World's Worst Scores!


I have a couple of scores to add.

It was last month, at my very first PAPA, trying to qualify in the C Division. After two days of playing more pinball than I have ever played, I ran out of gas Saturday night. Both these scores were from my very last entry. (Luckily, I had put something together on Friday night that was enough to get me into the C Division finals.)

Godzilla: 7,905,070
Surf n Safari: 187,090


I recall the tilt was tight and after every missed shot I may have tilted trying to save the ball. Epically horrible game. But I got a pic : )


Alright since Clancey’s Amazing Pinball Race puts focus on the negative, we probably had some low scores that weren’t on the list up top.

I think the highlight was @Shep Brian Shepherd’s 1,370,900 on Star Trek Pro with updated code :slight_smile:

Evan Bingham also beat the current Harlem Globetrotters low on that list with my own game of 19,530.
EDIT: Andrew Lee, Last year’s Cleveland Pinball League champ had 18,830 on it.

Pete Hendricks was knocked out of a game on Creature from the Black Lagoon with 7,632,440


Doesn’t NBA award two points for an outlane drain? I’m very impressed with that zero. And also kinda bummed that it’s knocked Johnny off the top of the list.


My Clancey’s IM score has got to be a contender…


Not sure if I’m disappointed or relieved that my 31M Road Show didn’t make the list.


In the very first code (which that score was made on) there were no pity points given in the jets or outlanes, so zero was very doable. It’s almost impossible in the modern code.


Portland local Mike Smith just posted a photo of a full game score of 162,090 on Medieval.


This is not a game score, but last night I got a For Whom The Bell Tolls total of 617,000.


Seems like the proper thread for my first posting here at Tiltforums (great thing, Greg).

I recently knocked myself out of a tournament on a Jackbot game with the following achievement. Opening the visor (by the timed one shot only) and one ball lock. And that was it - for the game. No record of the score I am affraid.


Add me to the wall of shame with my 866,340 on Tron during PAPA15 Quarterfinals.


I can’t believe I don’t have any scores on here! This is my kind of leader board…


What about semifinals at PAPA 18 for Addams, it think two scores were less than 12 million.


Not even the worst Addams score in PAPA finals, I can assure you :frowning:

The World’s Worst for Addams is Ethan Blonder’s remarkable 1,001,000.


Found this thread again and it reminded me of a great volley score I witnessed recently.

Personally I was pretty proud of a 6m GoT game I had the other day.


Lovely. That beats John Kosmal’s 510 by… uh… 510.

There’s probably a lot more to update. I need to troll through the qualifying and finals results from the past few months’ tournaments.


We had a league result this week that was pretty interesting. In a 4 player game on GOT , the top score was 1.5 billion and the bottom score was only 15 million!


Please don’t forget to add @Shep’s 1,370,900 on star trek pro. He’s very proud of it!


I have a score for you to add. KME’s Godzilla score from INDISC playoffs: 1,364,812


pretty sure that is a typo