Twitch/livestream setups.

Just to confirm before I buy anything. These 12V 2A warts should have me covered on the RX end, correct? Does it need to be 3A?

12V 2A Power Supply, AC 120V to DC12V 5.5x2.1mm Jack Converter, 12 Volt LED Driver 24W Adapter Transformer for Strip Lights, Surveillance Cameras, External HDD, Monitor, CCTV (Pack of 5)

Still working on a solution for the TX but likely a PD power bank with the appropriate USB-C to DC adapter cable. Just trying to do it without breaking the bank.

See my post above with my exact setup. Seems that’s more than fine to get this setup optimized.


Thank you. Just thought I might be able to save myself a few clams and have backups by buying the 5-pack and plugging directly into a power strip for the RXs.


Tune into SDTMpinball on twitch Friday night and all day Saturday for the NKY pinball open tournaments, and let me know if it looks good to everyone with no sputtering. Would be nice to have some folks watching that know what to look for.

Friday at 7pm. Saturday starts at noon. Eastern.

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Been following for awhile, finally joined the forum and ordered my 80/20 rig today following one of the Google sheets builds… All in all it was a little over $600 lol… Pricey but I wanted the best of the best… I wanted to thank everyone for all the awesome info that’s been provided on this thread the past almost 10 years, and for those of I reached out to individually who gave me some tips as well.


You’re in the right place for help


For the folks using the Sony ZV-1 for playfield capture… Would anyone be kind enough to share their configured settings on the camera for best video quality etc? I’ve watched a few youtube videos and copied the settings of a few people… but they are mostly setting it up for walking around and vlogging / cooking etc… Nothing static like for what we use it for. Still getting a lot of grain… and motion blur etc. I appreciate any help or tips.

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Thank you so much!! I’ll give these a shot.

They work great for me. This forum is great. Might take a few days but you’ll get your answer.


Something interesting I noticed with the new power cord setup:

The receivers all say channel 0. Then the transmitters say different channels for each? No issues all day.

VOD from our first tournament from using these new power cords for the acusoon transmitters for anyone that wants to watch. From the little I’ve watched, it seems a lot smoother overall.


will try the same set up today at our usual location where streaming from the 2nd room is usually choppy :slight_smile:

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Was the power supply you using the same one for all Accsoon’s?

I’ve found very few USB-C and USB power supplies that consistently provide 5V with more than one device connected to them.
On my setup each RX has an individual power supply still using the USB-C with PD and I have (had next story) a battery for each Accsoon Camera Pair.

It does make sense that more power would get more signal even on the RX as they are active and are using underlying WIFI protocol and there is a handshake involved.
I don’t think I’ve seen the same scenario but I’ve not got a usecase where its through the wall but going to order those cables in anycase :smiley: thanks for sharing.

The ROMOSS 60k mah supply consistent 5v with a camera and the transmitter attached to one battery. Or at least that is what the screen on the battery was telling me when I would check.


Why not just take an output out of another HDMI port on your rig and plug it into the screen?

HDMI version of the SDI thing they announced.

An update on the Acasis 4 port thunderbolt encoder. The latest drivers now support stern LCD resolution \o/

Secondly I paired mine with my Onexplayer X1 3in1 gaming machine, laptop and tablet

More info here:

This is a highish end gaming machine with touch screen and I was able to connect the acasis encoder and stream at 1080p 4 sources over its USB4 ports to internet was WiFi 6E in my shed, it was a bit rough and ready test with me just plugging in with long cables but the X1 coped with it easy and it meant I had a fully wireless rig including the streaming PC on it. I need to get a USB mic as I could only pump in the game music but I was quite impressed how well this worked.

I’m going to do something a bit less rough and I’ll post the video but the Acasis for those who stream with laptops is a total no brainer now.


What a Frankenstreamer! I love it! :heart:

I’ve been seriously considering using a Steam Deck in one of my workflows but why cut yourself short when you can up the screen size and get more ports?! Great find!

The Acasis is less than half the cost of a TB3 enclosure with a Magewell card — and USB4 :drooling_face: Did you get this to work with Apple Silicon too?

Just a few dumb questions, did you test with the Geekworm LVDS boards or just the Bond 60th display in these photos? (which I assume is HDMI?). Your OBS is running at 30 FPS, is that how much juice the tablet can encode?

Yes it worked with apple silicon out of the box all resolutions.

OBS was set to 30fps as default. I later changed it to 60fps and CPU didn’t change, the X1 has hardware encoding which I used. The feed from Bond 60th is via Geekworm LVDS board. I’ll do a better stream with it with audio (I don’t have a USB mic) over the weekend.