World's Worst Scores!


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PAPA scoring schemes

I scored 15,000 on a Grand Lizard as the first player up in an Amazing Race tournament. Proceeded to watch ~10 people after me plunge, flip once, and get to drain because they beat my score. I will have to see if the exact score is still around somewhere.


I ‘managed’ a score of 700,000 odd on Metallica in one tournament here in Sydney. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I can’t find the scoring evidence though.


Forgot about this thread… I had about 630K or so on Avengers in the Circuit Final this year.


Just barely beat FLR :wink:


I got 935,490 points on Game of Thrones May 3rd at a Weekly tournament.


I love that 30 million points is a walk-off


Q: "Which house did you play as?"
A: “House Ball”

[Edited to bring more funny, maybe]


To be fair, it was the LE. I think 30M would have won most games on it at that tournament. :expressionless:


I had about 10,000 on CV, all on ball 3. I had 0 after two balls, but this was at Pinball Olympics where it was set up as a Thunder Tilt game. The two ramp targets were wired to the Tilt, and I didn’t learn my lesson after ball 1. Obviously this doesn’t count, but it still made me sad. :frowning:


Yesterday I put up 6500 in 5 balls of Card Whiz, which included a 3000 point outlane drain. :open_mouth: I was player 1 and had a 500 point lead after my ball 5 :smiley:


Resurrecting this topic. I had 6,600 on Paragon in the playoffs at City Champ.


When I saw that I almost updated the page immediately :slight_smile:


I was eliminated from the PPO with 4,700 on Dialed In.

I was not happy, as you can imagine.


A mate of mine recently got 870,000 on Ghostbusters on a three-ball game. He’s a good player, too.


I barely broke 1m on GOT premium in 2016 at Main Street Mayhem. No ball save at all.


Username checks out.


In Louisville this year I had a qualifying game on Seawitch, 3 balls, 30k. So sad…


From our league lifetime stats (lowest score, number of plays on that machine):
Addams Family, The 890,000, 349
Bram Stokers Dracula 1,157,390, 324
Congo 8,894,850, 455
Demolition Man 8,371,520, 429
Game of Thrones(pro) 752,680, 341
Indiana Jones 14,071,110, 27
Judge Dredd 12,660,650, 70
KISS (pro) 1,233,480, 314
Lexy Lightspeed 81,555, 17
Metallica (Pro) 704,200, 440
Pirates of the Caribbean 653,280, 306
Revenge From Mars 2,557,180, 183
Star Trek (Pro) 1,742,480, 360
Star Trek The Next Generation 28,619,950, 226
Twilight Zone 2,515,420, 368
Walking Dead, The (Pro) 2,045,320, 524
Wizard of Oz 4,369, 52


I think in some ways it might be easier for a skilled player to achieve a truly awful score. Try for three super skillshots, brick them, insta-drain and you’ll lose to a four year old that put a regular skillshot through the pop bumpers.

It takes a lot of practice to suck as bad as I do is what I’m trying to say.

Edit: I just realized like three of you said the same thing, but screw it.