World's Worst Scores!


Oh I can beat that. UK Pinball Open 2012. My memory is:

  • Ball 1, Plunged slightly too hard. Gave a little bump to get it into the skill shot saucer. TILT
  • Ball 2. Red mist descended. Didn’t wait long enough for bob to settle and therefore tilted again almost immediately (I want to say whilst in the shooter lane, but not sure if that’s possible)
  • Ball 3. “You missed everything”.

There was a ‘joker card’ in this tournament which allowed me to replay any single machine, so in fairness this wasn’t technically my final score. Still…


Added many scores. Almost added KME’s 30,000 from Jacks Open from INDISC finals, but didn’t notice the previous record of 10 from Johnny Modica.


I got a 1 on Trio at CAX last year… grr…


Problem with the TEG scores being in is they are not accurate. My 33k on Ali is a much prouder achievement than 30k on Jacks Open that I tilted on ball 2.


I definitely agree. There’s not much we can do about it … or can we?

Oof to Ali.


Need to Roger Maris it up! *TEG


Good idea.


I definitely saw my brother score under 5million on AFM, but I don’t remember the exact digits. He ruled the universe next game too, which was sort of hilarious.

I’d also love to see a list of bad beats, but that would be harder to quantify.


How is that possible? Rage tilt every ball?


Blown super skill shot, hit T, center drain? Repeat 3 times?


Three super skills - three wild-bounce slings - three rage tilts. The game was set up with wide outlanes and no ball save, but damn was it funny.


Someone in the Cincy monthly tournament scored 6,019,570 on GOT during qualifying.

NM, that’s currently double the current record. Haha


The mysterious Stranger Ben granger put up this score for five dollars. unfortunately the ticket was voided, but it was definitely a legitimate papa ticket game from a circuit finalist!


That’s an epic(ally awful) score, but why did GOT need to be power cycled between players? Does it suffer from upwardly creeping jackpots, like WOF?

Seems like the chat was saying it was running old code, because LOL was awarding more than one recycle. Anyone know what the deal was? Hoping I can find defective code out on location. I’m a huge fan of buggy code (huge GC scores).


HOTK states and values were holding over game to game, at least that is the main reason I believe. Maybe IT too? Dunno about that one for sure.


Interesting. Can’t say for sure, but that seems to still be happening on newer code too. HOTK anyway. Will have to watch closer.


Keith said the GOT was on latest code so I tend to believe him. The extra LOL’s were coming from pop bumper awards.


Can I be on the list? I got 88,500 on Mousin’ Around at PAPA 19 C Division Qualifying…


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Tim Tournay beat (is that the right term) Trent’s low score on Dirty Harry at PAPA. 17M.