Twitch/livestream setups.


Same here, Android 9 w/ 7.7.2 (Pixel 2 XL) and mine works like chuckwurt’s does.


Solved. I actually like the slide.


I can make you a vertical version to complement the horizontal version if you don’t mind waiting a while until I get around to it. Shoot me an email at with what you think the good sizes are? I’ll never be able to find your post again once I close this browser tab…


If you’re clever with CSS, you can fiddle with the layout by using the “Custom CSS” field in the Browser Source in OBS. For example, here’s some quick 'n dirty CSS that can turn a MatchPlay broadcast view into a vertical orientation:

CSS Here
body {
  margin: 0px auto;
  overflow: hidden;
.broadcast-container {
  width: 100%;
  border: 0px;
.broadcast-player {
  width: calc(100% - 20px);
  text-align: left !important;
.broadcast-player-info {
  order: 2 !important;
.broadcast-nav {
  display: none;
.broadcast-footer span {
  display: none;

MatchPlay also provides an awesome API to grab player and game info – I’ve written some scripts to grab this info to and live-display things in a custom layout. I’ve been meaning to clean this up and release it for everyone… just haven’t got around to it yet! :sob:




Thank you both so much! Yes @haugstrup I will shoot you an email and I don’t mind waiting at all.

I did notice MatchPlay has an API, as does the IFPA, and I’ve mentioned that to some local “computer” friends. Code is not something in my wheelhouse at all and while I’m not against learning new things - I feel I’m doing that all the time so I’m going to have to leave that to more knowledgeable people. Which is exactly why I don’t mind waiting at all. I totally get it and feel bad requesting more from you wonderful people!

(Now’s a good time to tell me how I could make a donation to you both through PayPal, or whatever service for all your past and future efforts. PM me your preferred method. Same goes for @kdeangelo )

Now that you mention Custom CSS @mwelsh I will try using the code you’ve written out here until Andreas has some free time. I think that example you show also illustrates the difficulty of reading “IFPA Rank” and “points.” Perhaps if it were just bold it would help?

And Mike, if you have a GitHub you could point me to, maybe I could show that to my “computer” friends and they could try to help you finish your work (or a version of it you could use or nix depending on what they do)? Just a thought. You guys are my super stars!


@snowgalvin a hacky solution would be to use a window source on the matchplay broadcast view and duplicate it 4 times. For each duplicate, crop it to a single player. Then you can rearrange into a vertical view.


I actually tried that but it still took up so much real estate, cut the name of the game in half and was hard to read. But this custom CSS thing looks promising. Especially if I can make each player’s info block narrower, then I could scale the whole scoreboard up versus having so much white space when capturing this:

What I do love about the MatchPlay interface is that you can see all players in the round and what they’re playing, making it really easy to toggle between games. And having the standings link on the capture is great too. For those who don’t have a Twitch account or don’t know how to use commands.


Ahh the day in the life of a total hack job. I.e. me. Haha. My entire tournament streams are riddled with these little hacks.


I still think putting the playfield away from the right hand side of the screen is worth considering, with the slide on a phone its tough to see what’s going on, versus the overlay of chat.



I’ve been putting mine towards the middle but I also use 4:3 screen for the player/backbox so there’s a bit of space on both sides for other stuff.


Any reason to run framerates other than 30 or 60? Perhaps 24 or 48? Anyone run rates lower than 30 for a specific reason?


OBS lets you do pretty much whatever you want.

I mess with them when I would use three web cams in one usb hub. If you didn’t dumb down the res and FPS, they wouldn’t all work at once.


I’m beginning to have a camera problem…

9 down, 15 to go!


Anyone had the Sony camera not put out a HDMI signal? I’ve got one that works fine but I can’t grt any HDMI out of it - it was working… tried factory reset but to no avail.


I would try and run 60 on the playfield as a must - if you have to adjust anything then put the score and player cams down to 30 but always try and make them factors of you fastest rate otherwise you get an increased chance of artefacts. I’d reduce resolution before frame rate on the playfield camera.

Also some encoding software/hardware will have limits to broadcast “normal” frame and resolution rates. Keep it simple applies.



Have you tried swapping the HDMI adapter? Had one that wouldn’t work on one - for the longest time I thought I had bad port on the receiving end or bad cable.


This is more for a UI I’m building. I’m debating on a drop down or text field but will probably start with the drop down and add something else later if necessary.


Yeah it’s the camera for sure.


30fps would be fine for either.


I just put up an updated version of the software I’ve been working on to make a Raspberry Pi turn webcams into remote cameras over the network. Working with PinDaddy to get him up and going gave me the motivation to make it more user friendly so now you can just download a prebuilt disc image and do all of the configuration through a website on the device. It isn’t pretty at the moment but it should be functional and I’ll be adding more features to it based on feedback. Currently it supports the C920, C922, and Brio, but I’m working on supporting more models and generic interfaces too.

The image is hosted on a gdrive account so if you run into a bandwidth error I understand if you add it to your drive you can get around that error. I’ll be pushing a version to dropbox tonight as well.

Mobile Camera Rig: Plans and Materials