Twitch/livestream setups.

Would love to hear about any pinball streaming setups. Advice? Type of equipment from cameras to computers. Also post your channel link if you have one.


Here are some of the ones I follow:



Here is my current setup:
27" 2013 iMac
3.4 Ghz i5
16GB Ram
2GB Nivida GPU

2xBlack Magic UltraStudio Mini recorder adapters
2xAtlona At-HD560 scaling device
2xApple Thunderbolt cables
1xPanasonic HDC-TM15
1xLogitech HD webcam
1xUSB 3.0 Plugable Triple Head Output (DVI, HDMI or VGA with gigabit Ethernet)

misc stands, hdmi cable,etc.

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What software are people using to do the video mixing? That is the part that I was always most curious about.

I am looking to build a setup like this at some point as well and the software side has always been my biggest question.

I’m running XSplit Broadcaster using an Intel i7-4770 with 3 Avermedia Game Broadcaster HD HDMI capture cards.

Edit: I’ll add a more comprehensive list soon with costs involved. Putting together the INDISC broadcast was not cheap by any means.

What would the rough estimate be for somebody wanting to just do a stream like the Deadflip guys do? Or even not really streaming but recording the video for broadcast on youtube?

I use wirecast for broadcasting. I imagine you could record fairly cheap with just webcams. It’s when you start encoding on the fly is where you need horsepower. I use the Atlona scalers to bring everything in at 720p and my broadcast is 720p so I’m not encoding on the fly 1080 down to 720. Wirescast is very CPU sensitive. I wish Xsplit had a OSX version I would try it.

Karl is right it isn’t cheap. Your broadcast looked great Karl and congrats on the win

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Heya Folks! Thought we’d chime in.

Here is our current setup:
2014 MacBook Pro
2.7 Ghz i7
16GB Ram

3x Logitech c920 HD Pro Webcams.

  • Top Down
  • DMD
  • Player

Powered USB Hub
Blue Snowball Mic

CamTwist - Capture and layout.
CocoaSplit - To stream out.
Audio Hijack - Volume adjust and delay to match picture.


Rough Costs:

Logitech c920 HD Pro Webcams - $99 each
Blue Snowball Mic - $50
Powered USB Hub - $50
CamTwist - Free
CocoaSplit - Free
Audio Hijack - $50

Not including computer or cables, about $450 for our setup.


apparently, CamTwist and XSplit are software vision mixers and there’s more:

That’s not bad at all and my iMac has similar specs to your Macbook. I watch your streams a lot and they look great!

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Thanks, Gov.
Quality of webcams really depends on lighting.
We could use more light where we play, but don’t have it.
But all in all, those c920’s are perfect.

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So is the CamTwist for the live broadcasting? Say for just making gameplay videos at home for the time being could i just get by with two C910 webcams and something like xSplit?

Gov - if you are going to use xsplit you may need to get two different camera models. If it sees two inputs with the same name, it will only access one of them. I asked a friend who is more experienced with xsplit and he said it is a known issue and he gets around it by using three different models of cameras.

Good to know. I think I will grab a c920 and a c910 for now to save a bit. The c910 should work fine for the DMD. I am never going to mess with streaming, probably just recording gameplay.

Finally all of my equipment showed up. Built my camera rig out of some 80/20 Aluminum I had from another project. Logitech 910, 920, laptop webcam and Blue Snowball mic.

Should be fun!


How well does the Snowball Mic work on it? i’ve been using the built in mic on my C920 and not liking the results.

I am happy with it. For best results it would probably work better closer to the speakers, but as it sits, the sound is very clear even though the mechanics of the machine are louder than the sound. I have been testing on ACDC. I might try just using the C920 mic and compare and let you know.

Ok, I just tested the difference between the C920 internal mic and the Blue Snowball mic, and the difference is astounding. The Snowball is the way to go if you had to choose between the two. I am sure there are other options out there but this one works great. Not a bad price either. I think I paid around $40 shipped for it off of ebay. The C920 mic is awful.