Twitch/livestream setups.


so on the BK3000 stream Jack said you could plug right in with HDMI - has anyone had a look at a BK3000 ?


That would be an awesome and welcome change from before and allow for easy connection!

Also on that same path, anyone been able to confirm connections for Wonka?


I’d predict that it’s DVI out still so easy to convert and capture.


Jack was asked about this in a later stream and clarified that we said he was not using his custom built box. If I am remembering correctly I think he said that stern had built a more compact, better engineered solution. It is unclear if stern is interested in producing these or what the cost would be.


Anyone using an XPS 13 / 15 for their OBS laptop? Maybe a Razer Blade Stealth? I’m looking for a portable location machine with USB-C power input.


Is there someone at Stern we can reach out to and get an answer from?

I’ve tried reaching out to my contacts there and haven’t heard back.


Dwight didn’t confirm this with me, but I got the sense a solution would be available for purchase but not come standard with the games.


I’m using razer blade 15 with maxw nvidia 1080 - Usb-C power is a terrible option if you are using USB devices for encoding as you can’t deliver enough power to the laptop for it to deliver the power to the devices and do the encoding. I had a MacBook Pro 15 top end model and when steaming the battery would reduce even with the top PSU and then eventually the laptop shutdown!


All of my cameras are networked so I won’t have usb bandwidth issues. Hoping the usb PD battery would be enough to hold or slow drain something like my 13" MBP from work. Maybe my “no wires” setup might need an ac adapter for the laptop. But then I may as well bring out the desktop I built, or the NUC.


Not bandwidth issues - power issues! The usb-c can’t power the laptop enough.


What are our wireless microphone options for the people that are going to be using the mobile wireless rig for tournaments? I have a mixer already I use for headsets for commentators so I could use that if it makes things easier.


One of my cameras (cx455) has a mic input. I added a shotgun mic, and the audio gets sent along with the hdmi signal. This is the easiest solution I found.


Cool. I still need to buy another camera so I will go with that.

Shotgun mic like this?

Video Microphone,Emiral Camera Microphone,Shotgun Interview Microphone for DSLR Camera/DV Camcorder(Except for Canon T5i,T6)


I got one of these

Audio-Technica AT897 Line/Gradient Shotgun Condenser Microphone

Just be sure to get one that can use battery power and does not need phantom power.


What about these audio inserters? Plug the camera and a usb mic into this then plug this into the wireless hdmi transmitter?

Well I guess the mic would have to use 3.5mm hook up


I’ve got one of those. It works, but it’s another power source you’ll have to deal with if going wireless.


I have one i don’t use if you want it. I also have a cheap shotgun mic I bought before the audio technica one. They’re yours if you pay for shipping!


I just picked up another travel router for location streaming, the GL.iNet Slate (GL-AR750S-ext). It runs off 5V power and runs OpenWRT with WISP by default on the repeater mode. So now I only need to drag out one router and still get my own network for all of my Picams. Initial tests look like it’s pretty decent but I’ll have to bring it out and see how the range works in practice. But it seems like it should be up to the task. I’m going to run it at home for a bit and see how it fairs for some test streams, but iperf tests on the clients look good.


What is it’s output on wifi? With a 5V input one assumes the power on its wifi must be limited?



on a three camera setup on wireless how often are you changing the battery during the day?