World's Worst Scores!


Looks like some one jumped to playfield validation exploits before they learned how to play GOT. Haha


Back in college when I had my Meteor in my dorm room a loud mouth who went by ‘Boston Bill’ was bragging about his prowess… So, on his first game, he got 30 points. All 3 balls, he plunged, hit a sling, and drained.

Maybe the prowess he was talking about was about how low he could score, he never did specify.


My own ‘claim to fame’.

At a recent UK league meet I scored

44,930 on Fathom (Set on 4 balls!)

After the comp I played a further half dozen games just plunging, every single one finished with a higher score.


123,050 on F14 (again on 4 balls)


Please tell me someone sucked more than me on Nitro Ground Shaker from the Pinfest tournament this past weekend. I’ve gotta get my name off this list from my TPF screw up a couple years ago. So embarrassing… The worst part is that score was streamed too :frowning:


Neither of those qualifies for this list, but yeah!


I should have documented my GOT score around 1.5M in Game 7 of this year’s SCS. No ball save, sloppy live catches and a tilt or two makes for an embarrassing exit in the first round. Oh and my opponent only had 3M with a ball left to play. Hard to shake that one…


I give you Elliott Keith’s 9000 point Paragon game from yesterday’s Locks n’ Shots tournament.


I can appreciate a bad score you’re willing to smile in a picture with! Nice find - any tilts?


Nope, just three super drainy balls. I believe Elliott said he hit one target the whole game.

I was the TD for the event, and took the picture, I can 100% verify that Elliott was trying.


If he doesn’t see this first, tell Elliott I’m thoroughly impressed! That’s a great bad score.


When I had Meteor in my college dorm room in 1989, “boston bill” (whose Boston accent would slip quite a bit) managed to get 30 points on a full game. No tilting, just launch, ball misses everything at the top, hit one sling and drained.

He was trying too, I guess it was just bad luck to get the minimum score possible!


sI managed 6,960 on Mystic yesterday in Classics II finals. That’s probably not a record but it was quite especially bad. And doubling that would have been enough to secure second. So even worse?


Well, I finally managed to beat Massenkoff at something!

My 13,310 on Fathom at SFPD League night on Wednesday knocks his score off the list.

First ball touched the spinner standup and drained SDTM. Second and third balls were identical: bounced straight to the right inlane drain. Tried to nudge save through the gate. Tilted

Shame too, since I was having a great night otherwise. A few extra points really would have been nice! But that’s how it goes.


As an aside, I’d be curious to know about what kind of crappy scores were “achieved” despite making significant progress otherwise in a game. Here’s a Maiden game I played last night where I flubbed every single mode, and my Mummy and Trooper multiballs. I managed to still reach a point of getting Cyborg ready and 2MTM almost ready despite my score (normally I have around ~500M at this point).

I’m pretty sure the only reason I even have an Eddie card is cause I’m pretty sure you get it for qualifying Cyborg, not necessarily starting it. :joy: