Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


This is one of the longest modes in the game. Plenty of time to finish. Only way to add time on a Pro is from pop bumper awards.


I think it’s 30 seconds, if I remember correctly? For me, that’s 5 shots + however many shots it takes to max the value in 30 seconds. :grimacing:

I’ve only be playing for 2 years, so that’s a lot! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah, if you are trying for max value, I totally agree that it is hard do to. The timer is 40 secs and remember if you are playing as greyjoy, those extra shots you have to make count towards the build up value. So it takes 11 shots total to finish the mode with the value maxed (75 million). What I do is make sure and have playfield multipliers running while I play. 2-3x at least. then I can only make say 5-6 shots before collecting and have my collect multiplied by at least 12x instead of 4-5x depending on how many swords I have collected up until that point.

Here’s is what I would recommend. Play as Greyjoy, and light stark mode. get 3x playfield going and then start the mode. hit your 4 required shots, then hit a ramp and then complete the mode. If you do it right, your collect should be 12x and get you 434 million. If you were to just do this with no playfield x going and max out the mode on a 4x combo shot, you only get 300 million, and that would take you 11 shots in the mode.


Something tells me I never get anything near that value, but I typically don’t go after the multiplier before playing modes. I try to get it started (at least 2x) prior to Blackwater or Hand of the King, but I just started doing this recently.

My normal flow is choose Grayjoy then immediately go after Martel so I can snag the AAB. Then it’s after Blackwater, which typically lights the green house along the way (I forget what it’s called). I try and bring Lannister into Blackwater and then run Stark after I come out of Blackwater. If I finish Stark, which has been killing me until I figured it out last night with everyone’s help, I go after the green house. That opens Hand of the King for me.

Is there a better way? I am really liking this game because of the variety of modes and the way that early decisions can really influence the way you play.


I would concentrate on keeping the combo multipliers running (the red flashing arrows on all the major shots) if those time out, you start back at 1x. So, if you are going to make the final shot of Stark and brick a couple times, I am sure those will have timed out, and if you don’t have any playfield multipliers going, your value will be next to nothing.

I have found that what is the best way for me, is not the best way for others. I have been exclusively been playing as Greyjoy recently (at home and in tournaments).

I start the game by hitting the stark ramp then lock targets. Lock ball one. hit stark ramp, then lock targets. Lock ball 2. Do that a third time to start MB. Start Lannister mode. after MB is over, play stark. If Martell or Tyrell (green) isnt lit yet, work on those. Typically if tyrell is not lit yet after your first MB, you end up getting to the second BW MB by trying to light it.

So yeah, for greyjoy I take the same houses into HOTK. Although, having to do those stark bonus rounds kills me a lot and makes it really hard to last long enough to make it to the big hurry up pay off.

Another way to do it is to punt on Stark and just take Martell, Tyrell, Lannister, and Greyjoy. that is a quick route to the big Super Jackpot hurry up. Yeah, you have to hit each shot twice, but they are easy shots and you also have the add a ball to use. then save the stark mode for after HOTK.


If you have three modes completed, and then you make a single shot that completes two other houses simultaneously…which of those two will come with you into HOTK?


You don’t find this to be too boom/bust in tournament play? I have low scores often enough using Greyjoy that I would be afraid to try this in direct match play.


I’ll still get my horrible games now and again no matter what I go with, but I’ve raised my floor quite a bit with this strategy. Remember too, you get a sword right away with Greyjoy unlocking 4x multipliers right off the bat. And with playfield validation I can get to that first multiball fairly safely and have Lannister and stark qualified to choose from for modes.

So I’d say you’re average multiball is better with Greyjoy than using other houses.

But like I said, one’s strategy may not be good for anyone else. That’s why I love this game so much. Just so many ways to approach it if you have a deep understanding of the rules.


I remember researching this long ago and forget what I figured out. Pretty sure concluded that, as you suggest, only four houses count for hotk even if you’ve finished five. Does it come down to the houses being completed on the same shot? That is, if you are running two modes, complete one, keep playing, complete the other, the one completed earlier definitely takes precedence?


Yes. Now if you somehow complete two at the same exact shot. I believe the order is determined based off their place in the shield of inserts between the flippers. Martell gets first dibs then it goes up left to right I believe.


So Targ would be lowest on the precedence chain. That ain’t right


Yep. But lucky for you, there is effectively zero chance that you’re gonna complete Lannister and targ 3 on the kickback shot at the same time.


Greyjoy in a tourney? Yikes!


I pulled off the ultimate HOTK stack last night: Targaryen, Lannister, Greyjoy, and Tyrell.

Whipped through the first two rounds in record time and then couldn’t hit the ram when I needed it. :frowning:

Iron Throne was no big deal after that. Stark was the last mode standing, and incredibly I still needed all three shots to qualify it!


I know. But that’s what I’ve settled into and works best for me no matter what the setup is. That’s why this game is great. Not everyone has the same approach.


Wow this sounds familiar. Meet me from October: Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet



I did some glass off testing yesterday and GoT the spinner up to 3.7 million per spin. It never “maxed” but additional drop target bank completions only added 1k or so to the value. I think the number of drop target bank completions required to advance the spinner level is equal to the level but I’m not sure. I know the scoring at level 4 was not 3.7 million/spin until I completed the drop target bank several more times.


Yep. Once you get the spinner value up that high no point in dropping more banks. Just keep ripping. I believe it takes 6 sets to get to level four, but that really doesn’t matter.

8 sets get you to 1m a spin
11 sets gets you 2.1m a spin
14 gets you 3.2m a spin.


I see what you did there. :wink:


Spinner is the ludicrous speed of GoT. Why is it coded so lucrative?