Jersey Jack Marketing Emails

I just received a marketing message from Jersey Jack on an email address that I don’t give out to companies. It was sent via Constant Contact, titled “Meet Our Newest Game”, announcing their new Dialed In game.

Did anyone else receive this? I’m trying to determine who they bought my email address from, so I can cut that source out of my life. I hate being sold to corporations.



I also receive it and I also don’t have a business relationship with JJP. I replied to ask where they got my address from, but I don’t expect an answer :slight_smile:

I doubt your email was bought. It was probably harvested from some public service/site.

Hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and Constant Contact should block JJP from sending you any more marketing emails.

Well, the thing is that I am quite careful with the email it was sent to. I wouldn’t use it for any public site or anywhere where it could be harvested. I have several other emails that I use if they might generate spam.

I only give that email address to people I really trust, so I’m trying to figure out how it got to Jersey Jack.

My first thought was IFPA

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I got it at three different addresses.

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That would surprise me. @pinwizj does IFPA share player email addresses with sponsors?

Was definitely IFPA. I use unique email addresses exactly for this reason. Have to say I was also pretty surprised and dissapointed


We do share email addresses with our premiere level sponsors with the understanding they will include an unsubscribe option for any direct marketing emails.

#JJPArmy last night :wink:

Could you include a sentence or two outlining this policy on the page where players are giving your their email address?

I assume it’s this page:


Yep, pretty disappointing to be harvesting and reselling emails without any prior agreement. I don’t know how it is in the US, but that kind of behaviour is not legal in the UK, and you’d be opening yourself up to being fined.

I guess I may as well change my IFPA email address to some random spam address now whilst I’m at it :frowning:


Yeah on the profile update page.

We can probably add similar verbiage to the confirmation emails that are sent after a profile update is approved on our end.

Anyone that wants their email address removed from their profile can just email us. Similar to suppressing those players that don’t want their name showing up on our site, we can update that easily on our end.


I came here to make similar suggestions. Registering an email with IFPA is required to participate in certain events (SCS comes to mind) and it’s problematic that a player must opt in to marketing emails from third parties in order to participate.

My suggestions:

  • Add a privacy policy stating which personal identification information (PII) is collected and how much of that is shared with third parties (e.g. is demographic data also shared)
  • Provide an option to opt out from sharing PII with marketing partners directly on the pages where players register and update their profiles so players can be good IFPA citizens without being forced to receive marketing content from third parties

The US laws are murky and who knows what you must do, but as @Wizcat points out you’re running afoul of laws in pretty much all European countries without these things :frowning:


Just kidding. I don’t know where they got the emails, but I got one too.

We’ll definitely figure something out that is more explicit. Currently we’re able to support all IFPA expenses through our sponsorship dollars, while keeping the website completely free for players.

We’ll have to Dial In (pun intended) a program that may include a ‘premium’ membership to opt out of these things while still maintaining SCS/IFPA eligibility at some nominal rate per year.

For those that don’t care about that eligibility, definitely hit us up to remove your email information from your profile and I can do that no problem.


All sounds reasonable.

I think at least part of the problem was that people didn’t expect this advertising connection and therefore used a different email address than they otherwise would have.


Josh, do you keep a list of which third parties now have our email addresses (and if so, could that be made public please?). Also is there any information on whether those third parties could resell the information again (and again and again) or any policy that the third parties must enforce to protect this personal information that is being sold?

Anyone at the Premier level has the email list available to them. That list is available here:

The IFPA’s agreement with them is to clear any mass emails with me personally, and to allow players to unsubscribe to any future emails (which I believe is a must on their end anyway). I wouldn’t think that they would resell that information, and I had not even thought about that before you brought it up. I can definitely update our sponsorship application to include that in the rules regarding usage of our email list.


I know it’s a two-way street and am just happy you’re listening. For what it’s worth I’ll happily pay for a premium IFPA “membership”. I don’t really care about the email sharing on the personal level, but I would like to support IFPA because the organization provides me with a lot of fun numbers to argue over :slight_smile:


Thanks Andreas. I was happy to pay for my MatchPlay account . . . I’ve just always been on a path of trying our best to keep things free for all (realizing now that ‘free’ is a fallacy because I was only considering that on a monetary basis, and not an information basis).

We’ll figure something out for sure for 2017 and beyond.


Likewise, I appreciate your straightforward answers and honesty in addressing this. I for one am not too badly affected (it’s easy for me to blacklist that address if it becomes a spam address), but I imagine for thousands of others it isn’t that easy.

I set up my own domain and started using unique email addresses a good decade or so ago after some unknown site sold my email and I started receiving thousands of spam mails daily. It made life hell for a while trying to filter the good from the crap and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

In general I would advise that data protection law is not something to be taken lightly. If access to private personal user information is an unrevokable benefit to sponsors, then I too would prefer to pay a nominal yearly fee to opt out (even if it’s now too late!)

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