    • Complete 2 sets of these during the mode to light an extra ball as well!
  • Super Combos
    • Shoot combos for big points.
    • All progress towards combo awards when this timer is active will be doubled as well.
  • Super Disc
    • Shoot disc in either direction for points, then shoot the disc in the other direction to increase the multiplier for each spin up to 5x per spin.
    • base scoring: 480K/spin
    • boost scoring: 120K/spin

Computer Frenzy Multiball:

Qualified by playing all 6 Computer Super Modes.

In this Multiball, all shots are lit in colors that represent the different inserts on the bingo grid (ie. left orbit = yellow, Tower = teal, etc.). Completing a shot will spot its corresponding grid lamp and score a jackpot; making a bingo on the grid will score a super jackpot. Completing a “double” bingo awards two double super jackpots (4x), and completing a “triple” bingo awards three triple super jackpots (9x). The Jackpot value can be boosted by the drop targets and each super jackpot also boosts the jackpot value.

Add-A-Ball: Completing the drop targets during this Multiball will award an additional ball, up to two times.

Other Features:

Extra Balls:

There are 6?? EB’s available on default settings:

  • Bullseye Target completions: 3
  • Hawkeye Challenge Level 2 awards EB
  • Captain Marvel ramps: 12 lights EB
  • Combos: now 50
  • Computer Grid tic-tac-toe award
  • Trophies: 8


Unlike the first two Elwin pins with untimed combo rules, AIQ’s combo feature is the more traditional rule of natural flowing combo shots lighting for a combo shot for a couple seconds after the prior shot. Combo shots will be flashing white (or flashing rainbow if in Super Combos). The number of combos made accumulates across your entire game, and reaching certain thresholds provides different rewards:

  • 4 combos lights a Portal Lock
  • 8 combos lights Combo Jackpot
  • 10 combos lights a Portal Lock
  • 12 combos lights Combo Jackpot
  • 20 combos lights Portal Lock and Combo Jackpot
  • 30 combos lights Combo Jackpot
  • 35 combos lights Portal Lock
  • 40 combos lights Combo Jackpot
  • 45 combos lights Portal Lock
  • 50 combos lights Extra Ball
  • 55 combos lights Portal Lock and Combo Jackpot
  • Every 5 combos from now on alternates between Portal Lock and Light Combo Jackpot


  • The Black Panther to Black Widow combo will be blocked if the combo sequence is 3 or more. (v0.98)
  • The Black Widow to Captain Marvel combo is limited to 6 combos (by default). (v1.01)
    • This can be set to “unlimited” by a menu adjustment.

Arc Reactor Bonus:

Completing the drop targets will light the Tower for the Arc Reactor Bonus, which can be multiplied up to 4x depending on the strength of the shot. The base value of the bonus can be boosted by completing IRON and multiplied by collecting 2x Avengers Tower off of the drop targets or having Iron Man at Level 1.

Shield Bonus:

Pop bumpers increase your current Shield Bonus based on how high of a level Captain America is, and also increases the base value of it by a much smaller amount. Shooting the upper loop lights Captain America for 15 seconds to collect the Shield Bonus. Once collected, the value resets to the base value (which will be higher than before, as pop bumpers both raise the current shield value, and the “reset” value). Each time you collect a Shield Bonus it will collect or upgrade a trophy. Completing the drop targets while the Shield Bonus is lit will double its value.

Captain Marvel Count-Up:

Shots to the Captain Marvel shot are accumulated throughout the game, and several awards can be obtained by making enough shots (ie. tower rules from JP2). On the Pro, making enough spins will collect the award (numbers are ramp counts listed here multiplied by 30), while on the Premium / LE, the ramp has to be made. If the Power Gem is placed on this shot, you’ll make double the progress you normally would with every shot. Awards are:

  • 3 ramps/90 spins - Go Binary, Light Mystery
  • 6 ramps/180 spins - Go Binary, Light Mystery
  • 10 ramps/300 spins - Light Mystery
  • 12 ramps/360 spins - Light Mystery
  • 15 ramps/450 spins - Go Binary, Light Mystery
  • 18 ramps/540 spins - Bronze Trophy
  • 32 ramps/960 spins - Silver Trophy
  • 48 ramps/1440 spins - Gold Trophy
  • 50 ramps/1500 spins - Light Extra Ball

Captain Marvel Binary Hurry-Up/Go Binary:

Note: This mode plays differently between the Pro and the Premium/LE.

Premium/LE version:

  • A 2 shot hurry-up where each completed hurry-up results in +1X added to the Marvel Loop Ramp multiplier to a max of 5X.

  • You need to shoot the Black Widow Ramp or Captain Marvel Ramp and then hit the other shot to complete. This will increase the Captain Marvel Ramp +1X (maxes out at 5X).

Pro version:

  • A 2 shot hurry-up where you need to shoot Black Widow Ramp or Captain Marvel Spinner and then hit the other shot to complete.

  • Note: Unlike the Premium/LE, there doesn’t appear to be any multiplier associated with the Binary Hurry-up on the Pro.


Mystery can be lit at the Antman shot in several ways, either from enough shots to Captain Marvel or after successfully making a Super Skill Shot. Possible awards are:

  • Max Time Bank
  • Add-A-Ball (once per Multiball, but only available during non-portal Multiballs. If you start a gem quest with a portal lock, add a ball is not enabled. Nice change from the usual.)
  • Spot Soul Gem Shot (during Soul Gem Quest)
  • Spot 3 STRANGE Letters
  • Collect Avenger (once per game, if you have 5 out of 6 Avengers, this will almost always be awarded for you)
  • Advance Captain Marvel +3 ramps (+45 spins on Pro)
  • Hulk-Sized Points (10 mil)
  • Start a Timed Mode (aka Super Mode; any of the six from the computer grid that haven’t been played yet; once per game, this will almost always be awarded if a super mode is already ongoing, resetting the timer in the process.)
  • Spot IRON Set
  • Spot THOR Set
  • Light Hawkeye Challenge
  • Hold Bonus X
  • +5x Bonus
  • Light Change Gems

Hawkeye Challenge:

Qualify by shooting the 3 Bullseye targets. When lit, shoot Avengers Tower to start Hawkeye Challenge. The first time the challenge is activated, the display will countdown and release the ball, and your goal is to hit the inner loop (just need to break the opto) or bullseye target. Subsequent attempts at the challenge increase the difficulty from level 1 to level 2 and level 3, but no warning for when the ball will be released. If you have lost a Gem, you can hold the Action Button to skip to the Marksman difficulty so that you can recover it.

Awards are:

  • Level 1 (Amateur):
    • Timed release, hit either the inner loop or bullseye target.
    • Awards: Portal Lock + 5M
  • Level 2 (Pro):
    • Timed release, hit only the inner loop.
    • Awards: Extra Ball (awarded instantly)
  • Level 3 (Marksman):
    • Random release, hit only the inner loop.
    • Awards: Light Gem, the lit Gem will be as follows: Failed Soul Gem > Failed Gem Quest > Running Quest > Unplayed Gem Quest > 5M consolation

Hawkeye Combos:

At any point in the game, loop the gauntlet ramp up to three times using the upper flipper to increase the combo multiplier (maxes at 3x), and then shoot the upper loop to collect it. The game keeps track of the number of these combos; every 5 will spot the currently flashing Computer Grid square, and every 10 will award or upgrade a Trophy. A 2x or 3x combo counts as 2 or 3 combos when it comes to these thresholds.

Gamma Ray:

  • Level Hulk up to Level 1 to qualify Gamma Ray mode, shown by the right inlane “O” light flashing. Roll over the flashing right inlane to start mode.
  • A timed mode where the Hulk spinner scores points and increases in value with each spin.
    • Spinner Value starts at 50K and carries over from the previous Gamma Ray.
      • After playing a “Wizard Mode,” the Spinner Value resets to 25K X the number of “Wizard Modes” played + the normal 50K.
    • Each spin awards the current Spinner Value and increases it by 5K.

Note: Not sure exactly what “Wizard Modes” refer to.

Gem Mania Rules (Topper only):

It’ s a 3 ball multiball. In order to start it, You have to collect all 6 gems featured on the topper during the course of normal gameplay. Each unlit gem you collect during your normal game will light up solid on the topper when collected. Once the 6th gem is collected, the mode will start right away before releasing the ball from the tower up post.

  • 1M Points awarded for starting the mode
  • All Arrows are lit White for a small Jackpot of 150K
  • All Gems are initially un-lit, but can be lit up as switch thresholds are reached
  • Switch threshold starts at 50 and then increments by 10 each as each Gem is lit and collected
  • When Gem is lit, all Gem inserts light up on the shots (placed in topper order left to right)
  • Shoot a lit Gem to collect the current Final Jackpot value at 1X, increment the X for the Final Jackpot, and restart the switch collecting phase for the next Gem
  • Final Jackpot value starts at 5K and increments by 5K for each switch hit as the mode progresses
  • If you drain down to one ball before collecting the 6th gem you have 10 seconds to shoot the Gauntlet Ramp to cash out your Final Jackpot at the current multiplier or the mode ends.
  • Otherwise, collecting the 6th Gem cashes out the Final Jackpot and the flippers go dead until the balls are recovered and the mode ends.
  • Up to three Add-A-Balls can be awarded by spelling out THOR at the captive ball

Fun With Bonus:

Each of the following are how many of these you’ve made THIS ball:

  • Switch hits x 250
  • Computer grid squares x 25K
  • Arc reactors x 25K
  • Hawkeye shots x 25K
  • Combos x 25K

These are saved throughout your whole game:

  • Bronze trophies x 100K
  • Silver trophies x 250K
  • Gold trophies x 500K
  • Gems collected x 250K
    All multiplied by your bonus X.

Bonus X:

Increase the bonus multiplier by making shots to the pop lane or by powering up Avengers (getting them to level 1 or 2). Computer grid awards and Mystery can also give additional bonus multipliers. Bonus X maxes at 25x and resets each ball unless Hold Bonus X is active.


  • Achievement system for various gameplay goals, awarded at a bronze, silver, or gold level.
  • 24 of the 32 Trophies must be collected (at any award level) to qualify the Trophy Mania Wizard Mode.
  • The more golds and silvers you have while playing Trophy Mania, the higher scoring it will be.
  • Trophies also get added permanently to End of Ball Bonus, before bonus X is taken into account. Golds will add a whopping 200k each pre-multiplier! Additionally, combo values are increased by +15k per bronze trophy you have, +30k for each silver, and +60k for each Gold.
  • Trophy Difficulty (adjustable):
    • Easy (default): All 32 Trophies available.
    • Hard: Only 24 Trophies available.
      • Triples Trophy Mania scoring.
      • See below for which 8 trophies are disabled.

Trophy List:
Gem quests are in bold. The trophy for these is awarded when you collect the gem:

  • Bronze: less than 15,000,000 quest total,
  • Silver: 15,000,000 to 29,999,990
  • Gold: 30,000,000 or more

Super modes are in bold italic and are awarded when the super mode runs out of time, or you drain:

  • Bronze: 2,500,000 to 4,999,990 super mode total
  • Silver: 5,000,000 to 9,999,990
  • Gold: 10 mil or more

Unless otherwise noted, the other trophy colors all start at bronze, and get upgraded to silver then gold as you get them again. For “level 2” avenger trophies, if avenger has the power gem, upon exiting a wizard mode (and MAYBE starting a new ball, not sure), your trophy will be automatically upgraded for you!

  • Collect Soul Gem
  • Collect Power Gem
  • Collect Space Gem
  • Collect Mind Gem
  • Collect Time Gem
  • Collect Reality Gem
  • Super Skill Shot (Easy Mode only)
  • Secret Skill Shot (Easy Mode only)
  • Iron Man Multiball
    • Tower 2x Super Jackpot
    • Disc Super Jackpot collected (after phase 4 of arrows)
  • Thor Multiball Super Jackpot
  • Combos x number of combos (Easy Mode only)
    • 30
    • 45
    • 60
  • Hawkeye Challenge Success (Easy Mode only)
  • Computer Bingo Award (Easy Mode only)
  • Fully Power Thor
  • Fully Power Iron man
  • Fully Power Black Panther
  • Fully Power Black Widow
  • Fully Power Captain America
  • Fully Powered Hulk
  • Marvel loops (Easy Mode only)
    • 18 or 540 spins
    • 32 or 960 spins
    • 48 or 1,440 spins
  • Hawkeye Combos (Easy Mode only)
    • 10
    • 20
    • 30
  • Collect Shield Bonus (Easy Mode only)
  • Black Order Multiball Super Jackpot
  • Battle Thanos
    • Start Battle Thanos
    • Start Defeat Thanos
    • Finish Defeat Thanos
  • Super Reactor
  • Super Disc
  • Hulk Rampage
  • Super Gauntlet
  • Super Targets
  • Super Combos
  • Computer Frenzy Multiball
    • Single-line Super Jackpot
    • Double-line 2x Super Jackpot
    • Triple-line 3x Super Jackpot
  • Black Order Battle Royale
    • Start mode
    • defeat 2 villains
    • win

Trophy Mania:

  • If “Trophy Difficulty” is set to hard, scoring for Trophy Mania will be tripled.

  • When the mode starts, depending on how many of each type of trophy you collected, a portion of the 8 RGB shots are lit of that type. For example if you collected 12 bronze, 6 silver, and 6 gold trophies, then 4 shots are lit for Bronze, 2 shots lit for silver, and 2 shots lit for Gold (RGB arrows colored to show you this. Orange colored for bronze, white for silver, and yellow for gold).

  • THOR Captive ball rotates trophies one position.
    Strange disc raises trophy value.

  • Every time you shoot an arrow you get the Trophy Jackpot based on what type of trophy the arrow is, and collect one of those trophies for your trophy case. Base jackpot 1 mil. Bronze jackpot = 1x, Silver jackpot = 2x, Gold jackpot = 4x. The shot you just made will then swap with the closest shot going in the right-most direction that is a different colored trophy. Trophies move around this way. At 12 Trophies and 24 Trophies you will get an add-a-ball. Collecting 24 trophies fills a trophy case and lights Super Jackpot at Antman. When super is lit, drop targets will become available to form one-time bingo(s) to multiply the super by 2x, 3x, or 5x based on how many bingos at once. When the super is lit, the RGB arrows will still continue to award Trophy Jackpots (and increase the super jackpot), but will not collect trophies (thus not advancing towards next add-a-ball) until you collect the super. Once super is collected you can start working on another case. Super Jackpot value is based on points awarded from Trophy Jackpots.


I was trying to break down the rules from the reveal stream for my own understanding but I got a bit carried away and it turned into the start of Rulesheet.


Does anyone know if draining (without the power stone) resets your level to 0? or does it just reset the progress toward level 2? I assume its the former.

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I think I saw all avenger levels are set back to 1 if you drain.

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Without Power Gem Avengers go back to either uncollected or collected (so you’ll never “uncollect” an avenger, just lose their level 1 or 2 status)


Power gem is also 2x progress towards collect and power up. 2x marvel progress on marvel shot, spots additional grid award when on grid


Sounds a little weird to “level up” an Avenger to level 1… I’d think collecting an Avenger means they’re level 1, then you level them up to 2 and 3.


Soul Gem Quest: do tap passes count as flips?


Or staged flips? :slight_smile:

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Well the switch registers when you do a tap pass, so I’d say yes.

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There COULD be a mode where the switch needs to be closed for X seconds before it counts. Maybe not in this game. But I could see a limited flipper hold mode or a mode where the longer you hold the flippers the lower the scoring for the mode is.

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Royal rumble did that. Definitely possible.

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Oh, did it? I’ve still never played one!

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Yep! So during multiball, when super jackpot is lit it starts at 100M. Then for each second you have either flipper held, it drops 10M per second. Once neither flipper is held up for more than a second it goes back up by 10M per second.

Also there’s a mode that the score reduces if the flipper is held up.

Also during multiball there’s a timer that counts down and when it gets to zero, the game adds a ball (6 max). If you have the flipper held up, the timer freezes.


Well, that really makes me want to check it out! Just when you think you come up with a unique idea, BAM! nope!


It’s on WOZ too, during Wicked Witch. Value of the shots drop whenever a flipper is up.


As does WOZ, jackpot scores go down as you hold the flipper in one of the mini wiz modes (different from the no hold crystal ball mode) - after killing the wicked witch.

I should really read the rest of the thread before replying to a comment :smiley: @kdeangelo already answered

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I think the first game to do this was Data East Simpsons, where during 3-Ball play, the jackpot would start lowering if you held a ball on a flipper and increase if you were flailing. So did Al’s Garage Band, I think.


Sad! Everything’s been done before!

Now - show me a mode that scores more points the more shots you hit while the action button is held down simultaneously. Now we’re innovating.


Must be held with your chin.