Twitch/livestream setups.


Yeah, I was afraid you were going to say that!!

I suk at that sort of stuff…sigh


It’s definitely a bit of work! If you Google around for “stream layouts”, you can probably find some decent free assets to help you out.


@deadflip has a generic layout here:


Totally! Just use that layout and throw a logo and stuff on top and you’re done!
Also if you need any reference, I put together a huge article about streaming here:
How to stream!


Thanks guys…I’ll come back later and annoy you with other noob q’s!


WOuld you mind sharing the build of materials on the cam/power/pi setup you have here? I am looking to do something along these lines and am fine with the 720/60 limitation.


Sure thing. The parts I used are almost all readily accessible. The only thing I haven’t figured out a good solution for yet is the front clamp so that actually requires a little bit of fabrication unless someone can figure out another solution that I just haven’t seen. I’ll try and put together a parts list and take some pictures etc this weekend.


Picked up Three 16 Port HDMI Switches from Alibaba. They can be controlled via Serial or IP and support up to 1080p60. Rack mounted for easier transport!


Holy ^##%*!


I typed up the parts list and threw it on my website: I did miss the required micro SD card for the Raspberry Pi, but any quality one like a Samsung Evo should do.

I haven’t priced out everything but the electronics portion of it with a Brio/C920 combo (two camera setup) works out to about $360 per rig it looks like.


Thank your for the detailed information, will definitely try this out.


I know that camera layouts have evolved over the years for pinball streams but it seems like we’ve now locked down what works for capturing full backbox displays, DMDs and LCDs. However tournament software doesn’t display player info that fits into everyone’s empty sidebar. Both MatchPlay and Never Drains displays player info in a horizontal fashion.

I’m starting to try my hand at broadcasting tournaments here in Colorado and ran into this problem so a friend wrote a really basic program to help solve it for our past streams but it’s clunky to use and definitely not a solution going forward.

That said, would it be cumbersome to change the layout of player info in the window that we’re capturing? @haugstrup @kdeangelo Specifically I’m talking about Match Play as I haven’t tried to display Never Drains. I also found that Match Play is plenty legible on my phone but other than the player names and how many strikes each have, the rest of the info was illegible when doing a window capture.

If there’s already a solution out there or I’m doing something wrong - let me know. I really appreciate the work everyone puts out there and I don’t want this post to sound like I’m just complaining or ungrateful.

Here’s the side bar I’m talking about (mine is 310px wide, Dead Flip’s is about 320px wide if that helps)


Nothing available just yet from me, but I’ve been working on switching my DTM player info to fit into a vertical sidebar, with two different versions:

  1. Highlight the on-game player with larger text/images and then rotate through as needed. This does mean someone needs to be in the producer role.
  2. Show all profiles equally for those times when a producer is unavailable.

It’s a bit of a challenge as there isn’t a lot of space there, and I can’t use the entire space due to all the various logos generally shown. Add in a Streamer Logo / Event Logo / Stern Pro Circuit Logo (required now for SPC events) and a good chunk is gone, thus the need for option #1 in my case.


I completely know what you mean. I’ve tried a variety of layouts as I know you have too. I actually looked through many of your past streams to see what you’ve done and…you’ve done it all!

I hate to take creative freedom away from people but in the interest of getting something that’s a one size fits all, the sidebar seems to be the best. Play info taking half the sidebar and logos/required info taking up the other half.

If someone wants to do 4 cameras, then I think using the player cam area is where you would muck with that since it’s at the bottom of the important camera hierarchy in my opinion.

And yes, a producer role is so important. Even if you only have a two man crew, one should be the main commentator and the other plays producer, chat responder, communicator with the TD (assuming they’re not also the TD lol) and does additional commentary when they can. It’s a ton of work for sure!! And where’s our stats person? :wink:

I look forward to seeing what you’ve got cooking Karl. It sounds great!


Based on the image above I want to remind everyone that in mobile, chat slides over right side of screen. Consider playfields on left.


What do you mean?



I believe that’s only on iOS.


I am using twitch 7.7.2 on Android 9. Maybe there is a setting I don’t know about.


Mine is IOS. Maybe only the IOS app accounts for it properly.